Napoli Suzuki

Milford, CT

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My husband and I went to Napoli a few weeks ago searching for a quality used vehicle. I thought Napoli has been around for many years, so they should be reliable. Wrong! Have you heard of the old bait-and-switch? Well, that is exactly what they do. The price of the cars the sales rep quote you are lower until you get ready to sign. Also the Finance Manger is one step away from a mafia bank. Scary. It is like sign or die. Do not go there, we found a great car at Car Max a week later.

On February 20, my wife and I went to Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet to look at a mini-van for the family. We saw two Honda Odyssey on display a silver and dark grey. A gentleman by the name of Bill proceeded towards us and mentioned that he was able to help us and what type of vehicle were we looking for, he then told him a mini-van. We did see two we were interested in but saw a few dents in them. Bill (sales rep) informed us that if we are interested in the vehicle, Napoli will fix the dents. We test drove the vehicle and later sat down with Bill and informed him that we wasn't interested in financing but he knew how much we were willing to spend.

Bill kept being persistent and informing us to just finance. He was very pushy and wasn't listening at our concern, so my wife and I left and I told my wife I remember speaking with a another gentleman over the phone before arriving at the outlet dealer. I went home and found the name of the gentleman whom I spoke with which his name is Stan. I later called Stan and then he informed me of a new vehicle that just came into their location with only 34,676 miles.

Both my wife and I went the next day, February 21. Stan brought the van to the front of the store and I noticed that it had a lot of dust on it but Stan mentioned that if I am interested in the vehicle he would make sure that it clean and well taken care of. I mentioned to Stan please clean it up and make sure everything is checked out, his exact words was "don't worry I am going to take care of you, my friend." He also informed me to leave at least a $500.00 deposit which I did. Mike asked me how much I’m willing to spend. I told Mike the most I am willing to spend was $18,000 and Mike wanted to finalize it with $18,200 with trade-in, we both said okay with that offer.

A few days later, the representative from Napoli called and stated that the vehicle was ready and I was able to pick up February 26. Stan took me to the finance person Ken for payment. Ken was given by me for payment $13,500, plus already given $500.00 for deposit also $500.00 for my trade-in (Dodge Stratus). All invoice showed $19,183.94, yet my total pay was $19,683.94 that was an issue because of different amounts given. On February 27, I seen the tire pressure light shows up, I did not take seriously. I put air in it then it went away.

The following day it appeared again. I called and spoke with Stan and the general manager Al, pointed out certain marks in the vehicle: fender loose, crack windshield and a chip on the other side of the van. I spoke with Al (general manager) and requested that the windshield be replaced because it will get worse. He then stated that I should let my insurance company handle that. I told Al that I didn’t appreciate how he spoke with me and I didn’t have to purchase the vehicle and then his tone calm down.

March 6, 2010, I took my family on the road and we were on the highway. The engine light appeared. I said to my wife this is serious, a pull to when the gear changing up and down. I immediately contacted the salesperson Stan. Stan mentioned that I should speak to Ken the financial person. They assured me they were going to test the vehicle and send for repair at the dealer. Before this, I went to Auto Zone to see why the check engine light came on and I was then given a code, given reason of what the problem could be.

March 9th, I took the van to Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet to be serviced, where they said they will take it to Courtney Honda. I told Stan I will need a work report on the vehicle, which he gave me. Stan assured me if I wasn’t satisfied with purchasing the vehicle that I can return it anytime and be refunded.

Now that I spoken with everyone, I feel they seem not to care and never asked how we (Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet) can better service me. Ever since these problems occurred, I’ve been trying to reach out to Stan. I’m told he is not available and Ken whom Stan referred me to is always with a client and never returned my call when I left the message with the receptionist at the front desk.

On March 12th, the service department called and told me that the vehicle was ready. I went through some paper work with Ken while I was there. Ken drove the vehicle from the back to the front of the building and gave me the key, to my surprise the tire pressure light was on. I went back in the building and told Ken his response was we paid the dealership $100.00 to fix it; it is only a tire pressure. Ken told me to call him on Monday 15th and to leave a message and he will then return my call.

Ken never returned my call. On March 16th going to my workplace (2nd shift), the engine light appeared again and the brake felt spongy, the indicator at the hazard said passenger air bag off. I said this can’t be happening. I was recommended to speak with Scott H. and to leave a message. Several times I did this and he never responded. I have young children. I told him that I can’t take risk and that I’m not satisfied and I want my money back.

The employees of Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet never wrote or called to ask how the new vehicle or let me see what else they can do for me. I have had this vehicle in my possession for seventeen days and they are not cooperating. I went back to Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet and said to Al that I was not driving this vehicle any longer and I left the vehicle on his property and stated that I haven't heard anything from anybody and will not continue to drive this vehicle and not getting the satisfaction that I as a customer deserve. Al said to me that they will fix it and also he wanted to have a meeting with me on Monday March 22. That Monday, I sat down with Al, Scott H and a woman they discussed that they would repair it. I informed all of them that if any further problems with the vehicle, I will not accept the vehicle. They all agreed.

The next day March 23, I was given a rental up until March 30. I received a phone call on March 30 from Napoli stating that the vehicle was all set and can pick up the van. On March 31, I drove the vehicle and on my way to work the engine light appeared again. After all of this, I drove it back to Napoli. On April 8th, the tire pressure light came on and April 9th the engine light came on again. Saturday, April 10 my wife and I spoke with Al, which he stated that I would need to speak with Scott H on Monday April12th. Many of times I expressed my frustrations and wasn't happy with the service and I feel that I am not getting satisfaction.

I asked for my money back many of times and I feel my money was held and wasn't offered another vehicle. I have not had the vehicle for a full week to enjoy let alone a few days. What happened to if you're not satisfied you can return within thirty days? I have not been satisfied since this purchase was made. This has been a sale went bad. Mentioned to Al that I was going to report him and his words that he didn't care do what you have to do. My final words are I want to be refunded. Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet refuses to cooperate with me.

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