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Transmission, transmission, transmission. How Chrysler pushed such a piece of garbage on its American consumers is a disgrace. I will NEVER purchase another Chrysler again. The worst part is after they "rebuild" it, the rebuilt transmission goes and by that time your warranty is over and you are screwed. Town and Country, 50,000 miles and second transmission is going. Thank You Chrysler... You did well by your consumers... Great job!

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2 transmissions, 4 repairs. Not one transmission lasted the warranty they came with. Chrysler said that each time they had to repair it, is was a gift from them. First one at 31,535, 2nd at 31,600, 3rd at 78,800, and 4th at 115,000. They don't take responsibility for their work or products.

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I have a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. I purchased it three years ago when it had 25,000 miles. Currently, it has 63,295 miles. I brought it to the dealership two weeks ago for a recall and told them about a noise I was hearing in the steering column. I was told that my transmission would need to be replaced. The planetary gears were completely destroyed and a new transmission was the only way to fix the problem. We wanted to bring it to our local mechanic but were told that because the transmission was apart, we couldn't drive it.

I called Chrysler to see if they would extend my warranty to cover this problem. They reviewed my case and declined to help because they said I did not replace transmission fluid at 30,000 and 60,000 miles and therefore made the warranty void. I have looked in all documentation from Chrysler and nowhere does it state that the transmission fluid needs to be replaced at 30,000 miles. We paid $4500 for a new transmission on a 2008 car. I am angry that Chrysler wouldn't give us anything towards this problem. In no way would the planetary gears be affected by replacing the transmission fluid or not. This is clearly a manufacturer issue and I, as the consumer, paid immensely for it.

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In econo mode, the Chrysler transmission has a hard shifting point. The dealer said Chrysler knows about it but doesn't know how to fix it. Their fix at this point was to do something electronically to the trans. It didn't work. Now the engine noise is louder and the shifting is still the same. It's a brand new van and I have to wait for them to come up with something. Can I invoke the Lemon Law?

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We were stranded for four hours from home when our 2008 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan (with less than 20,000 miles) failed, due to a faulty transmission. The transmission was covered under warranty, but we were kept waiting for two days for the repair. We were away from home, so we required food and lodging. I was by the Chrysler dealership making the repair that the expenses for our stay would be reimbursed by Chrysler Customer Care. I submitted all expenses (totaling $581.86) to Chrysler Customer Care on July 27, 2011 by certified mail, and was notified on August 8, 2011 by phone that my claim had been denied. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told no one was available and that I'd be given a call back. The call never came; I followed up by phone for three days running and finally reached a supervisor today (8/10/11), who also told me the claim was denied.

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I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan with 57,000 miles. While driving, the car started making a loud grinding noise and then died. I am told by the local dealer (Palmer South in Indianapolis) that the entire transmission must be replaced at a cost of approximately $2000.

My 1989 Chrysler minivan had two transmission replacements during the warranty period. All Chrysler has done to improve its transmission is to make it last past the warranty period. Jensen told me that it was my fault that I didn't purchase extended coverage. I think that it is Chrysler's fault to make a defective product -- had it not been defective I would not have needed extended coverage to have it replaced. Jensen refused to tell me what the life of a Chrysler transmission is and told me that nobody at Chrysler could tell me that.

I think people deserve to know when they buy a Chrysler that the transmission is going to die and leave them stranded. Jensen asked if I had the transmission service required by the owner's manual and whether I had the receipt. I told him that I thought I did have the receipt. After a long wait, he returned to the phone and said because I had no previous trouble with the transmission, because the A.T. service was not done at a Chrysler dealer and because I was out of warranty, I was out of luck. From his canned response, it was evident that I am not the only one with this problem.

Certainly we should expect a transmission to last longer than 57,000 miles. How come non-Chrysler vehicles don't need transmission replacements? The scary thing is that I now have a rebuilt transmission that probably failed on somebody else and somebody else will get my transmission!


My complaint is against Chrysler Corp. as a whole. Specifically their recall policy. This vehicle was purchased and I bought an extended warranty.

At 50,000 the transmission failed and left my wife, two daughters, a friend and her daughter stranded on a major Interstate. I got good road side assistance and the van was towed to the local dealer. ...

I know of seven people who have had transmission trouble with these vans and Chrysler is not doing what they should to solve the problem.

Am I to expect the transmission to fail after 50,000 miles? Does my extended warranty now cover this until I reach 60,000 miles on this transmission?

I am concerned that the vehicle is not reliable. I am concerned that my money is not well spent.

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