David Maus Toyota

Sanford, FL

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I have been taking my car here under my prepaid maintenance plan with no issues till my 30,000 mile service where I was told the only thing my prepaid maintenance would cover was the tire rotation. I was told my oil changes aren't even covered under the maintenance plan because my car uses synthetic oil. So with my prepaid maintenance in place, it would cost me about $500 out of pocket for the maintenance. I checked that all of this was covered when I bought the plan as I knew the 30,000 mile maintenance was not cheap (though to be honest it was a bit cheaper at the dealer in California) and was of course told it was covered. I will never buy another vehicle here or return with any of our cars for maintenance after this scam. No I didn't give them any money today as they got more than enough by selling me an apparently worthless maintenance plan. Oh it also took 2 hours to rotate my tires and install a recall ordered software update.

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I live 70 miles from David Maus Toyota. I actually call ahead to identify the 2013 car (Prius) wanted and my 2012 trade, then made an appointment for a specific time and day. Drove the 70 miles only to discover that the salesman I had called and made the appointment with was not there... I was assigned another salesman and had to start all over again identifying the car, etc. I was starting to feel they were not taking me seriously. After a lot of show, even introducing me to a former football player, etc. they finally quoted me a trade allowance and price.

I suggested that the price clearly was too high. More discussion but no adjustment in the price. I thanked them and departed. Drove back home, another 70 miles and purchased the same exact Prius on the same day. Almost two thousand less with a few additional goodies as sweeteners. I am almost ready to replace my second car with another Prius but clearly will not to go to Maus. It's not about price...

Satisfaction Rating

Engine seized due to oil sludge (gelling) problem. Replaced engine with one I obtained from an insurance salvage vehicle yard. Engine had only 57,000 actual miles on it. The dealership prepped the engine, installing new gaskets, seals, water pump, etc. and have already installed the engine in my vehicle and given it a clean bill of health. All that remains is for Toyota to contact me and the dealership in regards to compensation and reimbursement under this settlement plan.


I had a Toyota matrix 2009. Had 2 incident with the same one. Took to the dealer. They keep the vehicle since May 8 2009 up to June 24 2009. Poor service. They didn't find the problem. I still with the problem and i even end paid for the service.I am very disappointed. No one answer my calls and the problem still there.

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David Maus Toyota
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