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I purchased a 2008 Nissan Altima from this dealership on September 12, 2011. I signed a contract and paid a downpayment of $4000.00. Derren Brown, the owner, stated they have a 48-hr car prep policy, so I could not test-drive. On September 14, I went to pick up the vehicle, and they told me it wasn't ready. I stated I waited the policy term; I needed my car. He said they still had to clean it and fix the radio because it wasn't working. He also said, "Take the car today and bring back tomorrow." Before I took the car, I test-drive it and noticed a few things wrong. The radio, horn, and air conditioner weren't working, and the car made a little noise as I drove it. So he said he made an appointment with the Nissan dealer and to bring it back.

I brought her back on Friday. And they said Nissan would fix it all. I got my car a day later with only the radio working. Derren stated his mechanic would do the other work. So again, I had no car. I had her Sunday, and he said his mechanic said my wheel barring was messed up. So he said he would let Nissan fix it and to bring her early morning.

On September 19, I dropped off the car and he told me that I'd get the car back on the 21st. I called Nissan on the 21st to pick up my car. But Phil from Repairs stated my transmission didn't come in yet. At that point, I had no clue what was going on. Derren never informed me the car was getting a new transmission.

I demanded to know why he lied to me and asked for my money back. He claimed he did not know and that he would not return my money, because he had the right to fix the car. The car wasn't done until September 29. And I didn't get the car until 7pm of October 1. But the air conditioner and horn were still not working. He then told me to bring the car back on Monday, October 3. It would be fixed on the same day. Today is October 5, and he has yet to fix the air conditioner and horn.

I still don't have the car. He has my money, car is not fixed, he's lied, he made false promises, and he sold me a car that was not ready.

I purchased a 2005 Chevy Colbot from DMR auto. A buy here pay here.

I put a $500.00 deposit and traded my old car a 1995 sabauru impreza in for this car.

Within 1 day of having the car I called the dealership to advise them that the service that they said that they have completed on the car was never done.

They had stated that the car was serviced with an oil change and that the gears that needed lubication had been taken care of. I noticed that the oil change sticker that was present on the car stated that the last time the oil was changed and serviced was in early 2008.

Darren advised me that the tech who works on his cars doesnt use those stickers that updates the last service date.

Within 2 days after that call. I noticed that the gears on the car were having a hard time shifting.

Again I called and advised that the gears were having a problem shifting Darren assured me that it was taken care of.

Within just 8 days of having the car. I was travling up route 78 and went to shift into gear and the gears were not shifting. They would not shift at all.

The car slowed down coming to a stop on the highway causing traffic to go around me. Luckily I was able to go into 1st and second gear after about 2 mins on the highway.

I slowly come off the highway. I called Darren my sales man to advise him that I was stuck and that the gears were not working again. He never answered my calls. I left 3 messages and no returned call that day.

While waiting for a returned call I was still stuck on the side of the road with my newly purchased car with no assistance.

I searched my purse for an alternate phone number and called the office and Pete another sales man at the office answered, He told me that I needed to call and wait for darren.

I expressed that I had already called him and needed to know what I was going to do because I was so far from home with no help. He advised that I should have the car towed to the office and have them look at it.

There was a tech shop near by I asked them if they could help me. After feeling sorry for me they took the car in to examine it to see if it was something they could fix for me in the mean while. The tech advised that the problem was serious and that the transmission was done.

I told him about my conversation with Darren about the gears needing lubbing and he stated Honey I wish it was just that. The clutch is okay but the reason you cannot shift has nothing to do with lubbing but the transmission in this car. He stated that he could fix it for me that day because it was so late in the afternoon and that he would need to find a transmission for that car He gave me a price of about $1600.00 new and about $900.00 used. I told him that I could not afford that and that the car has a warranty. I called Darren to advised him no call back. I called Pete to advised him and he said that the car had no transmission problems at all and that he wasn't sure what the problem was. He said again just have it towed here and we will look at it.

Well it is 4 weeks later and I still have no car, my old car has not been returned to me nor my depoist and my first months payment have not been returned to me. I have made 3 visits of going to the office where I purchased the car and each time Darren my original sales guy was not there.

Each time Pete the other sales guy told me that I needed to talk to Darren and that it was nothing he could do. The last and final time I went to the office which would make it the 4 visits with no help, Pete advised me that they were opening another car lot down the street and maybe thats why Darren hasn't called me back yet. He stated that the car has been sitting on the lot and he is not sure if it has been looked at by a tech.

After being upset and giving the run around I had a friend call from a different phone number into Darren's cell phone and low and behold he answers.

I was so angry with him that I explained that if the car was not fixed within 3 days that I will be calling my lawyer. About 21 phone calls 4 text messages 4 visits to the shop and a wonder of voicemail messages no help I needs some help

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