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I am not an expert regarding the car purchasing process, so I take help where I can and AS NEEDED. I assumed it was as simple as completing a test drive appointment request. WRONG!! Please do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Here's what happened to me. I saw a '08 VW Rabbit 123k miles a "TRUE PRICE" of $5991 listed along with the dealership's description of the EXCELLENT CONDITION of the car, emphasis on the low mileage and AFFORDABILITY. I took the bait and contacted the dealership. I arrive, meet the sales person I had placed emails and phone calls to, who, according to his nifty name tag turned out to be "internet sales manager." In good hands you think, well THINK AGAIN.

First BS warning signal, he asks WHAT CAR I'm there to test drive/look over. Second BS warning signal, after retrieving the car from the roof, bringing it to the front of the lot, allowing me a few minutes for a thorough look-see, taking my license to copy for test drive... Mr. Internet Sales Manager ruefully apologizes but the car had transmission trouble. Let's pause. He tells me the car was out on a test drive earlier in the day, and, while it performed well on city streets, highway driving brought out the TROUBLE. Disappointed BUT not discouraged, I look at what else might be suitable for me. I EVEN tested a car I had little to NO interest in.

Never fear, Mr. Internet Sales Manager stays the course or at least wants to APPEAR that way & offers to show me the inventory online. While doing so explaining the "rooftop" inventory. Aha the rooftop and alas: Third BS warning signal. We take a trip to the rooftop to see a VW Beetle. We take a short jaunt to the elevator, arrive on the rooftop and there she sits, THIS I'm interested in. I approach the car enthusiastic to see how she handles, and express interest. I notice Mr. Internet Sales Manager is not reflecting my enthusiasm. He goes to make sure it's (the CAR LISTED ON THE DEALERSHIP'S WEBSITE AS AVAILABLE FOR SALE) for sale.

Once he goes to fact check, I take a look around me. In his absence I notice the cars are separated into CLEARLY MARKED categories. I.E., some are waiting for parts, others waiting for INSPECTION. I decided to look at around for other SOLD cars. Of course by this time Mr. ISM is back feeling "bad" for showing me not one but two UNAVAILABLE (albeit, for different reasons) CARS. By now I'm angry but remain calm. As I ride away I'm left with logical questions like:

If the VW Rabbit was test driven earlier today, why was it not CLEARED from AVAILABLE inventory. Or at the very least clearly marked "DO NOT DRIVE/TRANS TROUBLE?" Not unreasonable or illogical given the reality of how BUSY a car dealership is. It is probable if not NECESSARY for car dealerships to be THOROUGH with constant adjustments to inventory. I arrived 3 hours after they opened, plenty of time for SOMEONE to have taken time to make updates and changes to inventory availability.

If the VW Beetle (according to the jargon scribbled in yellow on the driver's window was awaiting parts, and delivery of ownership) had been SOLD 7/07 WHY IS it STILL LISTED AS AVAILABLE ON THE DEALERSHIP WEBPAGE? (YES IT'S STILL LISTED 7 hours AFTER I was informed it was SOLD.) Maybe I'm just weird like THAT but I DON'T deal with LIARS, PERIOD. I wouldn't care if they were a $1.00 burger stand, when I spend MY MONEY I expect to do so without having to question your integrity.



I purchased a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora from Concord Auto Sales on 12/14/2007. Within days the transmission began slipping and making the car jerk. I took it to Ellis Brooks, the local GM dealership, on 12/26/2007 and had the transmission serviced. They changed the fluids and filter at a cost of $301.57, but informed me the transmission had an internal problem and said it needed replacement. The price given to to me at that time was $3,500. I wrote to the dealer and asked that he extend the warranty and pay the $301.57. He called and said by the time he received the letter 30 days had passed and he was not at all responsible and was not going to assist. By the time he called me the car had stopped completely and was inoperable. I had the transmission rebuilt at a cost of approximately $2,500.

I believe that 1-) as my transmission failed within the 30 day warranty period, 2-) because I have documentation stating the transmission needed replacement within the 30 day warranty period, and 3-) because I notified the dealer of this fact in writing with documentation and was refused help, that Concord Auto Sales is completely responsible for this repair cost and acted unethically in refusing to help. I did get a call from them over the summer at 10pm telling me I should have driven the car to them and they could have done it for $500, but this was months and months after they refused to help and in no way fulfilled their responsibility. I would like to be made whole by Concord Auto Sales.


My battery went dead and has problems and dealership was not honest or ethical in their practices. My battery has a 84 month warranty and a full 30 month free replacement. First they offered a diagnostic at the cost of $70 then they asked if I took it in for a service that costs $55 to maintain the battery. I asked if they were crazy offering a $125 service in order to test a battery and we went to the vehicle where I pulled the caps and added water to the cells that were low on water.

The man said if that doesn't clear it up then I can come in for a $70 diagnostic check where they could check the battery and then pro-rate the battery. He said I was 4 months out of full warranty but they would still have to charge a $70 charge to check to make sure the battery was a problem. He also said I would need to bring in the vehicle to have a battery maintainence for them to honor the warranty. I called customer servive at the main line and made a complaint but there was no resolve.

The customer service woman registered the complaint and said they may wave the $70 fee after they determine the problem was the battery but the man was out of line offering a $55 service. My battery goes dead in 10 minutes of listening to the radio and would die frequently overnight. I have been stranded twice in the past months at my daughter's school with a disabled daughter with me. I went online the warranty clearly states that battery will be replaced free of charge during the first 30 months of the battery if it is a 84 month battery in the second paragraph. Plus it says I should take it back where I got it from. The battery was replaced under warranty 8-2006.

I had to pay to replace the battery and would like the cost reimbursed by Toyota of Concord, CA


I am the owner of a Prius 2001. On the way home, the car suddenly lost power on Port Chicago Highway, a busy street close to my house. I was panic for a second for not knowing what happened! I called Toyota station where I have had my Prius checked periodically but there was no service reception after hour. I came to Concord Toyota on Monday, July 11th and reported the incident.

A Service Advisor of the Company had my car towed to Concord Toyota Dealer and reassured me that the main battery may be fixed without charge since my Priuss main battery may not be mature enough to have problem. Concord Toyota got it fixed within few days. Toyota service agent called July 13th 2004 to let me know that I had to pay $520 for a problem he named the sensor. I inquired him a bit on the problem of loosing car power that I encountered on the street leading to the warning signal of Main Battery.

Just a week later, I received a second Toyota Notice on the recall for fixing Priuss main battery (the first notice was the recall for fixing the vibration of steering wheel.) This time, with the Toyota notice, Concord Toyota conducted the inspection at no cost, because I already paid $520 for the real problem that happened to me on the street couple weeks ago!

From the incident on 7/8/04, I have the following question: I believe the incident of loosing vehicle power during performance, which illuminated the Master Warning Light, and Hybrid System Malfunction Warning Light happening to my prius on July 8th 2004 was related to Toyota Notice for Potential Problem that I received lately. May I request for a thorough explanation for which reason Concord Toyota took $520 for repairing a system malfunction that should be at no cost as indicated in the special service campaign notice?


My father has a 2001 Toyota Highlander and the problem started at the 25000/miles. When my father took his Highlander to his regular mechanic to do the 25000 oil change, he reported to the mechanic that the engine light started to turn on. The mechanic immediately recommended my father to contact the toyota dealership and take the car for them to check the engine light problem, since the car still under warranty. The mechanic completed the oil change.

On the way back home the engine light kept turning on and the car without a warning STOPPED. My father called the mechanic immediately to report the incident. the mechanic recommended him to bring the car back to his shop for him to make sure there were no oil spills due to the oil change and to make sure the car had full oil. My father was able to turn the car on again and took the car to the mechanic.

The mechanic rechecked the car and found no signs of oil spills or any other problems related to the oil change. The mechanic once again informed my father to take the car to the dealer. My father was able to drive the car to the dealer and informed about the problem with the engine light. Since my father doesn't speak English that well Concord Toyota got a translator for him(Javier). Javier translating for Tim and told my father that toyota recommend him to do a full Tune-Up on the car to determined the engine light problem for only $399.95, so my father agreed for toyota to do that service.

Since my father didn't have a ride home he stated at Toyota to find out what was the problem to his car. After, 30mins of waiting in the lobby Javier and Tim came back to him and informed my father that they needed to add some type of spray to the engine to see what cause the problem, but it will cost an additional $100. Once again my father agreed for that service.

My father continued waiting in the lobby for approx. 2 hours when Javier and Tim came back again and informed my father, the car looks bad and we need all the oil changes receipts. So my father went to see his mechanic for copies of him oil changes since he didn't have the original receipts. The mechanic made new copies for him. And my father rushed to Concord Toyota to give them what they had asked. The following date my father went to Concord Toyota to see the results of his car problems. Tim and Javier greed my father and they told him GREAT JOB!!!! for saving the receipts and don't worry Toyota has approved to do the work for you.

They immediately offer him a loaner car and my father left Concord Toyota with a new 4Runner limited edition. After 9 days of Concord Toyota being working on the car, My father received a very rude call from Javier. Javier had asked my father to returned the loaner car immediately or else Toyota will start charging him for the rental. My father asked Javier what was the problem and he asked if his Highlander was ready. Javier told him that Toyota is not responsible for the problem and the engine is burned as a pot of beans burning.

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