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Yesterday I bought my new Murano from courtesy Nissan in Tampa. They sold me an aftermarket warranty for the protection of my paint and interior. I was assured the protection was applied to the vehicle when I left the dealership. I was charge for it and they never applied to treatment. When I got home I realized that nothing's been done to my vehicle. They took my money basically, stole my money and didn't no service to the vehicle. I only received one paper on the warranty. No policy on the coverage or even a booklet on with the coverage was. When I asked about additional information they said to photocopy one page was all they can give me. I feel like I've been scammed. I called the manager and asked for my money back. He said he couldn't do it. I'm still waiting for a callback from them. I have no resolution to my issue.

Went to purchase a new vehicle from Courtesy. Excellent salesman, but rude and disrespectful sales manager, who got his feeling hurt and turned and walked away during a conversation. I left and of course started receiving phones calls from the dealership, who promised the requested price. Big mistake by going back, got the requested price, but when in the finance office the price was 24 dollars higher (taxes they say). Gave all the required information - got approved for financing, got the vehicle and left. Now three weeks later the finance company is calling saying they need proof of income. Apparently the finance person gave false or inaccurate information to get the initial approval in order to sell a car to meet the sales numbers. Right now am fighting with the General manager who was told to come and get the car and return the initial down payment.

After six weeks of ownership of a Chrysler 200, I reported that I had abdominal hernias and that getting out and into the car was causing me pain. I asked if they might trade my new car in for something of equal value that would accommodate my size/body and not cause continued pain. The salesman I dealt with tried very hard to make that happen, but the financial department refused my request because I was "top heavy" from my original loan, meaning I had a trade in that was paid off and the company was short 3,000 dollars so they manipulated the deal to reflect a down payment and incentives in such a way that the finance company would allow the deal.

I traded in a 2005 Pacifica and had not experienced problems with mobility until I began driving the 200. I explained the situation, that I had no choice but to get rid of the car because it was causing me physical pain. They opted to try and get me into a Dodge truck, but without success. I had suggested a Jeep because it was easy to access, but because the price was less than what I owed for the 200 ($34,0000, with sticker price of $26,000) the finance department would have none of it.

I was told when I bought the car that I was given a great deal, that the company (Chrysler) was making an exception in my case to finance this new car (my first and last), and that because it was so "new", because I could not keep it and make regular payments for 2 years before trading, that it was impossible for them to do anything for me. I suggested we return the Pacifica to me and they take the car back, but that was out of the question because they had sold my car, which they gave me $5,000.00 in trade, for $9,000.00 and it was a done deal. I tried six times with trips to the dealership. It seemed odd to me that a dealership, with over 200 automobiles, could not find a fit for me, but it was not to be.

The car was voluntarily repossessed three days ago, I purchased another vehicle (2007 Hyundai Santa Fe) from a predatory lender and all is well in the world of auto finance. I think it's a sad state when a big company like Chrysler could not find a car for me that did not cause me pain. I want to not involve an attorney, but I see no other option in this matter. Courtesy Chrysler of Tampa should be ashamed of themselves. I will certainly post what ever I have the right to do with the Disabled American Veterans office, as they took advantage of the situation. I might not have a leg to stand on, God knows I tried to work with them. I sincerely hope this gets some type of response, other than more bullshit from a dealership whose integrity is now in question.

After much negotiating, the price of a used 2009 Honda Accord Coupe and the financing were settled. I was to pay $23,622.03 (including tax, dealer fee, tag, and tire fee). The financing was to be 2.9%. There were a lot of discussions for this car because I could purchase a similar new one for not much more and with 0.9% financing. Nathan, the salesperson, knew that the financing was important to closing the deal. I have both my parents in different hospitals 100 miles away, so I had to drive one and a half hours to pick up the car. Because of this, I asked Nathan to email me the agreed-upon price prior to me making the trip to avoid any last minute changes.

I needed to be back quickly to care for my parents. Nathan sent me the quote. All the numbers added up, but the quote did not mention the financing. Everything seemed to be what we agreed upon. When I got to the dealership, after I completed the financing forms, I was told, "By the way, the financing will be 4.9% because they deleted the Honda certification during negotiations to reduce the price." This was not what we agreed upon. I was furious and told them I would not buy the car without the negotiated price and financing. Of course, anyone that could make a decision was in a meeting. I told them they had five minutes to agree to the negotiated sale we previously agreed upon. No deal. I walked out. I will never do this again.

I purchased a new Nissan Altima in 2005 at Courtesy Nissan here in Tampa. There was another Nissan dealership near to my home, but I chose Courtesy because as a "bonus", they offered The Tires for Life. The dealership was several miles from my home, but I faithfully drove all the way to Courtesy because of all of the work that had to be done there. My warranty expired at 5 years (April 2010). Last week, I took my car in to have 2 tires replaced; one is coming apart and is dangerous. They flatly refused to give me a tire. I have a complete file on everything that had ever been done to my car including the tire rotations and alignments. Now they say I was late once getting an oil change. What's that got to do with tires?

I am almost 72 years old and at this time cannot afford to put new tires around my car. That’s why I chose them because I knew I would be retiring and wanted the security of their promise. I believed in what they told me. Now I'm up the creek. What can I do? I overheard another woman the same day I was there complaining about the same thing. They are using technicalities to get out of this. They say they no longer have this program, but it clearly states on my paperwork that even if the promotion is no longer in effect, they would honor the ones who got it. Can you help me, please! Like I said, I have a file that proves I did as I was instructed.

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Unscrupulous practices are selling cars by running my credit information to more banks than I requested. They showed a total disregard to me as a potential customer through their actions and derogatory behavior. They give you a feeling that you are a second citizen by your race or your credit score. I thought that things had change and people are not as ignorant as some people at this particular dealership. Especially the General Manager. After speaking to him, it is clear he doesn't have a clue to customer service. At least his sales manager had the right concept by stating that we are not in the business to conduct that type of behavior. I will pursue this endlessly until all has been rectified. Damage to my credit score beyond reasoning.

My two months old Nissan Pathfinder had to be towed to Courtesy Nissan for work done under warranty. This occurred in November of 2009. It is now April 18th of 2010 and I have still not received the tow reimbursement that I was promised. Customer service is horrible. There are no returned phone calls or emails and broken promises at every turn.

I went on January 17, 2010 to trade my old Jeep Liberty 2004 for a newer car. To my surprise, I spent only 2-3 hours, perhaps before I was approved according to the financial aid rep Kathie. I though it was a good deal that I got a brand-new car, and the loan was already approved. But to my surprise, after having the car for a few weeks on February 3, 2010, I received a call from 3 different banks, and I was told that my loan have not been approved because of some wrong information.

I asked what was wrong, and they told me that the financial rep has given false information like job, income, and address just to get me approved. I talked to the lender, and they told me what she did was unethical, because she was providing them with false information about me to sell the car. They denied the loan because of the lies, and they took the car away. But the worse part was that while she was lying to banks, my old trade in car was late in payments and my old insurance was canceled.

Now, I have to pay late fees for my car. If not, they would send it to collection, and I have to pay over $200 to get my insurance back. This place is a fraud. Be aware. They would take your information, and you don't know what they gonna do with it. They are a fraud.

well i bought a used 05 chevy malibu from this car company. not even a week after i bought this car i started to have trouble with it. i kept having to go back to the company and i kept telling kurt that i needed to get rid of this car. he just kept telling me to keep it longer to give it a chance. well now its been passed thirty days and is when he decided to listen. i have to get a car from them according to him. i have no job because i have no way of getting around. all i want is for them to give me back my $1000 and to cut the deal off.