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Last updated: Dec. 9, 2016

37 Citroen Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

Amazing but out of production for a while. Classic in between classics, can ride on 3 wheels (when is an emergency of a flat tire etc) since its suspension is hydraulic and unique for this matter.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2016

In late 2011 acquired a vehicle Citroen C3 year 2011/2012 in the city of sao jose dos campos. However a few months later I started receiving many speeding fines. I thought there was something wrong with the car. It was when I went through a dealership in Tatuape, the region in the city of Sao Paulo, and the work of maintenance of the site informed me that the odometer of my vehicle had been released from the factory in mph and not km/h (like 1,6 plus the regular speed of the country) for it should schedule a date in the dealership for maintenance of the vehicle. It was carried out - the schedule and future Odometer maintenance.

However due to this error of own citroen and lack of survey of manufactures, it made me have a driver's license suspended for 3 months (involving many moral and financial damages) beyond the very serious risk of life to which I was exposed as well as the whole population. Because the odometer is digital, I could never understand this failure when driving with the vehicle, as well as any of the Citroen official can attend and inspect such a problem. I joined a lawsuit in justice against Citroen and Citroen according to this failure is normal to happen, and your diagnosis and the Resolution of the problem lies solely and exclusively to the consumer, since according to this Citroen reported in the owner's manual.

Now question me what share of responsibility have a company that sends a vehicle to move in a country with pedometer running almost at twice the standardized rate in the country?? Guilt, so damage will always be solely and exclusively responsible consumers??? After paying more than 40 thousand reais in a vehicle the owner has not at least safety as a consumer in this country??? I hope with this complaint justice and consumer protection in this country!!! Like other consumers can learn from my suit and avoid suffering this kind of disorder after buying a vehicle from Citroen. And that really others don't suffer such brutality morally, financially and even psychological injury!! Also still waiting for Justice, as well as automotive companies in this country could lead to civil security and the own consumer with more seriousness and responsibility. #citroen

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2016

I bought a new Berlingo in South Africa. I had paint issues after 2 years. It took months of fighting to get it sorted. Now I have total paint failure on the entire car as a result of a defect from factory application, diagnosed by their own paint specialist. Their response is, "your warranty is for 3 years, and for that reason, we are declining your claim." I have a 12 year rust warranty. When the car rusts due to paint failure, what will they do? Tell me it was my responsibility to have the paint work properly maintained? Citroen are a bunch of crooks who should be in politics as they are brilliant at kicking you to the Kerberos once they have your money. What they don't realize is that they are losing repeat business and brand loyalty. I will never buy another Citroen, and neither will anyone I know, because I will make it my life's work to warn as many people as possible.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2016

14 years driving Citroen cars first problem. Now an ex-customer. Citroen's procedures and customer services - the worst I have ever known. 2013 brought a new 1.2 vti-vtr+ C3 at Derby Citroen. After 10 months vehicle went into service area for recall. Found to have excessive crankshaft end float. Some cars had had their timing belts come off. Engine changed 5200 miles, clutch checked, no damage, perfect, re-fitted. Taken for second service May 2015 with a minor clutch judder. 10400 miles. Car serviced and taken for test drive by technician who confirmed judder problem. Citroen then rang me and told me they would have to check clutch to find problem. Silly me thinking all this rubbish regarding warranty and 3 years peace of mind was true. Result - new clutch fitted at a cost to me of £600. Massive argument, Citroen not interested.

Managed eventually to get some paperwork about what happened that day, but had to obtain this from a customer services manager at Vertu Motors (Believe this to be Bristol street motors combined) because Citroen wouldn't supply it, kept fobbing me off. It revealed that after the test drive no pre-checks were done on the clutch system. It was stripped, found to have heat damage (Citroens documented comments) and changed because it was worn, the reason for the judder. Not being a mechanic but knowing that pre-checks should of been done I complained and told Citroen they were negligent.

I took this complaint via resolver through customer services right up to Linda ** managing director adding more and more information to support my case and hoping sooner or later I would find the right piece. I got nowhere. Citroen's customer services only comments to my complaint was that they couldn't speculate about the reasons for the failure and they didn't know why it was worn. When it was suggested to them that they talk to the service area they commented - "We don't do that". 2 WEEKS AFTER the new clutch was fitted suffered severe clutch slip while on holiday in Whitby. Citroen informed, not interested, not even acknowledged. The car not fit for purpose. Part exchanged, more financial loss.

Complaint taken to Motor Codes. Government backed but financed by the very organisations our complaints are raised against. Are they biased. Who knows but despite supplying them with documents highlighting what Citroen should have done I get a report saying that Citroen have clarified the position with the clutch. This without supplying me with one shred of evidence provided by Citroen and that I should accept their £100 goodwill payment for the inconvenience caused and my loyalty as a customer. Have now gone back at motor codes who I now seem to be fighting as well with a clutch training document from LUK.

Basically this confirms all my previously supplied information that Citroen choose to totally disregard. This document also confirms that a worn clutch is one reason not listed for clutch judder. What does this say about Citroen. Despite their claims for standards and re-liabillty they have no wish to find out why a clutch failed after 5200 miles but then again after the standard of service on this occasion can really believe that their service area is capable of diagnosing any damage that may have been present before it was re-fitted in 2014. Either I wouldn't rate my chances of a warranty repair on an engine or gearbox with them deciding if it was fair wear and tear. Incidentally I am now 62. Hardly a boy racer. Be aware and be sure I will never buy another new car of any brand and certainly never a Citroen.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 23, 2016

I booked for service for my Citroen C3 in Citroen service centre in Staples Corner. It was the worst experience. The charges are very high and they don't even cover small repair, everything extra charges. They are really arrogant and don't care about customer complaints. I don't recommend anyone to book for service in that centre. Their parts and repair charges are so high and the service so poor.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 12, 2016

My problem is simply that Citroen refuse to collect the car after the contract has ended. I contacted them in February 2016 asked Fleet Return to collect car. I explained I had lost my job. Needed the car collected and they refused on the basis the last payment wasn't due until March. I pointed out that was no problem. They could still take car and payment when due. It is now May and they have still not collected the car and want to charge me extra because it is still on my drive. I have written to the CEO and the board of Citroen and they have ignored me. No response, no acknowledgement. I would be grateful if everyone could share and put pressure on Citroen to deal with this matter. They are very good at sending threatening letters but that seems to be the limit of their interest. Thanks in advance.

A brief history of events: I went to what I believed was a reputable dealership who sold Citroen cars. I did this in the mistaken belief that I would have more protection from unscrupulous car dealers. This unfortunately has proved to be incorrect. I went through the sales process and ordered a Grey (Shark) DS4. I was quite excited as I had never before had a brand new car. I had a telephone call a few days later stating the car was not available. They could however get me a white car which was more expensive! I refused to be sold up. I cancelled the order.

I subsequently had a telephone call from the Sales Manager of the dealership saying he was sorry I had cancelled - could he help. I explained I wasn't willing or able to afford the more expensive car, that this should have been a pleasurable experience instead it was fraught and stressful. He invited me to test drive the DS4. I did not wish to appear rude or ungrateful so I agreed. I was told that I could have the more expensive vehicle and not pay the extra. I refused, because I didn't want to get into the position where I was having to renew my insurance on my present vehicle and then have to cancel it. This was going to involve me in a great deal of expense which I could ill afford. He agreed that I could have the use of vehicles owned by the dealership until the vehicle was ready.

At the time this seemed like a fair compromise. I had explained to the salesman Scott, who seemed more concerned that he got a sale so he could buy his wife some expensive wallpaper, that I needed a vehicle with at least 10,000 miles per year. He asked me during the ordering process what mileage I needed. I told him I drive at least 30 miles per day 5 days a week - anything with less than 10,000 miles would not be suitable. He said it would be fine. When I spoke to the Sales Manager, I repeated this information. He acknowledged this and said he would refer me to the Finance Manager. He arranged a date for me to come back and deal with the necessary paperwork.

When I arrived to complete the paperwork I was taken to an office with the Finance Manager Phil and I made him aware of the fact I needed at least 10,000 miles, 12,000 would be better. I also made him aware that the paperwork he had put in front of me I could not read as the typeface was too small. He told me it would be fine and that when I traded the vehicle in the mileage wouldn't matter, as long as I took another vehicle. I pointed out that I did not know what the future held that may not be possible. He merely asked me to sign the paperwork. When I later discovered that the mileage allowed was 6,000 miles, I made several telephone calls to the dealership and visits to make my concerns known. I was told by the Finance Manager he would call me (he never did) and that he would contact Citroen to see what could be done.

I was not given the opportunity to take away any paperwork or review it before signing. I was told it had to be done there and then. I do have at least one witness to this event. I was also told by the salesman Scott that the car would be cheaper to run, insure and tax, that the road tax would cost me 20 per year. I was somewhat dismayed a year after having the vehicle to discover this was completely untrue - the road tax was 120 per year. I can't say the vehicle has cost me less to insure or run. In fact I had to borrow another car to keep the mileage down. So the car sat on my drive unused because of the severely restricted mileage. I do not believe that this was cost effective having to pay for a car I could not afford to drive due to the restricted mileage.

Now you may ask what it is I am asking Citroen for. I am not asking for money, I am not asking for compensation. All I am asking is for them to remove their vehicle from my driveway. Nothing else. They are refusing to cooperate in this regard. I wrote to the CEO in the hope he would assist in resolving this. I was then contacted by a lady by the name of Maria ** Customer Care Manager who informed me that she was responding on behalf of the CEO - that my complaint would be dealt with by Nick **. I am not actually interested in making a complaint. I just want the vehicle collected. I don't want to receive any more threats that I am going to be charged for Citroen's refusal to collect the vehicle.

I like many other people before me, feel foolish having been conned into taking a vehicle which was completely unsuitable for me. I have done my best to make sure the vehicle which I asked for mileage of at 10,000 miles and not the 6,000 miles stated on the paperwork will be collected and I can walk away from this awful experience. I have no interest in pursuing Citroen or the dealership for breaking the following laws:

Sale of Goods Act - providing me with a vehicle which was unsuitable i.e. 6,000 miles per year. Common sense tells you that I would not agree such low mileage when I was expecting to do at least 8,000 miles per year - that the only way they got this past me was by putting it in such small print I could not read it without my glasses! The whole contract is in very small typeface and is difficult to read even with glasses. Misrepresentation Act - falsely stating that road tax was 20 per year and that the mileage would be fine if I traded the vehicle in and had another Citroen despite the fact they were aware I wanted a minimum of 10,000 miles.

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 - this piece of legislation is supposed to protect us, the consumer. This piece of legislation is not only here to protect us the consumer, but it can carry criminal sanctions for the trader who operates unfairly. The Office of Fair Trading prosecute for this offence. Also Trading Standards can look at the way in which the sale has been conducted. This could be for example printing a contract in such small print so it cannot be read - not making purchaser aware of any onerous terms, selling them a car which is not available etc. (false advertising).

Consumer Credit Act 1974 - under this piece of legislation anyone who purchases an item using credit can have protection and the credit company involved can be liable for the acts or omissions of the salesperson/dealership/company where they have acted improperly.

For those of you who read this and think it won't happen to you think again! It isn't just Citroen and its dealerships who act in this way. I recently spoke to a very smart gentleman who had done a lot of research and had even got as far as signing all the paperwork to then be informed, by the BMW dealership they could not provide him with the car they agreed to provide him with unless he paid an extra 5,000. He had done extensive research and gone to the dealership because this was the deal they were advertising. As far as Citroen are concerned it would appear they believe that the law does not apply to them. I am not a valued customer despite having paid them over 11,000. I am of no interest to them, I have no bargaining power and have been induced into entering into a contract for a car which was completely unsuitable for me by being provided with incorrect information and/or relevant information.

I cannot afford to buy another car, as I have lost my job and therefore it would appear I have to tolerate being the victim of a very civilised con and go away. I am mortified that I was duped in this way, but also annoyed to be treated in such a cavalier manner. I am not seeking anything from Citroen other than they collect their car from my driveway which is an obstruction. I have informed my bank about the threat to take more money and they cancelled the direct debit and told me I should send the keys back to Citroen recorded delivery.

I do believe that based on what the way they have acted that I could be entitled to compensation despite what Nick **, Customer Relations Specialist says. He ought instead of sending out a standard rejection letter enclosing a pamphlet for the FOS deal with the issues raised. Sadly it seems like many car manufacturers out there this will be another case where they throw their hands up and say they didn't know this was occurring. I have forwarded this email to not only the CEO of Citroen but also the directors so they cannot in the future claim they are not aware of the issues. Please feel free to share this information with all your Facebook Friends and fellow Twitter followers. All I am asking is to have a car removed safely.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2016

My complaint is about buying a Citroen car (C5 2016) from one of Citroen distributors in Egypt called Al-Ahmady Motors. I went to buy the new Citroen C5 from this distributor and the salesperson (Ahmed **) gave me a presentation about the car. As a result, I deposited an amount of money to reserve the car with the current price as there was a challenge in the unsuitability of the dollar price in the Egyptian market, however, we agreed about the details of the payment including the installment terms.

Unfortunately, it took me some time to sell my old car. In the meanwhile the car price raised twice and this was expected from both sides - me and him... I called him to confirm the price and I was shocked that he didn't inform me that the price raised another time, but this wasn't the case - after telling him that I am reconsidering buying the car, he reacted very aggressively and his attitude was very bad so I reacted accordingly.

I was very shocked that he was treating me like this and he insulted me at the end of the call and surprisingly he hang up the phone on my face! I am wondering how could a salesperson have the courage to treat a customer this way!? I need someone to tell me, which company's manual could support any similar attitude and under which circumstances? Really shocking. What an ugly experience...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2016

Given the fact that we owned two DS from Citroen (we all know that the DS brand is now becoming a brand on its own, but it shall remain an identity from the PSA group and Citroen), I feel the need to attest that both cars (one DS3 120 HP and one DS4 160HP Diesel) gave us tremendous satisfaction and almost trouble free experience. The very few problems that we experienced were of small nature and got resolved within 20-60 minutes. During the same period of time I personally experienced a number of problems of much greater character with an Audi A5. It may be worth mentioning as well that the DS3 also won a number of awards which also confirmed the appeal and great value of the DS range.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2015

Rude staff. Overcharging on parts and service. Slow refund on money. Unsatisfactory replies to complaints. Lies to cover up their incompetence.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2015

Bought a 2015 C1. Had it less than three hours and the brake pedal seized whilst my partner was driving with my three year old in the car. Ended up in an collision. I observed that the pedal was definitely not moving after the accident no matter how hard it was pushed and that there was brake fluid leaking from the front right hand side. Dealership took the car back and all of a sudden this brake fluid leak stopped all of a sudden. I have observed as well since the vehicle was returned that there has been something done to the car. Now I can't say if this was how it was before we initially got it from the dealership or when they had it after the accident but one of the bolts around the brake system has markings on it and the bolt is not in tight like the other one.

Citroen and the dealership are blaming us because the cars memory states nothing about the brakes being faulty. Every channel I have went down has resulted in a brick wall. Citroen don't care about safety or their customers, just their pockets. Never before have I ever had such horrific customer services. We have to go through a solicitor and get our own independent assessor in all at our own expense to prove Citroen are in the wrong. Don't be made a fool of. Get something else.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2015

I feel that Citroen SA should be removed from our country. I bought a Citreon Relay Taxi. Hasn't even done 80k on the odometer and now I'm getting specialist engineers telling me the engine needs to be replaced. The staff at Vereeniging and West Rand are really pathetic. The customer service center is a bloody joke. Citroen SA does not take responsibility for anything.... I was called by Citroen Hatfield asking me to to convince a client to purchase one of these taxis of theirs, I am glad that I managed to help a fellow citizen not to fall in the same trap I fell in, rather told him to try the new Nissan taxi. I just wish I had someone who warn me. I bought this taxi so that it can generate money for me but now I see that I'm the one generating money for it....Citroen SA is a joke! Think it's time you guys closed shop....

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2015

Having read a lot of negative reviews about Citroen warranties, here's my experience - purchased my ds3 May 2014. It's on a 10 plate so 5 years old came with a Citroen extended warranty. They has had various faults and all rectified by my main dealer Stoneaches Wrexham without any problems. They even replaced a full exhaust system because of corrosion, then I had a problem with the seats not locking back into position after someone got in the rear of the vehicle - a real pain. Contacted my dealer who advised me to contact Citroen which I did and a week later, Citroen agreed to replace both seats free of charge with all the other work done as well. I think Citroen are excellent and would not hesitate to buy another. I've been treated exceptional by both Citroen UK and Stoneaches Wrexham. Do a big thank you to you both.

Original review: March 9, 2015

After buying my DS5 I have had countless problems with it. Back and forth to dealership. Last time it was in the dealer crashed the SatNav and said I was to blame as a fuse was missing and it wasn't under warranty and I would have to pay for the repair.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2015

My electronic key for my Xsara Picasso was purchased - as part of a repair - 18 months ago. The 1cm diameter opening button has lost the plastic cover. This is an integral part of the key case moulding. To replace this will cost me 180.00!!! The customer care has been not only very poor but 2 of the Customer Care staff have been offhand, arrogant and also totally inaccurate in taking down the details. One person felt it warranted investigation and was helpful and friendly but the next person up the ladder has categorically stated that because my car is older they cannot/will not help me in anyway. The key case is defective but I refuse to pay 180 for a tiny piece of plastic. What to do next?

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2015

I became one of owned a Citroen car brand ds5. It's a very good car with a very bad agent (dealer). My story is I bought this car from 10 months ago now I face a problem with car battery, it was dead, it has been only 10 months how could the battery be failure!!! And the things which shocked me that is out of warranty, how could be a very expensive brand like ds5 and we says the original battery didn't achieve one year at least and the dealer didn't admit that is a manufacturer defect, the worst battery in the whole world should life more than one year. I want a reply from Citroen mother company. Because I am about to changing my mind about the quality of this car and I will spread my experience about my case. Thanks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2014

I bought a brand new DS5 Citroen 7 month ago. Now it is 10000 km on the road. Driving my car on a high way 120 km/h, two right tires exploded front and back. The car was about to turn upside down, I controlled the car thank God. For a 10000 km used tires to explode is an issue. After that my trip with the spare parts, shock absorber (1), wheels (2) and two other parts which I don't know the name in English, it cost me 3000 $ for something I am not responsible about, and they did not want to admit it's a manufacturer mistake of tires.

Anyhow I paid just to use the car but for my shock, the car still in a very bad condition and then they said “You have to go to another service center for more investigation.” Am sorry to say Citroen is the worst car manufacturers and services. I want my money back. I will never buy a Citroen again and I will never recommend for anyone and I will tell the story to anyone I meet and write it on Facebook and Twitter. I will do my best to let everyone knows how bad is Citroen.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2014

Safety defect with wipers motors. Both wiper motors need replacing. Total cost incl labor is near 800euro. Citroen know of this fault as they recalled a number of cars worldwide under a certain Vin number. However the defect is still present in all MK3 C5. I have had 23 Citroens all with faults that I would just get repaired, however this is our last Citroen due to the situation of wipers failing and cost of replacement motors on a known defect. Citroen will not help with this. Citroen, look at the feedback all over the world. You're running away from your issues, not addressing them correctly.

Original review: Sept. 26, 2013

Did not tell price for car inspection and new tires. Tried to get that information several times.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2012

15 weeks ago I bought a used C4 from Springfield Gateshead for 6000... Since then it has been into the garage five times (all different faults) costing a total of over 1000 pounds (The garage did pay for this out of good will.). On Saturday, 14th of July a fault game on again and once again we had to take the car back to the garage. I was so angry with this so I told them that I didn’t want the car back as it was unreliable for me, for my job. They did agree to take it back. Now I have to wait until another car comes in on budget, which could take weeks, months? They also said that car, that I had so many problems with, that they took 6000 off me, is now going to be sold at an auction as it has had so many different problems... So why did they sell it to me?!

Original review: Feb. 26, 2012

I have never been so let down in my life. What was supposed to be our dream car turned into a financial nightmare covered in lies and deception. We purchased a C4 VTS Coupe in 2010. This car is a really nice car but in South Africa it has no value.

Citroen failed to inform us that the C4 VTS is not recognized in SA, and this means that we cannot trade it in for a legitimate value. I will never recommend a Citroen to anyone and will definitely not shed a tear when the rest of SA finally sees Citroen for what it is.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2012

I bought the Citroen DS4 HDi 160 Sport in McCarthy Citroen Garage East Rand on December 9th 2011. After a few days, I discovered that my car is faulty. I made an appointment with McCarty Workshop and when I arrived there, I find out that the technician could not help me because they don't have the necessary software. New appointment has been set up on 11/10/2011 and from that date, the car was already eight times for repair in McCarthy Workshop for the period of one up to two weeks for every repair.

Each time my car came back after repair from the Workshop, I found that one problem was fixed up then other appeared. From the reason of long distance between my accommodation and McCarthy Workshop, as well as the tests after each repairing the mileage grew very fast. At present the car has less than 9000 km on the clock from which maybe I drove half of that. This car is not any more the Citroen made in France but it is some folding in South Africa. From five weeks, the car is again in Citroen S.A Workshop and I'm still waiting for them to solve the problem. Information from Miss Jermaine ** (Customer Relations Supervisor) is that the best specialists from Citroen S.A. were working on it and in according to my knowledge the car is still out-of-order.

Citroen S.A. in the meantime rented for me a Toyota Corolla 1.6 basic version (I'm still paying R6500 every month for the luxury car) just to silence me. My demand for exchanging the faulty car for a new one or the repayment of my money was totally ignored. As a result of the existing situation, I asked for help and my lawyer sent an e-mail to Mr. Chris ** (General Manager of Citroen S.A.) asking for assistance on this matter but unfortunately, to this time, he didn't receive any reply.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2012

Citroen Berlingo had to have the electric window repaired three times; each time, it is a small plastic clip. But I have to but the whole mechanism and new motor just to get the clip. Citroen promised to refund 50% of the costs for the 3 repairs/parts, then changed to only the last one. No one replies to mail. I will never buy Citroen again, despite being a life-long Citroen driver. Disgraceful customer service.

Original review: Dec. 6, 2011

I went into Citroen in Doncaster and bought a 2008 second-hand car. I was told there were two warranty packages; one being basic, and the other, a top package that covers everything I would ever need. So I took out the top package at a cost of $700 for 12 months. After 2 weeks of having the car, there was a knocking noise coming from the front end so I took the car back.

They said it was the top bearing plates but they will not pay as they don't cover moving parts. Hmm. My gear box is covered and that's a moving part, so is a lot of other parts that are covered but these are not. Where do I stand on getting this repaired? I would never deal with Citroen again. The customer service is terrible and the staff is arrogant. When you have a problem, they just laugh.

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Original review: May 12, 2011

I am a Citroen fan, my first car was 2001 XARA, then I went for 2007 C4 GRAND PICASSO Diesel. It is now 103000KM. It is my family car. I always take care about the service and always paying lot of attention to avoid any problems. Few months ago, I found that the motor is losing the oil. I went to the service center asked to check the matter. They changed the oil but could not found a clear reason for losing oil. We agreed to follow up the matter and return back in case it happened again, but it happened again and I went to them direct. They asked me to leave the car for 10 days.

They have to dismount all the motor to see whats wrong and added that 95% they will have to make a full motor repair. Sure I was shocked that a Citroen diesel motor will need full repair after 103000,00 KM. I asked them if they can accept trade in with new car but they refused. They asked to pay for the repair then they will think about the trade in.

I have faced similar problem with AUDI but they paid 50% as good well. But it seems that Citroen got no good well and never cares about their customers. They just want to sell their cars and send the customer to the nearest hell. Is there any one who went to Citroen Hell before can help me finding my way out?

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2010

Reference is made to the captioned subject, as well as to my herein under e-mail that was sent also under this subject matter. Although there was no response to my previous herein under e-mail, I'm sending this e-mail also to state the deficiency and the reliability of such Service Center like Citroen. In July 2010 I went to Citron (Ezz El-Arab) in order to change the Actuator of my car (C3 Pluriel).

In September 2010 the same defect that was in the Actuator has appeared again. Accordingly I went again to Citron in order to change the Actuator as it is still in the warranty period (12 months), After the car was inspected by Citron they told me the following "This voice (the defect) will not affect the performance of the car/actuator and we will not change it on Citron's cost" "Why should I accept to pay EGP 2,500 and have the same defect whether it will affect the car's performance or not".

Moreover, in January 2010 I have changed the car's battery in Citron and in September 2010 it broke down. So I went to Citron in order to change it but they told me the following "The Warranty for the car's battery is 3 months". How come when I change the battery from a place outside Citron I get a 12 months Warranty, while when I change it from Citron I get only 3 months warranty. Finally, please be informed that during the period I spent dealing with Citron Service Center I've been totally affected in a bad way, for example: All the time wasted for going and returning back from Citron Service Center regarding the same defects. All the money spent on taxis for going and returning back from my work (60 Kilometers), while the car is in the Service Center to be fixed several times.

Being absence many days from my work as well as my college in order to deliver the car to the Service Center, etc. Towards this, I'd like to inform Citron that I'll make sure that no one I know will ever repeat the same mistake I did when I bought a car from such brand (Citron) Once again, please. if anyone still cares about Citron Customer Satisfaction, please do your work and contact me immediately in order to figure out a way to compensate a really dissatisfied customer as this acts are totally not acceptable from a respectable, Large & Strategic Company like Citron. Please acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail (Complaint) as well as your intention to reply, in order to act accordingly, Anticipating your reply/call within the next 2 days Regards,

This e-mail (Complaint) is sent to whom may be concerned with Citroen's Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty First of all let me introduce myself: my name is Khaled ** and I’m an owner of Citroen C3 Pluriel 2005 (Citroen's Customer) On Saturday 26-12-2009 I went to Citroen Service Center (El Ezz for Service Centers, SAE, Main Service km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Egypt) for conducting the following services:

Changing upon Citroen's advice because of the irregularity of the car's movement. Changing the Actuator upon Citroen's advice because of the existing of a very loud sound in the front of the car. 60 KM Service after 1 day I called Citroen in order to ensure that the first 2 items had been changed, but they told me that they are not changed because they found to be working properly and there is nothing wrong with them. And the two reasons for your complaints were the (Car's Battery & something in the wheels) so I told them to change both of them. (Because I trust Citroen)

So upon this notification and after being sure that there is high cost (L.E 5,000) had been removed from my prepared budget. I started to change a lot of minor (unimportant) things in the car. And luckily for me the car was ready after 2 weeks (for performing the 60 km service and other minor things). Any way; after informing me that the car is ready, I went to get the car on Saturday 9-01-2010 at 9:00 am, and after finishing an internal problem I received the car at 4:00 pm.

Anyway, on 10-01-2010 the same complaints that were the main two reasons for me to go to Citroen Service Center (irregularity of the car's movement & the Sound) have appeared again, so I called an engineer at Citroen, informed him with what happened and told him that I'll come back to Citroen on Saturday16-01-2010 because of my work conditions. On Saturday 16-01-2010 I went again to Citroen Service Center, gave them the car, and went back to my work, then after 2 or 3 hours I called them to check on the car's condition, and heard the following sentence: (The car's Actuator and the Clutch need to be changed because they are defective), and you have to change them (L.E 5,000) N.B: one of the minor things that I changed in the car was #2 Window buttons because I have been told that they should go up and down from one touch.

Then after changing them it appeared that they were wrong and the window only goes down by one touch, but I told them this is not important to re-change them again, without complaining. This was just to illustrate the way I treated Citroen and the way Citroen treated me (Customer). Hope that there is someone who still considers that the word (Customer) is important and still cares about Citroen's Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. You are kindly requested to feedback the appropriate action that will be taken regarding the captioned situation. Please acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail (Complaint) as well as your intention to reply. Best Regards

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Original review: Sept. 2, 2010

I have a new Citroen Berlingo that has only 14000 km on the clock. I took it for repair at the dealer that supplied me the car. This was on 4th August 2010. I was told that it could not be repaired until September as it is impossible to obtain parts in Spain in August. I then sent the following e-mail to the Citroen Customer Complaints site.

The car radio is faulty with no Bluetooth and no USB connection etc. The problem I am told is part 6574RL. I have been told that it is impossible to obtain this part until September from Gran Canaria. I do not see why this part cannot be obtained direct from Citroen. The warranty is worldwide, so why should a customer have to wait to have a car repaired. I would not expect to wait this amount of time to have a simple radio Bluetooth repair solved.

The Company Official Citroen Dealer that I brought the car from is as follows: Moviauto **, Calle Yuco No 7 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas , Spain. I would like your help to obtain this part to enable me to enjoy the car that I have brought. I await your comments. I had no response apart from automated emails and have followed the email up with various other emails. To date, 2nd September, I still have no response from Citroen. I think that if a company has a site the least that they should do is contact the customer.

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Original review: June 10, 2010

I bought a secondhand C4 Grand Picasso from Citroen Hatfield in Jan. 2009. I was told by a salesman that it was a great car, and it had no problems, and the original owner found the car too big for him. During the 16 months we have owned this vehicle, it has been back to the dealer for a few repairs under warranty, which included new suspension parts. All repairs were done under warranty. The service manager was very helpful and gave excellent customer service. In May this year, the gearbox disintegrated. Upon inspection, it was found that a bearing was faulty, and this had broken up and destroyed the gearbox. The car is now 4 months outside its warranty, with 52,000 miles. The service manager it said should not have happened, and to speak to Citroen UK customer care, as he believes a new gearbox should be supplied FOC, and the most we would have to pay, would be for the labor. I spoke to Ramon at CUK, who said that no goodwill gesture would be made, as the car is already outside the warranty period. When questioned if he thought it was reasonable for a major component on a Citroen vehicle, to only last 3 years. He back tracked, and said he would await the technical report, before making any offers if any.

The following week, Ramon called to ask if I have heard from the dealer. CUK was not going to give any goodwill. He said that the service manager, Richard, had sent the technical report to CUK. We have not received anything. I told him that it was emailed, as I was speaking to the service manager. All of a sudden we have it. The dealer is willing to make a goodwill gesture, which CUK will also match, plus more. I asked Ramon what the cost would then be to ourselves, and was told that the cost of repair was at least 5,000, and we would be expected to pay 2,500 plus VAT. I told him that I thought this was excessive, and he told me to speak to the dealership for an accurate price. I spoke to Richard at Citreon Hatfield, who said the repair would cost more than 5,000, but again thought that CUK should still supply the gearbox FOC. He gave us a courtesy car in the meantime, telling us not to worry, and continue in dialogue with CUK. I asked him if there had been any previously reported problems with the car before we purchased it, which he replied there was none that he could see, but that there was no 'electronic' records on the computer systems for the car, apart from those that had been inputted by his service department, which he thought was odd.

I managed to contact the previous owner, who gave me the gory details about the car, from being new in his ownership. It turns out that the car had been returned to Citroen Scarborough on three occasions, with trouble from the transmission, and on two occasions, had the clutch and flywheel replaced. After the third time, and with the gearbox still not right, he tried to trade it in back at the original seller, Citroen Scarborough. Initially, they said that they would not part exchange the vehicle, because they knew of the gearbox/transmission problems! They then offered him a price so low, that he could not possibly accept. He managed to trade in the car with a BMW dealer at a much higher and usual amount, but did not tell them of any problems. Obviously, the BMW dealer then put the car back through the trade, as is usual.

I tried to contact Richard at Citroen Hatfield to tell him this info. Sadly, it transpired he had suddenly died two days previously. I told the person who was now taking over of what we learned, and he said that he would get the regional manager to contact us. A person called David called, who is now taking charge of after sales at Citroen Hatfield. He thinks that it ludicrous for us to expect any compensation, as the vehicle is over 3 years old, and is now out of warranty. He believes that the sale of goods act is not applicable, because their warranty was superior, and that the car has suddenly got previous history of faults and repairs, but they are not obliged to make this known, and would never tell a potential purchaser.

I asked him if he would like to put this in writing, along with what they were going to charge for repair. He has refused to do this, and in fact back tracked with regards to the service history, saying that if we had asked for it, it would have been supplied. I pointed out to him that we were told the car had no previous problems by the salesman, at the time of purchase, and also the previous service manager said that there was none recorded. I was then told that if I did not agree to have the repair done (which he will not give me a cost for), he will charge me storage for the vehicle, and rental for the courtesy car. Again, I asked him if he would put this 'threat' on paper. He again refused.

I am now awaiting a call from Ramon at Citroen UK HQ, as all through this saga. I received a call from Ramon, telling me the cost will be 2,250 plus VAT. I cannot comment about being sold the car, and the sale of goods act, as not legally trained. He will send in writing CUK's proposals, with regards to repair and goodwill in writing, but would not comment on my conversation with David. I am awaiting proposal in writing, from Ramon. I told him I may agree to pay for repair, and then take them to court for reimbursement, under the sale of goods act, due to mis-selling, and durability of product. Mentally, this has been very stressful for myself and my wife, and without the 'goodwill gesture', a financial burden to us of nearly 50% on top of the price we paid for a vehicle, after just 16 months of use.

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Original review: April 21, 2010

My car, a Citroen Xsara Picaso, has been at the dealer's for faulty brakes since 29 October 2009. Since then, the brake shoes was replaced, the master cylinder was replaced, twice, brakes were tuned in on a computer, the booster was replaced. Every time, they promised that the brakes would be fixed. And just last week, they told me that the ABS Pump had to be replaced. This is totally unacceptable.

I am paying for their education and mistakes. I have faxed my complaint through to Citroen Customer Services but up to now, nothing positive has been done. I was told several times that I must go fetch my car (and pay for everything) because they can't fix the brakes. This is unbelievable. I am a pensioner, 71 years old. I am not good at handling this kind of stress. I have to rely on others for transport. I am exhausted. The cost up to now is about R10 927-00 not including the latest R16 000-00. So total cost would be R 26 927-00.

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2010

Since my initial complaint, I must say that there has been a major improvement in attitude from the service manager Trevor **, and that he has done every thing possible to address the warranty issues. I am still waiting for the repairs to be completed but this is more as a result of the delay by Citroen in approving the warranty work and supplying the parts than any delay by the dealership. I would therefore like to say that despite the reliability problems of the Citroen product, I feel that this particular service manager should be commended.

Original review: Jan. 30, 2010

I own a Citroen Relay Van Turbo Diesel - 12 months old, mileage 40000, serviced in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. When the engine exploded and seized during my day's work as a delivery driver, the vehicle was recovered to Citroen franchise Evans Halshaw in York. After a long delay of 2 weeks, Citroen finally agreed to replace the engine under warranty. Two more weeks passed and I received a call to inform me that the engine had been fitted but that after testing, the clutch was not working properly. I told them that the clutch was working fine prior to the engine problem. Their unhelpful response was that they only had my word for that as they had not driven the vehicle, obviously, as the engine had seized 20 odd miles away!

However, the real con trick was to quote me $990 for a new clutch! I told them they must be joking as the problem has obviously occurred during the engine exchange and that I was not prepared to accept this. An hour later, I received another call to say that they could miraculously reduce the price by $200. This just shows how dodgy they are and how they try to rip customers off. I still thought this figure was far too high and phoned around to receive three quotes ranging from $350 to $390 from independent van specialists, including one which employed a Citroen/Peugeot Master Technician. I visited this man and was informed that the problem would have been caused by not resetting the self-adjusting clutch before refitting it. It is quite a common mistake.

Armed with all this research, I contacted Evans Halshaw who refused to accept any responsibility and only wanted to know where I had obtained the information. Eventually, I found time to meet the "service manager" Trevor **. I might as well have met the cleaner, he was less than helpful steadfastly refusing to admit any possible responsibility. I asked why they did not inspect the clutch before refitting it and he said it looked okay --duh! As a final offer, I suggested that they could replace the clutch at cost but to no avail. I have removed the van to the Citroen specialist, so that at least the Pendragon Group will not benefit in the slightest from their blatant attempt to profit from their own blundering mechanics.

I did contact the utterly useless, toothless, pathetic Citroen Customer Service and spoke to a person called Ramon who informed that they have no sanction or facility to represent their customers in a dispute with a dealer. I wonder what they actually do, why they exist and why they are paid?

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