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Horrible company. Took my 2016 pilot for a recall repair to update software etc. Since then, the battery keeps depleting if I don't drive for a couple of days. I had to take it back to them several times and each time they messed things up. Now, again today the car wouldn't start, so I had to call them and they were not helpful. I will file a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive Repairs and the BBB. I will never take my car there for any repairs. I highly recommend to avoid this place for any repair.

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I called Metro Honda, Montclair CA, about a Honda Civic 2012 as noted below which was on sale special price for $12,500. 2012 Honda Civic Sedan LX Vehicle Details: CONDITION: Pre-Owned, MILEAGE: 29396, Black Sedan, Stock: PH5417, VIN: 19XFB2F54CE384587. I asked about the car availability and they said it was available. I let go of another car at another Honda dealership to purchase this one. I called their sales and let them know I am coming to purchase it tonight around 8:30 pm today. They said "great" and "the car will be waiting for you". They said the price was negotiable. I went to the dealership and the salesperson said they could not find the keys and that another employee took the keys home.

I asked to speak to the manager (Armand); the salesperson explained to him what was happening. Then when I spoke to him he pretended not to know. I drove 30 minutes to get there and waited 15 minutes in the lot waiting for the salesperson to bring the keys. Armand said the price was not negotiable, and said "if you want to buy the car you can." How can anyone buy a used car from a dealership without test driving it first. He was very standoffish and not respectful. I had to drive back home and wasted a total of 3 hours on this unprofessional dealership. I asked if he can hold the car until I come back tomorrow, and he said "no". I believe based on his actions and what he had to say, that he seemed to be involved in hiding the keys to prevent the specially priced car from being sold.

I am a long time Honda customer and own a few Hondas already. I purchased my 2016 pilot just a few months ago. I will NEVER EVER go back to Metro Honda in Montclair, CA. I usually take my cars for maintenance there. NEVER AGAIN. They tried to get me to purchase another vehicle. I will file a complaint against this dealership for unfair practices and false advertisement. This is shameful act by shameful employees.

Satisfaction Rating

My unhappiness started with me purchasing a new 2006 Civic Sedan. My father made the official purchase and brought the car home to me. When I looked over the documents (I always do with everything I own) I noticed that the inspection to be done when getting the car hadn't been done. Shortly after getting the car, I felt there was some strange sound coming from the tires and took it to Metro Honda and also Diamond Honda and both times they said there was nothing. I also complained that the alignment was off because if I let go of the steering wheel for even a second the car would veer to the right so much I could do a U-turn on a completely flat street. Metro Honda took me for a test drive so they could see the problem and denied that anything was off, saying the street was sloped (it was, but to the left, and my car still veered to the right).

Unhappy but unable to get results, I continued driving the car. Soon, I was nearly in a collision that required me to slam on my brakes. I heard a very strange sound (the ABS) and took it to Big O Tires (who I love and trust) to make sure I hadn't done any damage. After a quick (and Free!!) inspection they told me there was no damage but that my tire pressure was at 60psi. My car is supposed to have the tires at 30-35psi. They explained to me that dealers do this when shipping a car but are supposed to reduce the pressure before giving the car to a consumer for safety reasons. I asked to have the alignment checked and, surprise!, the alignment was off.

I owned my car for some time and throughout the years, I've been having a bad relationship with Metro Honda. Anytime I go in for service, and I ALWAYS go when the maintenance light comes on, it always manages to cost me more than $200 even though it's just an oil change or something simple. This is NEVER the price I'm originally quoted, they always call me later and tell me it will cost more. I always say yes to any work that needs to be done because I want my car to last - yet EVERY time I go in, they tell me that my car is WAY overdue for something. If I take my car to the same dealership every-single-time, and I always do any service that is needed, why is something always a year or so overdue???

In addition to this traditional misery, a couple years after purchasing my brand new car, the paint became damaged. I asked the service department about it but they said I wasn't taking care of my car (hand washing and waxing at least once a month isn't taking care of it?). A year after that I took it to Maaco to get a quote on a paint job. I was quoted $800 to $1600 depending on how thorough of a job they did. They mentioned to me that it looked like bad manufacturer paint and that it was probably covered by the dealer. So I talked to the dealer and they said they couldn't do anything. Then they referred me to their body shop they work with. I took it there and was quoted $7000. They must have seen the look on my face because they quickly explained that it looked like I had gotten a bad paint job from the manufacturer and that it should still be under warranty.

So I went back to the dealer and told them that the body shop THEY recommended said it was a faulty paint job and asked about the warranty. I was assured that it was NOT covered under the warranty. Another year went by and I mentioned again to the dealer the warranty and was told, "Oh yes, there was a warranty extension for 2006 Honda Civics because there was a problem with the paint on them." At this point, I was just "Are you kidding me?" I was told the extension would end in less than a month. So of course I told them I wanted it repainted.

They repainted all the bad areas EXCEPT my trunk hood, which was badly damaged. I asked why they didn't and they explained it wasn't covered. I asked why it wasn't covered when the car gets the same paint all over and obviously that part was faulty also, and got a shrug. I asked if they couldn't just fix it for me anyways since I had been a loyal customer for years and got told no. I asked why they couldn't just fix it since I had been asking for the paint for years and the warranty for a year and had been given false information or simply denied information and by fixing it at no cost while it was already getting repaired they would be restoring my faith in their business, and was told I was free to pay for it to be fixed. So my trunk still looks horrible, maybe I'll go back to Maaco and get it fixed later.

Having fun yet? I sure am. So also the rubber piece that goes around my windshield was looking pretty bad at this point. I asked about it and they said they would sell me the parts for $120 and charge me about $200 to have it put on. I checked with Safelight and got a lower quote so I went there. At Safelight they told me that the part repair was purely cosmetic and posed no risk to my car, and asked if I was sure I wanted to pay them to do a more invasive repair or just take it to the dealer. When I told them how much the dealer wanted they rolled their eyes and said that was stupid. They told me to go buy the part from the dealer and bring it back to them and they would put it in for nothing. That's what I did and that's exactly what they did. They put the parts in and told me there was no charge. THIS IS HOW YOU WIN CUSTOMERS.

Over the time I've owned the car (just short of 10 years), I've replaced the battery twice. Once, early on, my car wouldn't start. I called a tow truck and they checked my battery and said that it still had plenty of life, they couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start. It failed again later and the tow guy said the same, but I got it replaced at Pep Boys anyways. Recently, it was working fine and then died again. It showed an odd symbol on the dash so I looked it up in the manual. It said my car was not recognizing my key. So I called Honda Metro (they were closest) and was told to have my car towed there. Then the tow guy came he said it would have to be towed because that symbol mean the anti-theft device is activated and the car cannot be re-started. I asked him to try to jump it anyways because I had my suspicions. To his surprise, and to my non-surprise, it worked.

I drove my car to the dealership. They went out and turned it on the get the mileage and when they asked me why I brought it in and I told them, they gave me a startled look. I told them "Yeah, I drove it here. Obviously something is wrong and I think it's electrical because this has happened to me before. I work 50 miles from here and I don't really feel like playing chicken with my car's battery." I explained to them that I had been back and forth with the people on the phone and that I was frustrated and so far was having very bad experiences with this dealership. I told them I wanted the electrical part to do with the ignition checked out thoroughly and wanted whatever was broken to be fixed. They assured me they would.

The next day I got a call that my battery was bad (oh really?) and for $100 they would give me a new one with a 10 year warranty. I was pissed because all this was already costing me upwards of a couple hundred but I said yes figuring they can't tell me it's my battery next time if I get a Honda one with a 10 year warranty. When I went to pick up my car they said everything was working but when I turned on my car, the check engine light was on. I went right back inside and told them about it. They acted surprised and said that was a whole different issue that would need to be checked out by the technician.

Thoroughly pissed at this point, I asked them why the car would be cleared to drive away if the light was on, and why didn't the technician tell anyone it was on? When they started to hmm and haww, I told them "never mind," that it was probably just like the other dozen times they work on my car and forget to reset the light and "Please just get the technician to check it and fix it," that I had already missed a day of work and didn't live in this city so I needed my car to be done being fixed. The rep told me the technician was leaving for the day but gosh, he would go ask the tech to take a quick look. How above and beyond the call of duty of him.

10 mins later I finally got my car back with a clean bill of health. That was maybe two months ago and now my service light is on for an oil and filter change. I googled service centers near where I live and found Santa Monica to have I high review rating, so I'm taking it there. I'm about to take a road trip so I also requested them to tell me the state of my tires. We will see how their service department compares to Montclair, but the lesson here, kids, is avoid Metro Honda as though your life depends on it, because your bank account certainly does. Shady reps, horrible customer service, and a "couldn't care less" attitude are all that await you there.

Satisfaction Rating

I just got off the phone with ** and **, WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I spoke with these two over a month ago regarding the return of my lease. They instructed me there is no need for inspection, to just email them pictures of the vehicle and that they would pick it up. A week after sending them pictures, I call them to follow up to get an update only to hear ** tell me "we aren't interesting in purchasing your vehicle" and hanging up on me. I called back and asked to speak with **, who is completely ridiculous and accuses me of being an Uber driver as the reason why they cannot accept my car... I don't have the slightest clue as to where this accusation comes from as I have never driven or even used Uber services before.

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On Feb 8th, the oil light came on in my new Honda CRV. I called the nearest Honda to ask if we needed an appointment for this service. They said no and just to bring the vehicle in. When my daughter and I walked into the service department, no one looked up to greet us, so I walked to the nearest man behind the counter, and told him about the light, and that I had called. He yelled out to the other 3 men seated next to him and said, "did anyone talk to this woman?" The one on the phone raised his hand, and he told me to go talk to him. We stood behind the counter for 15-20 minutes while he continued his call, so I walked up to the other 3 men who were seated next to him and said, "could we get some hospitality here?"

A man named Steve got up and followed us out to the vehicle. He then told us it would be about $89, and I replied, "for an oil change?" I then mentioned that we were told the 1st oil change would be on Honda, and his reply was "not here". I then phoned the dealership where we purchased the CRV, and when I told them the mileage of 6,000 miles, they told me to take the CRV to another place, and that an oil change would not be more than $35 or $40.

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Satisfaction Rating

A few months ago when I was shopping for a lease, I decided to go with Honda, based on the reliability of their vehicles and the supposedly outstanding customer service. I should have known based on the lack of follow-up during the signing process that this was a doomed relationship.

Fast forward five months, I was involved in an accident covered by comprehensive insurance. After having the insurance adjuster asses the damage, I decided to bring the car directly to Honda to get the best service possible. When I dropped the car off, along with the adjustors' paperwork, I confirmed that the car would be repaired to its original condition, and within the time frame given by the insurance adjustor (three days). I also pointed out the supplemental time/funds request that was attached to the estimate paperwork.

I called the service center two and a half days later to check on the status of the car. I was frustrated to hear that the car had been sent to another location and not yet been looked at! I explained to my service representative, George **, that I was driving a rental car, which was only covered by my insurance company for the time allotted for the repair. He was very aloof, and said the car would probably take an additional week and a half! I made an urgent request that he fill out the provided supplemental time/funds paperwork so that the adjustor could allocate additional time for my rental car. George assured me that the body shop would take care of everything.

A few hours later, I contacted my insurance company to confirm they had received the necessary paperwork, only to find out that they had not. I called George back immediately, and he was not understanding the need to fill out the necessary paperwork. He claimed the body shop would do it. I contacted the body shop and they claimed George should be doing it.

While George was extremely polite during the entire process, he was at no point helpful in following through on the necessary steps. In fact, I gave George the adjustor's contact number so that the adjustor could walk him through the necessary steps. Even after this, George still did not submit the paperwork and blatantly lied to me about what the adjustor had told him.

I find it hard to believe that the Honda Service Center is not accustomed to dealing with the procedures set in place by insurance claims! For all of these, I had to take a day off of work.

All of these calls back and forth between the adjustor, the Service Center, the insurance company and the body shop continued throughout the entire morning and afternoon. I ended up picking up my Honda (with no work done) and will be taking it elsewhere to be fixed.

The cherry on top of this miserable series of events, was that my car was returned to me with the gas light on! This, of course, was not the state that I brought the car in to Honda.

I know this matter is already over a year ago, but I want people to be careful when doing business with Metro Honda Montclair dealer.

On 05/12/09 my husband and I were planning to return our lease vehicle and lease another vehicle with them. According to the salesman (Julio **) I might have to pay about $600.00 for wear and tear on the old vehicle, which I found out this is a misleading information. For your information, on the lease contract, there is $1,500.00 allowance from Honda Corporation for wear and tear on a leased vehicle. After negotiating, I still had to pay $500.00 for the wear and tear on my old vehicle without letting me know about the $1,500.00 waiver for wear and tear. But this doesn't end here; they offered me to lease a new accord for $199.00 per month which attracted me and my wife to give a test drive. Soon after, we tested a new grey 2009 Honda accord and found out the car was making an unusual noise (high pitch) that can be clearly heard inside the cabin. Since I like the color, our salesman then brought us another accord in the same color, which we tested (no issues whatsoever) and agreed to lease it.

You know how long it will take to do the paperwork, they told me to get something to eat while they clean up the car and finished the paperwork, and since it was already 9pm, we decided to get a quick dinner around the area. To make the story short, we got back to the dealer and again remind our salesman (Julio **) to make sure this is not the car that was making an unusual noise. He then answered, "Yeah, don't worry; if you have any problems, just come back to me and I will take care of it (you know how a salesman makes his promises)". Shortly after we drove the new car home, we heard the car making a high pitch noise, the same noise we heard from the 1st car we test drove earlier that day. Without hesitate, I called Julio (the salesman) and complained about the problem, Julio told me to return the next day since they were about to close in few minutes.

The next day (05/13/11), we went return with the car and were transferred to the service department. We then waited for 2 hours, without knowing what the problem with the new car was. My husband is a pastor and he could not spend all of his day to sit doing nothing especially he has many appointments that day. So then the service department rep offered us a rental car after they test drove the car and confirmed the problem. But they could not tell us what caused the new car to make that such of noise. Considering that we had the car only for few hours and minimum miles on it, I request them to exchange it with another vehicle, in a sense I would not pick a new car with that kind of issue. And they rejected my request with many reasons. They refused to let me speak to the manager at all. In the end I have no choice; I had to take the rental car to see my appointments.

Early in the morning on the following day, (05-14-09) my husband went back to the dealer and the issue has not been resolved. It was obvious that the dealer has failed to perform the standard pre-delivery inspection. Without any solutions offered by the dealer management, I refused to take the rental car that day and demand to void the lease contract unless they let us to exchange with another car without any issues and they insisted to repair the car. To date, the car was sold in auction more than a year ago and we are stuck with our credit card we used to put the down payment. They billed us for reconditioning fee, 2 months of lease and etc. What I am asking from the dealer is to refund our down payment since we had the car less than a day and the dealer has failed to provide 100% customer satisfaction and a fraudulent business conduct.


I am sending this summary as to how one of your dealers is operating, fraudulent practice. On 15 October 2009 I requested a quote over the internet from Metro Honda, Montclair, CA. They did respond rapidly however they (Byron Powell) quoted me a price on a 2010 Honda Pilot EX all wheel drive. My wife and I went down to the dealer the next day. While they confirmed the vehicle was in their inventory in their email, no such Pilot existed but they just happened to have a 2009 version. I showed the email to the General Manager who made a copy but offered little in terms of an excuse. Later another sale person told me he had talked to Byron who stated I had requested the quote three weeks ago and the vehicle had been sold. I provided him a copy of the email dated 15 October 2009.

This same salesperson sat down with me and immediately stated the tires on my Yukon (trade) were so bad he would not drive it out of the parking lot. I told him to look in my glove compartment and he will find that the tires are top of the line Goodyear and I had purchased them four months ago. Highly unlikely they are without tread. He dropped the point he was trying to make and went on to something else. The manager offered me roughly a $300 reduction in price from what they had quoted for a 2010 verses a 2009. He then offered to reduce the price of two option we did not want thus reducing the price by roughly $1,600. I checked with other Honda dealers and they stated the average reduction in price for a 2009 verses a 2010 is around $1,600.

Playing game with me is not something I am used to. I am a retired Air Force Officer and have also retired from senior leadership position in two of the largest aerospace firms in the country. I might also point out that both Norm Reeves (David Wong) and Moss Brothers Honda (Missy at 951-486-9366 X6160) were outstanding and followed up with me in a very timely manner. I was so put out by Metro HOnda that I prepared a formal complaint to the California Attorney General for a bait and switch tactic used by that dealership. I did not send it and opted to get with you first.

My son owns two Honda's (Ridgeline, Accord) and my daughter just purchased a Honda Accord from Norm Reeves in the last two weeks. My wife still wants a Honda Pilot. She desires a Honda Pilot AWD EX in Red Cherry Pearl (show stopper with wife) with Black cloth interior. We would also consider the EX-L. None are available in southern California. Five are available in or around San Francisco. Moss said they would try to get one and any support you would give to either Norm Reeves (close by) and or Moss would be appreciated. One suggestion is to waive the shipping cost from northern California to Souther California. It would go a long way in getting rid of the bitter taste of a dealership using a bait and switch tactic thus tarnishing the name and reputation of Honda. Pending a reply. Thanks.


Leased a 2007 Accord EX from Metro Honda, Montair, CA, Tried to lease thru COSTCO but after the referral and contact to Metro was given they never disclosed that they were supposed to give us the COSTCO price. Then, after contacting COSTCO, they negotiated for a new contract, which we signed, but we just received a bill for the same payment amount. Also, after trading in our car, the DMV sent US the new registration. Last, but NOT least, we leased the Honda, after trading in a Toyota Corolla which got 30 MPG, for the Honda, which claimed to get 30/35 MPG, when in reality, (with egg on peddle driving habit), we only get 20 MPG!

Read above.


I went to purchase a new honda accord ex v6, my parents went there first because i was at work, and they came up with a deal of $26,000 out the door. My parents came home and waited for me. We made the 30 min journey to the dealership again with the intention to buy the car for the price he gave us. We waited over 1 hr because he was helping out other customers. So while we were waiting another sales came and tried to help us out. She couldnt give us the same price as Raymond Guo said, so she told us to wait for him.

Raymond happened to pop back to retrieve something and we told him what happend with the other sales, and he just winked and said he could do it. So we just waited and waited until he was finally done with the other customers. Then he does the usual "ill go ask my manager" and he comes back saying he needs to add deliverance charge, and pda, and finance charge in addition to the $26,000. Outraged that he would pull a trick like that i said i was goin to leave and complained that if he couldnt give me the price for the car, he should'nt have told us to wait for so long. As a comsumer i know that he still has to ask the manager for the price check, but he should'nt have been so sure in the beginning. After the complaint Raymond pursued a argument saying that he has been a sales person for over seven years and began lecturing me about how to purchase a car.

I came to a dealership to buy a car and he has the audacity to teach and lecture me like im a seven year old child. So i left the building first, and he continued to lecture my parents telling them that he's doing this for my good and teaching me how to buy a car in the future. My parents hearing this of course were furious, because where is this sales person to come and teach their child about anything. Raymond being a sales had the guts to tell my parents to "GET OUT of his face" So my parents of course wanted to go talk to his manager he just replied, "I dont care go talk to him" We have got his managers card and as a consumer, today has been the worst day ive experienced in purchasing a car. We have purchased over 6 vehicles in our family and this is the first time to hear a sales have the audacity to make us wait for so long, lecture us about how to purchase a car, then tell us "GET OUT"

The other sales hearing this pulled my parents away and while we were outside another sales started talking to us and sayin Raymond should not have stepped across the line. This type of behavior shows his inept professionalism.


I bought a New 2002 Honda Accord EX on May 31, 2002, from Metro Honda and before leaving the dealer, my husband noticed some scratches on the hood, and notified the sales person. We were told to go back the following day and that it would be fixed. We went in the next day, and were told to make an appointment for a weekday, and that it would only take about 30 minutes.

We made the appointment for Tuesday, June 4. We were there since 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., that's when I walked out and noticed that the car was parked outside. I went inside the office to ask about the car and Cliff Nguyen told me that the scratches from the hood could not be removed, unless the car was sent to the body shop but that it would take about three days for the car to be ready. I said that it was o.k., and asked if I could borrow a car from the dealer, or a rented car? He said NO, with no other explanation. I didn't get a call, so I called on Saturday, June 8 and was told that the car was ready. We had to find a ride, and when we arrived, my husband and I noticed that the car had not been moved from the parking space where we left it. They had smeared some paint on the scratches and didn't even bother to wash the car. I asked since when was the so called "paint job" done and Cliff, the sales manager, just said, "a couple of days ago".

We told him that this was not the job that was supposed to be made on a new car and that I did not like it, and all he said was that it would take about three days to sent it to be shop if we didn't like the way it looked. I asked if it would be fixed this time and he said YES. I asked twice if I should call him, and he said No, that he would call me back on Tuesday, when the car would be ready.

I was very upset that both my husband and myself had lost the whole day of work on Tuesday for nothing, that when I got home, I wrote a letter to the general manager, Bill Vazac, letting him know how upset and unhappy I was.

No one called me back on Tuesday regarding the car, so I called on Wednesday June 12, and was told that Cliff was not there, and no one knew anything about the car. Later that day James, the sales consultant, called me back because of the letter that I had sent in, and asked what he could do to help. I told all I wanted way the car to be fixed. He said he didn't know anything but that he would call me back. He called back to tell me that the only thing he found out was that the car was barely sent into the shop yesturday, on June 11, and that it would be ready on Friday June 14.

Also, Chris, the floor manager, called me back, because of the letter, and was willing to help, but all he could tell me was the same thing James had told me, that the car would be ready on Friday. Today, Thursday June 13, I had a message on my answering machine, that my car was ready and that I could go pick it up, but to try to be there by 7:00 p.m., before Service closed. I called back to verify that the car was ready, because I didn't want to make the trip for nothing and they said Yes that the car was ready. Both me and my husband had to get out of work early, and find a ride, just to go there and see that the car was the same, except, they had washed and moved the car from the parking space. I asked to speak to the manager and they were paging Cliff, I refused to speak to him and asked to speak to someone else. Neal Audet, assistant manager, came out to see us. We explained what was happening and that I had been without a car for nine days, and worst of all, they had not done anything to fix the problem.

I was told, again, that I had to leave the car there so that they could fix it right, this time. Neal was very understanding and helpfull and did more than the manager had done in the past nine days. He got us a rented car and told us that as soon as the car was ready, he would let us know, but it would take a few more days.

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