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City Auto Auction of Chicago

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Last updated: Sept. 17, 2016

112 City Auto Auction of Chicago Harvey Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2016

Useful information for people who are unaware!!! Thank God for technology and reviews from people all over the world. I was going to considered this auction in Harvey, IL in the morning to purchase a car. I knew it was too good to be true, and something told me to check the reviews. Thanks to people honest opinion, I've officially changed my mind. Thanks for helping me not waste my money!!!

Original review: Feb. 18, 2015

I went to this auction on Valentine's Day and stayed there from 11 am until 10 pm with my family. I inquired about a vehicle and the man walked me to an office and said give me 600, so I asked can I check out the vehicle before full payment and he answered yes, but after 4 hours I still didn't get to check. Long story short I took it to a mechanic and ended up spending 800 + dollars on top of the 4,366 I spent buying the car and now I need a transmission that cost 1,700. If you're looking for a “reliable vehicle" you won't go there. They don't care, they just take your money and you're screwed basically.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2015

I have not and will not go to this auction as from the reviews here and other places, it's obvious CAA does not practice good business practices. There are some things that are simply normal for an auto auction though. There are always fees on top of your bid price. They should be available up front, but there are ALWAYS fees above the bid price! Rarely will you be able to test drive at an auction. Normally you can get inside and even start a car up (check the mileage!), but rarely test drive.

Think about it. Probably a couple hundred people and the same number of cars on a lot? Imagine the accidents!! They would have to double your bid price just to cover their insurance costs! The vehicles are as is and normally you can only return them if they are misrepresented, like a clone collector car sold as real thing, or if there is significant hidden structure or frame damage (those are illegal to sell anywhere!). Bad engine or transmission is the buyer's responsibility. There are reputable auctions out there, but they are all risky. That's why the auction price is so much lower than retail. And most auctions ARE selling repossessed cars and dealer cast-offs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2014

I thought I'd add a recent complaint to your long list of complaints. On Tuesday, July 29, 2014 I was in Indiana buying a car from a used car dealer and preparing to travel to the South Chicago Auto Auction to bid on a vehicle. Their public auctions are on Wed and Sat so I called them on Sat afternoon to confirm that the vehicle I wanted was still available and it would come up for auction on Wed. I told the dealer in Indiana what my plans were and since he had a bad experience with SCAA, he ordered the CarFax on the vehicle and then called them with a few questions for me. To our surprise SCAA told him that the vehicle was no longer available. That came as a shock to me because I had already made plans for the trip and a storage lot for the vehicle if it did not run. So we reconfirmed with SCAA that the vehicle was indeed not available. I was disappointed but glad I did not waste a trip to Chicago.

Now, Today, Friday Aug 29, 2014, I was looking at online used car ads and I found a similar vehicle on sale at SCAA. It was the same year, model, color and manual transmission. So I dug out that CarFax that the Indiana dealer had downloaded for me and THE 2 VEHICLES HAVE THE SAME VIN! I called SCAA to confirm that the vehicle is available for sale and was told that it was. I then asked to speak to a supervisor for some history on this vehicle and was told I couldn't and they didn't have any other information. So I researched the internet for any other ph numbers to SCAA and only found one that I let ring (Friday 1200hrs PDT) for about 20 rings - no answer. During my search for ph numbers I found many sites with many complaints about SCAA. Needless to say, I won't be looking to them anymore!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2014

Very disappointed... can not view cars to tell if engine light is on! I was talking to my wife about the car and they said she bidded on it! CARS ARE IN HORRIBLE CONDITION. This place should be against the law!... Any good reviews are coming from the people that work there... PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2014

I saw them on eBay and realized immediately they are a scam. Everybody needs to get on eBay and click "Report Item". I started doing this, but would take me a month to report every vehicle on eBay. Then move onto Craigslist and everywhere else they have listings. If everybody picks a random vehicle and reports it, then at least this is a start to stopping their illegal and very unethical business practices.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2014

I went to the auction in Harvey because I was looking for a car that I wouldn't have to pay a car note on. Basically you have to read all the info that they give you but even then you still can have the same problem that I encountered. So I bid on a 94" Camry for 1300 and gave the deposit of 600 but when it was time to pick up the car, the extra charges were ridiculous. Not to mention the car doesn't even work now and that was one yr ago! I paid 2650+ all the money it cost to fix on the car for this last yr. Save yourself and your money.

Original review: March 6, 2014

Well after reading all of the posts here, I still decided to go to the auction. And I must say all of you people YOU ARE FOOLS! 1) Who in their right mind would by a car (A major investment without test driving it, let alone not being able to see the mileage? DUH!!!!!! 2) Don't you peeps know how to read? I received a white registration card when I arrived there and had to sign it. ALL of the INFORMATION is there in black and white, Cars sold AS IS, NO REFUNDS, $99 AUCTION FEE, APPLICABLE SALE TAXES, DOCUMENT SERVICE FEE $160, PLUS TITLE and LICENSE.

I spent about an hour there on the 5th of March, and I admit the prices were very reasonable, but without knowing what kind of bang I am getting for dollar. I would not purchase a car there and may I suggest to all of you READ When you are given something to READ!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2014

I have been looking for a car and saw this Place (City Auto Auction of Chicago) advertising many vehicles. I feel sorry for all of you who got screwed over by this place, but your stories here on this site are saving others. I know they saved me from making a huge mistake.

What I don't understand is, why this place is still in Business. I have found horrible reviews going back to 2008 and some have stated the states attorney (Lisa **) has shut this place down at least twice. Maybe she's on the take now. Would not surprise me here in IL. Thanks again to all of you who wrote these reviews and saved others. I wish you only good luck and hope you never ever have to deal with a place like this again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2014

Do not buy anything from this place. Every single car has a problem. Every one. No car is under 160k miles, and none of the cars will work taken off the lot. None. Absolutely none. These bastards got me out of $4900+tax and "fees". Not only me though, plenty of others. Let me break it down for you.

You will see a car on Cls, and it will say something unrealistically low ($2900 2003 Infiniti whatever, etc.). When you call they will say, "Bring the ad in, and we will match it for that price". However once you get there you will realize it is an auction and they will flip the script and say, "You have to bid on the car", and on top of that they will not let you see the car you really want, nor will they let you inspect or see the mileage on the car. Also keep in mind they will jump start 90% of these cars as they have been sitting for months and months, and the batteries on them do not work (you will need a new battery for whatever car you get). Then you will have to wait 4-5 hours to get your car, and then another 45 mins-1 hour to have it delivered (that 45mins - hour you will be standing outside for by then they have your money and don't give a **).

I have seen several people not even be able to drive out of their lot, and when the customer goes back the owner literally says, "It's as is", "We don't care", "It's your problem now". Now they may give you a chance to "exchange" your car in, but there is an "exchange" fee, and you will pay more... way more. Please stay away from this company. The entire town including the Harvey police dept is in on the scam. Your best bet if you did get a vehicle from there is to argue the as is isn't valid and prove the problem existed before you got it (it would void the as is bill of sale). To those thinking to go, just leave that place alone. Leave it alone. Keep it stepping so you don't get ** as bad as I have.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2014

My son Jerry ** was ripped off... Feb. 20, 2014 at the South Chicago Auto Auction of Harvey, Illinois. His transmission in his truck went out, so he was searching the internet for a vehicle. He found a vehicle listed for Auction Thurs. Feb. 19th at 6:00. He took his nephew Andy with him to drive vehicle back home. He lives in Davenport, Iowa. They got there at 5:30. They only had 1/2 hr. to inspect vehicles. They checked in and got a number to bid on vehicle. At that point Auctioneer drove vehicles through showroom floor showing driveability and auctioning them off as they were being bid on.

All vehicles had a reserve bid that was set high. If no one bid higher than reserve price, it would be taken out of auction. They would display unsold vehicles multiple times… towards end of auction trying to get their reserve price. If no one bid on or purchased these vehicles, they would lower the reserve price. Which was sneaky and dishonest. After bidding on vehicle they would change the bid price. HIGHER than what you bid. Vehicle Jerry purchased was driveable through showroom. Was unable to drive off lot due to burned up Transmission. Jerry was very dissatisfied of the dirty tactics of this Auction.

Jerry's advice is never go to this auction, as any monies you give them for bidding is non-refundable. His bidding fee was $700. Plus the winning bid. He bid $2,800. Only 1 other bidder, Jerry's bid won. Everyone that bid had to wait until auction was over. It was supposed to be over at 9:30 p.m. Although he wasn't finalized until 2:00 or 3:00 in morning. When he finally found out his winning bid cost him $3,800 instead of $2,800, and they added on Auctioneer fees, lot fees, showroom fees, processing fees, title, state fees. All came to $ 4,800.00.

Lots of people were very mad. They had lots of security guards present... which were Police officers, we later learned. It was cold, rainy, and heart-breaking for many bidders. Jerry finally got the keys to his 2004 Buick Rainier. And guess what... It didn't even make it off the lot. So Andy got his first lesson on towing cars... and CROOKS!

NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE MOBSTERS. Poor Jerry is now hunting for a transmission! This absolutely made me sick for 2 days. I found over 100 complaints about Harvey's South Chicago Auto Auctions. One of them crooks told a customer that they are the police. Transmissions for this 2004 Buick Rainier cost $900 or more. Qualified mechanics want an arm and a leg to install. So now my depressed son is borrowing my 1999 Buick. Someone needs to put these Crooks out of business!

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2014

Thanks to all who have posted. I recently came across the site for the auto auction. In my gratitude for the 98 post from others I can only offer assistance as a thank you! The Illinois Attorney General would be the appropriate authority for consumer "civil matters", For all, please feel free to contact the site and be specific on the areas of FISHING, BAIT and SWITCH, and/or MISREPRESENTATION the auction has engaged in. While it is not a crime in most states further research to help bring transparency to the bidding, pricing, and purchase process could be made available in the future. I wasn't able to find anything in writing on the auction's web site that goes into to detail. However, I would have driven 3 hours or more to come to the same conclusion of the 98 reviews. DISCLAIMER: I'm not providing any legal advice but merely directing all who have been impacted to public resources to handle such complaints.

Original review: Feb. 17, 2014

I had such a bad experience at this auction that I was ready to go to war with the officer, the A-rab, and the heifers taking the money! I traveled 8 some hours to get to the auction tagging along my wife, li'l sister and her friend. I paid them $50 a piece so they would drive the two vehicles back I was planning to buy. When we got there to view the cars there was no way to look under the hood, hear it run (until they ran it through the auction) or check out the interior (because most of the doors were locked). I read the back of the bidding cards that they handed out (in which they did not announce to read the back concerning our extra fees, but me being an ole hustler I read it). It listed a lot of fees for in state buyers (Illinois) but not if you are from out of state.

I asked three different employees, one being the head guy that ran the auction, if the fees applied to out of state buyers as well. They all said that they did not. On the internet it stated that if you print off the car you want you can buy before the auction starts (they confirmed this on the phone). I printed off a 2001 black on black convertible Mustang for 2900 and paid a $600 deposit. I was ready to go after that but unfortunately I had to wait to the auction ended and pay the full price (what!!!?). So I waited for about an hour until they ran a blazer in that I won the bid on and paid another 600 deposit (this $1200 at this point, in which where I grew up I witness a man lose his life over $5 because of principles you dig!). When I put the money down they told me it would go toward the purchase of the car (liars).

After having to wait 2 more hours me and my family decided to go to the mall. I end up buying a remote 72" projector screen and a projector brand new from a guy at the mall for $500. Now I got enough to pay for the cars, gas, and food. I gets back to these people at the auction (I don't cuss because I am a Christian now), and waited another hour and half. I gets to the counter to pay for my vehicle and they tell me my total left to be paid was 4600! I told that heifer she was a lie from the pits of hell! I gather the workers that told me that and only one told the truth! So I asked if the deposit for the blazer can go towards the Mustang and they told me they could not switch it over. Then when I told them I would have to come back next week to pick up the Blazer they told me it will cost 75 day to store it (what the **)!

At this point I'm clowning the whole spot! Then the crooked cop gone come in there with his hand on his pistol so my wife told me to come down. If she and my li'l sister wasn't with me it would have been on and cracking! I chalked it up as a lost! If I go back I am going with a squad and if they act up we gone act up and shut it down!. Lol. That's the ** in me! As a Christian, you know born again man, like on Barber Shop 2 "Laylo, Laylo...Lay low!" So I will not be returning to that auction! Guys, we are barking with the wrong entity. The best way to handle crooks like them is to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 28, 2014

My wife and I traveled from DePere, WI to attend a Saturday auction at City Auto Auction whom I will refer to as CAA in any future writings. We arrived there a little later than planned but still in time to sign up and view the vehicles on the lot. The auction was advertised to start at 12:00 noon. We entered the viewing lot between 11:40 and 11:45 and within minutes were told view time was over and were escorted out of the area. Disappointing since buying without some visual or hands on testing is not the best way to shop for autos.

We were brought in to a large warehouse type building with a viewing lane where the vehicles were driven in front of us and would stop and usually have the doors opened for the bidders to see the interior and hear the car running. Some of the bidders would ask how many miles on the vehicle but CAAs' employees would not tell us. The reason for asking the mileages I believe was because like my wife and I, others did not have sufficient time to view the cars.

These were a few irritating things but what really angered me was when I bid $1800.00 on a 1998 Nissan Sentra and after winning the bid was told to immediately come with one of the employees to make a downpayment. That in itself was nothing, I certainly expected to not only make a down payment but to pay the vehicle in full before I would leave. To my stomach churning discovery, they were charging me $600 above my bid price of $1800.00. I asked what is the extra $600 for and was given some lame answer about a charge that I was not familiar with or was never mentioned in any verbal or nonverbal communication on the Internet or at the live auction. I was not the only one who was unpleasantly surprised by this $600 mystery charge. Others were also complaining about it and rightfully so.

So to be completely honest about my experience I ended up buying a second vehicle because someone had given me money to buy a car for them. I got the best deal that I thought I could get for them in the circumstances which meant I had to pay the $600.00 mystery fee. I did not have enough money to pay both cars in full since I was paying $1200.00 more for the two vehicles than I had anticipated. I was told I would have to return with the rest of the money to have the second vehicle released to me.

In my dealings with CAA and its employees getting to talk to someone who could give me legitimate information or answers was grueling especially after they had my money. It took over a month to get one of the license and titling issues resolved. I did attempt to notify someone in the state of Illinois about my experience but never got any satisfaction about the situation possibly because I did not reach the right agency or was not willing to follow the steps to further the complaint. Thank you for hearing my story.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2014

After reading all the reviews from people experiences with South Chicago Auction, I am so glad I did make a bad decision to purchase from them and fly out there. I live in FL and found their ad surfing the internet. I do thank all the consumers for viewing their experiences and am so sorry that everyone was taken by such people. I do think that everyone that have been victims of this bad auto auction do take action to have them closed or shut down. People hard earnings are too hard to come by and it's not far that thieves can rob you and not be held accountable for their misleading actions. A company must take responsibility for their conducts.

Original review: Jan. 14, 2014

I almost caught the bus from Houston to go out there and purchase a car. I called over and over to obtain more information. Given it's an auction the receptionist wouldn't give me any info regarding additional tax and fees. She was rude and said the only way I could find out is if I come out there and they will tell me. I asked about the car I was going to purchase, a 2001 BMW for 1900. She or they had no info no mileage, no keys, no idea if it starts or run. All they said was I can only find out the day I come there. Thank God I read these reviews. I felt something was wrong and something wrong. These people are thieves. I've been to an auction before. They inform you about sales tax, title and every other info about the car on the phone... Don't GO THERE.

Original review: Jan. 14, 2014

We too are from Davenport, although reside in Wisconsin. We've been debating for several days whether or not to make the drive to South Chicago to check this place out. After reading several reviews and finally yours, we have decided to stay close to home. We work too hard to give money away. I guess if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is rings true here. Thanks for the neighborly opinion. We will not be shopping or wasting our time with this "business."

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2013

I purchased a vehicle from this so-called business not realizing it had a coolant leak. I took it to a reputable mechanic and was advised not only do I need a water pump (which is not on the outside of the engine - but inside wrapped around the timing belt - a $750 job), I also need 4 rotors and brakes!!! At the auction, I won the bid for $1700. I knew it would probably be other fees associated with it. I had to go back to the office and put down a deposit of $600. I was ready to pay the full balance and was told that did not happen until the auction was over. In all, I had to pay $2330 for this car. At this time, my car is not driveable. I contacted the auction house and was reminded of the as is policy. They know as well as I do, I would not have purchased this car in this condition. Please do not purchase a car from this business, if you want to call it that, unless you want a vehicle you cannot drive. How could a business exist to take advantage of hardworking and decent folks that are just trying to have a contacted at. So SAD... So SAD...

Original review: June 12, 2013

Please do not waste your time going to this junk yard full of junk cars. There is not a single good car based on my very bad experience with them. Also, they are very famous for false advertising. Stick shifts are advertised as automatics and you really don’t get to see any of this until you pay 4 times more than the winning bid price (after they add all their crazy fees) of the car. Please, please don’t get caught to this scam. Everybody working there from the manager to the security are a bunch of thieves.

Original review: May 16, 2013

Please, please don't waste your time and your money by going to this junk yard. I went there to buy a car but I know there was a problem from the beginning. Nothing was as advertised at the TV ad, not even at their website. I couldn't even find one single good car. It's all messed up: oil leaks, bad engine or bad transmission. You can't even start the car because there are no keys on the cars. It's going to take forever to complain about these ** people but I'm trying to make it short. You're not even allowed to film at this junk yard.

Original review: May 16, 2013

These ** sold my daughter a car with a dirty title from Wisconsin and won't give her temporary plates. Check this, whenever you have a discussion with the Arab guy, the office duty police officer comes over and puts his hand on his gun, trying to intimidate people. I am extremely surprised that nobody has not gotten hurt or killed with the tactics that they pull for thousands of dollars of people's hard-earned money. I believe the police and alderman are all a part of it because Harvey needs money so bad. I plan to contact the news stations with this, go up and pass out flyers warning other people as they go in. Good luck.

Original review: May 1, 2013

After getting a bad feeling about this place, I went online to check out reviews. Thank goodness I did! Many people mentioned they were not able to test drive the cars or see how many miles were on them. We called Harvey Auction to double check. After a simple, "Can we test drive the cars?" we were put on hold for about 5 minutes and ended up asking 3 different people the same question. My husband finally got firm with them and got an answer. The man literally laughed at my husband and said, "Where are you going to test drive the cars?" Then when he asked about mileage, he was laughed at again and pretty much told us we couldn't know the mileage, in so many shady words. Please don't waste your time or money. We aren't. It's not worth the risk.

Original review: May 1, 2013

Yes, I was a victim of this horrible auction at 396 E Sibley Blvd Harvey, IL. Long story short, everything everyone describes is 100% correct. These guys should be prosecuted. They changed the VIN numbers on the car we bought and put on another similar car. They refused to give the money back or even acknowledge the fact that it was fraud. They say we were wasting our time even calling. And due to the Al guy there, all the same people, are just a bunch of rude liars. Also, they charged us $1000 over the price we bid on the car; so $3900 turned into $4922. Wow!

Original review: April 26, 2013

I just saw ads for these guys on Craigslist and then went to the website and called. It sounded too good to be true. As we are over 100 miles away, I wanted to research before driving out there. I’m so glad I found all these reviews. You all saved us certain anguish. Thank you for posting stories. I'm sorry you had to experience this, but you are making a difference for others. Thank you!

Original review: March 24, 2013

I’m considering selling my Volvo convertible to re-focus that $$ on more important matters (house, saving, etc.) and decided to web search for a solid, used vehicle that I can afford to pay for outright and decided to Google this auction after checking out their TV infomercial.

So let's rewind... I actually purchased my first vehicle from this junk yard circa '93 when it was simply the Harvey Auto Auction (or something like that). My experience parallels all the ones I just read about. The car I bid on was described "automatic"; however, it turned out to be a "stick”! I was pissed and tried to complain and explain that there was a mix-up. I demanded my money back but was denied. I was forced to keep the car and tried to learn how to drive this "stick" over the weekend for my new, first professional job (field rep, which required a "reliable vehicle" after graduating college). No go... I just couldn't master it.

I decided to return it that following week and demand a refund! I dealt with some mid-Easterner named Ali (I wonder if it's the same one mentioned in recent complaints or maybe his damn offspring… lol… but not really!) To wrap up a long story, Ali refused to do anything with the matter until I whipped out a "Chicago Sun-Times" business card of a former college classmate (Mary **). I told him that she was my sister and that she would expose this shoddy operation if he didn't correct the situation. Basically he allowed me to trade in my piece of "stick" ** for an automatic piece of **! I recall them closing, but just to reemerge with a new name but same **!

I'm really surprised that the State’s Attorney isn't all over this! So my suggestion to everyone who wants to blow them back off the map is to complain, complain, complain on social networks and local media until these ** are banished to the pits of bad business hell!

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Original review: March 2, 2013

I got screwed on the day of 2-27-2013 by South Chicago Auto Auction Of Harvey, LLC located at 396 East Sibley Blvd. Suite # B. I lost a $600 deposit. Please do not go and try and buy a car from them. They will put the screws to you. Here is my experience with them. I got there at 5:15 pm and waited in line to sign up and get a number. I only had 10 minutes or so to look at a car. I printed a car that I wanted off eBay and took it there to buy it. Me and my girlfriend waited and watched the cars go through the auction. After waiting about 2 hrs, we decided to go ask someone if we could buy the car now or wait. They were very rude! I don't wish that on anyone. There were a lot of red flags. I had a feeling we were going to get screwed.

Long story short, they checked to see if they had the Grand Am that we wanted to buy and they said they did but it was $1,700 instead of $1,500. I thought, "Umm, that's funny." But since it was a 2004, I figured I waited this long I will go ahead and get it. They only allow 1 person to go back and get dry **. It was dark so you can't see what your signing and initialing. I signed to a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am and where I initialed it, it said it was a different vehicle than the ad. Boy, I just got screwed and it didn't feel good at all!

So after paying the deposit on a car I didn't know anything about and feeling really stupid at this point, I asked to see it and how many miles were on it. They said I couldn't see it and they acted dumbfounded to how many miles were on it. So I had to wait until the auction was over to pay the car off. I thought since I paid $600 of the $1,700, I didn't owe more then $1,200. I knew there was going to be some fees added to it but when I saw how much - damn! I got screwed again and it hurt more this time! I owed $2,358.00. I only had $2100 so guess what? I couldn't pay for the car. They have an ATM machine in the building. They’re hoping that you have more money in the bank, so you can buy their junk cars from them. Needless to say, I lost out on my deposit.

The auction lasted till 10pm, but we had to wait till 12:30am for them to pull only one of us in and tell me what I still owed on the car. I never did get to see what the car looked like. When they screwed me over, they screwed the wrong person over. I have shut down 2 businesses bigger then theirs. I will shut them down to. Trust me. I make my own rules! We need to band together. Economy is bad and these fools are taking our hard earned money. I've read a lot of reviews of people that have a couple of kids and have like 5 kids, and to see them screw hardworking families over, it makes my blood boil!

I went back today and tried to get my refund and I had no luck. I told them I was going to call the cops and they had enough nerve to say they were the cops. I went across the street from the place and there was an older African American police officer that was sitting in his car. I told him what they said and he even got pissed off. He called another police officer over to talk to me and what he had to say wasn't very good. He couldn't help me. He said it was a civil matter. He went on to say he worked for this outfit "South Chicago Auto Auction" as a security officer. He went on to say I needed to get in contact with the Better Business Bureau or small claims court. But he said they might have had a lawyer write up the documents so there would be a lot of loopholes in the paper work so you can't get your money back. He also said he witnessed a lot of cars blowing up on customers after they have left the lot. We the people can get them shut down! This is a fact and the police officer even agreed with me. Please make videos and post them on Youtube. I will call eBay and make videos. You will probably run into more of my postings.

Thanks for reading and I hope this reaches you before you go and buy a piece of crap from the worst auction company in America, plus put up with the most rude people I have ever met! I feel sorry for everyone that got screwed, and for all the other people that are going to get screwed by South Chicago Auto Auction of Harvey 396 East Sibley Blvd. Suite #B.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2013

Exactly as the previous reviews state, they take your money to show you the car and if you do not want the car, then you are screwed. They keep your deposit. They charge these outrageous fees so a car that you thought was going to cost you $2,600 is $3,800! Their service is slow. So you bid on your car, then you have to wait until all the bidding is done 1-2 hours later. Then they take your pink slip and start calling after another hour later. So pretty much you are waiting for a good 3 hours standing up. Mind you, because there are no seats in this dirty, cold, stinky garage. Oh! Then after you pay, you have to wait another 1-2 to get your car because it is not ready. Almost every time they have jumped the cars because they have these old bogus batteries on the cars! Yes, this place sucks that much!

Original review: Feb. 21, 2013

I went to this auto auction called South Chicago Auto Auction of Harvey. This place is the biggest ripoff in the world. The first thing is, when you bid on a car, they tell you to go by a big stop sign inside and stay there. Only one person can just come in and that is so they have no problems. Then, when you go, there is a rude man who wants your money right away; he wants everything his way. But then you have to pay down a deposit for the car you purchased, but if you don't put the deposit down, you can't even see the car which is stupid.

So I put the deposit down, and we went to look at the car the next day because we did not have all the money with us. So we looked at the car and the car looked different; the inside of the car looked like trash. On the bottom of the car, the oil was leaking and the hood didn't even want to open. So then we went back inside to see how much the car would cost. The car came up to be 4,000 dollars or more because of the percent, then some premium which was not in the terms and policy, and then they counted government tax when in the terms, it says that they are not affiliated with any government agency or government office.

So when we saw the price, we rejected the car because it was pointless to buy it because if you save your money, you might get a new car and not a piece of trash that doesn't even work. So then I asked for our deposit back for the car, if we could get it back, and they said no! So, they just take your money and then they don't care at all. This place is the biggest waste of money and a waste of time. I hope we can shut this place down, so that other people's hard-earned money don't go to a waste. So people, we need to shut down this place.

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2013

Okay, I went to the auction in South Harvey to purchase a car for my mom. It was a 2002 Odyssey. The cost of the car was $2300. I put down a $700 deposit that left me with a balance of 1600 bucks. I came back with an extra 2200 dollars because I was told the taxes were going to be 200 bucks, 99 bucks for auction fee, 151 bucks for something else with a grand total of 2900 dollars. All together I was told the price was $3825 and I needed to pay it now because he has extra customers. I asked the Chicago police officer who was doing security and the little Indian man what type of drugs were they smoking if they thought they were going to get my money like that.

They said I had to come back Monday and talk to the manager Albert to see if he could help me because I had to leave now because I was upsetting their other customers. I stated, “**. What about me and my money?” So basically I lost my money. The cop smiled with a devilish grin and said you have to come back Monday. I said, “You didn’t wait when I gave you my money.” I am pissed. I want my money. I work hard as hell for my money. Damn, they should have stuck a pistol in my back and robbed me at least I would feel different about the situation. Something has to happen because this isn't right.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2013

My husband and I got scammed, plus we got treated like criminals. Bottom line, they have hidden fees. The car was originally $3,300, but we ended up with a bill of $5,000. We decided to lose the $700 deposit instead of losing more money! This place needs to be closed and together we can do it. They are mafias. I am making complaints with every authority I can.

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