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Find the Best Car Lift Brands

by David Chandler, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

Use our guide to research the best car lift brand for you. Car lifts hoist vehicles to maximize parking and storage space or make maintenance access more comfortable. Though most common in car repair shops, auto lifts are now affordable enough to use in home garages. You should consider your garage space and the type of vehicles you will be lifting before purchasing an auto lift.

Compare Reviews for Top Car Lift Brands

Atlas Equipment Read Author Review

Atlas Auto Equipment sells a wide variety of auto mechanic equipment, including multiple ALI certified auto lifts. Two-, four- and single-posts lifts are all available as well as scissor lifts and column lift systems.

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BendPak Read Author Review

The BendPak brand has been associated with quality construction since its release in 1979. The company offers a variety of auto lifts, including two- and four-post lifts, parking lifts, alignment lifts and other specialty lifts.

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Challenger Lifts Read Author Review

Challenger Lifts was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1992. With a drive for innovation, Challenger Lifts has developed several technological advances to make its auto lifts environmentally friendly and efficient.

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Danmar Equipment Read Author Review

Founded in Moorhead, California in 1999, Danmar Equipment is a designer and manufacturer of auto lifts and garage equipment. With full-lines of two- and four-post lifts, Danmar’s products fit garages of any size.

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Eagle Equipment Read Author Review

Eagle Equipment offers automotive garage solutions for professionals and hobbyists alike. Eagle has a wide range of lifts as well as lift and equipment bundles to fit a variety of spaces and user needs.

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Mohawk Lifts Read Author Review

Headquartered in Amsterdam, New York, Mohawk Lifts manufactures heavy duty lifts aimed at the government and large fleet markets. Mohawk Lifts offers various sales and contract deals for lifts built to withstand extreme weights.

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Rotary Lift Read Author Review

Rotary Lifts has its origins in the first hydraulic lift ever built. Now, the company manufactures and distributes numerous types of auto lifts, specializing in industrial auto garage lifts for cars and heavy duty equipment.

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Titan Lifts Read Author Review

Headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, Titan Lifts manufactures auto and motorcycle lifts as well as service equipment for auto garages. Titan sells two- and four-post lifts along with scissor lifts for hobbyists and professionals.

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Weaver Lifts Read Author Review

Founded in 1984, Derek Weaver Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of car lifts and auto shop equipment. Weaver lifts are available in a variety of models, and they are marketed to both professionals and hobbyists.

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Questions to ask when buying a car lift

How do you plan to use the car lift?

When you’re looking for a car lift, you’ll want to be clear about how you intend to use it. A person needing to store vehicles will not necessarily need all the amenities of a full-service garage.

  • Small repairs: If you just plan on using a lift for regular maintenance, a smaller scissor auto lift or low-profile lift will suffice.
  • Full repairs: If you’re planning on doing full-service repairs, you’ll want a lift with higher clearance, like a full two- or four-post lift. These lifts allow for easier access to the car’s undercarriage.
  • Storage: Some manufacturers build lifts designed specifically for storage. These parking lifts are built for long-term storage and have enough space to park a car underneath them.

What kind of vehicles will you be lifting?

Different lifts have different capacities. If you plan on lifting small cars or lawn equipment, you won’t need quite the power of a heavy-duty auto lift.

  • Small cars: Most small cars can work with any type of lift. If you plan on lifting small cars and sedans, you can work with just about any model on the market. These lifts usually have maximum capacities ranging from 6,000-12,000 pounds.
  • Heavy-duty trucks and equipment: If you’re planning on working on or storing semi trucks or construction equipment, you will need a heavy-duty specialty lift or a column lift system capable of lifting anywhere from 18,000 to 100,000 pounds. These are available at select vendors.
  • Motorcycles: Lift manufacturers sell lifts specifically designed for motorcycles. These narrow lifts will fit motorcycles of multiple sizes and usually have a maximum capacity of about 2,000 pounds.

What are your garage dimensions?

Your garage dimensions will often determine which type of lift you can buy. Lifts tend to take up a lot of space, and even the ones that collapse still require storage space.. Always measure your garage space for height and floor area when considering a lift.

  • Floor space: The most obvious consideration for purchasing a lift is the floor space. If you don’t have the floor space for a full-size two- or four-post lift, consider buying a smaller, portable lift or installing an in-ground lift.
  • Height clearance: It’s easy to forget to think about height when purchasing a lift, but if you want a lift in your garage you need to have the clearance space. If you don’t have the height for a full-size lift, you can look into smaller, low-profile lifts like in-ground lifts or portable scissor lifts.

Is the equipment certified and tested?

In order to make sure your lift meets any standards your work requires, always check on its certification. Most companies will list their rigorous testing processes, but some get their products certified through independent, third-party organizations.

  • Automotive Lift Institute: Founded in 1945, the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) is an American independent certification company. The ALI tests durability and safety and requires that manuals and instructions are included with each purchase.
  • ISO9001 Certification: ISO9001 is an international certification that meets quality standards throughout the world. It is an independent agency.
  • Company testing process: Each manufacturer will have its own safety and quality testing process. Check the company’s listed criteria or ask a company representative for information about standards and safety.

What customer support options are available?

Because auto lifts can be expensive investments, make sure you have the proper support. From planning your workspace to helping set up financial plans, customer support is an important consideration, especially if you’re just starting out with your garage.

  • Garage planning: Many auto lift sellers offer services to help you plan your garage. If you are starting out as a mechanic, opening a new shop or converting your garage space to a workshop, you may want to consult with an expert about how to make the most of your space.
  • Installation: Car lifts can be difficult to install, especially in-ground lifts. Consider professional installation for lifts that require special setup.
  • Sale options: Lifts, especially specialty lifts, can cost thousands of dollars. Some companies offer regular sales on rotating stock. A company may offer deals for bundled equipment or special contract deals for government or state vehicle fleets.

What are the different types of car lifts?

Two-post lifts

Two-post car lifts are the most common lifts found in automotive shops. They consist of two posts and a crossbar that raises the car to its clearance height. They are best for smaller, balanced vehicles.

Four-post lifts

Four-post lifts offer versatility for body shop owners and home garages alike. They can maximize garage space by allowing one car to park in a lift above another car, and their sturdy construction makes them better for lifting heavier automobiles.

Single-post lifts

Less common than the two- and four-post lifts, single-post lifts consist of one large post and a deck that raises the car. Single-post lifts are best suited for smaller garages as they are often portable and do not take up too much space.

Mobile column lift systems

Mobile column lifts consist of multiple columns that can be positioned around a heavy vehicle and linked to lift at the same time. Most mobile column systems can accommodate up to eight columns, and they are best suited to hoist vehicles like buses, cargo vans and large trucks.

In-ground lifts

In-ground lifts are built into the floor of a garage. Their design grants the user more space in their garage, but in-ground lifts are some of the most expensive auto lifts on the market.

Alignment lifts

Alignment lifts are four-post lifts with extra features for alignment services. They are built to help mechanics turn the wheels without resistance to make alignment adjustments.

Parallelogram lifts

Parallelogram car lifts work by moving two large treads via two or more lifting columns that form a parallelogram shape. They are some of the heaviest lifts on the market, capable of raising semi trucks, buses and heavy construction equipment.

Parking garage lifts

Parking garage lifts are four-post lifts built to maximize long-term parking space for multiple vehicles. These lifts feature full drive-on decks that hoist cars so another vehicle can park under it. They are used in both public parking facilities and private garages.

Scissor car lifts

Scissor car lifts, named for their criss-cross patterns of raising rods, offer a wide range of weight and height capabilities. They retract to a low profile, which makes them ideal for use in home garages or small shops.

Who would benefit from a car lift?


The most common place to find an auto lift is a mechanic’s garage. Car lifts make access to a car’s undercarriage easier, which is often a requirement for some maintenance and repair work.


Some people prefer to do simple repairs and maintenance themselves. If you have an interest in maintaining your own car or fixing up an old vehicle, consider an auto lift for your home.

People with multiple cars

If you have multiple cars and want to maximize your garage space, consider adding a car lift to store one of your vehicles above another. An auto lift can help open up storage space.

Parking lot managers

Auto lifts are common fixtures in parking lots. They help store more vehicles by using vertical space to house cars.

Car dealership owners

Dealerships often have to store a large volume of stock. Car lifts allow dealerships to keep more cars in storage by using vertical space.

Car lifts FAQ

How much does a vehicle lift cost?
An average vehicle lift costs between $1,500 and $3,500, but specialty lifts can cost upward of $10,000. Additional features and specifications also affect the price of your vehicle lift, including:
  • Weight capacity
  • The number of posts
  • The size of the lift
  • Accessories like lights or tool organizers
How much does it cost to have a car lift installed?
Installing a two-post lift costs $300 to $500, and installing a four-post lift typically costs between $700 and $1,000. Most car lift installations require professional expertise — if the manufacturer of your lift doesn’t offer installations, contact a contractor to ensure your lift is safe and stable.
What is the minimum ceiling height for a car lift?
We do not recommend installing a lift unless you have at least 11 feet of vertical space in your garage. Make sure to account for items like your garage door opener, its tracks, the door itself (when open) and the height of the car you’re lifting.
What is a car lift?
Car lifts are machines that allow you to safely and conveniently hoist your vehicle into the air. They provide additional floor space and can help someone maintain or repair their car.
Which is better, two-post or four-post lift?
Choose a two-post or four-post lift based on your needs:
  • Two-post lifts are more common because of their low prices and small footprint. However, they must be anchored to the ground and don’t do as well with larger, imbalanced vehicles like trucks.
  • Four-post lifts are better for long-term storage and don’t need to be fixed in place. While they do require larger garages, many allow for more floor space since you can leave your vehicle hoisted overhead. All of this comes with a significant price increase, though.
How high do car lifts go?
Generally, home car lifts rise to a height of 68 inches, but different lifts have different specifications and abilities. Hydraulic lifts go higher and provide more clearance, for example, while scissor-type lifts usually have a maximum height of 36 to 48 inches.

Not sure how to choose?

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    Car lift author reviews


    BendPak began as a lift product built by Quality Machine and Associates in 1979. In 1997, BendPak opened a new division of automotive equipment called Ranger products. Now, BendPak manufactures various models of automotive lifts for home and industrial use.

    • Two- and four-post lifts: BendPak’s wide range of two- and four-post lifts can accommodate almost any personal or professional garage. The company’s two-post lifts can have capacities that range from 9,000 to 18,000 pounds, and the four-post lift models have capacities from 7,000 to 40,000 pounds.
    • Parking lifts: BendPak sells a number of two- and four-post parking lifts. Their wide variety means that you’ll likely find a model that works with your parking lot space.
    • Four-post bridge jack: The BendPak four-post bridge jack is a scissor-style lift that fits across the center of a four-post lift. It allows you to raise the car off the lift so you can work on the wheels.
    • Alignment lifts: BendPak’s alignment lifts are built to make sure you can work on your car’s wheels. BendPack sells four-post and scissor alignment lifts.
    • Specialty lift selection: BendPak’s range of specialty lifts include motorcycle lifts, column lift systems, in-ground pit lifts and more.
    Atlas Equipment

    Atlas Automotive Equipment sells auto lifts, jacks, spray wash cabinets, air compressors and other auto shop equipment. Atlas products can be found at various vendors across the United States.

    • ALI Certification: Many of Atlas’ lifts are certified by the Auto Lift Institute, an independent certification programs that promotes safe and sturdy design in auto lifts.
    • Two- and four-post lift options: Atlas sells 18 different two-post lift models and nine different four-post lift models. These car lifts range from heavy-duty and extra tall lifts for commercial use to smaller lifts for hobbyists and personal garages.
    • Mid-rise and scissor lift options: The LR 10P is a portable low rise lift for hobbyists or mobile mechanics. There are also numerous mid-rise scissor lifts. Atlas even sells a SLP-9K full-rise lift.
    • In-ground scissor lift: The FM-9SL is Atlas’ in-ground scissor lift. It has a lifting capacity of 9,000 pounds.
    • Single-post lifts: Atlas’ PSP-6000 is a portable single-post lift capable of lifting 6,000 pounds. The SP6000 single-post parking lift can help store multiple cares in a smaller amount of space.
    Rotary Lift

    Headquartered in Madison, Indiana, Rotary Lift traces its company history back to 1925 when the first hydraulic auto lift was built. Rotary Lift is part of the Dover Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, and they operate throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

    • Rotary Shockwave: Rotary’s Shockwave lines of lifts feature Spotline motion-activated lasers to help you line up your car on the lift. They also feature 2x faster descent and operate on 12-volt car batteries with built-in chargers. They are available in four-post, two-post and in-ground lifts.
    • Smartlift: The Rotary Smartlift is a two-post, in-ground lift. These lifts have a smaller footprint than the other lifts, and their low profiles allow for more lifts in a garage.
    • Heavy duty lifts: Rotary’s line of heavy duty lifts are capable of hoisting heavy equipment and semi trucks. Column systems, parallelogram lifts, scissor lifts, two-post lifts and four-post lifts are all available in heavy duty models.
    • Y-Lifts: Y-Lifts are light-duty parallelogram lifts with a capacity of up to 12,000 pounds. They are designed with a 33 percent faster rise and 20 percent more workspace than standard light duty parallelogram lifts.
    • Accessories: Rotary sells numerous accessories for lifts and auto garages. Guiding lights for lifts, rolling jacks and lift organization tools are all available for purchase.
    Danmar Equipment

    Headquartered in Moorpark, California, Danmar has manufactured and designed automotive lifts and garage equipment since 1999. Danmar’s equipment is designed in the United States, and each lift undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing before it can be sold.

    • Four-post parking lifts: Danmar’s D-7 and D-7X lifts are built to maximize storage space. Both are equipped with multiple height-locking positions to fit several different parking heights.
    • Major D-12: The Danmar D-12 series is a heavy duty four-post lift built with aircraft-quality steel cables. This lift is capable of lifting large trucks and heavy vehicles.
    • Mid-rise scissor lifts: The SX-6/XL is Danmar’s portable scissor lift. It is a mid-rise lift capable of lifting up to 6,000 pounds and can lay flat on the floor to fit almost anywhere.
    • MaxJax system: Danmar’s MaxJax system is a portable, low-clearance two-post lift capable of lifting up to 6,000 pounds. Its small size and versatility make it best for home use and hobbyist garages.
    • Two-post lifts: Danmar’s D-9 and D-10 models are two-post lifts. Each model has different specifications, so check the website to see if the lifts fit your own garage needs.
    Eagle Equipment

    Eagle Equipment has been a source for product innovation in the automotive industry since 1954. Eagle offers a full line of automotive shop equipment, including a full range of auto lifts.

    • Internet specials: Eagle Equipment has a number of products for sale at specialty prices online. These items are limited as specials rotate according to availability.
    • Build-A-Shop bundles: Eagle Equipment can bundle lift and auto shop equipment together for a discounted “Build-A-Shop” price. Whether you need to open a professional shop or want to turn your garage space into a personal workshop, Eagle has a bundle to suit your needs.
    • Two-post lifts: Eagle equipment has a full line of two-post lifts. Models have maximum capacities ranging from 9,000 to 12,000 pounds. Eagle even sells a specialty heavy duty two-post lift capable of hoisting 15,000 pounds.
    • Four-post lifts: Eagle’s selection of four-post lifts covers basic lifts, parking and storage lifts, heavy duty lifts and alignment lifts.
    • Low- and mid-rise lifts: Eagle sells a low-rise scissor lift and a portable mid-size scissor lift. These lifts are compact and work well in small garages and personal auto shops.
    Weaver Lifts

    Derek Weaver Company, Inc. was founded in 1984 to sell auto lifts and other shop equipment. With the inception of the Golf-Lift brand in 1991 and the Direct-Lift brand in 1999, the company gained success in both the turf equipment and automotive enthusiast markets.

    • Two-post lift selection: Derek Weaver two-post lifts come in both low-clearance and high-clearance models. Maximum capacities range from 9,000 to 15,000 pounds.
    • Forward lifts: Weaver’s Forward line of four-post lifts are available in both standard and heavy duty models. They have capacities ranging from 14,000 to 30,000 pounds.
    • Parking lifts: The Direct-Lift line is Weaver’s parking lift model. There are three models available for purchase, and all are designed to fit in a personal garage with the proper space and height clearance.
    • Compact lifts for personal garages: Weaver’s low- and mid-rise scissor lifts are designed for home use. They are compact and easily stored in most garage spaces.
    • Specialty lifts: Weaver Lifts sells a number of specialty lifts designed to hoist heavy vehicles like semi trucks, construction machines and buses. They are available in four-post lifts and column lift systems, lifting in the range of 30,000 to 72,000 pounds.
    Titan Lifts

    Titan Lifts is headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, and manufactures auto lifts for hobbyists and professional mechanics. Each lift is built with high-grade materials and manufactured in ISO 9001 factories to meet international safety and quality standards.

    • Hobbyist two-post lifts: Titan’s two-post lifts suited for hobbyist garages are the Titan HD2P-9000AF and the Titan HD2P-12000F. They each have low clearance to fit in most garages and can lift up to 9,000 and 12,000 pounds respectively.
    • Heavy duty two-post lifts: Titan’s heavy duty lifts are built to stand up to constant use, suiting them to professional shops. The HD2P-15000 can lift up to 15,000 pounds.
    • Titan parking lifts: The Titan SDPL-7000 and Titan SDPL-7000XLT are parking lifts that can hoist up to 7,000 pounds. They are similar models, but the XLT adds an extra 20 inches in length and 13 inches of under-car clearance.
    • Titan HD4P-12000: Titan’s standard four-post can lift up to 12,000 pounds for professional garage work. Titan also sells sliding bridge jacks to fit onto the lift for added clearance.
    • Scissor lifts: The Titan mid-rise scissor lift can lift up to 6,000 pounds to seven different lock positions. It is collapsible to fit in almost any garage.
    Challenger Lifts

    Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Challenger Lifts built a company on innovation. They offer various models of two-post, four-post, scissor and in-ground lifts for auto garages and hobbyist mechanics.

    • Garage design support: Challenger Lifts can help you at every step of the way when you’re designing a garage. Professionals will aid you in planning the garage space, selecting the right lifts and installing them in your workspace.
    • Versymmetric Technology: Challenger’s innovative Versymmetric Technology is the industry’s first three-stage arm two-post car lift. It is an environmentally-friendly car lift that uses less power to do more work.
    • Envirolifts: Challenger’s in-ground Envirolifts are cassette-style lifts that are environmentally-friendly. These low-impact lifts take up little garage space, so you can maximize the amount of lifts you can fit in your garage.
    • QuickCycle: Some of Challenger’s lifts are equipped with QuickCycle systems. This technology allows you to lift vehicles in about 27 seconds and lower them in 17 seconds.
    • Lift selection: Challenger Lifts offer a full range of lift types. Four-post lifts, two-post lifts, column lift systems, scissor lifts, in-ground lifts and more are all available at different price points with varying capabilities.
    Mohawk Lifts

    Mohawk Lifts is based in Amsterdam, New York and is a supplier for most government, fleet and utility lifting solutions. Though Mohawk specializes in heavy duty lifting equipment, the company also offers a few lifts built for smaller garages. All lifts are manufactured in the United States.

    • Government sales: Mohawk offers discounts for government and state contracts. They deal with these contracts directly, so you will need to email the company and speak with a representative to see if you qualify for a government discount.
    • Two-post garage lifts: Mohawk’s two-post garage lifts suited for garage work are the A-7, System I and LC-12 models. These lifts have maximum capacities of 7,000, 10,000 and 12,000 pounds respectively.
    • Heavy duty two-post lifts: Mohawk’s heavy duty two-post lifts can lift between 12,000 and 30,000 pounds, depending on the model. Each two-post lift comes with a 25-year warranty.
    • Four-post lifts: Four-post lifts in Mohawk’s product line are build for heavy duty lifting. These lifts range from the TR-19, which can lift up to 19,000 pounds, to the TR-120, which can lift up to 120,000 pounds.
    • Specialty heavy duty lifts: For heavy duty lifts that require versatility, Mohawk’s column lift system is available with models that can lift up to 18,000, 24,000 or 30,000 pounds depending on the model. For cheaper, low-profile options, Mohawks flush and surface mount parallelogram lifts have capacities of 36,000, 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 pounds.
    by David Chandler, Ph.D. ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    David Chandler, Ph.D., writes for the ConsumerAffairs Research team to help consumers make smart purchasing decisions. David is passionate about creating content that is useful and informative, and he devotes several hours to researching companies, industries and articles for each piece of content he writes to help consumers find what they need.