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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about CR England Trucking Company?
    • 4,475,815 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Reviewed May 2, 2018

    I got my CDL in January 2018 through C.R. England, and I was hired... The company promised to team me up with an experienced driver but all I got was a Driver with just 2 months experience. The driver later quit, left me and the truck at a Wal-Mart parking lot in San Antonio. I had to drive and deliver the load solo. I got another team driver and after just two weeks he was taken off the truck for texting while driving. I pretty much drove solo the rest of my phase 2 training. It was hell. My DM only cared about the loads.

    My approved home time was never honored on two separate occasions. I got home 4 days after my actual home time. And it took the company close to two weeks to put me back on the road for my phase 2. I was completely stranded in Pine Bluff, Arkansas 'cause my truck was booked in for repairs. I had to use my debit card to book a hotel and C.R. England didn't reimburse me. The company will lie about the actual pay miles, I lost a lot as I couldn't pay my bills. I finally decided to quit 3 weeks ago.

    Reviewed March 23, 2018

    My husband was very excited to go to CR England trucking school so that he could obtain his CDL. Not only was the school placed out in the boondocks of Waxahachie, TX but he was housed in some run down hotel that looked like a bomb threw up on it. Only days after being there, he and his roommate decided to walk down the hall to a little cookout/bbq that some of the other trucker students were holding when they were accosted by a ** male, a little of 50 years old. This "nice gentleman" started spewing racist and hateful remarks and calling them names such as "monkey" and **. This "nice gentlemen" went as far as to brandish a knife.

    My husband was pretty upset about this inappropriate behavior as this was not what he went to this school for. The roommate called the director whom heard what this nice gentleman was saying and thus came to where everything was happening. However, he did not say one word. The police were called whom also did nothing. The nice gentleman told the police that my husband and his roommate were trying to jump him. They didn't even stop to think how asinine his story sounded even when confirmed by other students.

    One student even made the remark of "if it were a ** man with a knife, he would of gotten arrested." The police officer stated that he took offense to the statement (are you serious. It's facts). How much sense does it make for someone to come to a trucking school and not know anyone and then try to jump a complete stranger? The "nice guy" presumably was asked about the knife but gave a different knife to the police (pocket knife).

    The issue I have is that two weeks prior the "nice guy" displayed the same behavior to an ** instructor and nothing was done. Now presently, two days after the incident, the "nice guy" is still at the school. My husband, although no scary man feels uncomfortable about this whole situation for a couple of reasons. When the head guy came into the classroom to address the class about the situation on the following day, he suggested that if someone says something you don't like, just ignore it (are you kidding). He said there is no tolerance for certain behaviors at the school (I can't tell). My husband didn't say anything but felt that it was directed at him.

    During the situation my husband told the "nice guy" to put the knife down and they could "throw hands." After all, ":nice guy" did approach him and the roommate. The whole situation was not handled appropriately. There is no room in this world and in any professional environment for racist people. The fact that this behavior was not addressed and dealt with in an appropriate manner is pretty disheartening.

    You have a knife wielding ** man threatening the safety of ** men whom are at that school to obtain a CDL all because he clearly has mental issues but you allow him to stay. There appears to be a pattern as the instructor was ** as well. This is not a good look for the school at all. I repeat, There is no room in the world for racist! PERIOD!

    In my opinion, if there is a situation that threatens the safety of students, the threat needs to be addressed and removed. You don't continue to allow its presence to corrupt the masses. The "nice guy" continues to stare at my husband every time he sees him now. My husband doesn't know if this man is going to try to attack him at this point. It makes not sense that he has to watch his back as if he was out in the street in a gang territory or something. If this is what CR England is about then this school needs to be shut down as they are letting anyone come in a tarnish their brand.

    If the head people don't and won't do anything and the police won't do anything, what exactly is a person to do besides protect themselves? Someone needs to be held accountable for the lack of professionalism by the director, the police, the "nice man" and the school as a whole. With everything that is going on in the world and a lot of it being directed to **, this is not something to be taken lightly and not addressed. This is serious. Please do not allow anything to happen to my husband while he is at this school!

    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2018

    Rejected their offer for training after seeing multiple bad reviews. Got a call back from this Jonathan dude speaking sympathetically about works, the good and bad of everything. He was using every emotional appeals to get me back in. The biggest lie of all was "CR England don't make any money from helping train their drivers." LMAO. So I had to just play along to get him off the phone. Working in cable companies had taught me that this dude is a professional liar. He gets paid for every save. Take my unasked advice, read everything you see on this forum and say Thanks but NO THANKS to CR England.

    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2017

    I was looking to start a new career in the transport industry. I was contacted by Stacee ** a company recruiter. I was told that I would have to establish residence and have a valid CADL to qualify for their school training program. I packed up my residence in AZ and traveled to California. Once in CA I set up a mailing address and would have a 30 day waiting period to qualify for my CADL. Living on a unemployed person's savings this basically ran me out of money and left me homeless. Once in California, I was assigned to another recruiter who then informed me this was not that case and I could have used my AZDL but would have to attend the SLC training program.

    Anyone considering working or doing business with this company should be very cautious of their recruiting and business practices. They could care less about the people they are harming financially. My small word of advice would be do not even entertain working or going through the training program with this unethical company.

    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2017

    My husband got incorrect information and was only suppose to be at training 10 days, ended up being over 3 weeks until he finally got assigned to a truck. Then they put 2 trainees and a trainer on the truck which made it harder to get truck driving experience in and get paid for training while in class, did not. The trucks kept breaking down. He got very little training. Had him living with 7 other guys in one room and some thought it was a fraternity house to keep everyone up. Then made him sign some contract that the original guy told him that just had to stay with the company for 1 yr and he would owe nothing but did not tell him he would have to start making payments for 1 year on the contract, but if walked away he would owe $10000.00.

    This company is like a chicken farm trying to put as many drivers as possible through at the same time. The semi does not have anything holding the person sleeping on the bottom bunk in place like a seat belt or netting, so hopefully, nothing happens while he is sleeping, accident by other drivers because there is nothing holding him in bunk which seems like a safety hazard to me.

    The more I learn about this company the more angry I get that they would treat their moneymakers like this. The HR in this company sucks and can never get a hold of them and loses contracts, so who knows what you are signing the second time around because they rush you to re-sign a new contract. I found out when I sat and had them send me a copy of what he had signed the second time around which he did not know they had lied to him. So he just has to make it a year and can go somewhere else to a company that supports their drivers like family and treats them better.

    Reviewed July 5, 2017

    My son went to the school and after he finished he sat in Laredo for 2 weeks before they could put him on a truck. He did ok while with an instructor and when he got his own truck he sat for days and days waiting for a load. One idiot in the home office even told him to break the seal on a trailer and take that trailer which if he would have done he would have been charged for. He was made to pay to have his truck unloaded at the Food Lion plant in Salisbury, NC and made to pay for a lock that locks their trucks. He has gotten so depressed with this company sitting around for days by himself. He has been put on medication for this depression. I don't know how long and if he will come out of this soon. I just know that CR England sucks and does not care about their employees. My son was actually paying them to work and getting paychecks for 40 dollars and sometimes in the hold.

    Do not recommend this company to anyone. I have reported them to the Labor Board, Better Business Bureau and OSHA for having him drive after his drive time was up for the day. Save your family member. Don't let them go to this school or have to pay to work for this jacked up, unprofessional mistake of a so called company. That’s how they make their money making their employees pay for materials and such that is their responsibility as a company and truck owner. I am going to do all I can to get this company investigated. Stay away from CR England.

    Reviewed April 3, 2017

    After being on the road 9 months I received 3 incidents within 6 months. I take personal responsibility for my actions, however I didn't feel that I deserved to be terminated, after the 2nd incident I was scheduled to attend an remedial class, however I was dispatched another load assignment. Company procedures specifies that an employee that has issues/concerns would have an opportunity to correct his/ her skills. I wasn't given that opportunity, although previous employees with similar or more severe incidents were given the opportunity to correct their skills. It has affected my trucking reports severely, and my ability to continue my career as a professional truck driver. Fair treatment is all I ask for after completing my commitment, why couldn't they return it. Just a number expendable.

    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2016

    My son went to school on October and was promised a job, he went to school, helped others to pass things they had problems with, passed test and was put on a truck with a trainer that would barely let him drive and would take naps all the time but my son couldn't drive when his trainer was sleeping. Well after 2 weeks on the road he finally had a trip going home to get his cdl and company never called him back to work, no DM or a number to call other than to sign on for schooling again. Only been home 4 weeks and he gets a letter today. He is being sued for cost of the school. It is all a scam to give you bad credit and I still owe my mother 1200.00 that it cost me to live while I was over there for 1 month. My mother is disable and couldn't afford it but she helped and now I feel terrible. This company is taking advantage of people being out of work to benefit their pockets. I am going to see about reporting to the BBB, I suggest you all do the same.

    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2016

    Whatever you do do not waste your time coming to this school. Yes it is fast paced. I have been here 16 days and they worry more about the pretrip than actually teaching you how to shift a truck. For this 16 day if I drove 4 times 20 minutes it was a lot. Then they waste your time sending you to test when you are not ready and when you ask for help with shifting they deny it. You tell them you are not ready to test they still send you for whet to fail. Total waste of time and money. Never again.

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2016

    My husband is in this school for trucking right now. He has enjoyed the time he has spent there so far and learned much while there. Yes, the school is expensive and the pay isn't that great. What people don't understand is you are applying for a loan to go to the school and learn. You are responsible to ensure you get the best education in the process. You have to study for the tests. You are to ensure you listen during training. During the time you drive on the road with a trainer, yes the pay is not that great, this is to pay back the loan you took out to go to the school with no upfront money besides food and deposits for hotels.

    If you are wanting to learn how to drive a truck, this school has the least amount of time to be under contract. That might be the reason for the extra costs I don't know but remember, someone is training you in the process which takes away from what they earn. So before you start whining about how horrible it was and how much you hate the school, the pay sucks and so forth, the school is offering a service. What is done with that service during your schooling is up to you.

    Reviewed July 18, 2016

    CR England will send you to 160 Driving Academy if you close to Illinois or Wisconsin without pay, they did get you hotel (sharing with someone) and give you a bus ticket to get their. For the academy, the tuition is actually close to $4000, that is if you pay out of your pocket. If you were sent by a truck company (like CR England) they make you sign a contract to apply for a loan that direct to them for $7500, plus at least 19% finance interest for total of $11,673.25, saying that once you go with the company your contract is discharge with the school and your true contract is with CR England. I was very regret for signing that and looking for way out; you shouldn't sign contract with them or if you sign their contract, it should not be more than the actual cost (under $4000).

    The school is very stingy. If you are ready to take the road exam but you have no one taking the road exam with you then you have to wait for another week until you have other students taking the road exam with you. CR England would not pay you salary at this point so it would hurt you financially and cost you times; keep in mind that CR England claim no responsibility with you at this point although they pay for your hotel (room is sharing), and give you bus ticket to the school. You barely see CR England on the contract, mostly just 160 Driving Academy. Just thinking, if CR England take no responsibility with you then you are in debt with the school for close to $12,000; the Paramount Capital Group Inc. in PA to apply for your loan with your SSN and you do not get even a penny from it. My suggestion; go with Roehl, they claim to pay you salary from the first day that you are with them while you get your CDL.

    Reviewed March 4, 2016

    My husband went to the CR England school in Waukegan, IL. He went to the office to ask for more drive time. He was accused of being confrontational and aggressive. He was summarily dismissed. He was unjustly accused. CR England staff refused to answer questions and were extremely rude. I have since investigated this company and many people had the same experience or similar experiences. For a company that calls itself a family company, our experience was disappointing and surprising.

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2016

    No agreement, or Contract was signed by me to go to a so-called trucking school in another state. Through CR England I had an employment opportunity for Hire upon obtaining a Commercial Driver's License. I was told by the recruiter Danny that the company will Cover all cost for Training. I advised him that I've already obtained my commercial driving permit and I need to learn about the Tractor Trailers.

    The company then sent me to Opelika Alabama on Greyhound bus for Training. June 28th 2015 I was taken to Magnuson Hotel. (Opelika Travelodge) 1002 Columbus Parkway Opelika AL 36801. On June/29th 2015 the next morning An old shuttle bus came to pick-up CR England employment recruits. When arriving to the Yard we were hustled into a trailer and given a lot of paperwork to sign with the company. In a small trailer packed with employment hopefuls. The profuse smell of urine and wet carpet from the co-ed restroom dominated the stifled air. Many students sitting and standing were told that we need to look over and sign by one of the employees of American Truck Driving Academy. A secretary came in with a cart full of manila folders and CR England trucking company paperwork. Another lady walked around to collect Driver's License, Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates.

    Then the Classroom instructor Says "OK Guys and Gals, we have limited time. Who needs a pen. All of you need to look over and sign right after. This shouldn't take any more than ten minutes!" He explained that this is company policy for all Trainees to sign and date. There were about 6-8 papers handed out and we were to look over them and sign within ten Minutes. Those that were reading what they were signing and taking a little longer were stood in front of and hurried along like myself, from James and the two secretaries. I asked him if we'll receive copies and was given a Nod indicating yes.

    As his eyes scanned the room, and everyone's personal Identification was being returned by the secretaries. He gave everyone a no cell phones on the Premises Speech. Only during your own time were we allowed to use our phones on the bus or hotel. I didn't sign any contractual agreement with American Truck Driving Academy. Only CR England for employment after training. The whole process was hurried and rushed out of the 36 people in the room no one got copies of anything.

    We were told that we all have to hurry back onto the shuttle bus for drug testing and physicals. I was at this school for A total of 9 days and was taught nothing by example. Everything I learned was based On my own merit. I observed and attempted to imitate other students who understood somewhat. The second day was drug testing and physicals as well on June 30th 2015 with an hour to get there and 1 hour getting back. Nothing was in close proximity.

    On the first of July 2015 was when the expected learning and training was supposed to start. After a 45 min rattled shuttle bus commute, the students were hurried into the narrow trailer for checkmark attendance. The secretary would say your name and students would say "Here". And already some students weren't. After attendance checks on July the 2nd 2015 I asked her if I could get copies of my (CR England Employment Agreement) And was told before Friday.

    I was then confused as to what I was to do on a daily basis because of the lack of organization and structure. There were five rigs - two were 13 years old and the 3 tractor trailers on the yard were old and unsafe. 1992-1995 or older. There were no grips on the steering wheel of the rig used to alley dock. Peeling trailer tires. That week we were almost riding in rims. Most of the day consist of waiting to self-teach a maneuver after waiting to get a turn for 2 hours due to the high trainer/student ratio - 16-20 students to one instructor - because many students had been there for months.

    No school on July 3rd 4th and 5th. We were brought back in on the July 6th 2015 and for more failed attempts to parallel park because the dirt and gravel gave no point of reference and neither did the instructors. Not only was the equipment poor and barely functional at American Truck Driving Academy 5018 US Highway 80 W Opelika, AL 36804 so were the instructors here's ** sleep. During road training, And the student driving almost had the trailer in a ditch. Other students had to correct him because our instructor was asleep. I thought we'd have an accident.

    On Tuesday the 7th of July I was told that Friday the 10 would be my testing out day. I was a little skeptical because I never was taught a pre-trip. But I display competence on the road so at the time I figured maybe Alabaman's test is different. That same day as I was leaving the office I saw the owner on the yard and asked him if I could get taught a pre-trip. And he told ** to give me one and he literally had me do a pre-trip without example or explanation on how to do one. All ** did was mark a sheet and give me a false scene of confidence. The Air brake test and in cab inspection was my weakness but he gave me a false science of direction and the concept was never explained. Although I tried to get an understanding through questions. He cut me off mid-sentence and said "I got to go. You'll do fine." So I figured I would learn it online.

    On July 10th was Testing day for Four of us. We tested and only one person passed. I failed the air brake test. Didn't understand the logistics of air brakes or why they needed to be tested to begin with. So I failed and we were brought back to the school. The one person that passed had been there for 3 months. Since day one I asked for copies of my employment agreement every other day and got put off each time. Before leaving I asked for my Copies of the CR England papers that I signed. The Office personnel said that I need to contact CR England for them. I was forced to sign papers under duress then. Not taught logistics of trucking, tested blindly, then failed and still can't have copies of what I signed the first day.

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2016

    I called to finish my application and ask a few questions. I have a clean driving history and was shocked when they told me I had a court date. I had no such knowledge of me doing anything that would warrant one. Miguel, the recruitment representative then told me I must be lying to him when I told him I had no such thing on my record. Forget this. I have no reason to drive with a company who has this as a representative.

    Reviewed Dec. 25, 2015

    I'm a company driver. I was schedule for my home time requested one month ahead and reminding every week to renew my CDL in Dec. 26th, 2015. My DM told me drop this load to a CR England Yard and told me wait at the truck stop for my relief driver. But I was waiting there in the Christmas Day, no one told me what to do. So I call in for after hour. The after hour told me my DM write a note said I have ask my family member to mailed my new CDL to the truck stop for me to pick it up. My family don't speak of word of English and my wife was not in the United State. I never late for my load and I'm team drive making 5500-7400 mile weekly. I have got home for two month.

    Reviewed Dec. 21, 2015

    My company hired a driver who was supposedly waiting for CR England to put him in a truck for way too long and couldn't stay without a job for much longer. Driver lives in Arizona. We flew him out to Chicago. He went thru the whole orientation and everything. We put him in a truck, got him a load going to Oregon and in SLC he abandoned the truck along with the refrigerated loaded trailer. His wife kept texting that he is in the hospital. We called all hospitals around and no one under that name was ever admitted.

    I called CR England asking them for help to let me know if this guy was put in a truck and used my equipment just to get to there or at least give them a heads up of what is going on and to watch out since the police is also involved and no one in their office seemed to care. All I was told is put it on his DAC report which if he all ready is hired by them doesn't do them any good. They just hire drivers so their trucks aren't empty. They don't care about anything else. How could they be so cruel to someone that is trying to help them. Avoid a problem like this in the feature. Big company don't care about anything.

    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2015

    After reading some of the reviews on England; for whom my brother-in-law worked, I get a window into why the precious soul committed suicide in the truck. Our hearts have been broken as he was attempting to provide for his family of 5 and be a loving husband. The hours required and runs are incredibly taxing and not conducive to practical family relationships. He really tried, yet the odds were stacked against him and in the many solitary hours his mind became ill. Please consider carefully. Our fam will never be the same, and it's been 2 years.

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2015

    I called CR England about 2 weeks ago when one of their drivers made me swerve away from my ending lane and hit construction barrels, and badly scuffing my white car. I immediately called and was told I would speak to someone the next day regarding a claim. Keep in mind I was asked to never make a police report. I spoke to a Kelly **, who without a doubt I can say is the rudest individual to speak with. I was scolded multiple times for taking a photo of the truck number and license plate number while driving. (As I told you obviously that's needed to make a claim.)

    I was told I would get a call back within a few days when she spoke to the driver. A week later and after me calling her, I find out she spoke to the driver days ago, they denied my claim, but she couldn't even call me to tell me that. Extremely infuriated, I continued to ask why am $80 mirror claim was being denied. Once again, a very rude Kelly **, kept saying stupid excuses why I should have STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOUR-LANE CHICAGO LAND EXPRESSWAY, IN MY ENDING LANE WITH MULTIPLES CARS BEHIND ME, TO LET THIS ** TRUCKER CUT ME OFF AND COMPLETELY HIT MY CAR.

    Upon me bringing that up to her and how stupid she sounded, she wouldn't answer any more of my questions, mocked me when I said I'm just going to make a police report. Saying, ha, they can't do anything. They weren't there after, to which I said, "I was told by your company not to make a report." I spoke to a very nice manager who said he would call me back right away after he spoke to a higher manager. 5 days later, not a call. Completely awful, rude, unprofessional people that will now be taken to court over an $80 mirror. Awful experience.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2015

    I was twice called by their HR offices for telephone interview. Then I went for personal interview at Colton, CA. Had a very good interview with Mr. **. Seemed great, had call later from the HR manager that my interview went well and I had to have a telephone interview with two of the main departmental managers but that never materialized and was left in limbo as to what was going on, tried to call HR manager several times Mr. ** at head office in Salt Lake City no response only voicemail. The least they should have done is be honorable and inform what was going on... It's shame that big company has very bad recruitment policy. I think most of all it may be the two departmental managers may have been prejudiced after they read my resume.

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2015

    Started off driving nationwide. Pay is 12c per mile. What they don't tell you is that if your driver manager is a complete moron you will get a 1200 to 2000 mile run which is fine but there will be a 16-hour layover on the front end and a 20-hour layover on the back end, both of which you don't get paid for. So if you can make it with 200-300 dollar paychecks then maybe this is for you.

    The company offers zero hometime. I will have been home 2 times in 6 months and one of those was a funeral that they gave me 48 hours on. So in short I have a wife and 2 kids that they won't let me see, the pay is well below minimum wage for ANY state because you WILL work 70 hour weeks week in and week out. All I can say is run this company is so beyond corrupt my blood boils at the sound of their name. They have a horrible reputation on the road. They attached me to a surge fleet in Illinois where the mileage is terrible. 150-200 per day average and therefore the pay is just as bad and they keep your 70-hour clock so you constantly run on re-cap hours meaning zero days off driving in city traffic directing your truck where commercial trucks shouldn't be. You're stuck in a rolling prison counting down the days of your contract in a 6x8 box. No joke. Anyone tells you anything different is a parasite trainer. Some other form of human scum.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 25, 2015

    I got a call from one of their CR England recruiters, who sounded very enthusiastic about getting me on board to joining their fleet. She explained how there would be training for 17 days in Dallas TX. I asked her various times about being able to pick up work from home after the training in which she insisted that I would definitely be able to begin working from home. Mind you I live in Lubbock TX so she also offered me a bus ticket through greyhound, and had to share a room with 2 other guys during my training. I passed my test written/driving. They had everyone in the class sign some bogus contract in which they don't really give you any time to think about what you're signing. They pretty much force you to sign their 9-month contract, close to finishing my required my 180 hours.

    I have a talk with both my driver manager and driver coordinator who both end up telling me that I would not be able to start with a local route because "they have a special relationship with their dedicated customers," that I have to be driving over the road for at least 6 months. I don't understand why they wouldn't just put me to train on a dedicated route near where I live instead of having me drive all over the U.S. Later I find out that they don't have a yard in Lubbock TX, therefore I would definitely not be able to be placed on a dedicated route in Lubbock TX because what?! There is no yard in Lubbock.

    I ended up leaving CR England because they (management) don't care about any of their employees home time, the entire time I was completing my 180 hours with my trainer all he did was complain about how ** his experience was working for them, told about how he lost his wife because he was never home, was home maybe once or twice in a 2 month time span. I have someone I need to take care of daily and was the sole reason I accepted their offer for employment because I would be able to work from home on a dedicated route to be able to be home daily, which they were not able to comply with.

    Not only that but the pay OMG really sucks, state minimum wage. And then after your evaluation, driving is paid out at 12 cents a mile??? What in gay hell??? Their motto of Drive Safe Home Safe is not carried out by their instructors or driving trainers. They can care less as long as they get their money for our driving time. I have never seen such a deceptive company... well, other than Convergys LOL. All in all my experience with CR England was awful, all they do is bully you into doing whatever they want. Your time doesn't mean anything to them.

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2015

    CR England made me miss my mother's memorial service. They failed to pay for down times/layovers. Would not reimburse me for monies spent on tractor safety equipment. God saves a place for these kinds of folks, it's called hell!

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2015

    My class set up a Facebook page and out of approximately 48 drivers only 4 completed the program and 2 still drive after two years. This company needs to set up a better monitoring system and a training program that doesn't allow the trainers to burn the drivers on backing. They need to run their own shift so they can get used to driving. Other problems I had was even when I did my paperwork perfect sometimes the accountants would still charge my account for washouts. They blow the QUALCOMM up with so many stupid messages. I wouldn't know where to begin to clear up this laughing stock of the trucking industry and keep the shareholders happy at the same time but I guarantee it would be better than now. Englands are ill equipped and ding up everybody's trailers.

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2015

    Horrible pay!!! Welfare check would be way better. If you enjoy being held prisoner at their facilities for days and weeks on end with no pay, this is not for you. Days off after being over-the-road for 2 months not being honored. Run and don't look back.

    Reviewed July 30, 2015

    CR England's Employment Policy states that they DO NOT enter into Employment Contracts yet they make you sign one. So wouldn't their employment policy void the contract they force you to sign before being able to even get your cdl. That's right you are bullied into signing a contract that's against their own policies. Also they threaten to illegally sue any employer you try to go to.

    Reviewed July 27, 2015

    1st and 2nd week was class week. Didn't get my permit. 3rd week got mine. Then got out on the yard learn about pre trip And learn how to straight line off set and alley dock. Alley was the hardest. 4th week learn how to double clutch on highway and city. 5th week took my pre trip test pass and pass straight and offset fail alley. 6th week got my alley down. Now waiting to be tested again. Overall some instructor was doing favoritism so I didn't learn much until few people graduated. Hopefully I get the heck out of this school to earn my money. People that start don't give up. Instructor will try to tell you to quit. I came in with no experience. Now I kinda know how to drive a 10 speed and double clutch and in cab.

    Reviewed July 6, 2015

    CR ENGLAND called me this morning asking was I ready to get on a truck. I told the lady, Karen, "No, my contact has been bought out by Swift." So in return she tells me that, "No company can buy us out. I'm going to have to put notes in the computer." Then replies again saying, “How long along did this happen.” I told her, "last week." She says, “I guess I have some investigation I need to do.” So in response I say, “I guess you do because I'm not coming back. For one, the pay sucks really bad. For two, the first time I got a trainer, me and him got into it over the phone about showering every day. Something I love to do."

    Then he tells me, “You going to keep my truck clean.” I'm like, “that’s a no no, that’s your truck." So I called back to the school for another trainer and told them what happen. They told me “out of SALT LAKE CITY” that “our guys are well mannered” and they didn't believe it. So the same day all this occurred I called SWIFT TRANSPORTATION and asked them about tuition reimbursement.

    They said, “We do that.” And how much they pay, they said, “Starting 36 cent a mile and after going out for 200 hours you get your own truck.” They sold me really quick. I was with that because CR ENGLAND starts off at 12 cent a mile. So what I'm telling you future truck drivers, never go to CR ENGLAND, PERIOD. I came from BURNS HARBOR, just like the other people on here. They are horrible. I hope my words of encouragement help the next person not call this company.

    Reviewed June 10, 2015

    I got my CDL 05/2015 in Burns Harbor, IN and went to orientation, and was hired that day. I stayed in very deplorable conditions, especially the New Budget Inn, outside of Richmond, IN. Hands down worse conditions than prison. I was picked up by a trainer who spent hours trying to convince me to quit while I was on my way to my home state. He told me of others who quit and were better off, he said the Company didn't care, told me I wouldn't get paid right. All that was the truth. Then he, after saying he wasn't a racist, told me he believes America will have a Civil War (race war) before he dies and it's because of Barack Obama, that ** Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. After that he implied crack cocaine was a black thing and defended every controversial police-involved shooting.

    He only let me take one shower in 5 days, and only let me drive 5 hours on 5/24. This was supposed to be my 180 hour training! A "family emergency" came up for him, so he dropped me off in California. By the way, I got into no accidents, and got no tickets. I asked my DM to give me a trainer that allowed me to drive and take showers. I did not tell him of racist comments until the morning of 5/29, and that was because my father told me to, and to also document it. I'm so happy I did. I was dropped off on 5/27, my TC called me and told me to take a road evaluation 5/28. I did, and assumed I passed. The evaluator never told me I passed or failed, and never had me sign my evaluation, which was different.

    I called my DM and told him about the racist comments, on top of everything else early 5/28 and told him I hoped our conversation was recorded and I would take a polygraph if they wanted me to. My other line buzzed, it was my TC calling me coincidentally as I was speaking to my DM. Guess what? I failed my road test that I thought I passed with a score I still don't think exist! Lower score than when I didn't know how to drive a truck period. My contract was terminated. To make a long story short, they're telling companies that want to hire me that I'm under contract! They terminated my contract without me wrecking anything and I protested, and I'm still under contract? I don't know what to do but my advice to the reader of this is: I don't care what your race, politics, or religion is, stay away from CR England!

    Reviewed May 13, 2015

    My brother went to them in July 2010 and was only there for 2 months. When he arrived there at their hotel there was a dead body in the stairwell from heart failure. When he was put in his room he shared it with 5 other people. After two months working there he only grossed 78 dollars and was not getting any loads mainly sitting. I was in the Air Force in Minot, ND when my brother was leaving the company in September - they left him stranded with no room or bus ticket back home.

    I was ending my career and decided not to reenlist. Because he was stranded I had to pack up my apartment, load my car and drive all the way to Indiana. I drove over 17 hours and got as far as I could before I had to stop and get some sleep. I slept for 3 hours and got back on the road getting there in two days. He was on the curb outside the hotel with his belonging in the office, for 2 days with no food or shelter. I then had to drive from Indiana back to Virginia. I left a week early and could have gotten in some trouble. I am pissed off because driving cost me over 400 dollars to make the trip out of my pocket to pick him up so he wouldn't be on the streets. Family will always come first and after reading so many complaints about this company I hope a nuke falls on their **.

    Reviewed May 11, 2015

    My husband and I had been having marital problems due to his drinking and inability to maintain a job. Despite the fact that I called both the SCHOOL and the COMPANY, CR England hired my husband who had been out of rehab for less than 10 months. Not only did I call and speak to Human Resources, but I emailed them a copy of his discharge papers from rehab indicating that he had not completed the required treatment. CR said there was nothing they could do because there are "federal guidelines" and HIPPA regulations that prevent them from even looking at his papers.

    So now, my alcoholic husband is sitting behind the wheel of a half-million dollar rig barreling down the roads like a missile ready to explode. It's hard to believe that any company would hired an alcoholic as a driver, but after reading the other reviews about this "family-friendly, 5-generation" business and their hotels (especially the one in Burns Harbor, IN) where there are strip clubs and prostitutes are abundant, I'm not surprised!

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