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I signed a contract on Aug. 15th. They had to paint hood and supply a stereo. I did not give them a deposit yet. I received a bill from the finance company on 8-17. I told dealership that I changed my mind (they still had the auto in their possession). The president told me I can't change my mind because they were already paid for the loan. I did not receive the auto until 8-25. I left for work on 8-27, the tire was flat. I went to a mechanic across from my house to patch the tire. He said all four tires were dry rotted and the driver's side's airbag was protruding and the car was in an accident. The salesperson and the president never disclosed the car was in an accident.

I have taken the car back to them 3 more times and out of 54 days, they have had the car for 44 days. They said the car is ready again today to pick up but they will not give me an invoice stating what work has been done. My car payment is due and I only had the car for ten days - out of those days, one night was at my mechanic and the other 3 days were driving back to the dealership to be fixed. They won't give me my deposit back or cancel the contract.

Satisfaction Rating

I found the Cadillac Escalade I wanted over the internet. My wife and I both were told that there was nothing wrong with the SUV and that everything was in working condition, etc. I had to purchase a plane ticket to fly over there to buy the SUV. The dealer picked me up in the SUV and I noticed there was no sound to the radio. When I asked about this, Ed reassured me that he had already ordered the stock amp, would have it shipped to my house and pay for installation. He also told me that it was just a matter of hooking the cords up to the amp. I have this documented and signed as part of the purchase agreement.

A week or so later, we got the amp and had gotten a quote from the GMC/Chevy service department in Yuma, AZ. Ed sent a payment for the amount quoted for the hook up of cords to the amp. I took the vehicle in to install the amp and when I did this, they found that the cords were cut extremely too short. The service employee told me that it was going to cost a lot more because they would have to order more parts, so this wasn't just an easy job of hooking up cords like Ed had told me. I called Ed to let him know the news and he told me to take it somewhere else other than a GMC/Chevy department. When previously I had looked into this situation and called a Cadillac service department, they told me not to have anyone fix it but a Cadillac or GMC dealer because of all the sensors in the SUV. I let him know that this is where I wanted to take it to get it fixed and then he refused to pay the additional costs of installing the amp.

My wife reported OrderYourCars.com to the BBB and before Ed got this report, I had talked to him and told him how much extra it was going to cost to install the amp, where he finally agreed to send the check. The next morning, he saw the BBB report and called my wife up telling her that he wasn't going to give us "a penny" until the BBB report was taken off. I told him that I would have it removed after he sent the check. We came to an agreement that I would email BBB and forward that same email to him that I would remove the report after he sent the check.

By the time our SUV was fixed (which took 5 days because of ordering parts), Ed still hadn't sent the check. We tried calling him today and yesterday, and apparently, he went out of the country. We tried emailing him without a response. So, we had to pay the remaining amount of the cost of the repairs in order to have the SUV we just bought back. In the BBB report, we didn't mention everything that was wrong with the vehicle because this was our main concern at the time, but there are various other problems wrong with the SUV that we paid $32,348 for. This is without the cost of the plane ticket or the cost to have the amp put in.

The Cadillac Escalade we purchased has bald tires that need to be replaced and an alignment (GMC quoted $1,198.19), the rear brakes need to be replaced and rotors need to be resurfaced (GMC quoted $369.26), transmission fluid needs to be flushed because the fluid is very dark (GMC quoted $213.33), power steering fluid needs to be flushed because the fluid is very dirty (GMC quoted $95), power brake fluid needs to be flushed because the fluid is very dirty (GMC quoted $95), rear differential service because the fluid is very dark (GMC quoted $207.86), fuel injection/induction service because the throttle body is very dirty (GMC quoted $240), which comes to a total of $2,438.64 of repairs that we shouldn't have to pay for. An honest and reliable dealer wouldn't have let someone buy a car with this many flaws. I could've been in a serious accident on my 4.5 hour trip back home because of the bad brakes and bad tires.

The money that I had to pay out of pocket for what Ed said he was going to pay for put a dent in our finances, as well as the rest of the repairs that we'll have to be done before we PCS across country as I'm in the US army. I never thought I would pay $32,348 for a vehicle with this many issues and have a dealer not care and not want to fix the problems!


I bought a 2008 S40 Volvo at a price of $20,000 with only 8700 miles on it. According to their car fax report the car was from a rental place and it had a minor accident. When we tried to start the car, the battery was dead, Mario the sales person told me not to worry that they will have a battery right away. I tested drove the car and it felt good. When we signed the contract they told me that they put a new battery and it was ready to go.

2 weeks with the car and the battery died. I took it to the Volvo dealer and they told me that the car was still under warranty, but since the dealer used a poor battery they were not going to honor the warranty and the battery I end up using cost me $200. Now a week later the battery was replaced, but the car is still not working. It broke down on the freeway, I had it tow to the Volvo dealer and they told me that a clamp on a water hose was misused and since it was not an original Volvo they cannot honor the warranty again. The price of this problem was $675. I call the dealer and they told me that they cannot help me. $875.00 worth of economic damages on a car that has been with me for only 3 weeks. Please advice. Thank you!


The employees at this company have horrible work ethics. Jason, the sales car man that did our transaction told us that the credit union which will finance my car loan will provide a .5% interest deduction on my car interest rate if we signed up for direct deposit with them. When I inquired about this with the credit union, the lady was shocked and said they never do that, she was upset and said she will call Jason and talk to him about this.

In addition, another employee named Edmond contacted me when I inquired about the excess money that they were supposed to pay to Wachovia as stated in the contract. He called me and stated that he wasn't going to pay me anything else because the car I traded it had undisclosed damages. I asked him what damages he was referring to and he said that outside it had scratches and dents. Which doesn't make sense because before I signed the contract Jason test drove the car and looked at.

If they were exterior damages I don't know how I could have hid them from them. Edmond yelled at me and told me to take my car back, that he wanted to give it back to me so I can sell it on my own and pay him the deposit for the car I bought from them. He was rude and disrespectful and has no customer service skills whatsoever. Luckily, he called me at work and I had him on speaker phone and I have my co-workers as witnesses of everything he told me.

They lie, they take your money, they don't follow the contract, and in addition they call and yell at the customer and say they made a bad deal. Worst customer service ever! Don't buy cars from this dealer.


Jason sold us a car, but then the dealer didn't pay off the loan on the trade-in until after a month later with much threatening from us. Then, they did not pay off the full amount in the contract and pocketed the extra money! They were required to do additional minor repairs and have now had our car for over a week. They will not answer when we call--they are "in a meeting" or "helping a customer" and will not call us back.

They are holding our car hostage, because they claim they got a bad deal and that we "tricked" their salesperson, Jason. Jason has a college degree and over 20 years in the car business and still works for the dealership. We certainly didn't "trick" him. We need our car back and the full amount they owe us per the contract.

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My father purchased a car (2008 Mazda CX7) from them on 11/17/09, Edmond, the sale person and owner claimed the vehicle had extended warranty. On 11/19/09 ee took the vehicle to the local dealership because Edmond failed to disclose that the vehicle has a non operational A/C system, the dealer stated that the vehicle does not have a factory extended warranty and any repairs will be out of pocket.

I called Edmond on 11/19/09, he claimed that the vehicle only had a standard powertrain warranty and not a extended warranty and out of no where he said that he "doesn't take disrespect" and hung up the phone. It is to be noted that I was not being disrespectful.

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