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I stopped last Wednesday, Oct.5, at Pikes Peak Acura. I was on my way to another dealership to trade my car in and get from under them payment of 700+. I have been paying for almost 4 years. I purchased it and was upside down not knowing for awhile. The young salesman that approached me was quite a talker and we proceeded to look at a Acura RDX. We test drove it on the highway and smooth roads and I liked the car and went through the 3 hour ordeal of buying it. As I drove it home and was bouncing around and could feel every sealcoat in my path it has a very stiff ride, they assured me it was due to air pressure in tires. Well it wasn't as I found out after my ride home which was very much like being in a sports vehicle.

I came back the next day and asked if anything could be done. One guy said no but then he said "Well you can have your old car back but we are keeping your $10,000.00 you put down." I said "How can you do that?" He said "We can." This was the GM B. This person was very impersonal and all about the dealership not the customer who makes the dealership thrive because of a good reputation.

I have been at this dealership for five nights. Comes down to now. They will sell me back my car for $25000.00 which will make me $7,000.00 + upside down because of the extras they sold me like gap insurance, $3000.00, maintenance agreement, etc. I would never have gotten the maintenance agreement if I would have had all explained to me and these items follow me if I buy my car back or buy another car from them. The car I purchase that is unsatisfactory to my needs would be a trade in on another car purchased from them, being my old car or another car on their lot so however I will be upside down 7,000 + no matter what I do. I talked with a couple on the lot tonight and they asked me how I liked my RXD. I said it really was a stiff a ride for me and she also likes a soft ride.

Coincidentally the gentleman he is General Manager with a big dealership out of town and they asked me what PP Acura was going to do and I explained to them briefly the avenues PP Acura persons have given me to choose from. They were both appalled and encouraged me to take action, this and contacting a gentleman on the radio/tv that pursues consumers having unsettling incidents with companies. One sad thing is I have now dealt with the GM who is over all of the lots and he was so willing to do whatever it took to make things work out good and he told me the guy B should never have said "we can keep your money" because he said they can't. But this all changed when the overall GM conferred with the B GM.

The Sales Manager has now taken over and he has been the one to tell me the decisions but it still is whatever I do I am $1000s of dollars upside down when all I wanted was to get right side up and move forward - I have definitely realized that turn I made into Pikes Peak Acura was a huge mistake and a woman who has trust in everybody should never go to a car dealership alone. Especially PIKES PEAK ACURA OWNED BY MR. J JENSEN.

Satisfaction Rating

I was contacted by Jock, who told me, "We are interested in your truck at the sale price of $**, and if everything checks out we would like to buy it. Do you want to come in?" I said "sure', and came in an hour later. Upon arriving Jock passed me off to Mike, who did a walk-around of my vehicle, got all of the basic information on it, and delivered the message to his manager. I was waiting in the lobby for 10 minutes or so when a guy came out (not sure his name) and said, "your vehicle was in a accident in 2013, we aren't interested. Thanks." He was incredibly rude about it, and even confrontational.

I asked him if I could show him the paperwork on the accident/repairs since it was a minor accident (I collided with a car parked directly behind me upon backing up out of an auto parts store. I had my bumper replaced, that's it), and he emphatically responded, "No, we are not interested." He was clearly offended by the question, and proceeded to get aggressive with me in his tone. I held my tongue and left, but wound up wondering to myself, if my vehicle is automatically disqualified based on looking up the VIN and seeing an accident, why not save me the 20 minute trip? Nonetheless, my vehicle is in very good condition, so I don't see how that was a factor. Ultimately, the professionalism of this person was disgusting, and compelled me enough to come on here and make sure I shared it publicly. I would never step foot in their dealership again, and hope that anyone who does is fortunate enough to avoid the man I spoke with.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a 2012 Chevy Malibu back in Oct 2015. At the time Jose ** was aware that the stereo did not work. He promised it would be fixed. After basically harassing him we put it in the shop and nothing was ever resolved. My transmission blew with a couple months of purchasing this vehicle. I told Jose how disappointed I was with their so called 150 point inspection. I also sent my brother and father to purchase vehicles from Jose which they did and I was promised a $300 referral check for both purchases. I have yet to receive my checks, and I have waited and nicely contacted Jose about this since Nov. Jose will not respond.

My brother's vehicle that he purchased also had a bad transmission which blew within a couple months of purchase also. Neither my vehicle nor my brother's vehicle now have working seat belts, we both have children and have addressed our issues to Jose with no resolve. I'm so unhappy with the way we have been treated and the crappy vehicles they have sold us, and the lack of help from the dealership.

Satisfaction Rating

After some of the most miserable interactions imaginable with other dealerships (see my review of Longmont Ford) I found working with Jim a very enjoyable experience. Very low pressure (if any), and very willing to help with any questions or concerns. We got exactly what we were looking for, and for a great price. Jim you are welcome to come to our place for dinner again any time. Just give me a call, so I can pull out extra servings.

Satisfaction Rating

On Saturday 19 March 2016 I made a decision to go look for another car. I decided to go to the dealer I had been going to for 10 yrs, Pikes Peak Acura in Motor City. I've purchase 3 vehicles from them in the past. I was driving a rental that needed to be returned the following week. Pressured by Michael to buy another 2015 I gave in. What a mistake. Michael offered to return the rental and I agreed. He did not return it to the location I told him to and I was charged $130 more.

I spoke to Michael and he said they would only pay the $50 fee. I am a disabled veteran and single mom. Because of his actions two checks were overdraft and I was charged by my bank $27.50 twice. I called and the GM Lief and he never returned my call. Come to find out I was also ripped off. I could have purchased a 2016 for the what they sold the 2015. Disappointed and will never return. I recommend not to use their dealership. They will rip a person off no matter what your situation is and how loyalty to them.

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Satisfaction Rating

Pressured and manipulated into signing a contract for a car at Pikes Peak Acura. I was told that they would be "running numbers" to see what costs would be. Apparently the car came in on a trade in on the same day. It had not been serviced and had not been through a safety check. This was not the car I wanted. I did not even test drive the car, as it was late at night and I had my two children with me. Was supposed to run numbers as to what the car would cost me. Forced me into signing a contract. Told them I did not want it. Pikes Peak Acura cashed the contract anyway.

I Refused delivery on the car. Wrote them a letter and went there in person to rectify the situation. Salesmen removed my license plates from my car so I could not leave in it... then threatened several times that if I did leave in my car (my intended trade in vehicle) that they would report the car stolen and that I would be arrested for theft. The salesman even yelled at me and insulted me. Was forced to take the car I did not want - they kept my vehicle. I want my car back and I do not want to buy that car. The dealership has not been honest with me. The GM has not called me back to resolve this issue.

Satisfaction Rating

Like most lots, they were very friendly and attentive... at first. They wanted me to take the truck for the weekend, so we agreed to terms in writing, and I took the truck Saturday-Monday. When I returned, some of the criteria we agreed upon was not met on their end, but I was informed that it was "too late, you bought it". We went round and round, and then the sales man sent in his Supervisor, who was there to play hard ball and be aggressive. I ended up having to deal with the GM, and the sales person never spoke to me again.

11 months later, my truck is in the shop (radiator/water pump/thermostat). I called to see if parts were covered within a year. I happened to get the same sales person on the phone. He never asked my name. He asked what I bought, and then chuckled and said, "If you didn't buy the extended warranty, you weren't covered 2 days after you left." I understand how these things work, but he didn't even offer to look to see if I had the warranty, and he actually chuckled. I only went to this dealer because a friend had a friend (the salesman) who worked there. I should've went back to the Faricy Boys. I regret my entire experience.

Consumer Increased Rating!
About three hours after the idiotic and untrue response from an intellectually challenged individual and my brief rebuttal, I received a message from **- the only honest individual we'd dealt

with, indicating the General Sales Manager wanted to have a word. I was assured he was an honorable man and that speaking to him would be more than an exercise in futility.

In the first few minutes on the phone with **, he was apologetic, upset, and confused as to why anyone in his employ would be so dishonest, actually driving potential customers from Acura. He disclosed that ** was not a long-time employee. I suggested that he shouldn't be a long-term employee either, based on the inexcusable way we were treated. ** stated that he wanted me as a valuable customer who would call him personally with any issues/problems. He came across as sincere and I sensed nothing but concern and the honest desire to put the ugly past behind us.

We moved the discussion to our previous offer on the Rdx. Although his initial starting price was slightly higher than the previous starting number, with the full trade-in amount, down payment, and a reduced interest rate, our monthly payment would be slightly lower than the previous offer. When I asked how he could just reduce the rate, he stated that he would call in a favor to finance and they'd make it happen. His offer resulted in exactly what we asked for on a vehicle we loved.

With the interest rate a quarter point lower than the original offer, we'd even pay less over the life of the loan. However, after going in twice expecting to sign and having such bad experiences, we might not take advantage of this incredible deal.

My suggestion: If you fall in love with an Acura ask for **, since I know he's honorable and has integrity. Then look at your offer closely, and if anything looks off, ask for **.

Don't walk away from something great, just because of a couple of untrustworthy individuals.

S of Colorado Springs, CO on

Original Review

Tried to Buy a Car from Unethical Dishonest Gentlemen - Harlan was our salesman. He was nothing but nice and worked to accommodate us in every way. I would do business with him again, but not at Pikes Peak Acura. After a few test drives and a trade-in quote on our car, we went in on Saturday, 8/25, and presented the Costco offer on a new RDX. A trade-in amount of $4,000 had been offered on our current vehicle. We immediately learned that although the Costco offer includes the delivery fee, dealerships add their own additional advertising and other costs, raising the total by approximately $1,000 over the price Costco provides. We negotiated a few times with Bruce and received three different offers based on different down payments and term lengths.

After an hour of no further progress, we walked away since the attitude was starting to amp up making us uncomfortable. We took the hard copy of the offer we liked best with us when we left. We were told by Bruce it was good until the end of the month, but after that the value of our trade would be lowered. We actually called and spoke to him 5 minutes after leaving and told him we'd return after church to buy the vehicle if they had the time. After he didn't return the call, I left 2 messages on Jerry the sales manager's phone, which we're never returned.

After a few texts and calls with Harlan, since we no longer wanted to deal with Bruce, we returned on Tuesday, 8/28, with the offer in hand to purchase the vehicle. Since the offer we had in hand was over $1,500 below the average people were paying online and we really liked the vehicle, we came back - as long as we could deal with Harlan. Harlan started the paperwork but hit a snafu when we presented the offer received from Bruce, rather than the initial offer. After going back and forth a few times, Bruce came out. He was holding the original offer. He claimed that all offers were for vehicles currently on the lot even though we never discussed taking a current vehicle and, as we pointed out, he had written the color of a vehicle that would be arriving in a few weeks on the offer sheet.

When we told him we wanted the other offer he had given us, he took our copy of it with him to Jerry's office. He came back and told us that offer was not good, only the initial offer. We then found out that even though on the offer form it said $4,000 for our trade and listed a monthly payment, when the math was done, it actually only gave $3,500 for our trade to get to that payment. We told him we wanted the offer we had left with, which truly gave us the $4,000. He went to Jerry again and came back and said it was off the table and they wanted to give us less for our trade-in. We asked to see Jerry.

When Jerry came out, he was holding the offer giving only $3,500 and our trade-in's title, which we had already given Harlan. He claimed that it was last month's offer and it was a new month. He took quite an attitude and stated firmly that this was the only offer, which was $500 below the offer we had received two business days prior in the same month. I asked about the offer we arrived with and he said "What offer?" My wife and I asked a few more times about why they were not standing by their offers and he kept stating the last month/new month argument. After several more new month arguments and after I pointed out that the original offer was a $500 lie, I called him "a lying sack of **." He said he didn't have to take it and walked away.

I followed him into his office and asked to see the original offers. He said "What offers? This is all I have" while rifling through someone else's folder as though I already had a packed file on his desk. Apparently, the offers conveniently vanished and proof of them no longer exists. Since at least some at this dealership have problems with deceitfulness, no respect for the customer and total lack of integrity, we cannot do business with them. I would discourage anyone thinking about buying an Acura to go elsewhere or at the very least, to check the math since they have no problem writing down an offer by hand and presenting something different, to their advantage, by type. Be aware.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a used vehicle on February 04, 2012. I was told by the finance person (Scott) that if I purchase the extended warranty, then anytime I need to have my car serviced they would give me a loaner while my car is worked on. One week after I bought my car, the check engine light came on, so I took it back. They said I needed an oil pressure sensor replaced at $400! They asked if I was going to leave it or wait on it. I said I needed a loaner so I could go to work. They told me I do not get a loaner because my used car is not an Acura. I went to the supervisor in finance and told him what Scott had told me and he confirmed that Scott did lie to me about the warranty. Of course, it didn’t cover the issue either.

I asked to cancel the warranty because I have a mechanic closer to my house that is a lot cheaper than they are and because they are 20 miles from my home. This is what I told Scott, but he lied to me to make it convenient to get the warranty. They refused to cancel the warranty. Here, a month later, I find out the car need $2000 worth of electrical work. It turned out to be a lot more than an oil pressure sensor. This place is a huge rip off and I would recommend avoiding them at all costs. If you google them, you will see lots of complaints of how crooked they are. Beware!


I found a 2007 Acura RDX vehicle on autotrader.com and on April 30, 2010 test drove and purchased it from Pikes Peak Acura in Colorado Springs, CO. Upon the test drive, I noticed the turn signal did not work properly and let the sales person know. He advised it would be pulled into service and corrected while we waited. We then began to negotiate a price for the RDX and it was listed on autotrader.com for $28,900 as a certified pre-owned vehicle. I began to wonder how thorough this certification process was since they did not catch the problem with the turn signal. I was told service checked the turn signal and it was working correctly. After I purchased the vehicle and left the dealership it immediately had the same problem.

Once negotiations began, I was informed that there was a $1,495 charge to activate the certified extended warranty. I was shocked since the internet advertisement said nothing of any warranty activation fee and I had made offer on a similar vehicle at another dealer with no mention of such fee. I previously purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle before and never paid extra to activate the warranty. I immediately considered this to be false advertising and eventually got the activation fee waived but I am disturbed by this practice and I find it dishonest and deceptive. When I agreed to purchase the vehicle, I was told that the Pikes Peak Acura sticker (advertising applique on rear bumper) could be removed with no problem and when the sticker was removed, they also removed paint from the rear bumper.

The salesman Aric advised me of this damage and said they were going to take care of it but I would need to return the car to the dealership for repairs. This was a major inconvenience since I live in Denver, 80 miles away. He assured me he would contact the service department and be in touch with me early the next week. When the vehicle was being prepared for me to take home, I noticed hail damage on the roof. I was compensated for this but it just added to even more frustration. I waited to hear from Aric regarding the status of the repair and heard nothing, and on Wednesday sent him an email using the email account from his business card. I still heard nothing and waited until Friday morning and called him, but he did not seem to remember the incident and I had to remind him what the problem was.

Aric told me he had been working on this and I told him that I would like to know what was going on and I did not understand why he did not contact me with information as promised. I think a week is more than reasonable amount of time to let me know the status. I again advised him to let me know something but did not hear anything more that day, and on Saturday May 8 I phoned the Sales Manager Howie. He apologized and said I would get a call within two hours with a plan and within that time frame I received a message from Aric giving me an option to get the car fixed. I returned his call and we scheduled a time to fix the vehicle.

Before calling Aric, I again called Howie to discuss the fee for activating the warranty and express my dissatisfaction that this is not disclosed in the internet advertisement. I noticed another disturbing thing when I was going through the glove box in the RDX; I found a sales sticker that I assume was once on the vehicle. The price on the sticker was $27,900 one thousand dollars less than the internet addand this just added to my suspicion of deception. Was this once the price of the car? I don't know but it just makes me suspect more deception. I eventually worked out a service appointment to fix all the issues on the car. I was to drop off the vehicle on Monday May 17th and pick it up on Thursday May 19th.

I told Aric that I wanted them to take the necessary time to fix the issues correctly so I would not have to make another 160 mile round trip to fix things again. Aric gave me a name in the service Department (Chris) and said he would be handling everything. Based on the previous experience, I called on Friday May 14th to verify that Aric had indeed set something up. The call confirmed that indeed I was scheduled to bring in the car on Monday May 17th and there would be a loaner car ready for me. Monday morning May 17th, I drove the RDX to Colorado Springs and dropped it off. I expressed concerns with Chris and notified him that I lived in Denver 80 miles away.

Chris asked me when I wanted to pick up the vehicle and I said Thursday Morning. I asked him if this would work. He assured me it would and he added that he would call me the next day with an update. I did not get a call on Tuesday as promised or on Wednesday. Frustrated, I decided to call and find out what was going on. I talked to Mike in the service department and he told me the car was not ready and that parts were on order. Surprised that no one had informed me of this, I asked, "What parts?". He checked and gave me a list of parts. When I asked why no one had called to inform me of the parts order or of the fact that apparently the car would not be ready Thursday Morning, he deferred the problem to Chris and said he was not there.

I then asked to talk to the Service Manager Brent. Brent was understanding and promised me a call shortly after he looked into the matter. He did indeed call me back and told me that Chris had promised me the car at noon on Thursday. This was news to me since I had never agreed to any such time and Brent offered to deliver my RDX to Denver because of the situation. He also promised me a call from Chris the next morning before 9am and this did happen. The frustrating thing is that I have to get to the managers before people follow through on their promises of good service. This is the same thing that had happened earlier with Aric.

I was told that I will be taken care of, but then it becomes my job to do all the work to be sure things happened as promised. This is very frustrating for me as a customer looking for good service. Service is one of the main reasons I chose the Acura brand. I am writing this letter in the hopes of improving service to customers. I believe when a company is honest and gives superior service to their customers; their business will thrive and customers will rave about their experience. I hope the next individual's car buying experience goes smoothly and they have no doubt that they were treated with dignity by honest people who follow through on their promises. I also hope that there will be no need for people to call employees supervisors in order to get things done.


I went to Pikes Peak Acura and found a 2004 Acura TL that was in my price range and that was going to lower my monthly payments and insurance. I was told the car was $17, 000 and it is a used car so I wanted to get a warranty which I was told was $1, 200. That was the first contract, since then I have signed 3 contracts all together. Now the car is $19, 000 and the warranty went up to $3, 000 and on top of that, my payments went from $342/month to $373/month.

I was completely lied to and disrespected in this car deal. I went into the dealership to give them a chance to make this right. At first, all I wanted was them to cancel the warranty and give me the $3,000 to refinance the car and get a lower payment. I tried to just get my truck back. That did not happen either. The corporate office and security services federal credit unions vice president both called the general manager and he still didn't want to do anything about it. I bought the car on Nov. 4, 2009.

The two contracts I still have, have the same date and contract number on them. I would have the first contract but the finance person ripped that one up before I could tell him I wanted it. I want this car dealership to give me my truck back and take their car back. I'll get a loan for how much I had left and I can find that out by talking to my loan representative at security services federal credit union.

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