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I had bad experience with this lied salesperson name Ujean. I bought car last May 2015 and he promised me that I will get free 3 service for car. Now he said "I never told you something like that..." I like Nissan car but I have bad experience with this dealership and this felony salesperson named ujean.. Please stay away from Nissan Kia of Middletown NY.

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I wanted to lease a new Rogue in the Summer. I brought back my old lease as about to go over miles and was a little early. The sales mgr. came over to talk about the numbers - after my payments doubled without money down and a limp handshake, I said I need to think about it overnight, or possibly buy it out which he discouraged. He ran after me outside begging me to come back. I decided to lease with them. There were paper mats in my Rogue. I get home pull them up, no mats. After I left no response from my sales lady after I left message. Now I get a $4,880 bill from Nissan. It’s not on my paperwork for bringing my old Rogue back. No one warned me while doing the paperwork or I would of ran out of the dealership, and no one gets back if an issue - the sale is priority.

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I purchased a 2005 Dodge Durango in January. I told the salesman that I need a new windshield wiper on the passenger side, and he said he would have it replaced. I picked up the vehicle. It had a ticking noise when it was started. The battery died on me 3 times, and the windshield wiper was still not replaced. One day, the check engine light came on, and I found out the rear brake light was also not working. I made an appointment to bring it in for service. I spoke with Mark over the phone. I told him what needed to be done: the ticking noise, the windshield wiper and the squeaky brakes. He assured me that it will be taken care of.

I go to pick up the car. He tells me to go to a Dodge dealer for the ticking noise. He also told me that I should expect squeaking in my brakes, and they changed the windshield wiper. Two days later it rains. The windshield wiper was never replaced. I tried to call Geno two days in a row with no return phone call back. On the 3rd day, I finally got a hold of him. I told him I went to Walmart and bought a new windshield wiper myself and it works perfectly. That means they never replaced it the 3 times they were supposed to. He told me they replaced all the blades and they were all brand new. He said that his guys would never lie to him. I told him that I have the proof of the old one and the new one I bought. He tried to tell me a story about how there were new ones on there when I purchased the car. I told him the staff was deaf, dumb, and blind; and he hung up on me. I will never buy a car here again or refer anyone too!


My girlfriend and I went to help my mom pick out a new Altima and the entire time, sales person name (Dale) kept inappropriately looking at my girlfriend. His very unprofessional actions made us all feel uncomfortable. It resulted in us going elsewhere for the car even though all the paper work was ready to sign. This was because the manager (Ann) stood behind her sales saying "he's usually such a good person."


What came about writing this letter is not about money but "Trust". It all started when I heard sound coming from the front undercarriage of my Nissan Murano. First thought came to mind was a hole in my muffler or exhaust. So I checked the exhaust and muffler and the sound was definitely coming from the front. I brought my car first to a muffler car shop and lifted my car up and making the diagnostic evaluation. They have examined my mufflers and exhaust and instead of having it repair there I was kindly told that the repair needed is in the front manifold and it's better to take it to the Nissan dealership because my car should still be under warranty at 58,000 miles.

The same day I made an appointment with Middletown Nissan Dealership. The following morning I turned my car in for repair and I told them about the sound that was coming from the front. Few hours later I was called by the Nissan service advisor. I was told that the problem was the rt. side manifold that needs replacement and that there is a small leak starting at the transfercase. He advised needs of replacement, and then he added since my car is almost at 60,000 miles the drive belt and transmission fluids need replacement as well. No other diagnostic added at this time.

At this point he told me that unfortunately my basic warranty had already expired in March of 2007 and my powertrain had also expired. Therefore all costs will be coming out of pocket, $1895 for manifold, $159 for drive belt and $? for transfercase. I was appalled by these and I just don't know where to begin. My Nissan murano is 2004, but I purchased it in 2007 @ 12,000 miles at a Certified Nissan dealership. I know I have some form of warranty. So I paused and I told him that I will have to call him back and make decisions to have it fix or pull it out.

So I did my own research and called the Nissan Consumer Affair. Magically, I was told by the Nissan Consumer Affair that I have a pre-owned vehicle warranty that won't expire until March of 2011. And that the repair needed (manifold and transfercase) are included in the warranty.

So, I called the service representative back, and told him the case. He paused, and then he said he'll call me back. He didn't call me back; I called him back an hour later. He apologizes, because he said he didn't realize that I do have a warranty, but it didn't show on his computer. At this point I started having doubts with his excuses. I told him to just fix what cover under the warranty. The he said he has to keep the car for the day because they won't have time to finish the job by the end of the day.

The following day I called in the afternoon to check on the status on my car because I haven't heard from the dealership. I was told that they had finished replacing the right manifold but now working on the transfercase and will call when finish. End of the day came and there was no call, so I assumed the car was not finish. At this point I already felt that I'm now being pushed in the back burner.

3rd day came, there was no call in the morning, so I called the dealership again around 2pm. I spoke with the service representative again, and he said "oh , you didn't get my message, I called you and your car is ready." I checked my phone again there was no caller ID from the dealership nor there was a message--My thoughts--Liar. Then he added on the phone that my muffler needs to be replaced and that my midpipe is broken.

At this point why suddenly there is a problem at my muffler and midpipe exhaust. My car was just checked out for muffler and exhaust the day before I brought the car to the dealership. So I wasn't so concerned. But I ended up calling the Nissan Consumer Affair again just to validate how much my deductible. I already don't trust my own dealership.

At the dealership, I was greeted by the service representative and then he told me that to be careful because my exhaust might fall and the noise from the front is gone but there will still be noise from the back. My thoughts were "what are you talking about?" as my car was being pulled out of the car there was a little noise from the back. At this point I just want to get out of that dealership. As I started driving, there were fumes coming out of the vent that was never there when I turned my car or the weird nose from the rear.

Every owner knows every sounds or every shakes their car makes, and I know that sound was not there nor the vibrations that I felt when I started driving my car. I even called my wife to let her know something weird is going on with my car especially the fumes that was coming out of the vent. Then suddenly I heard a crash and then screechy noise under my car, so I pulled over. Sure enough, there it was, the rear exhaust is on the ground broken off from the rear muffler of the Murano and the bracket was broken off from the frame.

I was in fumes. I called the Nissan Dealership again, and spoke with the service representative, and all he could tell me was "I told you so." So I hang up and never returned to that dealership. I felt that this entire incident was way too coincidental and that I felt that my car has been tampered. My car was fixed somewhere else that day.

I called the service Manager of the Middletown Nissan Dealership the following day to express the whole incident. Instead of reassuring me he was very defensive and telling me that there was rust on the exhaust and that they didn't bring that rust to my car. And that I didn't listen to their advice and he was accusing me that I couldn't possibly hear the noise from the back because of the noise from the front of the car. He was doing more of the talking instead of hearing what I have to say. Needless to say, it was not a very constructive conversation.

How do you complain about the service of a dealership, when even the service manager has poor management and poor customer service? Now more than ever, I'm convinced that the service on my car was tampered. And you can't complain to a manager who works on the same dealership, because I believe that they all look after each other like a hornets nest. All I can do is to write. And hopefully other people will not fall in the same hole.

I'm saddened by this because I always believed in Nissan and so as my family. For many years we have owned many Nissan cars, (sentra, stanza, maxima, altima, and murano). Now I think it's time to change that culture. Clients tell is the importance.

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In November of 2001, I purchased a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE with 23,000 miles from Middletown Nissan. On or about July 1, 2002, the sensor of the left rear brake engaged. An observation of the brake pad showed that it was completely worn down. A check of the right brake pad showed there was still a good amount of brake pad remaining. I contacted the service department at Middletown Nissan and was told they would not be able to service my vehicle for about 10 days. Unable to wait 10 days to have the vehicle repaired, I contacted a local repair shop that I have done business with for over 17 years. On July 2, 2002, he changed both the left and right rear brakes. Shortly after, I began to notice excessive brake dust on the left rear wheel.

It appeared that the same situation was occurring and the left brake was sticking or engaging causing the same wearing down that first brought me to the mechanic. I contacted the service department at Middletown Nissan with the belief that there was a problem with the Caliper. From the initial conversation with Paul in their service department, assignment of blame was cast on the local mechanic. Before any physical inspection was done of the problem, I was told that the mechanic probably did not use factory brake pads, did not clean the Caliper slide, or snagged the emergency brake cable when putting the car on the lift. I contacted my mechanic and he informed me that he in fact used factory brake pads purchased from County Line Nissan in Middlebury, CT, he cleaned and lubricated the Caliper slide, and got a good chuckle over the assertion that the cable may have been caught in the lift.

I did bring my car into the service department at Middletown Nissan for diagnosis and repair. I was told that the problem was a damaged piston in the Caliper. It was stated to me that my mechanic unaware that the piston is not collapsable probably used a pair of pliers or crimpers on the piston. When asked why the right rear brake did not experience the same problem, it was further stated that "he did this on the left side and realized his error and did it correctly on the right side". I again contacted the mechanic who assured me he is fully aware of how to deal with the piston and in fact he has a special tool to utilize on the piston. Once again, he got quite a chuckle on this assertion.

My contention is that the Caliper was the problem from the very beginning prior to my bringing the vehicle to the mechanic. The situation with the left rear brake was engaged and wearing down. The service depatment at Middletown Nissan have built a string of assumptions without merit. They have pointed the blame on a mechanic with an impeccable reputation in the community. I have dealt with him for years without any incidents. I have dealt with Middletown Nissan once and question their intent. Common sense and rationale would lead them to the same conclusion that the Caliper was defective all along.

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