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It was discovered that 1,800.00 was charged on my daughter's Chevron company gas card. I called the company after the bill had been paid. My husband was gravely ill and I didn't go over the bill closely (my mistake). It was obviously fraud. All the bills were incurred within a few day and in an area of L.A. she had never gone to. I spent countless hours trying to be heard...only to be transferred from one dept to another. And was finally told they turned it over to an outside company. Months have gone husband passed and I would never use Chevron ever again.

Gas pumps/credit at 1103 North Highway 17, Palatka, FL 32177 - Old original gas pumps, cannot read any directions on pumps. Within month will not take credit or debit cards, only cash. Chevron said station individually owned but CHEVRON'S NAME IS ON PUMPS AND SIGNS, so it gives CHEVRON a BAD NAME, not the unknown owner.

Today 2/2/16 at 5:10 pm, I stopped at Chevron Gas Station on Rolling Hills, Hillside, 24505 Hawthorne to put air pressure on my flat tire. The cashier was very rude and after I asked him I need to put air on my tire he asked to buy gas or I have to pay.

I purchased a gallon of milk for 2nd times from the store above. They charged my sales tax, can they do that? Thanks.

Chevron at Paces Ferry & Atlanta RD, Smyrna Ga - Their gas station has always had much higher gas prices than any of the stations within 5 to 10 miles. What's going on? How can they survive charging so much more than any other gas station? Does anyone know? Are they just upfront for the mafia? LOL

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I got gas for $18.00 and was charged $101.00 for gas. I had two transactions on my credit card with the same authorization number. How can a company do that? I will not be getting gas from Chevron gas stations anymore. I have to wait until the transaction is posted before any investigation can take place. Please get and keep receipts from gas stations!

Yes I was at the Chevron station here in Orlando. I didn't know they didn't take EBT cards and she take my license and won't give it back to me. That's not right. I need my license. Can someone please help me to get my license back?

Your branch that is located on Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, Texas is overcharging customer for a dollar more than any other gas station. I tried to explain to the clerk but apparently I WAS the wrong one. Please VERIFY the price with them.

What a shady place. The mechanic told me he will patch my tire for $15 bucks and just did a plug and told me it's fixed. When I confronted him about his lie he said some BS about he's been doing this for 15 years. What does that have to do with the lie he just told? Do not get your car fixed here.

I asked the cashier if they gave cash back on credit cards and she said that they did. She asked how much and I asked if she could do $5. She said that she could. Then I had another thought and asked if she could do $6 and she said that she could, but that they charged $1 service charge for cash back, regardless of the amount.

I bought the $9.99 car wash and got $6 cash back on my debit card, but when the receipt was printed, she tore off the receipt section and handed me just the car wash code. I asked if I could have the other half of the receipt as well so I could balance my account in Quicken when I got home, and she printed me a new receipt and gave it to me. On the receipt, however, there is no mention at all of a service charge, just a line that says "Cash Back $7.00," leading me to believe that the reason she tore off this part of the receipt in the first place was that she didn't want me to see that she was actually taking the extra dollar for herself!!

My fiance bought drinks at Chevron and had the change of $11.40 put on pump 2. He came to pump gas. It was wrong pump. The attendant told him that's his fault. He insisted the attendant come out to the pump. The customer using our gas was told what happened. She came into the store, paid for her gas, and credited us our 11.40. My fiance went to pump the gas but the pump wasn't. Learned. We went back in & the attendant said "that's too bad". We asked for a refund. They said no. We talked to the owner. He said no. We explained we paid for gas and received no gas. The other customer paid for her gas and gave back the 11.40. So the only people who lost out was us. The owner told us to leave. Nice!!!

I went to a gasoline station to put gas to my car and the gasoline pump didn't stop when my car was full. My wife ran to tell the guy to stop the pump, and this guy acting like deaf. That was like two gallons of gas in my shoes and my hands are very stinky and dangerous too. Finally this guy stops the pump. He asked me what happened. I explain to him and he say "I can not give your money back because you swiped a debit card." I don't know what to do. I just told to this guy is no fear.

My wife went to the Chevron station tonight to fill her car. My Capital One credit card app for my phone alerted me of the $39.64 fuel purchase. Then it alerts me to another charge for $101.00??? I call Capital One and they Chevron has been doing this to ensure payment and there is nothing they can do about it. Really? The initial payment was authorized by Capital One. If the card was no good the payment would have been declined. What is Chevron doing with the money? They are using our money for a period of 2-5 days before they say they will refund it.

WTF!! This is not legal. Chevron just lost me as a customer and I will tell as many people as I can what they are doing. I went to the Chevron station to talk to the manager/owner. And he said that that is what they are doing and that people are angry and he is losing customers daily because of it. How can this be stopped? Nobody has a right to take my money without something in return and use it for whatever. This is dishonest.

I used my credit card and Chevron authorized $100.00 and $51.00 on the same date. I called my credit card. They said Chevron does this to authorize $100 for the purchase, the hold is removed later, but they also hold the amount you spend. First, that is 2 to 3 tanks of gas for the average vehicle. Second, now they are holding $151.00 on my credit card, but I only bought $51.00 worth of gas. As a consumer, how is this legal? I will not buy gas from Chevron ever again due to this practice and I will let others know of this unethical practice from an oil company that makes 1000 times my salary as a teacher. Shame on you Chevron!!!

I had my daughter go down and put in $10.00 of gas. I just happened to look at my account and there was $10.00 then under that is $101.00 charge. I went down there to talk with them about it. The lady behind the counter tells me this happens a lot and that "it'll probably be credited to your account in 3 to 5 days." She made sure I knew that it wasn't her. I asked if I can get a phone number to talk to some that has something to do with this. She gives me the number to apply for a credit card. Really, a credit card to a company that took $100.00 from me? I don't think so, in fact they WILL NOT get my business nor will I suggest it to anyone. There is NO sign warning that there will be any extra charges taken out.

I was at the 7007 San Ramon Blvd Chevron in Dublin, CA and the nozzle unit was locked when I was pumping my gas around 1PM on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015. It wouldn't unlock by itself when my car was full and gas went flying everywhere. I went to complain to the cashier and she kept blaming me and refused to help. Another lady offered to reimburse me for a car wash but gave me wrong directions and I gave up. I used a discover card ending in **.

Other "big" gas station companies DOES NOT require customers to purchase gift cards just to avail of their discounted prices!!!

On 01/23/15 my husband & I gassed up at a circle K/ Chevron Station. Located on Hwy. 62 in Shady Cove Oregon. The sign for reg. gas was 2.29. a gal. When my husband paid it was $.10 more a gal because he used his debit/credit card. I understand that is against the law. Means BP just got in trouble for doing the same thing at Arco stations and maybe others too. If there was a sign stating this we didn't see it.

So needless to say I'm VERY unhappy with how I was treated by 4sons. Last night I went to 4sons on Happy Valley and 39th Ave in Phx., AZ and on the way I was tickling my boyfriend while he was driving and he was joking around and said "stop it dick" and a man next to us heard and thought he was calling him a dick so we drove to 4sons like normal and picked out some ice cream and was about to buy our items. This 6' 250 pound, Mexican man came up to us (Note: I'm a 5' 100 pound woman). Threatening us saying he was going to kick our asses and that he wasn't afraid to hit a girl because he THOUGHT we had called him a name, which we calmly tried to explain that we were just playing and that we were sorry but it wasn't directed towards him, he continued to angrily twitch at us and come closer to get in my face.

(Note: the lady did absolutely nothing) until I blew up and told him to leave or I was going to call the police and the lady who was ringing everything up AND HEARD EVERYTHING THAT WAS HAPPENING said, "All of you get out of my store. I'm not going to have this ** going on," which I thought was insanely rude. I didn't know this insane guy that was getting in my face and I didn't know what he was capable and honestly throwing us out may or could have lead to me and my boyfriend being in the hospital.

Anyways while I was walking out of course at this point I'm in shock about everyone's behavior. I'm throwing out profanities as I'm leaving the store and the lady told me to "Shut up, I'm the manager," which I was shocked because the fact that 4sons would not only hire someone like this but PUT THEM IN CHARGE is beyond me. Anyways while I was exiting the store the man continued to get in my face, and I was screaming at him telling him how rude he was and all of the rest and I went into detail that I was going to call the police and sue him for harassment and whole bunch of stuff. I was honestly just lying but I didn't know what else to say to get this huge guy out of my face and my boyfriends'.

He finally turned around and called me a crazy lady and got in the car and drove away. But I'm just so shocked at the behavior of the 4sons employee, she handled the situation totally inappropriately, and heaven forbid my boyfriend or I would have gotten hurt or worse. It's beyond me and I definitely would've taken the steps to not only pursue the man who threatened us in the first place but also 4sons, for treating us like dirt and putting us in harm's way. 4sons needs to go over how to react appropriately when situations like this happens ESPECIALLY managers need to know how to act acceptable when things like this happen. Thank god no one got hurt. No thanks to 4sons Chevron.

On December 23rd myself and several friends were on the way to Stockton California. We stopped for Gas at a Chevron Station called the Extra Mile, which is located at 7501 West 11th Street Tracy CA 95304, phone number 209-836-8963. Myself and one other female are well over 50 years old. They went in to the store and I headed for the rest room. The other lady was paying for gas and purchasing a drink I stood behind her to pay for a drink. There were two registers and two lines from what I could see so I stood behind my friend. After she paid, this guy from the other line came over stepped in front of me and paid. However, she refused to accept my payment saying there were two lines. My friend said no, "there is only one line and she was behind me." This Clerk got extremely nasty and argumentative with myself and my friend. This was around 2:50 pm and there were other people in the store witnessing our exchange. The clerk refused to accept .99c from me for a drink I purchased. She got nasty with us and threatened to call the Police. I believe she had an issue with us being African American. I wonder if she addresses her mother and grandmother that way. I will be posting this review my facebook and other social media pages. My friends and I do not shop where we are disrespected.

A $100 hold was placed on my bank funds when my debit card was used. I purchased $10 in gas. I am out $90 for up to eight days. I need my money! I understand you estimate the amount of purchase. How many average cars hold $100 of gas worth at one time? Other companies do not feel the need to do this.

Me and a friend were hanging at the Midtown Bowling alley and we went to the store frequently to buy water and snacks. When we went and came back to the store from the bowling alley where we decided to wait for our ride to pick us up because we were lost the man told us we couldn’t wait there and told us to get out in 30 degree temperatures because it was cold on Saturday night October 19, 2014. They talked rudely and nasty to us like we were animals saying quote is "This is not a home. We’re gonna call the police", and they didn't seem pleasant when we were buying. They never said thank you or gave me a receipt.

The station on 5433 Neroly Rd, Oakley CA 94561 just pissed me off. I went here because I believe Chevron has good gas. So I seen the price was $3.69. Arco across the street was $3.49. But I don't like Arco. Anyway I pulled up to pump 2. Got out and inserted my debit card and started pumping gas. Not even after 1 minute I seen the pump was charging me $3.99 instead of $3.69. I stopped the pump and went inside the store to ask the lady why the pump was charging me $3.99 instead of $3.69 and the lady said "it's because we can make more money." I told the lady I wanted my money back and she yelled at me and said "you already pumped 1.00 of gas and you can't get money back because you paid outside." I told her I wanted her boss' name & number and she said no. DON'T GO HERE!!!

Went in store as I always Do and there was new guy working. I bought 22 items and added up my total in my head as usual and it was off by a lot. I asked for a receipt to check when I got home and noticed that not only was their items overcharged, but he put some of them together totaling only 18 items on my receipt. But not only that, he had charged different prices for things I buy often, and he also added a few extra cent to some of them like for example something that costs $.99 cents he charged $1.00 instead and one item I buy regularly that costs $.79 was now $1.29. I also have a mystery charge of $4.99 that is not accounted for. So I call and tell him and he says that if I add up the receipt it will come up correct. But when I tried to explain that they were charged a high price the normal he told me I was wrong and I am pretty sure I know how much something costs after buying that item repeatedly.

So I wrote down all my items took pictures of them and have my receipt and intend to go in tomorrow and purchase all the same things and then show them the pics receipt and paper I wrote out because I want my difference back whether in money or merchandise. Either way I want the store to right this wrong and let this man know the right way to ring up his customers - not his way of doing it. I work hard for my money and don't intend to give it away on employees that don't do their job correctly, and as I remember the customers always right!!!! And by the way he was using another employee's ID number to top it off. Unprofessional I must say. Get it right or you will lose business. This happened at the Chevron in Irvington on Half Mile Road in Alabama. So check your total or this could happen to you also.

I've been going to Chevron #99840 Waterloo Rd, Stockton, CA for 8 years since I moved to this area. Quickstop is 3 blocks away, and Chevron on Wilson way is closer but bums always harass me, so I travel several miles out of the way to Waterloo. The new clerk there wouldn't sell me cigarettes yesterday morning. I forgot my ID, fine. I went to SHELL across the street (they know me too from the neighborhood). THIS MORNING, I went again, WITH my ID. She still wouldn't sell me cigarettes. I left, went to SHELL station again, cigarettes and 22 gals of gas which I normally get at Chevron every 3 days in my full size Chevy truck. Then I went to Starbucks, instead of my coffee at Chevron.

DAILY I go to Chevron for gas, cigarettes, and coffee/snacks for myself or kids etc. I got ticked and decided to go back and get a customer complaint number. The manager spoke with me AND said I must have switched IDs because the clerk told her it was expired and that's why she wouldn't sell them to me. It expires 2018. I'm 37 years old, and if I have to go to 3 different places to get my morning coffee, afternoon snacks, cigarettes and gas, then I will shop somewhere else. IDIOTIC CLERK **, new trainee. 2 days straight denying sales. I'm pretty sure no one taught them the customer is always right.

I, Gail ** was at a Chevron Station (00108926) in Metarie on Veterans Hwy and I10 near Stein Mart on April 09, 2014, about 07:57 p.m., to my sight the pump went from 0 to $1.50. Immediately I stop the pump and told the attendant. By the time I walked back to the pump it registered $2.03 without pumping. I told a customer who drove up not to use that pump and the attendant came to my car disputing to me about the pump and said I was not paying attention - not so. He is a thief that got caught, stealing from the consumer. I will never purchase gas from that store!

I was late paying a $47 gas bill 18 days late and the late fee was $77 so I paid it no exceptions according to the billing agent BUT I noted the agent said I would not get charged the late fee again so I paid it online and it posted the next day. THEN I got a late fee again as the agent on the 13th (7 days later) said the late fee was late!!! These guys are not worth it no forgiveness just bad business. I would not recommend doing any business with these people EVER.

The Quality of Gasoline is very poor at Station (Chevron CSI 1955, 3610 Grand Avenue, STN 00211732). I know they are mixing something or other with their Gasoline which causes my car to run very poorer. I use the same company (Chevron) Gasoline at a different station and my Car runs perfect. This is the Octane 89 Gasoline. The middle one that is selected at the station.

I work near this Chevron at 4001 Buford Highway Atlanta, GA, which sits near the shopping center of Lee's Bakery and Com Vietnamese Grill. I would purposefully go to this gas station instead of the QuikTrip up the street in an effort to support this station which seemingly has less overall business. Well, not anymore. I went to this Chevron about a week ago to fill up. As I've pumped gas for more about 15 years, I know how to start the pump and stop the pump by clicking the lever below the nozzle. However, this time around as I pulled the pump out of its holder, the gas started pumping immediately without me having pushed down the lever. At a steady, forceful stream, gas spilled all over my car (inside and out), and on my shoes and feet, and the surrounding area...

As I couldn't push the nozzle back into its holder since gas was spewing everywhere, I had to throw the nozzle into the trash can as gas continued to spill out and had to quickly push the cancel button on the credit card machine to make the gas flow stop. I quickly ran in to inform the attendant. Obviously, this is a huge fire hazard as there is gasoline everywhere, and the pump should be marked "out of order." I informed the manager who was the attendant at the time and he was incredibly flippant. After explaining the situation (with a shaky voice because I was so caught off guard), he tried to accuse me of not knowing how to use a gas pump. "Gas comes out when you push down the lever and you have to let it go to make the gas flow stop."

After, I explained that I know how to use a pump and that all he needs is someone to toss out a light to torch his whole gas station, he said he would be right out. So, I waited outside for 5 minutes... 10 minutes... 15 minutes. Pissed off, I called Chevron corporate and had to file the issue. I ended up having to write up my own "out of order" note and put it on the nozzle to prevent future customers from using the pump. Corporate claimed they would follow up and call me back and of course I haven't heard a word from them a week later.

No apologies... No, "I'm sorry you got gas all over the exterior and part of the interior of your car (I had the door open)... sorry your shoes were soaked in gasoline due to our faulty pump." Nothing. To add insult to injury, I was charged for the gallon that was pumped out all over me and my car since I prepaid at the pump. My only solution is swear off Chevron gas stations. I will never buy my gas from this station or any other Chevron gas station again.

In Dec. 2012, I received from Chevron gas card a promotion saying if we use our card for 8 gallons or more, you will receive 10% from Dec. 20, 2012 and until March 2013. So I did from Dec. 20, 2012 in ATL and JAX, FL using the card, spending $215.10, $264.14, $49, $255.87 and the last billing payment on April 5, 2013 of $254.75. I only received $4.81 for fuel credit redeemed promotion. When I called them, they said they were sorry I was not happy with my billing. I asked them to look into this because it's false advertisement to make you use your card to save but no saving there. I could just pay cash at Arco. Their gas is lower and I'm just not happy with how they do their business. I just want my bill to be right and it's not. I am not a happy customer so I want everyone to know about Chevron gas cards' saving and promotions. I always pay my bill on time and in full so there's no interest rate.

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