Concord Auto Protect vs. CARCHEX

Totally different policies and deductibles mean they’re right for different drivers

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BMW and Concord Auto Protect

Concord Auto Protect and CARCHEX have both been around for years, offering drivers extended auto warranty protection to help offset sudden repair bills.

But that’s about where the similarities end. The two companies have little else in common, with varying plans, deductibles, policies and payment plans.

Which one is better for you? Read on to find out.

What is the difference between Concord Auto Protect and CARCHEX?

Concord Auto Protect stands out from the competition by offering three very simple plan options, none of which offer bumper-to-bumper protection. The upside is that its plans are affordable and include a modest standard deductible ($100), meaning they might be a solid option if you have a specific list of parts you want covered.

CARCHEX stands out by offering strong benefits and coverage options, including bumper-to-bumper warranties and a clever plan that fills gaps left by your factory powertrain warranty.

  • Concord Auto Protect is best if you’re looking for affordable targeted coverage.
  • CARCHEX is best if you want more comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Our take on Concord Auto Protect


  • Affordable rates
  • One free transfer included
  • Discounts for military and AAA members


  • No bumper-to-bumper plans
  • No month-to-month payment option
  • Must call to get a quote

Bottom line: Concord Auto Protect is a relatively unique warranty company. It’s a good option if you’re looking for affordable coverage, but you’ll miss out on some of the options and conveniences that many other warranty providers offer.

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Our take on CARCHEX


  • Available in all 50 states
  • Generous rental car and rideshare benefits
  • Includes trip interruption coverage
  • Partners with charities


  • Doesn’t provide quotes online
  • Not a direct provider
  • Mixed reputation for claims handling

Bottom line: CARCHEX stands out for its secondary benefits, including rental car reimbursements, rideshare assistance and trip interruption coverage. Just know that some of its plans can be on the expensive side, its standard deductible is $200, and you can’t get quotes online.


Concord Auto Protect vs. CARCHEX availability

Concord Auto Protect and CARCHEX are both available nationwide, even in California (the state with possibly the strictest auto warranty laws).

CARCHEX has more lenient vehicle qualifications, so you may have an easy choice if your vehicle is older or it already has over 150,000 miles on its odometer. As of 2023, CARCHEX will cover select 1998-model-year vehicles, while the oldest vehicles Concord Auto Protect accepts are 2000 models.

Concord Auto Protect vs. CARCHEX coverage

Concord Auto Protect offers three simple plan options, none of which provide bumper-to-bumper protection:

  • Premium covers roughly 500 parts across most major component groups on your vehicle.
  • Advanced covers roughly 300 parts across your engine, transmission, drive axle(s), electrical systems, cooling system, brakes and all-wheel-drive system.
  • Powertrain covers roughly 100 parts across your engine, transmission, drive axle(s), cooling system and brakes.

CARCHEX, meanwhile, offers five plan options, including a bumper-to-bumper option and an Extra Care plan that covers many of the gaps left by a factory powertrain warranty:

  • Titanium is an exclusionary, bumper-to-bumper-style plan covering virtually all parts on your vehicle except specific exclusions.
  • Platinum covers 700+ parts across most component groups on your vehicle.
  • Powertrain Plus covers 300+ parts across your engine, transmission, drive axle(s), cooling system, fuel system, electronics and more.
  • Powertrain covers 150+ parts across your engine, transmission, drive axle(s), cooling system and more.
  • Extra Care covers 300+ parts that aren’t typically covered by a manufacturer’s powertrain warranty, such as your brakes, electronics, infotainment system and more.

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Concord Auto Protect vs. CARCHEX cost

We collected quotes for some sample vehicles to help you give you insight into each company’s pricing. Just be aware that your costs may be different once you’re ready to get a quote for your vehicle.

At first glance, Concord Auto Protect looks much cheaper, but there’s a reason for that. Its Premium plan covers roughly 500 parts (about 25% of your vehicle), while CARCHEX’s Titanium plan covers more than 90% of your vehicle.

What does that mean?

  • If you only want protection for a select number of parts on the car — such as your engine, transmission and infotainment system — Concord Auto Protect might be the better option, especially considering its much lower deductible per repair.
  • If you want more peace of mind, CARCHEX’s bumper-to-bumper plan might be the better option since it’s much more likely to cover an unexpected repair.

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Concord Auto Protect vs. CARCHEX policies

Concord Auto Protect has a lower standard deductible than CARCHEX ($100 versus $200), which could make a meaningful difference over time if your vehicle winds up needing frequent repairs.

That said, CARCHEX has a shorter waiting period and allows you to pay month-to-month. Concord Auto Protect requires you to pay for your policy in full within the first six months, and coverage only begins within 30 days of your first payment.

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Concord Auto Protect vs. CARCHEX benefits

Besides offering warranty coverage, both Concord Auto Protect and CARCHEX provide 24/7 roadside assistance, towing and up to $75 per day in rental car reimbursement while your car is in the shop.

However, CARCHEX goes a step further by including up to $60 per day in rideshare reimbursement (Uber/Lyft only) and $125 per day in trip interruption coverage, which can help cover the cost of meals and lodging if your car breaks down over 100 miles from home.

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    How people feel about Concord Auto Protect vs. CARCHEX

    At the time of publishing, Concord Auto Protect has a 4.6-star rating from 1,118 reviews on ConsumerAffairs, while CARCHEX has a 4.3-star rating and 4,238 reviews.

    Concord Auto Protect customers seem generally happy with the value of their warranties and how much money they’ve saved.

    “I own a 2016 BMW M5 and had a large repair that was needed which was estimated to cost well over 4k. I contacted Concord Auto Protect right away with the estimate and had the opportunity to file the claim at the same time as speaking with them. Within 3 days I had answer and was able to proceed with the repair,” wrote Greg, a ConsumerAffairs reviewer in Texas.

    “I seen all the positive reviews for Concord, so I decided to give them a try and purchase a warranty plan. Some odd months later I had a claim for a repair, and it was fully completed within 72 hours of the first phone call to them,” wrote Samantha in Michigan.

    However, reports of how quickly Concord Auto Protect handles claims are mixed.

    “We dropped it off at Chevy on a late Saturday, they gave us a rental and we started following up on Monday with Concord. Chevy reached out for several days, finally they got ahold of someone that stated they needed pictures of the issues and the codes on the car. Everything was sent over and 3 days went by with no follow-up. I called every day for 30 days, spoke with several Managers just to tell me it was still under review,” wrote Trish in Texas.

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    In a similar vein, CARCHEX customers generally report a smooth, informative signup process but a mixed claims-handling experience.

    “I checked out CARCHEX and ended up getting a quote from them that was within my budget. The representative did a great job. I told her what I was looking for as far as the warranty goes and she laid out exactly what the warranty would cover with what I was going to get for my 2014 Lincoln. She was very helpful,” said Harry in Florida.

    “I canceled because I had been paying my bill faithfully for three years and then when my car needed to go into the shop, my car sat at the shop for almost a whole month. I had to Uber and Lyft back and forth to church and to places. Every week, they kept telling me that the inspector had not been to the shop. I was waiting for them to approve the claim and they never got back to me. I felt like it was unfair. I made a complaint to them about it and nothing,” said Holly in Michigan.


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    Bottom line: Concord Auto Protect or CARCHEX?

    All things considered, what kind of driver is each company best for?

    • Concord Auto Protect might be a better fit if you’re certain you only need coverage for select parts of your vehicle and don’t mind paying for your policy within six months.
    • CARCHEX might be a better fit if you want true bumper-to-bumper protection and would prefer to pay for it month-to-month.

    If neither company seems like a fit — or if you’re just seeking bumper-to-bumper protection with a lower standard deductible — check out our top picks for the best extended auto warranty companies.

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