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I owned my 2010 Town and Country for only 6 months. 2 weeks ago I was driving on the highway when a rapid slow down happened in front me. Everyone slowed in time, to about 20 miles per hour, except the Ford F-150 behind me. Who rear ended me at 60-70 Miles per hour. I was driven into the Dodge Ram in front of me and struck them at 30-40 miles per hour.

Not one of the Airbags in my vehicle deployed. My Minivan was totaled out with $10,200 in damage without opening it up to see what damage was hidden under the Body Parts. The body shop said we were in the 15-20 K Range due to the interior damage and unibody damage. My rear unibody frame was punched in all the way to the gas tank, and compacted over 3 inches! My front end had a torn bumper and the hood folded up along with more frame damage to the frame supports for the bumper.

30 Minutes before the accident, my 15 year old son had been sitting in the rear row. We laid it down and loaded a couple boxes in it, and he moved to the front seat. Had we not moved him, he would be dead. The F-150 had roll bars on the front of his vehicle that actually folded up my tailgate and punched it in far enough that the tailgate would have slammed into the back of any one's head who was sitting in the rear bench seat. Had I not struck the vehicle in front of me, I would have face planted into the steering wheel. Only the 2nd impact threw me back in time. As it was I broke my hand and wrist on the steering wheel. Both my son and I sustained whiplash and several deep bruises to the head and neck from flying objects and glass.

As far as force goes, this should have been 2-3x the force required to deploy Airbags. Most frontal airbags will deploy at 14mph front impact into a Concrete Barrier. I was still moving at 20 to 30 MPH when I was rear ended, which slammed into the back of the aptly named Ram. I own a Dodge Ram and this was my second Chrysler Town & Country. I will never buy one again. My Luck, they just gave me a Chrysler Town & Country as a rental. I'm scared to even put my kids in it.

Dodge Dakota airbag replacement - I first was notified of my recall in October of 2015. I went to a Dodge dealer and registered to have my vehicle repaired. This was on October 18, 2015. I was told I would be notified when the part arrived. The 1st of May 2016, I was called and told I had 7 days to respond or the part would be given to someone else. I made an appointment for May 4, 2016 at 9:30 AM.

When I arrived I was told it would only take a short time to do the repair but had to leave the vehicle because they were swamped and had to work it in when there was room. So much for the appointment. I was later called to say the recall part was done but in taking off the horn and bag cover it was cracked and needed replacement. Because of this I had to leave the vehicle overnight so they could secure the necessary part and complete the repair. Of course the airbag recall was covered but it cost me $304.00 for a new cover. This is apparently where the recall part was located. I had to okay this repair since what else was I going to do. I feel this should have also been covered either by the manufacturer causing the problem or the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Airbags!!! Jeep still stalls, trans problem!!! Nothing being reported to!!! On this 2008 Jeep Patriot!!! Still having problems with this!!!

I posted before on my Takata Airbag deploying without hitting anything in one of my 2 Dodge Vipers. I did the recall on the other. In June of 2015, in a heavy rainstorm, my car hit a large part of a blown truck tire at 50 mph. on the Interstate. The impact split my lower spoiler. Being in traffic and trying to avoid being hit by a Semi or end up in a multi car pile up, I did a spin out and went off the highway backwards down a steep embankment and into the woods. The severe pounding the car took, ended up with bending the FRAME by 1 inch among multiple other damages. Both my wife & I had our seat belts on, and were bounced around severely. NO AIRBAGS deployed!!!

Experts all agree that there is NO way that the Airbags should not have deployed had they have been functional. Impact that bends the frame of a car is Major. All this with a recall to fix the problem and now a second recall to fix the first. It's believed that the 1st recall actual disconnected the system. Since Feb 5th, the GOV has been fining Takata $14,000 a day until the fix is done. That's nothing but a drop of water in the bucket. It's all about MONEY. Takata could at the very least, take one part out of every 5 made for recalls, but they don't care. Recall parts take a back seat to new cars. This could be the answer why Takata Execs are better protected than our President. People are dead, crippled and maimed. I'm now 65 and finally getting correct medical attention, but in many cases, my body has deteriorated and my lifespan is in doubt.

In November 2014, my boyfriend bought a brand new 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas. I was in Oklahoma at the time and he drove the truck 10 hours to where I was. On December 30th, he took me for a ride in his new truck and then we went back home. He parked the truck in the driveway and he was wiping down the inside of his truck and all of a sudden, the airbags deployed for no apparent reason. The airbags in the side of the driver and passenger seats and the airbags in the headliner of the truck all deployed. The truck was brand new, there was not a single scratch on it. After talking to multiple people and even contacting Chrysler, we received a letter saying that the vehicle sensed a rollover which caused the airbags to deploy.

Insurance came out and looked at the truck and it's obvious there is no damage from any kind of accident. Insurance said they will cover the damage caused from the airbags but not the airbags themselves which is the most expensive part. It's estimating at 3800 to get his truck out of the shop. The warranty apparently doesn't cover this situation. All I can think is we are lucky to not have been driving the vehicle when this happened. We just want to know why this happened and what we can do about it.

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Hit by person who ran red light. Hit in front driver's wheel area. Have a 2012 Town & Country van and no air bags deployed, not even side air bags. Husband sustained bruising (thankful that's all) on left leg. Struts were destroyed and over $10,000 damage done to car. Police were surprised to find air bags had not deployed. Why not????

In December 13th 2013 I was in a bad car wreck with another 2007 Jeep Patriot and I was driving a 2000 Jeep Commander. The gentleman ran the red light and I ended up t-boning his Jeep Patriot and my bags never deployed. My front end was moved over quite a bit, the frame was bent and I ended up having a compound fracture. So far that we found and t7 and still am going under physical therapy - back doctors and everything. And from what I could tell the other gentlemen's airbags never deployed from being hit from the side.

Airbag not replaced or sensor replaced - I have contacted each email which lists my car as a recall at Chrysler. It is a 2005 Town and Country. I called two years ago and they told me I'd missed my window of opportunity. I of course went what? I'd never gotten a notice. I bought the car in 2006. They know it's a danger (or potential danger) and tell me I am responsible for paying for a $200 diagnosis and whatever the ultimate added cost would be to fix the "problem".

1997 Chrysler Town and country airbags deployed while sitting still in my driveway, and when I went to crank up the van my airbags deployed, and ever since then my dashboard acts crazy. The gauges works when they want to, service engine light, ABS, and battery light. There's a recall on November 2002, so I called 2 dealerships. One said I had over 70,000 miles on it, the other one said recall was over in 2003. What if I was driving down the road 55 mph? I don't know if it's going to stop, catch on fire, or blow up on me now. I had. Autozone check it for fuses, or sensors, etc, it showed nothing wrong but possibly a collision. Any advice, I think Chrysler should fix the short before something worse happens? Thanks.

In January I was in a head-on collision after hitting black ice. My airbag did not deploy, resulting in me having a broken neck (c4-c7), broken back (t1-t4), hematoma of the head, shoulders, and neck. I was in the hospital for a total of two weeks. Pain was unbearable. The doctors have told me that due to my fractures I will likely require surgery to the spine later in life. I purchased my Chrysler town and country because I thought it was a safe vehicle. Sadly I was mistaken. If the airbag had deployed maybe I could have been spared the agony of dealing with so many massive injuries. I will never own another Chrysler product ever and neither will my family or friends. My children and husband almost lost me because of this faulty product. We cannot afford to lose anyone else.

Follow up from my Post last year. My 2004 Viper now has the rear axle knuckle problem. My power Steering leaks from intense heat, replaced another dash blower motor, driver's window rail has failed. Also add the screws on fenders and other parts of the car coming loose. Did the Airbag recall, but getting pings & airbag light light periodically as before. New part Defective?? Now the big question that everyone avoids. The 1992 Vipers are being bought up by Chrysler owner Fiat at up to 250 K. Daimler built those cars, not new owner Fiat.

Bankruptcy of Daimler Chrysler took them off the hook for all lawsuits and responsibility. Along comes Fiat. They buy the bankrupt company. Fiat's responsibilities began the day they bought Chrysler. Daimler donated those Vipers to the schools, not Fiat. Fiat has NO connection to vehicles prior to their ownership. They didn't pay any money to we victims of Daimler/Chrysler built Vipers, so why the interest & crushing of the 92 Vipers??? How are the lawsuits from students of the schools able to be pursued when Daimler built those cars?? Could the loophole be Lamborghini???

Fiat owns Lamborghini. It was Lamborghini engineers and hands on workers of Lamborghini that help design and build the Viper. They even employed a British Company called Zeus, to develops the special aluminum alloys used in the Viper. Let's not forget TRW, the company that made the defective airbag part, of which the replacement parts may also be defective. Something stinks here. What is being hidden from the public? Maybe a sharp Attorney with a top notch investigative team could give us the answers. Right now I offer up my 2004 SRT 10 Viper Limited Edition Black Mamba #33 for sale to Fiat or anybody, for a mere 12 Million dollars. Could be a bargain for Fiat/Lamborghini if the truth is found out, in a Private agreement or a potential gold mine for someone willing to wait for the real facts to be known. In the meantime, I'll keep the car in my garage.

I was driving my 2004 Dodge Viper when I had to make a sharp turn to the right to avoid being hit by a car on my left. I was doing about 20 mph as my car was going off the pavement onto the side berm, when my driver airbag deployed knocking me out, causing the car to lose control and flip over ending upside down. I ended up with a broken neck, head trauma & other injuries. I hit nothing to cause the airbag to deploy. Chrysler/Dodge knew of this potential problem, yet did nothing until the National Highway Safety people made them pull a recall. Even with the recall, the correcting parts will not be available for many months!!! That's pure BS. My life and 60-year-old body are in shambles.

You don't see the Big Brass of Chrysler/Dodge driving any of the recalled cars. Maybe if each of us that have had our lives ruined by these non-caring Execs would be awarded funds equaling their net worth, then the message would get through, not only to Chrysler, but to all companies that play Russian Roulette with our lives. All they care about is making BUCKS!! Hitting them in their padded wallets is the only way to get to them.

Here's another example of their money hungry minds. The blower motor in the Dodge Viper dash that blows air from AC/Heat is plastic and prone to warp from the intense engine heat and eventually will cease working. The part for the Viper is some 200 plus dollars. The Chrysler 300 has the exact same part for around 28 bucks!! The only difference is the Parts number - Premeditated Highway Robbery any way you look at it. Maybe I or one of the others that are suffering, will be lucky enough to end up with an Attorney like F. Lee Bailey, with big brass ones that will pursue Chrysler/Dodge like a Pit Bull.

On December 29, 2011, I was driving my 2008 Chrysler (town and country limited) which I bought new down Hand avenue in Ormond beach, Florida. When I took a left-hand turn, about 20 feet into the street at about 4 mph, suddenly all my airbags deployed causing injury to my wife and my self. I was trapped in the van with a shattered windshield with no place to go. There were people who heard the explosion and saw what happened.

My wife after a few minutes was able to get her cell phone and call 911. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I was treated. The van was towed to the dealership where nobody there ever heard of airbags deploying by themselves. There is a recall of about 300,000 Chrysler mini vans. I'm waiting to see how Chrysler is going to handle this.

We have a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4 x 4 single cab. My husband was driving this truck, when the front left tire blew, and pulled him off the road. He had the vehicle under control, until it hit a pile of rocks which sent it out of control again. The truck hit a tree at the headlight on the driver side, and it skinned the whole driver side of the truck off. It hit a second tree, front end impact on the driver side, then the truck did 180 degree turn around the second tree, which threw my husband out of the truck (he had his seat belt on).

After the truck came to a rest the airbag on the driver side finally deployed about 35 to 45 seconds after the accident was over. My husband suffered from blunt force trauma to the head and chest. He died from the accident. I can't find a lawyer to take the case.

I owned a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited (VIN **). I was involved in a terrible rollover accident and none of my airbags went off. Thank god I'm just bruised and mentally scared. I just thought I should let you know about the airbags. Why didn't they go off? My truck was totaled and not 1 airbag went off!

I was driving my Chrysler town and country van from work and was cut off by a truck and slammed in the back. My air bags did not deploy. Luckily, I just have bumps and bruises and minor neck and leg injury.

I received a call today that my van is totaled. I am confused on why my airbags did not deploy with such a great head on impact. I have great neck spasms and shoulder pain. I have never been in such an accident before. I believe if my airbags deploy then I would not be in such pain. I do not have time to take of work so I am at work dealing with the constant headaches and spasms.

On 12/27/06, we were rear-ended by a Werner Truck on Hwy 400 east of Wichita. We were driving in a 2005 Chrysler Town and Counrty. That impact pushed us into a flatbed truck making a left turn. The bed of that truck entered the windshield of the car and crushed my forehead. I spent 45 days in hospitals and had 10 hours of brain surgery to repair some of the damage.

After 2 years of discovery, we reached a settlement with the trucking company, which was clearly at fault. However, might we also have cause for a claim against Chrysler? We had the car to the dealer twice before the wreck because the airbag light came on intermittently. Both times, we were told that they could not find any problems with it. The combination of brain injury and undetected broken ankle have forced me to retire. We know the airbag deployed but we do not know if it was timely.

Since we had prior problems with it, I suspect there may have been a deployment issue with it at impact. We have service records for the attempt at repairs, as well as police reports and photos of the accident scene. My wife had a head laceration requiring stitches. Our son had broken ribs. Our granddaughter had a broken nose. Our grandson escaped injury. The car was a total loss, as was most of the possessions.

I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country minivan. There's a problem with my air bag sensor, the trouble light is continually on. I read about your article of it being investigated. Has there been a recall on it yet?

In Nov of 2006, I hit a deer. The deer cream my front driver side doing on 5,00 worth of damage. My airbags did not go off. I did not think any thing about it until Dec.24,2008 when I rolled about 3 times and landed upside down. None of my airbags went off. The officer in charge was surprise because the van was a total loss. I still did not think anything about it until I went to a Dr for some neck, should,back and head pains. He was also surprise they did not go off. He said I should look into it. I did on your site and became alert of all the fautly airbag stories with Chrysler town and countys. That was what I was driving at the time both of theses occur. In first my two small childern were with me, and the second time I was alone. I never received any kind of letter from Chrysler about the airbags been false. I claim with my insurance company for total loss but do not know where to go about airbags. Please help. Thank you

My van was a toyal loss, I am seeing a dr for headaches, neck,shoulder,and back pain.

On Oct 34th my wife was involved in a head-on collision the air bags failed to deploy. The car, a Chrysler 2001 LHS with 28,000 miles in perfect condition was totaled.

My wife now has to, and is going thru expensive physical therpy treatments, which may or may not cure her shoulder,hip,neck,& rib.I think this car company should be held responible

I was in a head on collision 12/4/08. I have a 05 Pt Cruiser. I put my vehicle in the shop and the man working on it stated I don't know how your airbags did not deploy, both of your sensors are demolished.

I was in an accident involving my 2000 Dodge Durango on 8/28/2008. It was considered a frontal/near frontal collision. I had been stopped at a stop sign, and was proceeding to make a left turn when the other car failed to stop at his stop sign. I had my seat belt on, and I was jerked around the inside of the Durango like a rag doll. My airbag did not deploy. To look at the Durango the damage looks minor, but the frame is bent. The car that he was driving was an older Chevy Cavalier, and it was totally demolished. My problem is why didn't the airbag deploy ?

I have chest pain (like I was punched), my neck is very stiff, my whole upper body is so sore. The radiologist called me yesterday, I have a compression fracture of my T-4 vertebrae. That explains the pain ! Now I have to see a specialist and god knows what else ... and the kicker is I have no vehicle !

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I was in a car accident and my air bag light came on. I went to Abra for the body work and I advised them to take it to the dealer for the air bag. Abra took it to a mom and pops place that I did agree too. My air bag light came on again after they claimed it was fixed. We took the car back several time and it is still not fixed. I see there has been major recalls with Chryler airbags and the insurance company says the dealer should fix it not them. There was been no recall on my car.

I have a 2005 SXT grand caravan that has a faulty front airbag sensor that had to be replaced once I started looking at the consumeraffairs report these minivans where being investgated for this problem. I feel that this should be a recall by dodge/chrysler. How many lives do we need to endanger here. Minivans tend to be a family car.

I had a roll-over car accident on March 23, 2008. What I am actually writing about is the issue that mt airbags never deployed in my 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have been researching this and have found many other instances in which this has happened and to worse outcomes. I know that nobody can really afford to take on a corporation by themselves but people need to be aware they are not alone in this matter.

Severe two vehicle accident. airbags failed to deploy. On October 22nd 2005 I was traveling with my girlfriend in a 2005 Dodge ram 1500 4X4, I had just purchased the vehicle on a lease, it had approx 7500 miles on it. We were traveling north on N-66 in Battle Creek Michigan near the intersection of B Drive south, the roads were wet from some rain, it was approx 11:30pm, I was approaching the intersection from the south, there were no other vehicles on my section of road at that time, the intersection is controlled by a flashing red light for east and west bound traffic and a flashing yellow for north and south bound traffic, a vehicle was stopped at the flashing red light on the eats side of the road waiting for ne to go through the intersection, I was observing that vehicle to be sure it didnt pull out in front of me, I did not see any vehicles coming or stopped on the west side of the road at the light, I was satisfied that the vehicle was not moving into the intersection I looked back ahead and I saw a white in color vehicle broadside in front of me, I am a police officer and a certified police driving instructor through the Michigan State police, I had no time to react other than hit the brakes, no time for any other action, my truck hit the vehicle at approx 53 mph, the other vehicle speed was estimated by the Michigan state police at I believe 54 mph, my truck spun around to the right the other vehicle rolled over, the passenger in the other vehicle was killed at the scene, two other people were injured, the driver was a 16 year old boy, it was his mother that was killed. I sustained neck injuries which at this time I am still off work, I have injuries to my C-4 5 and 6 spinal cord and I am in severe pain all the time, my insurance company has cut me off my medical benefits after they sent me to three doctors and they found one that said there was nothing wrong with my neck, the other two doctors they sent me to disagreed, my doctor. I have filed suit against my insurance to get my benefits restored so I can get back to work, a suit has been filed against the other drivers insurance for my injuries, my girlfriend was in the hospital for a few days with internal bruising from th seat belts, we were both wearing our belts at the time of the accident. my current attorney has done nothing about the airbags not working.

I ran a stop sign, I hit a small nissan car then I hit a Ford 350 that was setting at a stop sign, causeing extensive front end damage to my 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 pick up. My air bags did not deploy, I hit both of my knees on the dash , as did the passenger in my vehicle, who is also my 13 year old grandson.We wer both wearing our seat belts, however we were still whiplashed around enough to make contact with the dash. I called the dealership where we purchased the vehicle and talked to the machanic , he said,the sensors are srategically placed in the front of the truck when I asked him , where the sensors were , he said he didn't know. Then I called the body shop and asked the repairman if he knew why the airbags didn't deploy and his resopnse was, if you're so concerned about it come down and take pictures of your truck!The sensors are located between the head lights and radiator The headlights and radiator were damaged in the double collision, one headlight was hanging by a wire, if I didn't activate those sensors during this wreck, I'm assuming they're totally worthless!I now have a whiplash injury in my neck and a low back injury. I called other dealers and was told that the air bags have to deploy in an accident like this. What can I do?

the air bags deployed for no reason at all causing injury to my neice an myself,an my 1995 dodge neon.

I own a 1997 dodge Carivan LE,my wife and I were hit head on and the airbags did not deploy,the front hood and the bumper all hit and Chrysler said that the Van was not hit hard enough or not enough damage done to it is why the air bags did not deploy.

I was hit by a drunk driver who had a suspended license. I was driving 50-55 mph in my Chrysler Sebring LXI 2000. I was struck from behind so hard that the vehicle's axile immediately snapped, then it started to spin uncontrollably clockwise. While spinning, the vehicle hit a large night lantern on the parkway. This hit was taken in the front of the vehicle. The vehicle then continued to spin and then stopped. When the ambulance came they said the airbags should have deployed, yet they did not.

My personal injury attorney is not willing to go after Chrysler. I am now searching for a firm that will, or some sort of class action suit that is already out there.

I have severe chronic headaches, spine pain - neck, middle back, lower back, shoulder blades. I have a chipped tooth. I go to see a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and a physical therapist three times a week. Plus, I have an orthopedist and I now have a mental trauma as well, so I see a therapist. I don't know if I have very much confidence in my personal injury attorney.

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