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Phil Long Ford

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Last updated: Sept. 4, 2017

32 Phil Long Ford Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

On March 8, 2017 I bought a 2014 F150 from Phil Long Ford (PLF) in Motor City, very low mileage (9414) with full factory warranty. There was a 6 day delay in picking it up due to some maintenance problem. Good deal, taking care problems early. Not the case, back in the shop on 11 May and not returned till 19 May. No calls from PLF, and my calls always got the same response, "So & So is not available, leave your name and number and he will return your call". Never happened. Now it's the third trip to the shop. Went in on 13 Aug, and as of Friday Sept 3 I have not been told what the problem is. Every time I called it proved to be wasted effort, Made three trips to the dealership which proved futile, but on 22 of Aug made the 4th trip. I finally talked with Mr. **, the service director.

We went to the shop and I was introduced to the mechanic who was supposed to be working on the vehicle. He stated he didn't know yet what the problem was, he had just gotten in the shop and hadn't had a chance to look at it. Mr ** promised to give me a call the next day giving me the facts and a possible pick up date, Forget it, never called as of today. On 28 Aug had a "chat" with a young lady at Ford Hqs. Gave me a case brand told me my point of contact would be Mr **, the Service Director at the Chapel Hill's Ford Dealership. He actually tried to call me, but I was out so I went and talked to his office. Took all the particulars and said he would call Mr. ** and find out what the story is.

Finally on the 29th of Aug PLF called, the truck is ready but they want to take another test ride. And that's where it stands today, the 3rd of Sept. I am totally disgusted with their arrogant attitude and their unwillingness to return phone calls. I would like to show a rating less than 1 but I don't see how it possible. I would not recommend PLF to anyone, including any enemies that may ask for my opinion.

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Original review: May 24, 2017

We purchased a 2000 Subaru Outback from PLF because it was clean, was not leaking any fluids and we needed a second back up car. To test our new purchase we drove it to Texas and the engine had a major failure on the way back. No one at Phil Long Ford would even speak to us about repairing, replacing or helping us with this purchase and failure. The salesman who sold us the car told he can't and he would not help us on the phone. Probably the worse car buying experience of my life. I like Ford products but I would go out of my way to not buy from this dealer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

I purchased a used vehicle from Phil Long and was told it 100% passed all 160 inspection points without exception. Lo and behold it needed new rear axle seals and a power steering pump. The salesperson agreed with me but the Company didn't back him up. I am out $1000 from doing repairs that they should have covered or compensated. VERY UNHAPPY and would never do business with them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2017

I had purchased a 2014 Ford Explorer. Upon purchase I had asked to repair a fender that was damaged. The cost would have $500. I had payed almost $40K for the vehicle and all I received was the runaround and then was asked to pay for it myself. I then proceeded to fulfill the purchased service package that I paid for and expecting quality work for a vehicle they may eventually buy back and here I sit with a loose oil plug and loose oil filter. This has been the last draw. I will never recommend nor refer anyone to Phil Long Ford and to think I was gonna make my next truck purchase there. With all the bad things I have heard it thought maybe give them a chance. However now I know what all that complaints were about. Phil Long Ford has been stricken from any further future purchase from this household or family members to my knowledge. Thanks again Phil Long Ford.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2016

Phil Long Ford - Chapel Hill, our worst car buying experience ever! If they even did a safety inspection, they failed to disclose anything (failing struts, torn boot and exposed joint on power steering rack, failing bushing on knuckle joint, incorrectly installed seatbelts, tire warning light). We had to pay for our own repairs on issues requiring immediate attention. Several people committed to addressing our concerns. We are still awaiting resolution. Don't do business here - they will give you the run around until the end of time. We purchased a car over a month ago, and still waiting for adequate follow up. No one will take responsibility. This business shows no integrity.

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Original review: July 15, 2016

I received a recall notice and called to have my driver side airbag replace under recall 15Sv-319. I make several call trying to make an appointment and told that the service depart is busy and cannot make an appointment at this time. I Finally get a hold of someone and they tell me, I have to make appointment for them to read the VIN # that is in the letter and I verified to make sure it was the same as my car and then they would make an appointment to repair my Car. What kind of BS is that they need to read my VIN when it is in the letter FORD sent me. My father took his truck in for an oil changed and they came up and told him that he really need to replace his air filter that it's really dirty. He had changed the air filter himself the week before and it still looked brand new.

A few years ago I bought a brand new Mustang that was at their Denver dealership and when I went to pick it up, the paint was scratched all over the hood and fender. They apologized and said they would fix to drive it back to the main building and they would write everything that need to be fix. As I drive to the main building my wife and I started to look the car over very closely and discovers the back seat was covered in glitter and fingernail clippings. They take it back to detailing and have them clean the car up and they write everything down and said to bring it back first thing Monday morning and they would have it fixed by Wednesday. I go to pick it up Wednesday night and they had not even started to work on it. I gave them the keys and told them to enjoy their new Mustang that I was not going to accept it now! DO NOT GO TO PHIL LONG FORD FOR ANYTHING!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2016

I bought a car from Phil Long Ford because I heard what a great place it was. Well apparently I heard wrong. October of 2014 I bought a Ford Focus from Phil Long. I had a fast talking sales person with what seemed to be all the right answers. That is except anything true. I got a car at only right around 50k miles and boy it was trouble. The transmission started running funny the next day. They denied it said it was normal for the car, but as it got worse I took it back it appears the clutch assembly (a known to them recall) indeed needed fixed. They assured me this was the only recall they knew of on the car and assured me they did not know when they sold the car another lie.

When I got very upset I emailed them. I got a hostile message very unprofessional from my sales person that I found to be a bit intimidating. After I reported that then higher ups wanted to talk to me. They gave me my cash down back which was good because I didn't want to put it in the first place and talked about what we could do to fix it. I was assured if I paid on this car for a year solid I'd be able to get cheaper payments on any new car there, again another lie. Then transmission problems arose again and back to the shop it went. In fact this time it stalled off and on for a long scary drive home where I got a touch of whiplash and James my knee.

They did not care Ford motor put me in a rental car while they again fixed the same recall as last time as well as a new one. My car in one year spent over 2 months in a shop. The transmission still jumps forward, rolls backwards when not on a hill and I am again told it's normal. I am afraid of this car. They have managers who say they want to make you happy so they threw a few hundred at you for your inconvenience. They won't trade my car and I have been told 2nd chance places would have to really charge me high because after paying for over a year I owe DOUBLE what the car is worth. Phil Long says this is very normal. Other places disagree.

I still owe 16k on a car maybe worth 8k at 57k miles no damage. I have no way out. I hate driving it and am sure the transmission will fail again, it's a matter of time. I know I made a bad deal - I trusted words not paper. I believed things I shouldn't so we have established I messed up. So here is my opinion Phil Long Ford will take advantage of you so do serious research or well don't go there at all is a better choice! Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

We took our Ford Edge in to get the A/C repaired. When we picked the car up, the A/C was still broken. We call the dealership to ask what was wrong and they said they repaired our audio. THE AUDIO WAS NEVER BROKEN! We've called them probably 15 times and when they actually answer we get the same response, "Our service manager is looking into it. We'll call you back." We don't get called back.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2015

I'm just recently divorced and decided a great way to rebuild my credit was to purchase a car. My other car was on its last leg anyway so I did some research online and found Phil Long Ford Value Car. I made the trip down to their Academy branch and took a look around. I came across this 2013 Toyota Corolla. I decided that that was the one. There was no price on it and no matter how much I asked I got the run around. I pulled up the blue book and saw that it was set at $14,500. I traded in my car plus put another $500 down. They charged me $16,900 for the car! What?! But that's not even the end of the story. It gets better! We did all the paperwork, proof of income, etc etc.

3 weeks later we were informed that the bank we had financed with closed so we had to go in and do everything again. I was patient. I understand things happen. I would set up appointments and nothing was ready due to disorganization. I made multiple trips. While all this was happening, my brakes were grinding terribly. I'm thinking, "My brakes can't be bad after their inspection. Right?" I took it in to have them checked.

As I'm driving up to the garage you can clearly hear them squealing. The mechanic played stupid. "What makes you think your brakes are bad, ma'am?" I replied, "You can hear them!" He reluctantly took it in and sure enough... there were NO PADS LEFT! Hello safety hazard. To top this off. My loan STILL isn't resolved and as I went to register my car with the DMV, because the temp tags are getting ready to expire, I come to find out they haven't even sent in my paperwork. So I had to pay for an extension. I DO NOT recommend this dealership!!

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2015

We were trying to get a vehicle. The salesperson was nice, however Phil Long on Academy, the sales person lie to us about us having a repo on our credit and didn't really try to even help us get the car. Then when I called the manager ** and was asking him about which one has a repo, if me or my husband and he was very rude and said "I can't discuss on the phone about your credit." And he also said "I told you, you have to put 4,000 down bc you are way too upside down" when the salesperson didn't say anything about being upside down. I told the manager "I will not recommend this place" because they lie and he said being sarcastic and very rude "why, thank you so much."Very poor customer service coming from the manager ** and they run your credit lie and make it seem like you gone get the car and then brush you off. Will not recommend this place at all. Their address is 175 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, Co 80909 and I will also report this place to the bureau for being liars.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2015

I bought a 2012 certified pre owned Focus from Chapel Hills Phil Long Ford. The sales manager and I agreed to $16000 drive out price, including dealer handling and EVERYTHING excluding taxes. (He wrote it down and I signed it.) I spoke with the finance guy (**) and told him I would get a loan at MY bank. He told me he would include the payoff on my existing loan and get a better interest rate that would lower my monthly payment by $70-$80. The next day, I could not get a return call from the salesmen as to what was going on with the deal, so I went straight to the finance guy to see what deal he had worked up. He informed me he included my loan and the payment was lowered by about $70. He "included" bumper to bumper warranty, but I WAS paying for it... I then had papers put in front of me hurriedly one after the other to sign and descriptions of what they were "explained" to me. Like a fool, I trusted him.

I gave the title of my trade in to him and signed it. The numbers added up pretty close in my head, so I signed the papers. Then 2 days before my temporary tags were to expire I got a call from ** saying he needed more papers on my Dodge or my loan would be longer and my taxes would be more. When I called him back he asked me if I had the title of my trade... He then asked me who I gave it to... He said he'd call me at the end of the day. I hadn't heard from anyone, so I went to the dealership. I was informed that I needed to get a copy of the title because they lost it... Finally I had to sign power of attorney on the truck so they could get a title. No call back about MY tags for a day, so I called customer service and the lady ** who's running the title part of the dealership said she would take care of it. She actually DID!!!

A few days later I got my bank statement and I now have TWO loans. The bank NEVER got paid on the other loan! I reviewed the papers and it appears that I payed $17299 for the car PLUS dealership handling, and the price for my trade was reduced!! I forgot to mention, the certified pre owned bull said the cruise control passed, but when I tried to use it, I found that the car doesn't even have cruise control!!! I asked about that, and the salesmen told me "the car's sold" when I requested they put it on. He stated it must've been a clerical error that the cpo paper checked the cruise control passed. How many other of the "172" things they check were pencil whipped??? Stay away from ALL Phil Long dealerships, or pay a lawyer to review all those papers BEFORE YOU SIGN!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2015

I purchased a 2008 Ford Edge in Oct of 2012. We test drove it and my husband noticed a noise in the rear of the car, of which no Ford employee noticed either test driving it or their 100 point "inspection". It was loud. Ford addressed it and it needed new rear seals. Done. Two weeks later my windshield wiper fluid won't work... a broken fitting. Another stop at the service department.

Then 1 month into driving it there is this mystery rattle near the back seat. 4 service appointments later and one new back seat frame, the rattle is STILL there. I give up on that issue. Seems that when I take it in for an oil change something shortly thereafter goes wrong with it. A year ago, oil change... two weeks later my breaks go out and I need a brake booster. Goodbye 600.00. Then I get another oil change and shortly thereafter the transmission goes out. Literally! Ford covered it after much ado... total cost... about 6000.00.

This week I go in for a routine oil change and they tell me that my battery needs replacing and they show me a paper from some machine that they measure the amps with. I'm at 360 and it should be around 680. They tell me it's going to cost 130.00 for a new battery. I decline because I can put a battery in myself and for less money. I go to two other service departments to get a battery and they both test my battery while I am standing there and my battery reads perfectly fine. I will not be going back to Ford for anything at this point. My car is no longer under warranty so no need to go back there for anything. One good thing about this dealership is that all 5 times I have had to put it in the shop, they have paid for my rental car. Women beware. Men... good luck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2015

I want to thank Betty ** for the great experience that we had in buying a pre-owned quest at Phil Long Ford. She made great things happen for us and it was a very good experience. She is very professional. Thank you Betty. Colorado springs, you deserve 5 stars in my book.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2015

We purchased a pre-owned Ford Escape, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. We live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and after we got the vehicle home we noticed that our tailgate was gapped more on the driver's side than the passenger side and may need some adjustment. I called my local Ford dealer, Phil Long of Colorado Springs four times without one call back.

Original review: Dec. 20, 2014

Had a great experience at Phil Long Ford. Mark ** was great to work with and gave us an amazing deal. Their service department is the best in the industry. I was able to get into a new Explorer at the price point I needed. They gave us top dollar for our trade. I would definitely send my friends and family to Phil Long Ford!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2013
Has taken a month to get the touch up on the paint and won't even do all the agreed work. Told us a day and a half. Now it's a week. Lies, Lies, Lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware do not use Phil Long for anything.

Original review: Feb. 20, 2013

They do nothing but lie, lie, lie! I was told I would get lower interest rate, lower payments, and a great car. What I got was a piece of crap 2008 Suzuki XL7 with $561/mo. payments, and the interest rate of 23%, and a car that on the way home had the transmission and speedometer go out. The salesmen told me I was going into new car with no negative equity - a lie! I went in with $4,000 in negative equity. I was told by Finance that the papers I was signing were just an estimate and I would come in the next week to sign final papers - a lie! They were the final papers so now I am responsible for paying $561 a month.

I was told by salesmen the car was $14,900 - a lie! They charged me $16,900. I was told I could bring the car up there and they would fix the problems for free! That was a lie! They fixed one problem and I am not even sure they really fixed it. The transmission still slips and the speedometer still doesn't work. I have talked to the sales manager and service manager and no one gives two craps. If you want to be lied to and screwed out of your money, then this is the place for you. But if you are like most people who want to save money and get a good deal and be treated with respect, stay away from Phil Long Ford!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 24, 2012

My daughter took her 2003 Explorer in for recall service 09S09. We now have a problem with the shifting in the vehicle. We notified them and they want the vehicle back for inspection at an additional cost. This sounds logical except I don't trust them, They also wrote up the vehicle to flush the break system. I just did a complete brake job and flush 2 weeks ago for $140. They also inspected the Power Steering fluid which was also just drained and flushed $140. The best of all was the air filter for $27. I just replaced it 2 weeks ago. It's a ripoff. Women, stay clear. They will rip you off. They are very dishonest and they should be ashamed. I guess now I will be back under the hood figuring out what they disconnected to create my problem.

Original review: Feb. 25, 2012

I took my 2000 Ford Focus into PLF for scheduled repair of front suspension coil springs on February 20, 2012. The total charges were $446. To this, they added $65 "shop charges." When I asked the service writer Gary ** why this amount was added, I was told that it was calculated as a percentage of the parts and labor cost and that $65 was the maximum amount charged. By my calculations, this amounts to 15% of the total bill. I was told that this charge is added for disposal of fluids (I had no fluids changed), shop rags and miscellaneous hardware that might be needed. After vehemently complaining, PLF reduced the charge to $30, which is still ridiculous. This dealership will rip you off!

Original review: April 21, 2011

I just bought a Ford Fiesta from Phil Long Ford of Chapel Hills Colorado. The salesman called me on the phone and said that Ford was financing Fiestas at 0%. After I drove 45 miles to the dealership, the same salesman said that the 0% was not available for the Fiesta. While setting up the finance portion of the deal, the employee stated that I would have lower payments if I bought the extended warranty. He said he didn't have the brochure explaining the deal but he knew all the details by heart. That sounded like a great deal but when I got home and looked over the details, I found that the warranty cost $2000.00 and he did not lower the payments.

Later, I got in a heated argument with the manager when he said that he refused to remove the warranty. He said that this phone call is over and that's the last I heard from them.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2010

We purchased a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 on 12/21/2009 from Phil Long Ford, Stanford Ave, Lakewood, CO. The day after we took the truck home, the issues started. First, electrical issues. Two days later, the check engine light comes on. Very long story made short, we now have a truck that will not pass emissions. We have taken the truck to two locations for emission and repair on the turbo. Truck that is not drivable due to emission issues as well as unaddressed recall. We can provide failed emission tests as well as vehicle inspection report for you. Recall from 4/2009 also not addressed before sale of car. Broadway Dodge estimate for needed repairs after turbo is $3800. Bank was already paid dealership and we have made one payment. Is the dealership not responsible for selling a safe truck that can be plated?

Original review: Sept. 22, 2009
To make this long story short: Is it ok for a dealership to publicly advertise a price, and since I was a good target they turn around and jack me for $5000? This being done in a very deceitful way

My story:

For the first time in many years, I am able to obtain for myself, a nice car, this after using the internet to find the financing. I picked Phil Long because they seemed honest. I now feel they saw me coming for sure with my pre-approved loan and inexperience, then taking advantage of that.

So everything is in motion I have a good to go with the financing, and show up to drive out of there with a jeep. After tracking down salesman Brian, we proceed to the lot where I could look at the inventory. He takes me over to look at a 2007 Wrangler X, oh baby I am stoked!!

He gets me the key for a test drive, and as soon as we are in the vehicle, he looks around and says

Oh what happened to the sticker price information? it was no where to be found.

I did not think much about it, as I am going to buy this jeep. On the way back from the test drive I through out there so what are you folks asking for it, and pretty much the question was washed over as he said, Im not sure, my boss will deal with that. After signing a pile of papers, he is back and fourth & taking real good care of me. Finally the options are presented no down, this much down, that much down - and the different payments. (I was never told the price of the vehicle or given a chance to haggle it, plus never talked to his boss).

I was feeling that hey, these folks are not what you think of when making a deal for a new car. It was made real ease for me to drive home today. I picked my option, I was then left to wait for the financing, the only thing between me and my new jeep was signing the paperwork and I was out of there. I signed papers for basically $29,000 with an extended warranty; the jeep was like $25,000. These are estimates as I have not received the paperwork in the mail almost a month later, that they said they would send me. I now realize that for this kind of money I could have just bought a brand new Jeep!!!

I may not be good at making a deal for a new car, but I am very skilled with computers and the internet.

So I am now at home, very happy with my new position in life, driving a nice vehicle. I figure I should research, and kind of see how I did on the price I paid. It was looking like yeah, so I could have done much better, but thinking hey I finally have a nice ride

I then come across the very jeep (same VIN) online publicly advertised and listed for $19,991 (hearing the sound of tires screeching to a halt in my head!!) My first thoughts - HEY THATS NOT RIGHT. MORAL, OR FAIR!!!

So now I feel kind of hosed for $5000 plus higher taxes etc. Please let me know if it is ok for them to do business this way, it does not seem right to me I have copys of the advertised price with the vin # on it.

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2009

I own a 2008 Ford Super Duty. I was getting around 17 mpg unloaded, and around 9-10 mpg loaded, with a 30 foot fifth wheel and a 22 foot boat behind it. I took the vehicle in for an oil change and the dealer preformed an upgrade to the computer without informing me or asking me. I own this vehicle outright and now, my mileage has dropped to around 8 mpg unloaded. The vehicle now goes into exhaust filter regeneration cycle every 39 to 89 miles. Ford's own bulletin on this regeneration cycle says that it should do this every 100 to 600 miles. But I have documented this for the last 2,000 miles or so. Ford refuses to do anything about this problem. Even the dealership service adviser in my hometown says that Ford doesn't know what to do about this problem. I believe that if Ford had not tampered with my vehicle, I would not be having the problems that I am having right now.

Original review: Aug. 15, 2007

I sent my car in to have the sport shifter fixed and the ABS light was on, they said the light was nothing because it showed no codes. I went back after about five minutes of looking at my car and noticing grease everywhere. They said the tech was in a hurry, but they would clean it, so i left and when i drove it for about two days the light came back on so i went to the dealer right away. they said that the code was nothing they needed to research it, so i brought the car back after a week they said it would be done later that day, they also said it would be detailed, this was a monday. At about 5:30 I called they said it is still torn apart and that it would be done at about 10:30 the next day. Fine i said just one more day of walking it's good for you. At 1:00 i called they said it was still not fixed they can't find the problem, but they would call me soon.

The next day i went there, the car was outside and looked to be untouched. I called again, they said it would be done soon. I told the to put it back together i was on my way. They said it would be done at 5, i called them back and the car wasn't finished. I was mad at this point.the dealer ship refused to fix my car inder warranty. The dealer said they found the problem and it would be 6 weeks for the part and asked me to leave it there. WOW. They said i threatened them when i said" if i crash because my car is unsafe and you refuse to fix it i wll sue your building" they than said i would crash into their building. They got grease inside my car, plus gravel and they drank coffee insie it,then they ruined my dash guages and radio. They turned it all around so they wont have to fix it. I called hyundai and they told me i threatened their dealer and they wont do any thing about it. The girl never asked me if I said it or not, she turned out to be rude as well.

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Original review: Jan. 20, 2007

we purchased a used 2000 ford expedition from phil long at the end of may 06. within 52 days it was in the shop for round 1 and transmission #1. 19 days later it was towed to our mechanic with the power train control module out, idler arm, stabilizer, and a coolant flush- waranty would cover computer. 27 days later in for transmission #2 due to the fault of the warranty company.( waranty company sold to us by phil long) yet again- 37 days later- out for ALL plugs and coils bad and the dearlership says it is our fault. we did something to allow a significant amount of water into the engine and all went bad. Needless to say the warranty comp. would not pay for this either. Yet a month later the check engine comes on and the 7th cylinder is misfiring again. Phil long said they would repair "this time" but no more after that. The same problem occured as the previous visit and there is a leak in the cowl somewhere. The dealerships suggestion to us is to TARP THE CAR ???!!!!

Are they kidding me- we live in Colorado. SO basically we have to cover or tarp the car 5-6 months out of the year and not drive because if any precipitaion gets in then we have to replace who knows how many plugs, coils again. All this not to mention that the head gasket has been leaking since we bought it (found that out at first visit to service) but not ENOUGH to be replaced under the warranty. We are now approaching 100k miles that the warranty will be no good anyway. Not that it or the dealership has done anything to help us. I need some advise and help as I am at my breaking point with this vehicle. This is a summary of problems. My family and I dont have the money to continue this battle with a major dealership who has no concern for their customers.

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Original review: July 23, 2005

I got my oil changed, transmission flushed, front brakes replaced and new tires on Saturday, May 21, 2005. I waited for 4 hours for all of this to be done. When I got my car back, different rims had been put on it than I had before and no one has an answer. I don't like the rims they put on my 1999 Taurus and no one told me they did this or seems to know what happened.

Original review: May 17, 2004
I purchased a new 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Track in April 2003. The first thing I noticed was that I had air leaks around the doors on both the driver and passenger front doors and a vibration in the steering wheel. Going over a small pot hole at 20 to 30 miles per-hour the car would almost jump into the lane to the right.

I have complained about this since I purchased the vehicle. A month ago the dealer replaced the seals on both front doors. After picking up my car I took it to a car wash and to my surprise the drivers side door leaked water so bad the in side of the window, dash and the steering wheel was wet. I called the service department and talked to the Service Manager (Doug) and he told me that know one has ever complained about this before on a Sport Track.

Doug said come on down and well take a drive in another Sport Track and see if its the same. I couldnt make it to the dealer for a month or so, but I did go down and took the Service manager for a ride in my Sport Track and yes, he did hear the wind coming through the doors. We took another Sport Track out for a drive and it also had a bit of wind through the doors, but nothing like mine, it also did not have the road vibration mine does. I am now scheduled for an appointment with a Ford Rep on Wed. May 19th 2004. My Sport Track has 13,527 miles as of this writing.

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Original review: March 29, 2003

The paint on the new 97 Ford f-150 has many cracks in it. It started on the hood and top of cab and is now on the side walls. I was lied to at first saying it was not the original hood and they might help me pay for repainting it, but when I went to Marin automotive 1-303-791-3389 Shean the owner told me he was surprised ford told me this because this has been a problem with the 1997 models. He showed me where the paint was beginning to crack on the sides as well. Ford said they would not help even though they know they caused this. Has this been a problem with other models. I would like to pursue this because ford was so rude about this situation.

Original review: March 25, 2003

I had several problems with my 2001 Ford Focus. I took my vehicle in(Feb. 2003), paid for a rental car and the work on my vehicle. When I picked up my vehicle I found out there were 2 active recalls that had not been checked. Just 2 weeks ago a my wiper motor went out, so that's what the dealer's service dept. diagnosed. I paid for the diagnostic but decided not to have the work done right then. Today, I found out there is a recall for this problem related to the wiper motor. The recall/consumer notification was issued 8/20/2001 and I have yet to be notified about it.

Original review: Oct. 11, 2002

Shortly after purchasing a used 1998 Ford Windstar, I noticed paint peeling on the top of the vehicle. Since it was still under warranty (32,000 miles) I took it to Phil Long Ford. They repainted the top. Several months later I noticed additional areas near the top where paint was peeling. I called Phil Long Ford and was told that since the car was no longer under warranty (over 36,000 miles) they would not paint any additional areas unless I paid for it.

Over the past year, the paint problem has gotten worse. During that year I again contact Phil Long Ford and was told the same thing. I contend that the paint problem is a factory defect due to bad primer, and it was brought to their attention during the warranty period. They partially fixed the problem, but the subsequent peeling is a continuation of the original problem and should be repaired under warranty. The value of my auto has declined significantly and I cannot sell it for what it is worth until the problem is corrected.

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