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They sold me my 2015 Hyundai Elantra with a scratch going across the trunk of my car. I told the sales manager that I was not pleased about this scratch. He basically told me that I have already bought the car so deal with it. I don't recommend nobody to go here. Find another dealership.

On 2/16/2015 I purchased a 2015 Hyundai Sonata. I went into the dealership on 2/13/2015 and was quoted interest rate, took the car home and was okay considering I had challenged credit. I returned on 2/14 to have finance give me another interest rate. I left the dealership went for a ride to sort through what had happened, when I returned I had a better interest rate. However, when I went into the finance office, the interest rate was lower but they had increased the price of the car by $3,000 (I call that the invisible money they gave me for the car). I called back on Monday to return the car but was told the owner of College Park Hyundai said to make the car the amount which was on the sticker. Went through with the finance people and I was going to let this go. I went into my truck to get my jack out for my daughter and found out I did not have a jack in my car.

I tried to contact my sales person **. He does not answer my calls, however, ** answered my calls. On 6/29/2015 I was told that my car model did not come with a jack or donut. The manager at College Park Hyundai was willing to split the cost of me purchasing a jack and tire from them. He never gave me a price for the tire and jack but I would like to know when did dealerships start putting styrofoam on the inside where the jack and tire should belongs. I am at this point highly offended that they would stoop to such distasteful conduct and would not suggest anyone do business with their establishment.

Car didn't start in the morning. Dealership sends tow company to pick it up. Not had car 30 days. 17 days, head mechanic calls me & tells me that the cost for the fuse box & battery will be $855. Calls back tell me to PAY HALF. NO WAY!

It's the worst car buying experience ever. I called regarding the newspaper ad. I spoke with manager Marlin and discussed in detail the "cash for clunker" deal, and we specifically discussed and confirmed the price of the car, which I was interested in, given that discount. The newspaper advertised the car as "loaded," but in fact, it was a standard transmission (which was actually ok with me) and had no a/c and no radio.

We waited forever for Michael to "look into this." Then after waiting almost 2 hours to find the car and get my car appraised (even though it wasn't necessary given the rebate, and we actually left before it happened), Marlin told me that the "cash for clunker" deal didn't go into effect until July 9. This was even after he commented on my "clunker." At the time, he did not even include financing as we were paying cash/credit card. No apologies, just shoulder shrugs.

We traveled from McLean to College Park for this nonsense. I am so angry! I would say it was bait and switch, but we made it clear that the deal was dependent on the "cash for clunker" discount. So I have no excuse for this unprofessional behavior. I don't know if the ad was illegal or not. There was no disclaimer for advertising mistakes, and no apologies were given. They just acted like they didn't know what was going on. I would never do business with these people. They are either stupid or very unethical. I would be interested to know if the ad was illegal.

It happened that I took my car for a regular 3,000 miles oil change only but the service attendant told me that my car was passing the 24 months required for to make a transmission oil change. The service man added that in order to make valid its warranty I must perform such change of the transmission oil. The price: $190.00. My car is almost new, I bought it with 98 miles in 2006, and it has run only 21,000 miles up to today. for me such change of transmission fluid was too early, but following his advice I accepted such a maintenance to be made in my vehicle.

At the time to pay for the service made I saw a brochure of Hyunday recommending to change the transmission fluid at 30,000 miles only, nothing about the 24 months or whichever comes first. I told about it to the service man, you got me with this unnecessary change of the trasnsmission fluid, I should do it 9,000 miles later, and he told me that the 30,000 miles or 24 months maintenance schedule appears in my owner's book. I went home to verify if such recommendation aoppears in the owner's manual and it didn't.

I called to the Hyundai service and I asked for the manager. I told him about the unnecessary repair and he told me the same story given by the service attendant, so we decided for me to show up in the service department with my owner's manual to check who was correct and who wasn't. Of course, I was correct, the service book given to the owners of the Hyundai XG350 recommends the transmission fluid change to be made every 30,00 miles only.

The service manager went to the shop to pick up the mechanic's service book for the model of my car, and I told him that I also own the same book and nothing in it is mentioning about the 24 months scheduled for changing the transmission fluid. As he saw that I was correct again, he tried with another strategic, he brought a book of a Hyundai Sonata's schedule where it says about 30,000 miles or 24 months to replace the transmission fluid. I told him that my car is not a Sonata and his new schedule book won't apply with my car.

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On Sunday September 24, 2006, I was driving my 1999 Hyundai Sonata and noticed the speedometer on my car working sporadically. A few moments later, the wheel pulled to the right and started to spin out of control. Fortunately I was able to gain control of the car but couldn't move any further. I inspected the damaged and notice the wheel was off of the axle. I had recently had a wheel alignment yet the steering wheel was still off. I presumed it was a mistake by the repair shop that performed the alignment.

I had the car towed to College Park Hundai. The service representative informed me that the axle had broken from the engine cradle. He went on to say the engine cradle was rusted out and this is why the axle came off. He suggested I get a new car since repairs would be at least $1400 for used parts and $3000 for new. I had been taking my car to College Park Hyundai for service and maintenance since 2001. I am befuddled as to why I wasn't informed of the rusted cradle at any point in 5 five through various repairs and service.

My 2001 Hyundai XG300 had (and continues to) zero acceleration, which almost got me killed on 3 separate occasions. I took it to Laurel Hyundai (I have a poor service message about then) and they said they didn't find a problem. I took it to College park Hyundai on 4 occasions. After having the car for over a month, the timing belt broke. Laurel Hyundai said timing belts break and our service department is closed today it was a Saturday.

I contacted College Park Hyundai and had the car towed there. Thus, my nightmare with them began with reference to the engine problems: (a) first they couldn't find a problem even though the RPM shot up, the car jerked (and still does), it has been towed twice, acceleration in non-existent. (b) the first time they didn't see a problem (c) the second time they did and stated that it was the sensor. I contacted Corporate Hyundai in CA, they opened a case and the College Park Hyundai said it was a different problem (what was it? I was never told!) corporate Hyundai ran away saying, the dealership said it wasnt the engine or transmission so well close the case.

(d)The 3rd time they started it was the TCS (please that is for something else). They said I needed transmission oil (even though it was changed at the Laurel Hyundai). They charged me for this saying that it wasn't clean oil. Then they installed a transmission- I have no idea if it is new or from what type a car it was taken. This last time they couldnt even explain what they did. As of 8/05 the SAME problem exists since I reported problems from 2002 (the engine light remained and continues to remain on, the car still has LOW acceleration, it still jerks, I still hear the valves tapping even though is was reported over 2 years ago and no one except non-Hyundai dealerships hear the valves or understand the problem.

I would like to place a formal complain about one of your Hyundai service centers in College Park Hyundai, Maryland. I am very disappointed and frustrated with the service. 1st ,(Day1) I took my car on Thursday, July 24, for a supposed recall I was told about which did not apply to me. 2nd, (Day 2), I dropped off the car to get it fix due to some noises coming out of the Front end but nothing was found, Thursday, July 31. 3rd, (Day3), I left on a business trip the week on August 4th and my wife, while driving back from the Airport, also heard the noise.

She dropped off the car on Thursday, August 7 and picked it up on Friday August 8, 2003. The dealer had in their paper work that they had replaced the left wheel bearing and that the noise was gone. I got the Car on Monday and the noise was still there. Moreover, the left rim where the dealer worked on was damage (scratched, left wheel). So, I call back and go to see the service manager. He was very defensive and not cooperative. He wanted me the split the cost of the damage rim, which I did not find acceptable since the damage was caused at the dealer.

In addition, according to the service manager expertise on damage rims or scratches????? He suggested that the damage had been done or was there for many days/weeks! I keep my car in excellent conditions and wash it at home almost every weekend and there were no scratches before taking it to the dealer and the markings where done by a very hard object (tools). There are no other marking in any of the rims but the ones in the center of the rim by the nuts area. 4th, (Day 4) Wednesday, August 13, 2003.

The engine pulley in my car broke. I lost the power steering and battery, while fortunately at a traffic stop. I took the car to the Fairfax, VA, Hyundai dealer and they where able to get it repaired. The mechanics and the service manager also look at the rim, per my request and were able to also determine that this had recently happened and was not due to driving conditions but a hard object (tools or other hard object in the shop). I just want you to take a look at these issues and hopefully correct the problems before affecting or happening to other customers.

From my part, I am not going back to College Park Hyundai for either service or buying a new car. My time and your, I believe, is valuable and should not be under appreciated by the dealers or any other kind of business. I am also sending this letter to Hyundai Motor America, FoxNews-7 on your side, CBS news and WTOP news consumer support. This may not get any results but it will alert in case it gets out of hand.

We purchased a car on April 30, 2003. My husband was suppose to be the primary signer and his father was the cosigner. They ran everything through the system, approved us, and gave us the new car. Since his father was out of town in PA for an extended period of time the dealership stated they would Fed Ex the documents to his father and once his father signed the papers they would contact us so that we could receive a copy of the documents. On May 5th the documents were sent from my father in-law back to the dealership signed.

The documents that the dealership sent listed him as the primary buyer. On the documents that he signed he also indicated that he wanted credit life insurance (however we did not know this at the time) The dealership received the documents no later than Wednesday, May 7th. On May 12, 2003 my father in law was in car accident and was killed. On May 17th, we received a voice message from the dealership stating that we needed to come in.

My husband called the dealership and asked why and they would not give him a reason, they just stated that we needed to come in and speak to someone in finance. We didn't quite understand since we knew we had been approved for the car considering they ran everything through the computer system at the time of purchase. On May 19th we received a letter from Hyundai Motor Company Finance dated May 11th (Conveniently the day before my father in-law died) stating that my husband and my father in-law had been denied credit and thus we needed to return the car.

My husband called the dealership again and asked why we needed to come in, however the dealership never stated over the phone that we had been denied credit. They only said we needed to come in as soon as possible. Finally the dealership began leaving threatening voice mail messages on our phone stating that we better turn over the car or they will come and repossess it and that this will go against my husband's credit. We finally went into the dealership and returned the car on May 29, 2003.

We asked for the copy of the contract my father in-law signed and returned and they stated they didn't have it at that time and that it was null and void. We asked for it anyway and they stated it was in a vault and we could pick it up on Monday, June 02, 2003. On May 30th my father in-law received a letter from Charter One Auto Finance stating that they were unable to offer him credit based on the terms that were presented however they could offer him $24,007.00 for 66 months. The price of the car was less than $24,000 so at this point we knew something was very wrong.

If the price of the car listed on our contract was less than $24,000 and this finance company had agreed to offer this amount why did the College Park Honda/Hyundai dealership tell us we had been denied credit when we turned in the car on May 29th? Why didn't they mention that this finance company was willing to finance the full amount? Also, the letter from Charter One Auto Finance was dated May 22, 03.

However the wrong address had been conveniently listed on the letter so that it bounced around before finally being delivered to the correct address. On June 02, 2003 husband picked up the contract my father in-law signed and in the section where it asks if you want credit life insurance, he signed his name indicating that he wanted credit life insurance. This is clearly a case of misrepresentation and fraud. If they had presented.

I purchased a Hyundai Accent in November, 2002, I started complaining about the transmission 5/02. I've taken the car back and forth 5 times in the month of June/July. They put a new transmission in, so they said and a couple of days later it is back in the shop. They said the transmission is leaking. How long must I go through this, time off work with no pay, running back and forth every week.

I am very stressed out, after I got it back one day, I was on the highway and the car would not go pass 40 miles an hour, I am getting migrane headaches, taking off work for this every week. I am very scared to drive the car. Sometimes it sounded like it was going to blow up.

I was very short on time as it was 9:15 PM. I asked the sales rep to give me his Best Price, if it was acceptable, I would buy the vehicle. I was presented a figure of $25252.00, I said no. Then it dropped to 24,395.00 then to 22,800.00, This was not acceptable, I was constantly pressured to buy on the spot, I said I would go home think about, do some research and get back to them in the morning. Then the Sales manager came over,

The pressure he applied to get me to buy that evening was very disgraceful. At one point he came out and said We really have to sell another car tonight, pick any one and I will sell it to you for $400 below invoice. Again, I said no. I would need to do research and if we could agree on a price the next day, I would buy the leftover 2001 vehicle. As I was leaving, the sales rep came running out of the door to try and stop me. He said if you buy right now our price is $800 below invoice, I drove away.

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