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Dodge Trucks
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Dodge Trucks

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2001

My truck exploded on the way into work. It has been deemed totaled of course. A fire ball had ripped through the vents and caught myself on fire. No damages to me. I dove out of the vehicle and then it exploded. Fire investigator concluded it as a battery exploded and with minor fuel leak it sparked.

The problem I have with this is it is a 2001 Dodge Ram with only 5000 miles. Dodge is telling me that there is nothing they can do. I am in the Army. I am a captain in the Military Police Corps. I am very dependent on my vehicle. I have no mode of transportation. Geico is my insurance company and no resolution has been met. I cannot get to work unless I have someone that works for me come and get me in the morning at 0430hrs. This in my eyes is not right.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2001

Bought new Dodge Ram 1500 truck. Engine has a lot of valve/lifter noise which should not be the case on a new vehicle with less than 4000 miles on it. Potamkin Dodge where I bought the truck tells me they all sound like that, however when listening to other 1500 they do not make the clicking sound I described. Dealer refused to make any repairs stating "I had one of the better running ones. I am totally frustrated and drained. I bought a new truck to avoid having such problems.

Bernardo should consult a Lemon Law attorney.

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Original review: Dec. 10, 2000

On 3-5-99 I leased a 99 Dodge Dakota. This was a brand-new truck. One and one half hours after I drove off the dealers lot I had to call and set up my first service appointment to get the heating and air conditioning system repaired. To date this truck has been in the shop 19 times for repairs. I went to arbitration because I could not get needed repairs made to my truck. I requested that Chrysler buy back the truck. The district manager, Ron Heyduck, stated in the meeting that I was telling the truth but he said that in the interest of customer care they were going to make the proper repairs to the truck. The arbitrator ruled against me stating that the truck was under warranty and that Chrysler was going to make repairs.

After I received this ruling I took the truck in to the dealership to have the work performed. They kept the truck for one day and called and told me to come get it. They had not done anything to even attempt the repairs and they said they did not know how to fix it and Chrysler's technical personnel did not know either. I called Ron Heyduck and left a message on his voice mail asking why my truck was not going to be repaired. Mr. Heyduck returned my call the next evening and informed me that the dealership was not going to work on my truck any more and that the repairs were not going to be made. I asked why and he said in his opinion nothing was wrong and that they were not going to fix it. This is the man that promised in arbitration that these specific repairs would be made to my truck.

I videotaped the problem and refiled for arbitration requesting a buyback stating that Chrysler was refusing to honor their warranty. I again presented my case to another arbitrator and again Mr. Heyduck agreed that I was telling the truth. He also admitted that he had told me if this were his personal vehicle he would not be satisfied with it. He again stated that in the interest of customer care and service Chrysler would make the proper repairs to the truck. The arbitrator asked when this work would be completed and Mr. Heyduck stated no later than the end of June 2000. The arbitrator again ruled against me stating that the truck was still under warranty and that Chrysler was going to make repairs. The repairs were not completed until the end of September!

I have called Chryslers customer service number and have always been told we are sorry there is nothing we can do for you. I have written letters to Chrysler and one of my favorite responses was, we understand your concerns and we apologize but there is nothing we can do to help you.

I am making a lease payment of almost $400 per month on a vehicle that is averaging almost one trip per month to the shop and this is not including trips for routine maintenance such as oil changes. I have tried to sell the truck but no one will buy it after they find out how much trouble I have had with the truck. The payoff on the lease and residual is about the same as trade-in value. I had a used car dealer that contacted me about the truck and I asked him if he would take it off my hands. All I wanted him to pay was the amount still owed on the truck. He wanted to know about any problems I had with the truck.I told him about all the times it had been in the shop and he said he did not want it. I told him there was still over one year and almost 16,000 miles left on the factory warranty. He told me he did not want that vehicle on his lot! I cannot even sell the truck for trade in value which is almost $5,000 below the wholesale value of the truck.

Mr. Heyduck has told me he is not going to do anything to help me out. He did offer me an extended warranty the first time I filed for arbitration. This was with the condition that I would not take the matter to arbitration. Since I went to arbitration and did not accept his offer he has made it very clear that he is not willing to help me in any way! The responses I have gotten from Chrysler have been basically, you bought it, tough luck!

This is why arbitration is not a good way to clear the backlog of cases in civil court. It is nearly always bought and paid for by the manufacturer. The way to clear the backlog of court cases is for manufacturers to stop making defective products and stiffing consumers who complain about them. It's too bad Joseph wasted on this time on arbitration when he probably could have sued under the Lemon Law statute. It may very well be too late now, so arbitration has been doubly beneficial for Chrysler and doubly damaging for Joseph.

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Original review: July 20, 2000

I'm leasing a 1998 Dodge Durango. I have the truck for 2 years, problem is the brake system. I have been in a situation when I have to stop very quickly and the truck won't stop. On July 17 2000, I was driving at a speed of 45 mph, the light changed, I hit the brakes and it made a noise like the ABS activated but the truck did not stop.

I have taken the truck to the dealer twice and they can not find any problems with the brakes. I'm afraid to drive the truck.

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Original review: March 29, 2000

Our company runs a fleet of trucks mainly throughout the southeast. Five (5) of those trucks are Dodge 3500 Ton Cummings Diesel trucks with a 5-speed manual transmission.
We have had to replace or rebuild the transmissions in each of these trucks, some more than once. We have also replaced several clutches as well. The average mileage at the time has been around 50,000. One truck only had around 28,000 miles when the transmission fell apart in it.
From what we can gather, we are not the only ones having this problem in this truck. Dodge / Chrysler has not done a lot to rectify this situation. The local Dodge dealer simply said our crews were too rough on these trucks, but we are not hauling much of a load on these trucks.
Now it seems they have come out with a new 6-speed manual transmission. If they are not having trouble, why come out with a larger transmission?

We have been left stranded on the roadside all over the Southeast! I have had to be without trucks due to the time it takes to get one fixed which puts me in a bind. Also, the amount of time our employees are spending either waiting on a replacement truck, re-loading trucks, or the amount of time spent riding back to Aberdeen in a tow truck.

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Original review: March 22, 2000

I contacted Mechanicsville Dodge concerning paint chipping on my 1997 Dodge Dakota. They are just now getting approval to get it painted. They just called me and told me when they were pulling off bedliner that the whole left side is peeling and now they are saying I have to paint the whole bed which will be $931.00.

I feel that I should not be responsible for this considering this is on a 97 and I feel Chrysler should be responsible for it and paint my whole truck.

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Original review: March 11, 2000

have a Dodge truck with ~9,000 (nine thousand) miles on it. I don't use it often because it guzzles gas, is hard to steer, the brakes require attention monthly (or don't work), the hubs are staying in four wheel drive, etc. About a year ago I noticed paint flaking off the roof of the cab of my 91 Dodge truck.

I took it to the dealer and they said they had to get in touch with Chrysler about it. After a month I called them back and they said I had to bring it to to a local shop that "they send all their work to," for an estimate.

I brought it back and some guy looked at it. A few weeks later they called me and said the cost is $300 and they would paint the cab providing I pay half. Seemed steep to me.

Lately, whole square feet of paint are peeling from the hood. Called Chrysler directly this time, and told them about it and they said to take it to the dealer and they would "get the district manager involved." I got a call back saying that they would pay $500 towards the paint job of my choice, providing I did it within the next 30 days (he stressed that, 30 day limit, twice during his spiel).

Better, but that probably won't pay for what it will cost to take it to the bare metal and prime and paint it. The repaint cost is on the order of $3,000+ to strip the truck to bare metal prime and paint it all.

What I would like is some unbiased knowledgeable third party to render an opinion on what my options are, what my legal standing is, and what service bulletins or recalls might be floating around that may be beneficial to my case. I still want Chrysler to accept responsibility for the paint. (I don't want the "paint job of my choice," I want Chrysler to fix their problem).

Bob is right. $500 doesn't go far. On the other hand, the truck is 10 years old so the chance of beating big bucks out of Chrysler in court are probably rather dim.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2000

I talked to our local dealer to see if there were any recalls on my 91 white Dodge Dakota club cabs peeling paint. It started flaking on the two-inch piece located just above the club window.Now it is coming off the roof in large wallpaper sizes! I fear buying another vehicle and paying so much to have it look like this.

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2000

I purchased a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 in December 1999 and its odometer read 5 miles. Before the actual "purchase", I inspected the vehicle"s exterior and noted numerous (7) paint "defects". The defects appeared minor (relating to the clearcoat) and the dealer promised the problems could be repaired. At a later date, I brought the truck to the dealer for the "repair" and informed the service manager of an engine idle problem, a "rattle" in the passenger door speaker, and a "leaky" windshield. They informed me it the truck would be "ready" in 2 days.

On the third day I contacted the dealer and they informed me that the "body shop" needed to speak with me. The repairman at the bodyshop wanted me to inspect the vehicle to determine if the "defects" were repaired. Not only were they NOT repaired, the front bumper fascia was damaged from what appeared to be a low speed collision (the urethane was "gouged" beyond the paint layer) AND the truck"s whole exterior had been "polished" with what appeared to be sandpaper.

The truck"s paint is filled with deep scratches that are circular in pattern, areas of discoloration, chips and scratches. There are "black" decals that have been scratched to a different color (grey) -- and the dealership says that it is normal for a NEW vehicle to have this. Well, I looked at other new vehicles - and none of them looked like this. I feel this dealership/body shop destroyed my NEW truck"s finish - and they are not accepting liability.

I spent more than $31,000 for this truck - and it"s less than two months old. Now, they want to "fix" it, probably by filling in the scratches with wax. it will look ok at first - but 1-2 months later it will look terrible. What can I do?

Mike is at least somewhat lucky. The problem occurred early enough for him to hire a good Lemon Lawyer and seek a replacement or refund.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2000

The paint on my 94 Dodge Ram is peeling very, very badly. I just noticed that on the roof the primer is gone and it's starting to rust. I have a phone call in to the dealership where I purchased it. But from other Dodge owners I have been told that Chrysler won't do anything about this even though there are many people with this same problem. I don't intend to beat my head against the wall in pursuing a new paint job. If the dealership turns me down, I will either throw my hat in the ring with the others filing a class action suit or I will go to small claims court. I want to know what the head honchos say about this.

Well, we don't know about the head honchos but the lawyers we've talked with say that once a vehicle is out of warranty, it's very difficult (which means big-time expensive) to try to pin any responsibility on the manufacturer. As for Small Claims Court, it certainly can't hurt to try. If everyone with peeling paint sued Chrysler in Small Claims, it might get their attention.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2000

I was cheated on my factory paint job on my 1993 Dodge Ram pickup. It was only five years old when it began rusting all over the roof and now two years since then, the hood is rusting and oxidized, a few panels are peeling away and there's no clearcoat left, and the top is smothered with rust. It will cost $4,000 to fix it and it has been under my ownership since it was brand new and washed and waxed nearly every week.

I am so angry. My mom and I tried to get Chrysler to fix it by providing us with new paint and they refused the case even though the factory openly admitted the paint was faulty. I am a hard working employee at Kragen Auto Parts and a college student at CSUSM and I don't have the time or money for this. I've spent nights crying because my mom worked really really hard to pay for the truck and now its deteriorating before her eyes.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2000

I am the owner of a 1996 Dodge Sport Ram 1500 pickup. Despite the fact that the truck has been well cared for, the paint on the hood and roof is fading very badly. I do not feel that this should be happening to a truck of this age. I have had the truck looked at and it will cost $760 for the paint to repaint it.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2000

It rained real hard one night and the next morning when I woke up there were "bubbles" under the paint on the left rear corner panel and on the left rear extended cab. I went to rub them off and big pieces of paint came right off!

Since then it has been happening more and more, now it is also on the driver's door, the passenger door, and when the wind blows the paint just peels right off. I paid $12,000 for a truck that you can stand and watch the paint peel off by itself.

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Original review: Jan. 2, 2000

The black paint on my 1992 Dodge Daytona wore off. The clear coat separated from the paint 7 months after I purchased the car. I could see it flake off while I drove. It wore off 3/4 of the hood, roof, and spoiler. I went to several Dodge dealers who were rude and extremely unhelpful. I wrote to then-CEO Robert Eaton. His representative said the decision to remedy the problem is up to the individual dealers. When I explained I had several dealers evaluate my car with no satisfaction the representative said there is nothing Chrysler can do.

The best offer I received was that Chrysler would pay 10% of the total cost to repaint my car. I was told that to remove the remaining paint, and repaint the car it would cost between $1500-$1800. I couldn't believe Chrysler expected me to pay to have a car that was less than a year old repainted.

I sold the car, and I now refuse to purchase another Chrysler product. I also tell everyone I know who is thinking of buying a car not to buy a Chrysler product. Everyone I told my experience to has chosen not to buy a Chrysler product. Since I refused to pay to fix Chrysler's mistake and sold the car my only satisfaction is that I am able to save some people the frustration I went through.

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2000

With only 6,000 miles the air conditioning compressor died. The dealer said that is a common problem and it would take 3 or 4 weeks to obtain a replacement as the plant was out of them due to so many being replaced. I paid over $27,000 and was never told that I could expect this type of problem or I would have purchased a GM product as I have for 25 years past.

Now in the hottest part of summer I am left without an air-conditioning unit and still have to pay full price and full notes for an inferior product and a company that doesn't provide full disclosure or doesn't give a damn about their customers. I will tell 20 people a day not to buy a Dodge product and ask that they each tell ten people a day.

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2000

A friend of mine has a 1998 Dodge Quad Cab 1500 FWD Pick-Up. He recently had a situation that required him to stop very quickly to avoid an accident. From 50 MPH the truck slowly came to a stop. He was able to avoid the accident by pulling into another lane. He later tested his brakes at 50 MPH by slamming the pedal as far as it would go, and the deceleration wasn't enough to spill a cup of coffee. He's taken it to the dealer he bought it from two times, but the braking effectiveness remains the same. The question: Is this braking effectiveness normal for that model truck?

Automan responds:

I will assume that your friend panic-stopped with both feet on the brake pedal and it did not stop by throwing somebody through the windshield. Since this is a '98 model I find it hard to believe that any of the big three manufacturers are turning out a vehicle that stops as badly as the ones I had to experience in the field up until 95-96.

However. the biggest and easiest mistake is the addition of larger tires. It's still a pet peeve of mine -- you spend a fortune on these trucks, only to have the cheapest, and smallest tires come on the vehicle. So you add larger tires, which trick the ABS computer into thinking road speed is slower than it is. Dealer should check ABS calibration against tire size.

Another possibility: It has been two years and somebody might have put replacement non-OEM spec brake pads on the truck, a la Auto Zone. Brake pads have to wear to stop the car. Million-mile warranty is a selling gimmick, not necessarly a good thing for a braking component, that has to wear and create friction.

Check calipers. It's possible that the wrong calipers were installed. Many calipers of different internal specs will readily mount or be physically interchangable on the outside. Also have them check hydraulic to caliper pressures with correct gauge set. This is a real problem nowadays when you buy aftermarket, rebuilt reboxed at an offshore factory where everything looks the same, and Junior dooesn't care cause he is only making a dollar an hour.

Vehicle may have been in a flood. Parts could be frozen, rendering brake pedal hard and thus, no brakes.

If a competent and fully equipped shop does not find anything with any of my notes, then your friend is the proud owner of another truck that does not stop. If enough people complain and/or are injured/killed they may come out with a "do over kit" that on some trucks can cost $3,000 to $4,000

Automan is an ASE-certified master mechanic. He runs an independent auto repair shop in North Carolina.

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2000

I am the original owner of a 1989 Dodge Daytona. My paint is peeling off and the car is waxed 3 to 4 times a year and never driven in the winter.I have heard of other people getting there cars repainted by Chrysler and they were not even original owners.

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