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I purchased a 2007 Dodge Durango Limited Edition 2 1/2 years ago. On 6-09-2016, (with 134,000 miles) half-way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM, fluid started flying out of the hood, followed by white smoke. We pulled over immediately, and called for a tow. The vehicle would not start, only a clicking noise. The Durango went to a Firestone Shop who called with news that the engine was blown, and that it would be $7,500 to put in a re-manufactured engine. After calculating the value of my vehicle in good running condition at only $5,300, I decided not to put all this money in to it. This vehicle has been garaged, well maintained, and does not have a scratch on it! What a shame.

I keep hearing stories of more people whose engines have blown on their Durango's. The Dodge manufacturers should have a recall on their shotty engines! It was finally towed back to my home yesterday where it will sit while I pay off the remaining loan balance, AND I must continue to carry comprehensive insurance on it, as if someone could steal it. Yea, good luck with that. Needless to say, I will never buy another Dodge vehicle. What a huge disappointment. I bought a new vehicle last weekend.

I recently bought an 01 Durango with only 147000 verified miles at an auction. I noticed some issues shortly after & check engine light came on. So I took it in to have it coded & 3 codes came up. 2 were easy just sensors so fixed that. The other was 90455 which is a large emission leak. I had someone do an oil change that's when we noticed oil all over hoses near power steering house. It also had just recently started making a loud "Ticking sound". So my mechanic friend came & found that only 2 cam sensors were working & 1 of them had a broken or missing seal so it was very loose & was hitting timing chain. Also told me my cam shelf was pretty worn which basically means a new engine! I am a disabled widow with an autistic son. I can't work & only get social security & spent everything I had on buying this truck!! I definitely can't afford a new motor. I can't even afford a used 1!! I feel soooo robbed! This truck has less than 150000 miles on!!! WTH!?

I, Jacqueline **, purchased a 2003 Dodge Durango SLT for my daughter, Courtney **, to whom was attending college. The agreement was she would use this car for work and school plus taking my grandson to and from school, and help her oldest sister that doesn't drive. She was in Oakridge, TN. She heard a sound and all the oil came out of the car. On the ground was oil. The car had empty all the oil but we had the oil change 4/11/2016. We had the car towed to Firestone and was told the car needed a new motor. From 6000.00 to $8000.00 for this.

I personally would buy a new car. My daughter can not make a car note. She is still in school. This car stayed in the shop and was service at my cost, plus making the car notes. I paid 11,000.00 for it and paid just about as much to repair it. This happened 5/6/2016. The oil was changed by Walmart and Firestone. They serviced it well. They keep that car on the road. But in between oil changes that car drank oil 4 quarts before oil changes.

I bought 2004 Dodge Durango in 2010 with only 110k mileage. Already did a few maintenance on it. Every 5 months did the oil change. But just this morning when I tried to start my vehicle, there was loud noises coming from the engine area. It seemed like that there was something running against the fan but when I slowly drove it down to All It Takes Auto Care, the mechanic told me that the engine is gone and I need to replace it. Estimated amount was around $8000 for part only. Anyone has any answers to this problem. I spent almost $18k paying off for this vehicle.

I own a 2003 Dodge Durango 4.7L V8. I bought the vehicle about a year ago with 99000 miles and now it had 134000 miles. Just recently it's been starting to act up and it's kept on losing power to the motor and now it starts overheating and I had it towed the shop and had it inspected. Keep in mind this vehicle was well taken care of. Oil changes on time and noise it would get fixed. Everything was top notch but now it got inspected and I need to replace the whole motor because the motor does not have enough compression. Now I'm going to have to spend around 4 grand just to replace motor and for labor. I just dodge can be responsible of their malfunctions.

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2004 Dodge Durango Limited 5.7 hemi - Stalled out during rainstorm while on route 95. We stopped at Advanced Auto thinking it was the battery. The next day we started it up and the engine made a loud bang. Shut it off. Started it again and it was clunking. Looked inside and saw a big hole in the block near the last cylinder closest to the firewall. Engine had to be replaced. Obvious that the connecting rod was broke- after pulling engine and oil pan. $2000.00 minimum to put a new motor in (While engine is out replace water pump, thermostat, oil pan, new crankshaft position sensor). Be careful not to break hydraulic lines on rack and pinion as they cannot be replaced unless you buy entire unit from Dodge, $600.00).

Mine were damaged and rotted so I used a copper nickel brake line, 3/16 with existing fittings and I had local garage install fittings on lines with bubble flares. I cranked them tight and so far no leaks. As far as water from windshield, spoke to windshield man and he said cowl is only cosmetic and did not cause the problem. I'm going to seal each injector with high temperature silicone. Had to replace all the exhaust manifold bolts and gaskets since I burned them off with torch, removed manifolds, heat each stud with torch, and remove with vise grips. Quarter turn at a time. Steel does seize in aluminum.

I purchased a 02 Durango in October 2013. By the end of December the engine went out. I'm really good at taking good care of my vehicles so by December I had already spent a lot of money under the hood to make sure I could keep this baby a while. My last used car went to sleep at nearly 600 thousand miles, and it was a little ford escort wagon! Not exaggerating. So I saved up after the engine went out, and by June of this year had another one put in. Well it's just October and the same thing over again and the mechanics are saying that they (02) engines are all bad, I should have gotten an 04. Now I'm reading those are just as bad! Of course when I got this one fixed in June I was so happy and thankful I had other things replaced (tuneup, compressor etc...) It seems my money has just been blowing out the window! I used to love dodge but they have gone down the toilet!

As many consumers have written, I had no problems with my 2008 Dodge Durango for years, until all of a sudden the engine failed on me just this week. I have maintained my car properly and then this past Monday the car started stalling on me, smoking white smoke from the exhaust and then bang... the engine gave up. My mechanic stated that this aluminum engines just start failing at around 100,000 miles, guess what, my car has 105,000 miles and from all the reviews I read, the same problem happened to many other consumers at around the same mileage.

Well, I hope that when I call the Dodge corporation they have a reason and a solution for my problem. Otherwise I am looking at spending 4 to 5 thousand USD fixing my car. The sad thing is that my car is in perfect condition otherwise, body, interior, etc. But with a failed engine, it is worth only less than 1 grand. Has anyone that had the similar problem had a resolution from the Dodge corporation that they can share? Thanks.

I just bought my 2004 durango hemi with 140k mileage. Every time it rains the truck stalls out in traffic and I can't get home. I put caulking on the cowl, it helped the problem but not completely. I still can't drive in the rain because the motor will start to stutter and eventually stall. I also avoid car washes because the truck will die inside the car wash and hold up any cars behind.

My 2004 Dodge Durango threw a engine code of random misfire. After buying 500.00 worth of new part engine make a loud clanking noise, loses power and back of engine catches on fire. Towed to repair shop. Engine now completely seized. This is happening all over. Dodge needs to issue a recall and start replacing engines.

I'm not sure why everybody else's motors keep blowing up. I currently have a 03' (44) sxt with 180k on it and just rebuilt basically the entire truck (on my own) except for power train. With these motors you need to run top quality oil Valvoline or Mobil 1 synthetic (10w 30 or 40) Summer & Winter. It helps maintain the oil pressure and keeps it where it needs to be. I do myself get a little bit of clatter on first startup but that's only because I need timing chains now. 180k that's expected on any vehicle, the motor itself has been great you just need to keep it clean: tune ups, oil, sensors, intake, filters. I love my Durango. Little bit of rust starting, that's about it. Again use a heavier weight on the oil. Use synthetic or a blend.

I purchased a 2004 Dodge Durango in February 2014. It's now July 2015 and I was told I need a whole new engine. It rained the night before, I got up the next morning to start my car and at first the key wouldn't turn. I tried again then the car came on. It had a loud clanking noise coming from the engine, and it would barely reverse, also steering was different. One mechanic told me there's a problem with the timing. Another told me that when I went to go get an oil change in May, that they put the wrong oil and it messed up my engine. The last mechanic told me that the engine failed and that I needed another one. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. Just paid this car off and it's trash already. I am so sad and depressed by this. I wonder if I can sue dodge and get my money back. I'm a single mom with two children and I can't afford a new car or even a new engine. This is very hard on us. Lord help me.

We brought our 2005 Dodge Durango new from Redwood City Dodge with 43 miles on it. The engine is the 4.7 liter V8. After 1 year the exhaust manifold gasket had to be replace on the driver side along with some of the bolts. At this time mileage was 145,000, years later the passenger side head went out. The rocker arm kept getting stuck / falling out of place. Heads were rebuilt by shop. At this time mileage was 170,000. Now with 201,000 heads go out again, shop says valve seat is bad. Shop warranty was only good for 20k. Seems that these Dodge engines are crap. This Durango has become a money pit!

2005 Dodge Durango SLT with 5.7L Hemi Engine - Back in September 2014, my 2005 Dodge Durango broke down. It happened right after I picked up my kids from a soccer game at their school and on our way home I heard a loud snap. Sounded like something broke. It seemed like it came from below the vehicle maybe engine and transmission area. I immediately pulled the truck to the side of the road and parked it. The car started making a loud grinding or rubbing mechanism sound. I turned off the engine and the car would not come on again. It would not turn over when I tried to turn the key to start the truck. I had to call a tow truck to get the truck home.

It is now May 15, 2015 my truck still down. My wife and I have been on consumer proposal for bankruptcy for almost 5 years when this unfortunate car problem happened. We just did not have any extra money for repairs. We also have 4 kids. Two of them are in University and the other two kids are in rep sports for soccer and basketball. This experience has been really hard for us especially being down to one vehicle, a Honda Civic, for the whole winter months especially not having a 4WD for the winter to travel for the kids games and tournament. Right now, I have no idea how much it's going to cost me for repair. I will be getting it towed to Chrysler Dodge Dealership sometime this month.

I am writing this complaint for everyone to know about our pain and suffering for almost 8 months now. My Dodge Durango 2005 only had 134 000 Km and we purchased it in April 2008. What sucks about this ordeal was that we just finished paying the loan off in June 2014. I hope Dodge takes responsibility for their vehicle and owns up to the people for their product malfunction.

I bought a 2004 Dodge Durango 5.7 SLT and I found a big hole on the side of the block after I cranked it on a rainy day. The truck made a big clunk bang and then started blowing smoke through the exhaust and I could see it through the back of my SUV. I took photos and documented everything of the aftermath. Oil was all over of the side of the block and undercarriage. I stuck my fingers in the hole and could spin the broken connecting rod freely. After reading online I have found for this to be an issue on Durangos and Dodge needs to satisfy its customers with a corrective action!!! Engine is expensive and so is the labor!

Went to start the Durango which had been parked overnight in the rain and upon starting it, a very loud banging, clanking noise was heard coming from the engine. I crawled under the vehicle and discovered a piece of the engine block had been Broken loose and there was a hole in the side of the engine. This is speculation since I don't have X-ray vision but I'm pretty sure the hole was caused by a broken Connecting rod that punctured the engine block.

After Googling the problem, I discovered that this is a common problem with the 2004 Durango with the Hemi engine. Rain is apparently able to leak past a poorly designed cowling seal which then pools up on the top of the motor. The water is then able to leak past o-ring seals on the poorly designed plastic intake manifold. This water then enters a cylinder that has an open intake valve. When the engine is started, the water in the cylinder cannot be compressed and produces hydro-lock which in turn causes the connecting rod for that cylinder to bend or break.

I took the vehicle to a local Dodge dealer who agreed that there was a hole in the engine block but, after calling Chrysler Corp., was told they would not pay for the repairs. This vehicle has only 136,000 and is in otherwise excellent condition and should not have experienced this kind of engine failure in an engine that was running fine when parked the evening before this happened!

2002 Dodge Durango, original owner. 89,000 miles and the engine needs replacing. It started making a knocking sound in the engine. Two quotes later and it needs replacing because I spun the main bearing. It's never pulled anything before. Dodge should be held responsible.

We own a 2004 Dodge Durango limited ed. 5.7, we have had several problems, but had them fixed without having to spend too much money. It would turn off suddenly as we were on the road, but luckily it would start right away. We had wires, sparking plugs and a sensor replaced, since a misfire had been diagnosed. Now it has 96321 miles, just a few miles prior to the next oil change, my daughter was driving on I35 to school when it suddenly stopped, dripping all the oil. Had it towed back home and a mechanic examined it to find a huge hole and thick oil accumulated, I was told it needs a new engine because it can't be fixed. After reading many of the complaints on this motor, it is obvious that it is a manufacture defect and we should not have to pay to have a new engine installed.

I am very upset, paid too much for this vehicle and it still looks great, I'd love to have it fixed. Although I am very frustrated, I am thankful that my daughter was able to safely pull to the shoulder and no one was harmed.

I just bought my 2002 Dodge Durango 2 months ago for $4700 from a used car dealership. On the first night took a road trip to Portland Oregon. On the way home it overheated. Went to the dealership. They said nothing was wrong. Every couple days this would happen so I took it to my mechanic shop. They fix the thermostat and a few other things. $800 later no more overheating but the motor is knocking. Everyone tells me nothing wrong. Well here I am stuck in the trip cities loud boom smoke everywhere and a blown motor. I still owe $1700. This is crap.

Purchased 2004 durango new, dealer serviced and maintained, 135K miles. Do the math, that's less than 14k per year! Never had any issues until I tried to start it on Monday morning. Large bang, horrible knocking..oil all over and a hole big enough to put your finger in in the block. Diagnosis: piston through the block. Resolution options: replace with used engine ($4000), new engine $7000, dealer trade in $300, try to sell on my own or (the winner) donate to charity. No way can I trust a Hemi again.

I have a 2004 dodge Durango I purchased used. Had it less than two months before the piston blew. Every time it rained my car would not start. I took it to the shop, was told it was pulley problem. Found out it was not. One day went out to start my car, I heard a loud boom then a loud knocking noise. Found out piston blew a hole in the engine. I went online and found out that many, many people had the same exact problem with the 2004 Dodge Durango and it will cost about 7000 to fix. Dodge knew of the problem and refused to claim it. I was told even if I replace the engine I still may have the same problem. Please help me. Can provide photos if needed.

I own a 2004 Dodge Durango, Limited Edition with a 5.7 Heme. I purchased this vehicle 7 years ago and have had trouble with engine light coming on and stalling in heavy rain and after car washes. When the rain was lighter, the Durango would just idle funny. Every time I had the check engine light tested it read a bad spark plug. I had all spark plugs replaced, problem continued though. Certified Dodge mechanics informed me they knew of no problems with the vehicle so I started to ask around. I was told they do have problems with sludge build up and engines seizing so I had the engine cleaned out about a year and a half ago. Still problems occurring. I had a few more items replaced and repaired by a Dealership that was not certified Dodge and I can't remember what they replaced but it did finally turn engine light off.

I gave this Durango to my son who was going off to college for his freshman year where the winter weather can be extreme at times so I wanted him in an suv. He read about the cowlick so he caulked the bottom of the windshield, just to see if it might be true, drove through the car wash and the Durango did not die or idle badly. Then 2 weeks after an oil change the engine blew a rod down through the pan. Now I have a son off at college just a couple weeks into school with no vehicle. I had it towed and checked out and sure enough they said oil was sprayed everywhere outside of the hole from the rod.

Now that I have been reading these forums I am very upset that no one is looking out for the consumers. There is obviously a problem with these vehicles, which have been posted for many years now from what I have read, and neither Dodge nor any other consumer protection agency will acknowledge or address the issue. I feel Dodge should be held accountable for the failures with these engines. When you take into account how many people have had the exact problems I think you can conclude it is a manufacturing problem. Dodge should have informed their so called Certified Mechanics of the issues as well so every time the questions were asked by Durango owners maybe they could have been repaired before it cost them $5000+ to replace.

I now own a Dodge Avenger, which I purchased right before the engine finally blew, and I regret the purchase. I do not want to own a Dodge product anymore and after this, if Dodge doesn't step up and accept responsibility for their defects, I will never purchase another vehicle by them again. I understand people make mistakes, it's the people who don't own up to them I want no part of.

Had 1999 Durango, put 200,000 miles, no major trouble. Bought a 2003 2WD sxt with 4.7 motor and 70,000 mile. Started to watch heat hand, kept moving closer to hot. Replaced radiator at dealer’s suggestion, still close to overheating. Changed top and bottom hoses at dealers request, same problem. Replaced thermostat and motor flush, same problem. Ask about head gasket, ran compression test, said test OK.

On interstate 65 from Alabama to Nashville, heard a loud bang. Steam started coming out exhaust, smelled like antifreeze. Pulled dipstick and engine oil and antifreeze up half way of dipstick. Loud ticking from motor with a bad miss in firing. Hunting for motor, all remanufactures and wrecking yard off scale on price for replacement. If you happen to find motor, the 16 tooth ring and 32 tooth ring on crank became an issue. Can't use 2002 and below. Then dodge made a change in 2004. No one can tell me if any year besides 2003 will work. Dakota and 1500s, some say they will work if you change oil pan and pcm, but no one won't guarantee that they will.

I'm sitting here and everyone who sells 4.7 says they are junk. I have a beautiful red and black SXT yard ornament. I fell dodge should suck it up and furnish an engine. I would be willing to pay labor cost to get a decent engine installed!

I have had my 1998 Dodge Durango, 5.2 for 12 years (original transmission/engine). It possessed 61 when I purchased it in '02. Over the years I've had to change front end components due to the rough surfaces of NYC streets (expected). The major problem was the AC which the Dodge Dealer fixed for about 1400.00. Now at 250k miles, I am starting to get that "check gauges" indicator when I brake where I notice the Oil Gauge goes down to 0 momentarily then returns to normal although I've just had an oil change recently. I see that others are experiencing the same issue. I am having a Dodge Dealer service it next week regarding and will keep you guys informed. Stay tuned.

98 Durango. I get the drop of oil pressure to zero then back up. Started at stopping then dropped to zero. Check engine came on. I talked to several mechanics on this issue. Come find out it was due to clogged screen in oil pan that the sludge comes from a failing intake gasket that gets sucked in... I'm also now going thru the struggle of suspension new bearings, shocks, upper and lower ball joints, tie rods and control arms and still wobbles all over the road. Sway bar is in good shape. Gear box is my next guess. It seems like my 98 Durango has been more work than play.

We bought 2004 Dodge Durango 4/2006..had 34000 miles on it, it has around 100000 on it now.. Really has not gave us any problem till now, it started tapping like sound, checked oil, it was always full. We changed oil then we didn't hear any sound for a couple days then when you started it, it sounded ok then few minutes it started tapping then got louder sound coming from the top so we had to turn it off. So we figured out it was not pumping oil up to where it should be going. Checked pressure, only 3 psi, now we have no vehicle. Everybody says, "you need a new engine." I read on here that I'M not the only one having this problem. I think Dodge should foot the bill on replacing the engine and oil pump.

I own a 2004 Dodge Durango 2004 5.7 Hemi with a little over 80,214 miles on it. I can't give the exact miles as its engine has seized and not here. Two weeks ago I had all new brakes & rotors & 1 caliper replaced and a oil change. Cost $1100.00 and that was the mileage at the time. I purchased the mint and loaded Durango in 2008 with 43,000 mi. on it and paid $15,000. I had to have Dodge replace the entire steering rack & column at 57,000 Miles. After that the car would stall while driving and make a high pitch squeal when starting it, also a light ticking sound. I brought it to my certified Dodge dealer and they told me it was the clock spring and the ticking was normal in hemis, they call it the "hemi tick". This wasn't covered under my warranty, but I had it replaced along with a pulley they suspected was making the noise. The stalling and squeal continued, so they asked me to leave it overnight.

I did, and they never found the problem. The car has been well maintained, never been driven over 65 miles per hour since I have owned it and has never been used to tow anything, used off road, abused or driven by anyone but me or my husband. Last evening while driving at 35 mph it stalled again, but when I went to restart it, it made a loud "Clank" sound. With No warning lights. No oil leaks. No overheating. Without any warning my motor seizes? We recently lost everything during hurricane Sandy including all our other vehicles. We don't have the money to fix this car. I am going to lose my job along with everything that ensues. I am so Screwed!!!!!

Engine lost pressure, need a new one. However we are still having to pay a $450.00 truck note with a $5,000.00 balance.

Both well maintained, both are lemons. 99 for no apparent reason the lights go off at night. Driving down the road with wife and kids in tow, the headlights turn off. Only the flashers work. I have stopped driving the Durango at night and make sure when we do leave we have enough time to get home before dark. Being a faithful Dodge owner I purchased a 2002 Durango. The car just hit 135,000 miles and I am getting a loud knocking on the driver's side. I have invested much and did love Dodge at one time. However, I will not get taken a third time around.

I have a 2004 Dodge Durango. I love my 4WD truck until one day the engine light came on. I was not too happy about that. I had it check. Everything was good so I couldn't understand why the light came on. No noise or anything that told me there was anything wrong with it - just that light but it came and went. One day in front of my house, I had my in-laws over and we were just about to go out. When I turn the truck on, I heard a loud bang and I could not get it on. Come to find out the engine was done - $5,000 later for a use engine. I love my truck. I pay too much to kiss it goodbye. I hope this one will last longer than my other engine.

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