Moss Brothers Auto Group

Riverside, CA

In 1921, J.A. "Red" Moss, Sr. opened his first dealership in Blythe, California. Little did he know that his small dealership would be the genesis of an automotive legacy spanning four generations of hard working, dedicated professionals who personify the American dream.

Moving the business to Riverside in 1938, Red opened Moss Motors Dodge. Soon after, his son J.A. "Ade" Moss Jr. joined the ranks and, together, they were instrumental in opening the nation's first auto center in 1965, called, "The Riverside Auto Center". Red instilled enthusiasm for the car business in Ade who then passed it on to his sons J.A. "Jay" Moss, III and Glenn Moss, Sr.

Ade retired in 1989 while Jay and Glenn built upon the existing business with the addition of Moss Bros. Dodge in San Bernardino in 1987. This business growth continued in January of 2006 when Moss Bros. moved into the Moreno Valley Auto Mall with the addition of Moss Bros. Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Moss Bros. Honda, and Moss Bros. Toyota. Just four years later, Glenn completed the acquisition of the entire Moreno Valley Auto Mall with the purchase of Moss Bros. Chevrolet, Moss Bros. Buick GMC, and the expansion of the Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler Jeep Dodge franchises.

Today, the Moss Family of dealerships successfully operates all of their stores at an elite level of service such as the Dodge "5 Star". But it's not surprising at Moss, where our motto is "to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations." In other words, "At Moss, You're the Boss!"™

Using a "hands-on" approach to management and an open-door policy, the Moss family maintains a storewide policy that treats customers and employees with the same standard of commitment that generates measurable success year after year. Simply put, the business is run according to the same principles of value, fairness, and teamwork that Red Moss, Sr. began with in 1921.

In March 2004, tragedy struck the Moss family when Jay passed away unexpectedly. He is missed beyond words. Yet his spirit lives on in the Moss family of employees and the Moss Bros. Auto Group legacy -to which he contributed immeasurably- will continue. After all, no matter how things change, certain things at Moss will remain steadfast: customer satisfaction, teamwork, and a positive attitude -from sales to service- personified by all who work there, and experienced by the tens of thousands who have shopped at the Moss Family of dealerships for almost 90 years.

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Satisfaction Rating

I sent my 2015 camaro in for service on June the 28. They didn't get around to diagnosing the problem until July 6th which is fine, holiday weekend. Then I receive a message saying they apologize for the delay and to make it better they will be running my car through their car wash. I didn't ask for it but I consented. Then the day I pick up my car they tell me that the car wash was broken so they rinsed my car and when I finally see it there were swirl marks everywhere. Some genius at this dealership decides to dry a wet dusty car with a shammy in a circular motion, a BLACK camaro that I had taken so much care of that it would take me over 3 hours to wash and detail suddenly has swirl marks everywhere like someone ran sandpaper over my car.

I tell the guy about this damage and he says he can't do anything about it so he calls his manager. I begin talking with the manager and he proceeds to say that they don't do car washes so he doesn't understand how it happened even after the guy taking care of my car admits to having ran my car through a broken car wash and then rinsing it off. I keep showing him the damage and all he says is, "Well I can give you another car wash" like he thinks that that is what I'm asking for but he proceeds to say he won't detail my car. At the end they admit to the damage but completely wash their hands of the situation stating, "Well we can't do anything about it". This is the first and last time I buy from Moss Brothers, the levels of condescension and incompetence are absurd for a company that claims to leave all of their customers "completely satisfied".

Satisfaction Rating

2 things, first bought a 2012 Dodge Dually Diesel from Riverside Moss Bros... Paid 3,900.00 for a extended warranty... Found out that the warranty is only at Moss Bros... Not at any Dodge dealership. Next bought a 2012 VW Jetta Sportwagen from Moreno Valley. Took it in a few times that I had a problem with the AC... Well after the warranty it failed and too bad for you... Over $900.00. Next at 125,000 miles the fuel pump went out... It damages the entire system and the repair is 6500.00. So any diesel engines... When your fuel pump goes out... There is no safety system in place and will destroy your entire fuel system... And a cost of 6500.00. Plus with the current diesel scam they sold us... Of course the sales pitch is the engine will last at least 300,000 miles. Well it doesn't...

Satisfaction Rating

I came back to Moss after all the problems I've had with them because it's close by my house and Glenn Moss had apologized and told me mgmt. had changed. They are still NOT GIVING GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I got my oil changed and a few days later there was oil on my driveway. I took it in and they said "sorry, we didn't tighten the filter properly." They tightened it this time. For my trouble I got a sorry. That's it, sorry! I went ahead and had them change oil when due again. My wife just walked in and said "there is oil under your truck again!" I tried to talk to Mr. Moss but got the GEN. Mgr. and he can't take care of it today, so I have to let it drip till Monday (I'll take it in instead of going to work!). Do a lot of people have problems with Moss, or am I just one of the unlucky few??

Satisfaction Rating

I have a Chrysler 300 and ever since I had replaced my engine in 2012 at 96,000 miles it has been nothing but problems. Every time repairs are made at the Moss Brothers Dealership in Riverside 3 to 4 months later a new problem occur because of something that their mechanics did or forgot to do. Continuing to pay out of pocket for their mistakes is really has made it difficult for me to maintain the upkeep of this car. Now after 3 years another engine is needed. If you look at the history of the car it has been to the Moss Brothers repair shop several times and at different times a misfire issue has occurred on three different cylinders and no recommendations were ever made.

Not Only that I have been told several times that nothing was wrong with the car. The engine should have been replaced after the first misfire was detected never happened. I feel that the engine was another defective piece of equipment which Moss Brothers was waiting for the warranty to expire so it would be out of pocket cost to me. I am truly disappointed on how this issue has been handled. They had my car for a month and half and I contacted the dealership several times and the service person tells me they are not doing anything about it. So here we are with nothing resolved. I think Chrysler should be held fully responsible for the defective engine.

Satisfaction Rating

We purchased a new car. Every 8 days we had to go in and sign a new contract. They stated they made a mistake and sold us the wrong car. We signed 3 contracts on one car. Okay, well a few weeks later we decided to give them another chance and buy a 2nd car. Well we went in picked out a car and we were told they couldn't take our motorcycle for trade. We said ok, we will sell it and come back another time. We left. The sales manager called us the next day and assured us that he would make it work and to bring in the motorcycle to trade. Practically begged us. So we did. We bought the car, traded in the motorcycle.

Weeks went by. Almost 3 weeks and I receive a letter in the mail stating they could not get us financed and to bring the car back. We called the sales manager and he said to disregard the letter and everything was just fine, not to worry. The very next day I get a text saying there is a problem and to call them. They said we needed another cosigner. We said, "No" and they said, "Then bring the car back." Well we argued with several different people throughout the day. They said some unprofessional comments to us and were so extremely rude. They kept telling us a manager would call us back but never did. We called them and spoke with a manager. He said that if we can come up with $1000 down we can have the motorcycle back and keep the car. We can't pay for 2 car payments and a motorcycle payment. That would break us. This place is awful. Scam artists. Liars and will try hard to cheat you just to make a profit.

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Satisfaction Rating

In February of 2015 I took my Jeep to Riverside Moss Bros for an oil change, tire balance, and rotation. I dropped it off on a Thursday morning and picked it up Thursday night. On my way home the vehicle shook so bad it popped itself out of gear (manual transmission) and it was missing a lug nut on my rear tire. I took it back Friday. I told them it was never balanced and they lost my lug. The service advisor said I would have to pay for a new set of lugs out of pocket and wait for a reimbursement but they would take care of the balance. They said I would receive a call when it was done. When I still hadn't heard from them on Saturday I drove down there. They said my truck was done but service locked my keys away so they couldn't do anything until Monday.

After cussing and screaming at the top of my lungs they finally called the service advisor at home to locate my keys. After that I would never go back to Riverside. In May of 2015 my check engine light came on so I took it to Moss Bros in Moreno Valley. I dropped it off first thing in the morning. Informed them I wouldn't be able to pick it up until 6:30. He said "Not a problem. We will leave the keys with finance." I showed up 6:30 and the sales manager says "We can't find your keys or paperwork. There is nothing we can do until tomorrow." Keeping in mind I have a daughter that has to be picked up by 7.

Not only did they have my truck key they had my house key. No one offered to find my keys or offer me a rental. Nope. Just that I was stranded until the next day when service reopens. Again with my screaming and cussing bit an hour and a half later they hand me my keys. By the time I got to my child I owed late pick up fees and the police department had already been contacted to pick up my daughter so that the school could close. NEVER GO TO MOSS BROTHERS IN ANY CITY STATE OR COUNTY. I would rather deal with the shady mechanics at Firestone.

Satisfaction Rating

Horrible service from Moreno Valley CA location. Purchased a new 2013 with 19 miles on it and it has a loud annoying whistle between 60 and 80mph. It has been back to service 4 times for repairs since I purchased it a 1 year and 5 months ago. They withheld my service record for this repair. I picked up my car today 1/24/2015 at approx. 12:45 and they said they would fax it to me. That don't sound right to me. The annoying sound is still there and Allen ** stated to me that they were going to call Chrysler about putting in a new transmission after they have changed out the shift gears in it now twice. It's stressful to think you buy a new, not used vehicle and have as many problems as could come with a used car. Working at a public mall, I will voice my opinion to thousands of people about thinking twice when purchasing from Moss Brothers.

Satisfaction Rating

On 12/13/14 I purchased a 2104 Dodge Durango from Moss Brothers Moreno Valley. Went for test drive, worked up the deal, no problem. After taking delivery of the vehicle Sales rep. Jerry went over vehicle features inside and outside of vehicle. When he tried to set up the SXM radio it did not work, although, there is an icon on the radio face for that feature.

Puzzled by the problem, he attempted a few times to access the feature with no results. He then represented that it could be a satellite issue because we were underneath an overhang outside of the dealership re: rain. I drove the vehicle from under the overhang and we tried again with no results. I made an appointment with service dept. to fix the issue, and it turns out that my vehicle does not even have SXM capability through the dealership. Had I known this, I would have shopped for one that does or maybe taken the same vehicle but I was not given the option.

Today I spoke with a sales mngr. who told me, "The vehicles come from China with this icon on the radio face, even though it's not optional on the vehicle". I told him that his sales rep. Jerry should have explained that to me instead of sitting inside the vehicle like idiots trying to activate a system that I don't have. And he said that, “Jerry was new”. He stated that he spoke to Jerry and was told he never told me it had SXM. That may be true, those words were never used but it was damn sure implied when both Jerry and myself attempted to continually activate it.

I also had the vehicle in the shop for a "due bill" powder coat and SXM diagnosis on 01/15/15. The problem was not fixed so I returned to the dealership on 01/17/14 and spoke to a service asst. to ascertain why SXM was not fixed. He could not give me a reason but schedule an appointment for today 01/19/15. I also spoke to sales rep. Jerry while driving out of the parking lot on the 01/17/15 and told him SXM was still not working, again affirming that I believed I had a malfunction.

After vehicle was diagnosed in service dept., that’s when I was told I could not get SXM. A sales rep. told me that I could get an aftermarket SXM installed. Which by the way comes with a $400 bill and a Remote!!.. Great!!... Drive down the road screwing with a hand held radio remote!! Way to go Moss Bros.

The consequence is I have a vehicle which was implied to have SXM but does not. And that there is nothing I can do about it because the deal is final, which in my opinion is the dealership’s primary objective. My family and I have purchased 4 vehicles from Moss Bros., this will be the last. If there is one thing I cannot overlook, it’s principle. This is a known problem that has been ignored. Every customer that purchases these vehicles should be told about this and every sales person should be aware of it as well.

Satisfaction Rating

The vehicle has several problems and they won't fix them until the extended warranty kicks in after ninety days. I've only had the vehicle three and a half weeks.

Satisfaction Rating

I want to report the shabby treatment that I received at Moss Bros Chevrolet in Moreno Valley, California on July 9 and 10, 2011, when shopping for a Chevrolet Cruze. As a Pontiac owner, I received a special offer that expired on July 5, 2011. On July 9, I called to see if it could be extended as I was ready to purchase a new car, and was I was interested in the Chevrolet Cruze. I was told that the offer had been extended through September and that this information was available to dealers through computer records.

With this in mind, I started an Internet search, and shortly received a call from Maria at Moss Bros. She told me that they had just received a shipment of Cruzes and that there were several from which to choose. She also informed me that they had one advertised for $15,995. I asked her what color it was, and she said that she did not know, as she did not have the color listed. I asked her to check, but she still could not, or would not tell me the color. She only stated that she thought that it was red. I scheduled an appointment for 6:00 PM that evening.

My wife and I met with Internet salesman Charles; he showed us a white LS Cruze, and we took a test drive. We liked this car and decided to purchase it. I told Charles that I wanted to use my Pontiac owner special offer and the 2.9 percent financing. After completing the credit application, we were told by Nassim (the sales manager) that they could not verify the Pontiac offer; that we could complete the sale, and apply for the $1,000 from GM later. Of course, this is not the way it is done. We waited quite some time as they supposedly tried to verify the offer. While this was taking place, Charles tried to interest me in a more expensive model. I told him that I could afford any car on his lot, but I was not looking for a fancy car. I wanted a basic commuter vehicle. It was supposedly too late for them to verify the Pontiac offer by phone. I told Charles that we wanted to complete the sale, but they would have to apply the Pontiac discount. I told Charles that we would be back the next evening after I returned from a meeting out of town, and asked him to ready everything to complete the sale.

Saturday morning of July 10th, I called the Pontiac offer number and again inquired about the special offer. I was told that the dealer could find the record on the Manifest List and that if they had any problems, they could call the dealer business center for assistance. I relayed this information to Charles in an email message. I also told him that we would be back that evening to finalize the paperwork, and to pick up the car. Charles responded by email telling me that he was finally able to pull the information from the Manifest List at 8:30 the prior evening. He indicated that it was with our paperwork and that we should see Nassim upon our arrival.

We returned at the time that I had told Charles we would be there. We were made to wait a while and were finally greeted by Nassim. He told us that the car that we had agreed to purchase had been sold to another customer. Needless to say, I was very upset and protested loudly. I demanded that he sell us another LS Cruze for the agreed price. He claimed that they did not have any in stock. This is contrary to what I had been told when I first contacted by Maria. I told him to get one from another dealer. Nassim said that there would be a $200 fee for this. I told him that this was not part of the deal and that I did not want to have any further conversation with him. C.J. heard the exchange and intervened. He agreed that they would get another car with the same purchase price from another dealer and that I should contact Charles the next morning to make arrangement for delivery.

On Sunday, Charles contacted me and stated that the car that we had selected for purchase had not been sold after all. The other customer had changed her mind. I told him that I had lost all confidence in Moss Bros and that I could not trust anything that they had to say. I was upset that our time had been wasted.


I received an offer via mail to trade in my 2008 Tundra for another vehicle with $3,000 rebate. I emailed Mary via Internet Sales Department with the understanding and knowing that they could get me into another vehicle with my trade-in with no money down, lesser payment.

I went to the establishment on 02/27/2011 and worked with Sam. After I told him what I wanted (a truck similar to mine or pre-owned), he showed me a 2011 Tundra and my monthly payment could be anywhere from $771 (with 3,00 down) or $871, with GAP Insurance included, with no money down. I said thank you for your time and got up to leave. He said wait a moment. A few minutes later his manager, Micah **, said what if I just put down $1,000 and get the truck with payments being $683 and with what Sam said (two years free oil changes, tire rotation and GAP). While signing papers with finance, the lady that helped me said I had no GAP with the deal. I asked how much to include, so now my payment is $695.

I did this trade-in because I felt it was a good offer because I am in the midst of doing a whole financial turnaround with my personal finances with a home loan modification, debt consolidation and no work during summer due to economics (I am a teacher).


On March 1st, my brother in-law and I went into Moss Bros Chevrolet to purchase a truck. My brother in-law helped me make the buy. Well, I bought a 2006 Dodger Ram 1500. Anyhow there's a cigarette burn on the drivers side. I asked them if they will fix that and Mr ** said, "yes, that will be taken care of for me".

On the 14th of March I called the dealership, asking about the repair on the seat of the truck and everyone that took my request and message for Mr. ** said that they would be calling me back and I would be taken care of. Nobody ever called me back, not once.

Now its March 21st, call again and strictly requested to speak to Mr. **, in which he answered my call, claimed he never got my messages ,and wasn't trying to avoid me. Because I asked him if he was avoiding my call. So, we spoke about the problem he had promised to have fixed. I know its not a serious problem, but when anyone makes a vehicle purchase, you want it in a almost perfect condition even if its used, at least that's how I see it. Mr. ** answer was that his boss, Mr. ** will give me a call back. That's to be seen. This is why I'm reaching out to you for help.


I went for an oil change which I normally do every three months. I got there and they started checking the battery with a battery charger. After that, they took it inside for the oil change. Once finished, I went out of there and I started diving like ten miles. Then, the airbag light started blinking and did not go off. I called them back and they said to take the vehicle back to their shop the next morning. They found out that I have to replace the airbag module and the wiring. I asked what caused the problem and they said that it was caused by an electrical short. I think that they caused that problem, though. The cost of that repair was $2,850 for parts plus three days of labor. I think that it is not fair for me to pay for something that I did not cause.


I bought a 2010 Jeep Liberty in March 2010. After a couple of months, when the sky slider is closed and you reach 40mph, one side of the sky slider opens approximately 2 inches and you get to hear the wind in the vehicle. I took it to the dealer and they contacted Chrysler only to be told that it is normal and they will not fix it. The mechanic said it's the turbulence and again, it's normal. I am very unhappy with this, it is very annoying to listen to that.


On February 5, 2010, I took my car, a 2007 Toyota Camry, to Moss Brothers Toyota for the recall on the accelerator pedal. I waited for 2 hours and afterwards, I was told that my car was not part of the recall. On the 18th of Feb, 2010, I received an email from Longo Toyota in El Monte, where I bought the above-mentioned vehicle. The message was a request for me to contact them and set up an appointment.

I called this morning and set up the appointment for March 2, 2010 at 10am. I was informed by Longo Toyota that my car was, in fact, part of the recall in 2010. I lost 4 hours of work because of Moss Brothers Toyota. I work in Ontario and I reside in Moreno Valley. However, since I was told that I could take my car for the recall back then to any Toyota dealer, I took it to Moss Brothers in Moreno Valley.


I dropped my car off a month ago to get serviced regarding an electrical issue. While working on my car, their technician caught my car on fire resulting in a total loss. Now, I am fighting to have my car paid off totally by Moss but they are fighting that it is not their fault. I am without a car and they are unwilling to provide me with a rental car.


We went to Moss Bros. Dodge in January of 1999 with the intention of looking at vans. We found a used van we liked and proceeded to purchase it, using another vehicle as a trade-in. The agreement was that the trade-in vehcile would be paid off.

Approximately two months after the transaction took place, we received a telephone call from Wells Fargo Bank, who we had been leasing the vehicle we traded-in through. They wanted to know why we hadn't made a payment in a month and a half. It was at this point we realized that the loan had never been paid off, as was our agreement with the dealership. Several phone calls later, we were able to resolve the situation, putting our credit back in good standing.

Now, a year later, we received a letter from the Dodge dealer in our area, stating that since we didn't have an extended warranty, they would like the opportunity to sell us a policy. This was news to us, as we HAD purchased the extended warranty at the time we purchased our van.

After several phone calls, we were informed that the extended warranty we purchased was not one through Chrysler Corporation, but from some other company and that in order to use the extended warranty, we would have to take the vehicle for service at the dealership where we purchased it. This would not be convenient for us, as the dealership is 36 miles from our home and the policy states that if the purchasing dealer is within 40 miles, we must have the vehicle serviced there. This was never explained to us at the time of the purchase, nor were we told this was not a Chrysler policy.

We were completely misled and made to believe we were purchasing the Chrysler extended warranty. We contacted the dealership up here, Victorville Motors, and were told that we were still within the range to be able to cancel our current policy and purchase a Chrysler policy. They also told us that we would be refunded the money that was left on the policy, to put toward a new policy.

We went directly to Moss Bros. to do just that, and they were very willing to cancel the policy, BUT informed us that we would not receive the refund, but that it would go instead to the finance company. Once we returned home, we made a phone call to our finance company and they told us that no, that is not correct, that the money should come directly to them. Once again, we were misled by the dealership because they did not tell us that was their policy to not refund us the money.

Our finance company stated that once they receive the refund, they would cut a new check and send the money directly to us. This vehicle purchase has been a nightmare from day one.

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