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I went into Diamond Honda of Glendale to buy a used car from them at their internet price of $11,900. I was putting several thousand down, and then financing around 10 grand after tax and license. They crunched the numbers and they came back with a monthly payment of $348 a month for 72 months. That would have totaled $25,056 (plus my $4,000 down, so a grand total of $29,000 for this car over 6 years). Mind you, the car's internet price was $11,900. They said I had a ZERO credit score, and because of this, they had to charge me 25% interest rate. That is when I decided to walk out. I told them they were a bunch of crooks. Paul **, the general manager chased me out to the parking lot and told me they had inadvertently made a mistake, and it was 60 months, not 72 months. Oops! (Would have made the grand total $24,888.) Still way too much for a $11,900.00 car. They also would never give me the price of the car.

Paul in the parking lot told me the car was $12,800. I told him, "On the internet it's advertised for $11,900." He says, "Oh, I had no idea you had the internet price." So many innocent mistake in their favor, over and over again. I told Paul ** that I was not going to sign their bogus loan, and that I would go and get financed by my own bank. He asked me, "Who do you bank with?" I told him, and he replied, "They have already turned you down." A few days later I walked into my bank, and they gave me a 5% car loan. (That is who is financing my new car.)

After I left Diamond Honda I crunched my own numbers and realized what BS they were trying to sell me. Worse than I initially thought. The $348 a month was even higher than the 25% they said they were charging me. They actually were giving me a 37% loan rate. An hour or so later after I left the dealership, they called me wanting me to come back and give them another chance. They now magically had pulled some strings for me, and they could get me $166 a month. So my credit couldn't have been that bad, I mean they saved me a $184 a month in less than an hour. I told Paul on the phone that they were crooked, and that I would not buy from them due to the horrible loan they tried to sell me. Paul said, "You're doing the numbers all wrong, many people do." I asked Paul, "If you're doing the numbers correctly, then how in the world does a $11,900 car become $29,056 financed?" He could not answer me.

He kept on saying, "Come back, we'll make it worth your while." I told him they were unethical and should be ashamed of themselves. He then proceeded to write me a nasty text calling me a "woman of the world" (because I told him I was a smart woman) and blaming me for not giving them another chance. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from Diamond Honda as possible. They should be ashamed of themselves for being such crooks. Oh, and by the way, I brought two friends with me, so I have witnesses to what they said to me and how they behaved. My friends had never seen anything so blatantly dishonest. I feel badly for the people who get taken by this dealership. I was ready to buy that car from them. I had a cashier's check with their name on it when I drove down there. Really sad that they had to be like this. I really feel badly for the customers who get stuck with horrible loans.

Oh, and also, I have tried to get the owner's email to tell him/her of my experience, and no one at the dealership will give me the owner's email. They just say, I'll give him the message. I bet they will. Also, they had their receptionist Mariella ** create a phony good review on Yelp. I saw it and others complained about it. They have since removed it. So very shady.

Satisfaction Rating

2/14/2015. I went to buy a used 2011 Honda CR-V, advertised for $16,599, a price that they said to me was the wholesale price, when the average price for this car, after a check, was below 15,000! But that was nothing compared to what happened afterward. Omar, a really nice guy, gave me the usual uptalk about the car, which was good and we took a test drive. I was almost ready to buy it! Then came the usual pressure to do the deal and, having been burned before, by another purchase from different dealer, I wanted my great mechanic, Vic, at Advance Auto Repair, (AAA approved), whom I took my previous purchase too and fine-toothed the car to give me the bad news, which prompted me to go to Diamond Honda, to buy a different CR-V.

Next day I took it to Vic, who scoured the car for faults, and faults he did find! He found bondo and dripping paint, which indicated that the car was hit and totally repainted, had leaks in the driver side inner axle seal and passenger side rack and pinion seal. The car was a hidden mess! I looked at the Carfax and none of this was reported. I went back and talked to the one of the general managers, Bilal, and told him what happened and asked who was at fault for this, and he replied, "The used car manager."

The next day I went looking for another car and suddenly found that they had not returned my registration. Whether this was a trick to get me to come back in or not, I don't know, but I was told that this was a common way to get people back. When I went back to get my registration, I told the manager that I was really unhappy with what had transpired (earlier he said that they would give me"$500" off the price if I still wanted the car. Unbelievable).

But the main thing that really upset me was, when I asked how come the car was still advertised and still on the lot, the manager replied, "We still want to sell the car!!" He was so kind and nice and spoke with a really sincere voice throughout the transaction! I haven't checked to see if the car is still for sale at this writing, but this was a true case of "Caveat Emptor," BUYER BEWARE! Thank you, Vic at Advance Auto Repair, in Glendale, for saving me a ton of money and headaches, later on. I am seriously thinking of contacting Honda Corporate about this matter.


I purchased a new car on 9/2008 with a dent on the chrome molding of my car. It took the dealer 11 months to fix my car. I had to provide the paperwork to the dealer and call a dozen times before it was approved by the dealer to fix. Once my car was in the shop, the dealer had me waiting for over six hours and did not fix my car. I had to submit my complaint to the BBB before any action was taken by the dealer. The customer service was an insult and the general manager is even worse. General Manager Mr. ** did call me almost a year after my complaint was issued and he promised to call me. I still have not received a return call. Do not buy a car from this dealer!


i bought a new honda fit 2008 on april, 11,2008. it was a show car in the show room. salespeople were like angels sent from heaven, did everything to entice us to buy the car, and one important feature that was mentioned was the TPMS, a safety feature of the car which was barely explained to us the function except to monitor the tire pressure of the tire.

so we took the car home, drove it for some few days, then,was not used for a couple of weeks. one day, i decided to drive the car in the newly built freeway 210, was at the center of the road, then, i got a flat tire on the driver side. i called for road assistance, put on my spare, check the flat tire but saw nothing that could cause the tire flat. since the spare was too tiny, i was scared to drive as i still have an hour to go and it's getting dark.

the service man said to drive slowly, and advised me to see the dealer in the morning. so, the first thing i did in the morning was to go to the service dept of colonial honda to have my tire check, but i got a cold shoulder treatment and told me to go to american tire depot and buy a new tire. i insisted to to see the manager, but again, the service dept said no warranty for tire as road hazard and sent me to the sales dept. i went to the sales dept and talk to the people who sold me the car, and i got the same response without even checking neither the tire nor the car, as they said the tire has nothing to do with the car,as no tire warranty, and that american honda corp has a very high quality of their workmanship.

at that point, i rest my case,just bought a new tire, dealer check the damaged tire and concluded as road hazard. i can't accept that logic, and i was skeptical to drive the car,so, i did not drive the car for one week, till i decided to drive again the following week. i drove on the same freeway,and there, same identical situation again happened. at that time, it was the driver side that got flat. again, i did the same procedure of presenting my issue and concerned to colonial honda, just ignore me, not even implying to send my concerned to american honda manufacturer. just road hazard.

then, i was disthraught and begin to fear of my life and other motorist who wll get involved if more serious things happened. therefore, i express my intent to surrender the vehicle voluntarily as i don't feel safe in driving the car anymore. my life is in danger so before any more serious things happened, i had the car be repossesd. and the case was escalated because the financing co. was collecting money they incurred due to their repossesion expenses.

i decided to pay their collection and redeemed the car, then, pursue the issue relating it the what they call safety feature of the car TPMs.


I went to have a 45,000 service done in my 2001 honda accord, that i boght there at colonial honda.

after they finish doing the 45,000 service on my car they told me that i need to have a sensor replace and that my transmision fuel was leacking and that i need to fix it.

I told them that i had waranty in that car and that i had purchased a honda care insurance on my car.

than they told me that they were going to check my records, Derek poon came back and told me that.my honda care had expired on 04/08/06 and that fixing the trans. oil leak price was 850.00 dollars, I told him that i was sure that I was sure I had honda care insurance. so i went to see the man that had done the paper work, when I bouht the car, and he ask for my name and check on his computer and after a litlle while he told me that his computer was not working right and he call some one and when i came back from the bathroom he told me that i had no insurance on my car,

so i came home and started looking for my papers and I found the yellow paper that proves that i do have insurance and they are trying to be dishonest with me i purchased the car 11/30/03 and i purchased the insurance honda care for 5 years or 75,000 miles please help me solve my problem thank you, i have all my papers and I have the paper they gave me that says that my honda care insurance has expired.

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6.24.05- my car 1996 Honda Accord was diagnosed with fluid leak-engine. the following work were done: replaced the side cover gasket & oil pan gasket and i payed total of $ 472.47.

9.1.05- between last week of june-up until 2nd week of aug.noticed that there were still some oil leak from my car. called & informed service advisor & was told to bring the car over. but unable to detect cause of oil leak at this time ; cleaned from under engine & was advised to return on 9.6.05 for reinspection.

9.8.06 after reinspection, was recommemded to replace engine oil filter adapter seal. i declined the work to my car at this time with the question why it was not mentioned at the time first work was done.only was told that my car is old and jokingly said to buy Honda's new car. FYI-since i bought my car 1997 from this dealership,I have been taking my car religiously to this dealer for my car services except those that they dont provide i.e. most tire services & still have have all my receipt since.

1.19.06- went to different car repair shop for different opinion re- oil leak, and was diagnosed with oil pan gasket & oil base gasket.aren't these the same work that Honda did last june? which continue to leak and was brought to their attention but failed to acknowledge? so i had the work done & paid $ 232.75 for the above service.


I purchased a car from the above dealer 1 year ago. I went to renew the registration and found out the dealer supplied false information on the bill of sale. The VIN number on the car does not match the VIN used on the paperwork to finance or register the car. I want to take this car back to the dealer since I never took possession of the car I signed for.

I was told by the California DMV I would have been taken to jail if I would have been pulled over. I am totally disgusted by this whole incidence.


I purchased a car from Glendale Honda.

2001 Chevy Malibu. A $2500.00 was required. I gave the dealer $900.00 with two hold a checks of $800.00.

The car had approximately 29,844 miles with a manufacturer warranty for an additional 5,000 miles. 6 days later the back passenger-side tire blew and the front end began making loud sounds as if the tires in the front would come
off. I took the car to a chevy dealer
with chevy mechanics since the car was

under manufacturer warranty. I also told Ms. Wray about the car problems.

Chevy said that all 4 tires were bad and that the dealer should replace them.

I told Ms. Wray about this problem and gave her the name and number of the chevy dealer and mechanic. I told her I would not pay the balance of the deposit until the problem was resolved.

Meanwhile, she inform me that she had told the finance company that I had paid the entire deposit already. Consequently I had to pay the balance of the deposit regardless of the tire problem. However, she would let her people take a look at my tires to see if there was truly a problem. Her people took a look at the car replaced the tire that blew an gave me a receipt stating that the flat tire was replaced.

She call me at work and told me that all four tires were replaced and that she had a receipt. I ask for her to show me the receipt. She said she did

not have to show or give me any proof.

But that she would give me a copy of the tire replacment receipt after I paid

the balance of the deposit.

December 6,
2001 she had the car repossessed. I had
paid my car payment to the finance company Auto Drive and had full coverage insurance. I told the finance company of the situation and they pulled
out of the deal. Now Colonial does not

want to give me back my deposit of $900.


I purchased a used 2001 Dodge Intrepid from Colonial Honda in Glendale. I was told while in the financing process of my purchase that the finance company required a $2500 fee for financing the car because I had bad credit. I did not question this at the time. I paid the fee. This fee was added into the down payment which was added to the price of the car in the paperwork.

1 month later I receive a phone call from the company that financed the car to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. I asked them about the fee, the representative that I was talking to stated that they do not require any kind of fee to finance a vehicle. I brought this issue up to a friend of mine who had purchased a vehicle from the same dealer, his story was the same as mine. I feel like I have been taken by this company. I wonder how many other people this has happened to?

I am out $2500, which was basically stolen from me.

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