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Bought new car. They tried to remove scratches that were on car. Their detailer tried 3 times then said they could not do it. Their vendor tried and couldn't do it. Their body shop fixed scratches and before I got my NEW car back, they scratched my panel and tried to cover it up with a high gloss paint and a brush. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.Car was in the shop 5 days and they could not fix it right. First, they said they could fix it if I brought it to them for A SIXTH, YES, SIXTH TIME. I can't trust clowns to touch my car again that would lie and try and hide damage they caused. THEY DID NOTHING TO MAKE ME SATISFIED. I am getting the piece mailed to me and I will take it to GLENDORA TOYOTA. Maybe they respect their customers and see them more than a paycheck. CLASSLESS PEOPLE!

Negative 5, thumbs down! They sent a weekly text message to your cell phone charging to your cell phone bill to receive their junks! I have never visited their dealership and never in touch with any of them, yet they got my cell phone to send me junk text! They completely ignore your request to stop sending their junks. Avoid this SOB! I'm leaving them the lowest rating on all of the Internet review sites every time they sent me a junk text for what they deserve!

I should have read the reviews before trying to deal with this dealership. Fortunately I walked away after over two hours of trying in vain to get the deal that Mr. ** had "finalized" in an email. He, & the manager, tried every trick in the book to get me to pay substantially more. The sales techniques were blatant & distressing, including sending a photo of a coy, attractive "assistant" and driving the car to the window area and repeatedly honking to get our attention. I work 80 hours a week and this 160 mile trip took away very valuable family time and has left my family with a very unpleasant experience and impression of Toyota. They should get a zero rating.

I would give them zero stars if available. This is a corrupted dealership that sends out junk text messages to my cell phone. And they are not stopping it after numerous complaints! I'm paying my text message to receive their junks. Can you imagine how upset we can be? Avoid these corrupted scams!

I purchased a vehicle back on 30 Jun 08. Well, I have had that vehicle for three years now and I was looking to trade it in for a 2006 to 2008 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner. I went to three different dealerships and all three dealerships, to my surprise, appraised my trunk for close to nothing. I asked why and they told me that it was because the truck had a dirty history from CARFAX. It has been in an accident and the airbag deployed so it devalued my truck a lot. I was shocked because in three years that I have had the car, I have never been in a car accident.

Now, it is surprisingly obvious that Toyota of West Covina had sold me a vehicle that had been in an accident and had an airbag that had already been deployed. When I bought that vehicle, I asked if it had been in an accident and the salesman said no. He never bothered to show me the CARFAX report on the vehicle. So now, my concern is I don't feel secure being inside the vehicle, thinking that the airbag might deploy on me. How is it possible for a dealership, such as Toyota, that represents a corporation, to allow the selling of a vehicle that has been wrecked before and without saying anything about it to me. I feel that it should have been the salesman's responsibility to tell me or show me the history of the vehicle.

So, on 25 Sept 11, I went to West Covina Toyota to see what they could do for me. But instead of helping me, they tried to sell me a vehicle that I didn't want. Their fleet director said that nothing could be done because he wasn't present at the time of purchase. Then, he appraised my truck and offered me $10,000 for it. When I told him to give me at least $13,000, he said that he couldn't because it had a bad history. I told Alex that the truck was sold to me with that history in the first place.

The bottom line is that I ended up having a bad experience. I felt that I wasn't being taken care of. Instead, I felt like I was being taken advantage of. By not helping me and by selling me a truck that should have been salvaged to begin with, Mr. ** should not hire people who are trying to make a buck dishonestly. It just makes me think how dishonest this dealer is and I would never recommend anyone to buy a vehicle there.

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Initially, I requested quotes through the Internet so West Covina Toyota sent back their lowest quote on the Sienna LE that I wanted. This was a trick to get you into the shop to look at the car. The price of the car was actually $10k more with all these options. So, I bargained with the guys named Jose and Frank, and we finally settled that I would just pay $509 out the door without any down payment. We signed the contract at $509 with the financial manager named Ray.

After two weeks, Ray calls me back saying that he put down the wrong city tax and I need to come back and re-sign. Unfortunately, I had to sign for a higher tax break making me pay $512 now. I don't think I should've have signed the contract because it was not what was agreed upon. So, I made a complaint to the customer relations manager, and now, they are trying to make up for their financial manager Ray's ** up. I gave them a bad survey in hopes that their dealer would shape up.

Scott, the finance manager, and Ray, the sales manager, were rude and extremely shady! They tried to offer me financing at 5.9% when the incentive was clearly posted at 0%. I have A+ credit. I had to struggle to negotiate out of that. Why should I have to do that? Then, they low balled me on my trade. They offered $500 for a car that I could have sold on the street for at least $5000. They avoided all my questions. They repeatedly walked away when I asked them to show me proof of things. They argued with me non-stop about everything. I asked them to give me my keys 3 times so I could leave. It was like they kept me prisoner. They would walk away for 20-30 minutes at a time and then come back and forth with ridiculous offers. The last tactic, after attempting to make me feel horrible, was that they were giving me a whopping $2000 for my trade in. They jacked up the price of the car on the paperwork to $1000. They thought that I wouldn't notice! This is what really pissed me off. I'm lucky that I caught it.

I am a teacher with A+ credit who should have been treated with respect. I sat for 4 hours while employees argued with me and insulted me. And then, they tried to add in sneaky tactics, like raising the price of the vehicle right under my nose just to get every hard earned dollar out of me. It is pathetic and uncalled for! The owner of this place should be ashamed of the employees that work there. In the end, I didn't even get the price that teachers should get off of the price of the car (biggest regret). They should have automatically given me the invoice price, but they didn't. I'm very sorry that I bought a car from this dealership. Oh, and in the end, they had the nerve to ask me to give them an excellent rating on the survey. They told me that if I didn't do that, it would affect my initial saleswoman (who was innocent in all this!) What kind of ** is that?

I am writing this to you as a very unhappy customer who cannot believe how I (and my wife) were treated by your sales, customer service and finance personnel at West Covina Toyota. We were lied to, misled and basically tried to be made to look like idiots. I will start from the beginning.

I went to the West Covina Toyota dealership March 29, 2010, looking for a Colorado Midsize Truck that I had seen online. During my visit there I told the sales person and the finance person what I was looking for in a truck as well as monthly payments. My wife has been out of work for a year and we are on a very tight budget, hence the search for a truck with good gas mileage as I drive a long way for work.

As I said, I told the finance person what I wanted to have as a monthly payment. At the time I had a Ford F-150 with a monthly payment of $318, which was a comfortable amount for us to pay monthly and did not want to go over at all. Well, of course car salesmen and car dealership finance personnel being what they are, could only do $400 a month, or so they said. I did not want that payment, but after consideration of what they were doing with my Ford (paying it off) and I gave nothing down, I went for the deal. So that was done.

The next day, March 30th, I realized that I had left my Sirius radio antenna and connection to the radio in the Ford, so had my wife call and ask that it be removed. She spoke to Steve **, who was my original salesperson. He told her that could not happen. When my wife asked why, he said that they would have to pay someone to remove it from the truck. My wife asked what the difference was if they took it out at the time the deal was made or now, they would have to pay the guy anyway. Steve then said that if I wanted to, I could go and remove it myself. What? What kind of customer service is that?

While she was on the phone with Steve she got me on my cell to tell me what he was saying. I was astonished, I could not believe a big name like Toyota was giving me the runaround about my Sirius radio. I told her to tell him, thanks for nothing and hung up. She proceeded to tell him that I was unhappy and that was too bad because Toyota is a big name and with all the bad publicity that has been going on with Toyota thought they would go that extra mile to make their customers happy. At this point, he said "Give me a day or two and let me talk to my supervisor and see what I can do. I'll take care of you".

Of course the day or two came and went and became over a week, with no word from Steve. A week and a half later, April 6th, my wife called and spoke to a Chuck ** and explained what the situation was. He told her that he would look into it and have someone call her. No one called back. On April 8th, she called again and spoke to Chuck once more. He said the truck was still there on the lot and the Sirius radio was still in it. He explained to her that they had not taken it out because they were still waiting for bank approval. She asked how could I get the truck without the bank approving it. He told her how it works, etc. but that we would be taken care of. She in turn asked, what if the bank did not approve the loan, what then? He said at that point we would get our Ford F-150 back. He told her he would have someone call back for sure.

A while later someone named Arturo ** called my home and left a message to call him back. My wife called him and he told her that he had been trying to call me (I never got any messages or missed calls on my cell phone). He told her that he wanted me to go and sign some more papers because he had gotten me a lower interest rate with the bank that would save me $3000 in interest! That was all he said! She called me and I went by the dealership.

Well, this is where it gets bad. When I got there, yes, what he told my wife was true but he did not say that my payment was going to be more per month! I told him that I did not want a higher payment! I told him I didn't even want the $400 per month payment that was originally signed! I told him I wanted my Ford F-150 back and they could keep the Colorado. He said to wait a minute and he would go talk to someone. He came back and said that if I wanted to take out the Sirius radio, I could myself. Again, what kind of customer service is this? Then he said that they would give me another $1000 towards the down for the truck and that taking this deal would make my payments for five years instead of six. Then he said they would pay for an alarm system to be installed, for my trouble.

That was the icing on the cake! I had just had an alarm system installed the day before. Why? Because since I didn't get the door lock clicker when I got the truck (supposedly he said people don't turn in the clickers when they trade in the trucks--I know it was because I didn't get the alarm system--so they removed it, therefore taking the door lock clickers). Did he offer to reimburse me? No, he did not. More bad customer service. So there I was with a payment now of $415, plus the alarm system cost out of my pocket, when the dealer should have done it to begin with. Needless to say, I was not a happy customer once more.

I got home and explained what happened to my wife. She got on the phone with Arturo, who was rude to her. Raising his voice and downright lying to her. First she asked him why didn't he explain the "whole" deal to her when he called the house. He said she should have asked. Asked what? she said. Asked if you guys are trying to trick us? Asked if the car salesperson reputation was going to be proven right again? What was she supposed to ask? He got loud and just kept saying, I got a good deal and I had one year less to pay on the truck in the end. She explained to him that she was not working and that we could not afford a higher payment. And that he should have been honest and explained the whole "new" deal.

Then, she asked about the Sirius radio again. This is where now I'm mad! He flat out lied. He said can't be done, the truck is gone, was sold. She called him on it saying, "You are lying, how stupid do you think I am? I just spoke to Chuck a while ago and he said it is there and nothing was done to it because you were waiting for the bank's approval" and he had told me (Vic) while I was there that I could go and remove the radio myself! I can't believe that a so-called professional could do something like that. That is why car salesmen and car dealerships are consumers nightmares.

I bought a car for my wife a few years back at Reynold Buick and was in and out in less than 20 minutes. It was the best car buying experience I have ever had and have told several friends and family members about it and they have gone there and bought cars. Compared to the lying and cheating I've gone through with this dealership, I would buy 100 cars from Reynolds before I'd buy from Toyota again. I have a nephew who works at the El Monte Toyota and when I told him about this he was so embarrassed. Now that is pretty sad when your own employees are embarrassed about where they work.

I know I will not hear from you or anyone about this matter since you already got our money and "stole" our truck from us, but that's OK. I believe in karma and whatever is happening to Toyota and its reputation is long overdue. Have a good day and see you in the unemployment line when Toyota goes under. My payment is higher than originally told it was going to be and I'm out my Sirius Radio.

Worst car buying experience ever. I went for a test drive a RAV4 on 4/4 and left after they refuse to negotiate the sticker price at all. I was called on 4/5 and offered a price which is $1,500 under the sticker price. I find it more expensive than what I have found online but I accepted it since it is the last day for the 0% financing.

I dropped what I was doing and rushed into the dealer, only to be told by another sales person the floor manager has refused to honor the deal that I accepted over the phone. I will like an explanation why they have all of a sudden going back to the sticker price again, renegading from agreed upon price that are known to at least 2 of the sales over there.

Ten minutes later, the floor manager, Alex G., comes rushing out, telling me, he cannot honor the deal and they have the right to refuse to sell me the car. A simple apology for messing up the quote and caused me time to go in will be nice. A counter-offer of reasonable value could be presented. Instead, he acted like a total jerk and keeps telling me they cannot sell me the car and they have the right not to sell me the car. When asked for his information, he refused but keeps reiterating he refuses to sell me the car but without giving a reason why.

I have read about complaints about West Covina Toyota's customer services online before, but experience first hand prompts me to have to let others know about it.

My wife went to West Covina Toyota because the window on our 2002 Prius would no longer go up or down using the electronic switch and appeared to have come off the track. They told her that it would cost $110.00 for a non-refundable diagnostic fee and if she had it repair there they would take it off the bill. What Mr. F. Sesma forgot to tell her was what the range might be to get it repaired. After their Diagnostic, they came up with the following: 1. Bracket and window as 1 piece = $301.52 2. Regulator and Motor = $145.52 3. Labor (3 hours) = $340.00 4. Tax on Parts = $44.70 5. Total = $831.74

I then called JAL-SIN Auto Glass who had done some work for me in the past including replacing the front window on the same Prius. Their total cost was $200.00 which included: 1. Driving to my home to do the work 2. Replace the Regulator and Motor 3. Remove the broken brackets from the existing window and replace them 4. It took them 40 minutes not the 3 hours West Covina Toyota wanted. That was a $631.74 savings but since West Covina Toyota stuck us with the $110.00 diagnostic fee rip off, that reduced the savings to $531.74 which is still a significant amount.

AVOID WEST COVINA TOYOTA UNLESS YOU DON'T MIND GETTING RIPPED OFF! I am out the $110.00 for the diagnostics fee which I'm not even sure they took off the panel at all since when I told them I was going to have the work down elsewhere and just leave the door panel off, they had mysteriously put it back on. They had also told both my wife and I that the window itself was broken which it definitely was not.

In November 2008 I purchased a car including an optional Toyota Extra Car (VSA - Vehicle Service Agreement)for $1,488 which I cancelled on 1/09/2009 in person at the Finance department of the dealer. They said it would take 6 weeks to be credited back on my loan with Toyota Financial Corporation. After 8 weeks nothing has been processed.

I am being charged interest on the $1,488 and they don't seem to care at all. I have been at the Finance Department of the Dealer and they just say they will investigate. No results.

On July 2nd, I purchased a Toyota Prius. After asking, I was told by the salesman that I was able to drive in the carpool lane alone with the Prius. I am a commuter(driving over 120 miles a day roundtrip) , and this was reason enough for me to purchase the car. 3 weeks later come to find out that the clean air stickers are no longer even issued.

I called the dealership to find out why I would have been informed that I could drive in the carpool lane and to try to settle the issue. I spoke with a total of 4 employees before speaking with the GM. They were all as cordial as they could have been giving the circumstances. One woman even tried offering 2 free oil changes, which was a complete joke, considerin the fact that this is a $41,000.00 vehicle!! I finally got in touch with the GM who was a complete jerk about hte entire situation.

Telling me they would do NOTHING. Too bad, so sad attitide.

He stated that there were plenty of newspaper articles and news segments and that had this happened in December or January, he would have seen a concern but now, since it was July that it was not a concern to him. What he did not know is that I recently moved to California, as I had lived in Wisconsin for about a year before moving here. So for him to make those assumptions was ludacris.

Furthermore, afer calling him out on his terrible atttude and lack of care for an upset customer, the GM of West Covina Toyota felt it was appropriate to hang up on me!! (which I have witnessesfor, in case this turns into another his word against mine) I have called Toyota Corporate, who informed me that they only deal with vehicles that are defective, and recommended I contact consumer affairs to further help me with my dilema.

I do not want this Prius that I was tricked and lied to in order to get the sale! I am wasting money on the vehicle and not saving any time, as I thought I would by driving in the carpool lane! I realize that this was not in writing, but I do feel that at a car dealership, the salesman should have been honest! I would not have purchased the car if I could not have riven in the carpool. My previous vehicle was a 2004 Toyota Celica in great condition that was good on mileage to begin with! Please help! Thanks!

I feel that I am now stuck with a vehicle that was purchased for the reason of drining in the carpool, a perk that no longer even exists, due to the fact that I was told by the salesman that I could. I am now paying $583 a month instead of $327, which I was paying on my previous car, all for nothing.

I bought a new Toyota Camray in late 2000. After a few months, the built in alarm system started going off by itself. the horn would blow and the lites would go on and off til we turned the alarm off with the remote control. At the next servicing, I took the car to Toyota of Glendora. When I picked the car up the next day the servicing had been done but I was told that the alarm system was a special unit that only was used by Toyota of West Covina where I bought the car, and I would have to take the car back there to be repaired. This I did shortly thereafter.

When I picked up the car the next day, they stated they tried to fix it but they weren't able to and there was nothing they could do. Since that time the alarm went off every now and then when we locked the car, however, for the past few weeks it goes off almost every time we lock the car. this is becoming increasingly embarrassing and on one or two ocassions people have called the police as they thought we were being broken into. What recourse do we have against Toyota to either repair this unit or have it totaly replaced?

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