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South Gate, CA

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My car was taken to Llovio Ford on 3/01/10 for an engine diagnostic. I wanted to find out the reason(s) for my check engine and electronic throttle control lights being on. When the car was dropped off, the car was hesitating a bit when accelerated (as a result of the car's etc light being on), but it was running and was able to accelerate to a driver's desired speed. It was determined by Ford mechanics that my PCM (engine computer) and engine wiring harness were the cause of my car's troubles.

My car's PCM was replaced under warranty, but Ford refused to repair my wiring harness due to alleged damage from external sources. They claimed that the harness was damaged due to a minor accident this car was involved in (highly unlikely). I have reports from that accident's insurance adjusters that can confirm that no harm was caused to my vehicle's motor as a result of my accident.

On March 16, 2010, after a lengthy 15-day repair stint, I was told that my car was ready for pickup. After paying the $100 diagnostic fee, I received the Ford service technician's report, stating that the car was malfunctioning due to the wire harness. I was handed my keys and attempted to drive my car away, but when I pressed the gas pedal down, the car did not accelerate whatsoever. I quickly pulled over and spoke to Eduardo, a service dept. manager. He asked me to open my car's hood and quickly listed potential problems.

As he did this, he connected several cables that were left unconnected and pointed out a fuse box that was obviously not in the state it was when I drove the car in. I tried to accelerate the car again, to no avail. Eduardo then called over the mechanic who worked on my car, Kurt A. Kurt told me that my car was not functioning properly due to the faulty harness sending the car into "failsafe" mode. This was surprising to me as my previously "malfunctioning" PCM and the same wire harness that remained allowed my car to have a functioning accelerator. My car was now left completely immobile. I was pressed for time as a result of having to return to work, so I had my car towed away from the dealer.

I called Eduardo back on 3/17/10 in an attempt to deal with this trying situation. Eduardo said he would talk to a manager and would call me back. Eduardo returned the call a few hours later and told me his manager denied any request to deal with my situation. I then asked to speak to his manager. A woman (I did not get her name) took over the phone and quickly began raising her voice in an attempt to intimidate me into submission.

My ultimate request to them was to get my car in the same running order it was in before taking it to Llovio Ford, so I knew I had a solid foundation to stand on. She worked herself into a frenzy and referred me to Deena (sp), a warranty manager. While more subdued, this tedious conversation with Deena went nowhere as she attempted to defer the blame for their actions on my previous small accident. (For the record, my car has a clean title, not a salvaged one). She ultimately hung-up on me and subsequent attempts to contact her were unsuccessful. I am not asking Llovio Ford for any otherwordly repairs, I am simply asking them to leave my car in the same running order it was in before.

In essence, I drove a car in with a couple check engine lights and a slight hesitation at acceleration, paid $100, and was given back a car that was thoroughly immobile. Their claims of my car not running as a result of the wire harness are dubious, proven by the fact that my previous PCM and harness allowed the car to be drivable. Referring with 3 independent mechanics, a cars PCMand wire harness are interchangeable -- you can replace one without having to replace the other. I attempted to resolve this issue with Llovio Ford in good faith.

Unfortunately and unfairly, these attempts were in vain. There are numerous consequences as a result of this dilemma. As an educator and student, it has been incredibly difficult for me to reach the different destinations I am required to attend on a daily basis. My dealings with Ford have caused me to miss out on important meetings that have adversely affected my pay. Since Llovio refused to do anything for me when they returned my immobile vehicle, I had to pay for towing services.

On July 15, 2005 my wife and I decided to buy my son a car for his birthday which is precisely on that day. At approximately 12pm we drove into Llovio Ford, our local Ford dealership. I came in good faith to buy a 2005 Expedition the cheapest model they have and after dealing with 3 different sales people who were pressuring me into buying, I wasnt satisfied with any offers. For example, they tried offering 30% down knowing the great credit score I have.

Finally when I was getting ready to leave, they proposed an offer I couldnt refuse, they offered me a Family Ford plan with zero percent down and zero percent interest. The verbal offer and contract agreed on was for 66 months and zero percent finance. At the finance department where my wifes credit was ran and came up with a credit score of 875 pts the verbal offer was confirmed and all the paperwork was ready to sign. I signed the contract in good faith believing that I was signing the contract that was verbally presented and agreed on by both myself and the salesperson.

When I got to my house I had the biggest surprise looking over the contract, they put 7.9 percent finance and 72 months payments. I went back to the dealer to speak to the owner and he was unavailable and then I talked to the general manager and at that time I had a friend of mine which is a Police Captain for the city of South Gate as a witness. I asked the general manager for the paper work and it showed in black and white, the original offer they proposed of zero percent finance and 66 months. I then asked the general manager why I was not given this original offer and he never gave me a specific answer, he said I need to speak with the owner and the owners are away on vacation at the moment.

I feel very deceived and cheated, this experience has been very overwhelming for me, I never thought I would get taken advantage of in what I thought was a respectful and ethical dealership. As I mentioned before I have been a huge fan of Ford and in my 27 years of purchasing Ford products I have never been deceived and conned into a purchase until now. The general manager acted unprofessional and I am still waiting for the owner to come back from vacation and return my calls.

I dont believe Ford Motor Company would agree on the way this dealership is doing business, completely different from former dealers Ive been to and I hope to receive an answer from Ford.

On April 17, 1999, I went to the car dearler to purchase a vehicle. The dealer Miguel Estrada assisted me. He misrepresented that they were selling a vehicle to me. He never told me that it was a lease for five years. If he would have told me this, I would have never signed the agreement. In addition, he told me that the monthly payments was a purchase for $495.00 and not a monthly rental of a lease. The contract that was given to me was in English. I was never given a copy of a spanish contract or the contents of the contract in spanish.

A day later when someone I know reviewed the contract for me to make sure everything was in the contract I was informed that I had leased the vehicle. I immediately returned to Llovio dealer to discuss this with Miguel Estrada and he told me that was like a purchase and if I did not want to continue it I could cancel within two years. He also told me that I could not cancel the contract at that moment. After the two years, I returned to try to cancel the contract and was not able to. I traded my vehicle in order to purchase the vehicle.

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