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I was in the CITGO Gas station, in Greensboro, NC on Martin Luther King Street on the corner of Julian st. and Mccullough Street, approximately 7:45 am on Jan 01/09/16. When I went into the store I went to the aisle to see if they had any Nekot peanut butter crackers and they did not have them. So went to the counter to ask for change. When I approached the counter the cashier asked me to take the things out of my pocket, because I took something out of his cooler. I told him I did not go to the cooler. I did not have any thing on me and he asked me to take the things out of my other pocket which was only my cell phone. I was sooo embarrassed. This was done in front of the customers in the store. I will never return to that store again, ever. No one has to be treated that way. I will contact someone further on this matter.

Went into the Maywood location on 1st Avenue. I was promptly told to take my dog outside. I have a Service Dog and yes, she was wearing a vest. I let the individual know we had a Federal right to be in any location I went into. After this, I stated to the individual they should call the police. After doing what I needed, I was then told to wait outside due to the customer flow - there were NONE! Will never go into a Citgo again and will let everyone I know to stay away.

CITGO of Rt. 22, Whitehouse Station, NJ - I always go to this gas station when I have an opportunity because of the cheap prices. Yesterday, a new young Egyptian employee was there. He was making friendly conversation to me which I found unusual. When it was time for me to pay, I gave him 2 $20 bills, and he intermediately switched them for a $20 and a $1. He claimed I was short and that I needed it to give him more money. I was pretty sure the amount I gave but after confronting him 3 times over and over, it was no way to prove it. I paid and I left. I am not certain if I will ever come back there but I hope to warn another people and see if someone else had a similar experience.

Regarding the CITGO Gas Station located at 17500 Kedzie Ave in Hazel Crest, Illinois: No public restrooms. Advertised price on the billboard was $2.99/gallon, while the actual price at the pump was $3.08/gallon. Prepaid $40 to fill the tank, only took $35, and the owner refused to refund the difference.

It was March 14th this year I was out of gas and pass by the store. Guy charged me 25 bucks on my debit card but when I used the pump was out of gas. I came back to the store and he promised me he was going to refund the money. I haven't received it yet.

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Hello, My name is **. I was a customer at the Citgo Gas station on 67th and Cottage Grove, Chicago, IL and I was attacked by your cashier. He was upset that I called him stupid and attacked me with a knife. I was knocked to the floor as the security person tried to keep the cashier from cutting me. I filed a police report and CPD is investigating as I am vigorously going to pursue that charges be filed against the employee. This entire incident was captured on video camera. I was informed that a detective will contact me as soon as the tape is reviewed. I cant believe this happened to me and I'm pretty shook up now. This incident occurred on 3/09 aprox. 11:15pm. Please contact me regarding this incident.

I asked for $20.00 worth of gas and charged on my credit card. He filled the tank up. When I told him that I only wanted $20.00, he said “No big deal; you will use the gas up anyway.” My credit card was already at the top limit and now the credit card will be charged for going over my limit. I am a senior and cannot afford these unnecessary charges due to his negligence. CITGO, 504 Monmouth Rd, Clarksburg, NJ 08510.

Citgo's at 311 Webster in Montgomery IL... Is now charging customers MORE (!!!) MONEY... to use their credit cards. This is an outrage. It's bad enough Americans pay way TOO MUCH for gas... TO be charged extra for using your credit card .... is CORPORATE GREED!!! I'm a taxi driver and I spend thousands at Citgo's every year. Not sure if the Citgo's owner is behind this, or the greedy corporate pigs, either way, I know it's a matter of time before the rest of the (gas pigs) BP, Mobiles and the Shells, ETC do the same. FOR THIS I PERSONALLY WILL NEVER NEVER EVER, BUY ANYTHING FROM ANY CITGOS ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN....

Got gas using my debit card and was charged extra 1.00 on my debit bill from Citgo. Never using that gas station in McFarland, WI.

Used my Citgo card today, should have been charged cash price, was charged 5 cents more for using my card which Citgo corporate office in Houston confirmed that they should not have done that. When I questioned the guy in the gas station, he spoke to another worker where the two of them began to tell me. "That's how it is". I started using my card at this station as when I used cash in the past, they tell me they don't have change. They say their safe is locked and they have no way of getting to the cash. I will definitely be going to a different gas station. I am in the process of filing a report and will be in touch with the Dept of Consumer Affairs.

I went to a Citgo station in Eatontown, NJ. I asked the man for $20 regular, cash. He went into the building. My husband turned around to see it was up to $30. He came out and said I had to pay for the extra gas. I said it was his fault and I should not have to pay. He said I had to, so like fool I paid. I said it was his fault. He said he was eating lunch. I want my $10 back.

My daughter went for gas and they were charging $4.12! Last night they were charging $3.76. They are taking advantage of the current situation and this is wrong!

I recently realized when I use the on pump card reader with my bank issued debit card, it automatically defaults to credit card price. I only noticed this recently. Now I have to check the price, reswipe, and request debit. I wonder how many times this occurs. Most people just swipe and go, not noticing the price per gallon. At 5 cents a gallon more, it could be a huge money maker for them since there is no credit card fees associated with a debit transaction.

Flemington, NJ CITGO, 222 Route 202: I didn't have a credit card on me so I asked that I be given $10 regular gas which I paid in cash. I drive a Prius. So even at today's gas prices, it would translate to about 2.6 gallons, enough for me to go 100 miles or about a third of a tank. The Prius has bars that indicated the amount of gas in the car (In NJ, we don't pump our own gas). The person manning the pump blocked it so I couldn't see what it said. He was angry when I asked for a receipt. When I drove away, the bar never budged. In other words, I believe he pocketed the cash and never gave me the gas.

In your Citgo Store, Wilson, NC, in the Brentwood neighborhood, the manager, Melissa, as it says on her name tag, is publicly berating the people she works with. This has not been a one-time incident, nor a one employee alone situation. It makes it most unpleasant to go into the store where I have been a customer for a number of years. I am not alone in this complaint, as there are several of us that have seen this unprofessional behavior. I suggest, you have a chat with her, or you are going to lose quite a few customers at this location. No one enjoys going in for coffee and a snack, or filling up, during the day when she is there.

Somebody is selling corn on the corner of CITGO property. Someone is also cleaning windshields when you drive in. Store is on the corner of Goliath and Pecan Valley.

I just purchased a gallon of 2% milk and a $3 scratch lottery ticket at the Citgo on the corner of Talcottville Rd and Reagan Rd in Vernon. The change due was $3.71. The cashier gave me $3.70 back. As I was putting my change back into my wallet, I actually counted the change because I didn't see a penny amongst the coins and I was pretty sure he didn't round up and give me 4 extra cents back. So I looked up at him and asked for the penny, and without saying a word, he took one out of the extra penny pile next to the register and handed it to me. This has happened to me more than once and I am tired of just walking away aggravated. I can only imagine how many people this happens to on a daily basis...thousands. Those pennies add up and I am pretty sure all this extra revenue isn't being reported to the government. That will be my next step!

This morning at 8:55 a.m., I purchased $10 worth of regular gas. Whereupon, the attendant stated he refused to accept my debit card purchase if I did not fill up. My tank costs me $50 to fill, and with the high prices, I rarely, if ever, fill the tank. I explained to him that I purchase my gas, as well as cigarettes, at this station at least four times a week - my place of employment is around the corner.

As I explained this to him, he proceeded to rant on me that "you people are lucky this gas is cheap, and "in India they're paying $6 a gallon, you don't know how good you have it here, etc., etc., babbling on in a loud voice about America, and a few other racial epitaphs I could not understand because of his thick Hindi accent. In closing, he wound up accepting my debit card and I drove off to work, leaving him still ranting about his horrible life in America, and heard a few more racial slurs that included the word "white" in it. Other attendants there are very pleasant to deal with. Thank you.

Negative five stars! I had an awful, terrible, and aggravating experience at the Citgo Jonesboro in Bessemer, AL. They charged me twice for the same transaction telling me it won't be charged twice. They kept telling me to come back the next day. With each day I am spending gas money. I was told to bring the checking account information for proof. I did that and they still said to come back.

They're a very bad business which I won't ever, ever, ever want my worst enemy to be dealing with.

I purchased a pack of Newport 100's in a box (cigarettes) at between 3:30pm & 4:30pm and when I opened them, the filters were brown and appeared to be like they were smoked or wet. So me not knowing what the cause was or the freshness, I returned to the store to exchange the damaged pack for a new pack at about 5pm. When I got in the store, the owner was busy checking out customers so I spoke to his wife about my complaint. She told me to wait and speak with her husband so I did.

He told me, “No you did not buy these cigarettes from here". I informed him that I did on numerous occasions and he said, "Well, you didn't buy them from me, I didn't sell them to you". He refused to exchange them or refund me my money. Then the owner asked, "Where's your receipt? Who sold them to you?”. I told him that I never receive nor do I ever wait for one for cigarettes and I didn't think it'll be a problem since I was a long-time regular customer for cigarettes.

So I left out of the store and as I was leaving I saw the employee that sold me the cigarettes. I asked him if he could please come in and explain to the owner that I did indeed buy from him. When the employee informed the owner that I was truthful they, owner and his wife, became confrontational and told me, "Well, we don't get refunded for our products so if you have a problem with the cigarettes, you need to take it up with the cigarette company".

So I took photos of their store and I told them I will be posting them on YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc. and tell the world about their customer service and the problem at hand. The owner and his wife then said sarcastically, "Okay, that's fine, thank you, you do that then", and I replied with an attitude, “Oh, don't worry! I will”. I left the store and after I left, I remembered consumer affairs so I returned to the store to write down the name and address of the business.

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