I bought a car from "Repo Ranch," which is now Suzuki of Riverside. I owed $3485.00 on my trade in. This amount was added to amount fo my new loan. WFS financial paid this full amount to Repo Ranch, and they were to return the amount due on the existing loan. But they never have. They went under and Suzuki of Riverside took over. I traded my car in June 22, 2001. It is now August 11. I have received threatening calls for the overdue due account. With WFS I dont know what to do. I now have two loans for the same vehicle and I dont even have the car. Repo Ranch in Fontana took it and Suzuki of Riverside will not talk to me. I dont see why I should have to give WFS money for a car that I signed over to a dealer for trade. As a matter of fact I guess I should have filed a police report. The car was stolen, right??? It was never paid for by the dealer and I no longer have possession. The dealer was paid for the car. But the car belongs to the finance company, which paid Repo Ranch. Help me!!!

I am six months pregnant. The stress has caused me to miss numerous days from work. I have two other children to feed and I dont have any savings due to putting everything down on the new car. It was purchased because our other car, a Dodge, was also purchased at repo ranch. It blew its engine! I don't have a dime, I just moved into my first home, I have two small children and another on the way.