Charles Maund Toyota

Austin, TX

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First: We were in a tiny closet of an office for over an hour, and the finance person kept pushing the platinum plan on us, even after I said "no thank you," then "NO we don't want it." He kept pushing not letting us leave. I said "I just want the car that's it." He then said "I will have to take back the excellent finance rate I gave you and give you this one," which was way above what we normally pay, as we have excellent credit. He kept going down on the price over and over and over becoming more angry. We did buy it but I feel like we were hounded and bullied into it.

Second issue: I was driving out of the parking lot with the new sienna and I hear rattling in the driver wheel well. It has not stopped and is less than a week old. Third issue: On the 4th of July our family was all ready, car loaded and ready to drive to all the parades festivities for the day. Our brand new car would not start. It would start with the remote start, but not start to drive it. WORST experience EVER!!!

I brought my vehicle in to have some minor work done on my air condition. They did not put it back together properly and subsequently ruined my carpet which had to be replaced. After a month and a half, I picked my vehicle up and about 2 hours after I left the dealership, my entire steering column came loose from my vehicle and landed in my lap. This caused the motor to fail in the middle of Hwy 71 and I had cars and big 18-wheelers swerving off the road to avoid hitting me. I was stuck on the side of the road for over two hours before they had someone out to pick me up. That evening the service manager, WES **, called me and sounded clearly intoxicated. In his voice mail, he said some really ugly things to me and highlighted it with ** YOU. This time when I got my vehicle back, they left wiring harnesses undone and broken as well as didn't even put the bolts back in my airbag. They didn't even apologize to me.

I have a 2009 Camry Hybrid. Approximately 4 weeks ago, it stopped while running. When the car stopped, the "Check Hybrid System" light came on. The car was towed to Charles Maund Toyota so they could diagnose the problem. I was told by Wes (mechanic tech) that the CRV mount was gone and the axle wasn't into place and that the only solution to the problem is to replace the engine which cost approximately $8,000 and it is not covered by Toyota. I researched and found that the common problem to the '09 Camry Hybrid is that it would stop while running. Toyota would need to thoroughly look into the engine and they might have to replace it under their cost.

My car is under warranty. If there should be any defect on my car, Toyota would need to take care of it. That day, I came home knowing my car was not fixed and I was afraid to drive it anywhere. I called to speak to the service manager but could never get in touch with him. My husband and I tried to call and talk to him about the bias that his technician gave me and it was unsuccessful. We left him many messages and there was no call back. Last week, I contacted Toyota customer service. On Wednesday, 5/18/2011, Nicole told me she would try to help me and contact the service manager. On Friday evening, 5/20/2011, another male representative called and left me a message saying they were still trying to contact the service manager.

I cannot wait any longer. My car needs to be looked at as soon as possible. I've been borrowing my friend's car and now, she's back in town. She wants her car back. I don't want to drive the Camry because I am afraid it would stop while running like it did again. Also, when I took the car home, there was an oil leak on the bottom of my car. There wasn't any oil leak when I took my car to Charles Maund Toyota.

I had them change the motor oil but they did not tighten the drain plug. When I saw lots of oil on the floor in the parking lot, I checked underneath and I was able to rotate the drain screw by finger. If I have not noticed that in time, my motor could have burned.

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