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Took one whole year to get replacement Airbags. Recall 2014, parts available May 28th, 2015. Received car from service department, was able to drive home, and now will not start. It will crank but it seems something is drawing more energy or possible short. I contacted Honda and they said they have no reason to believe it was their fault and no history of cars not being able to start; that I need to tow it myself and pay for diagnostic. Along with the faulty transmission problem, and the fact that the new Airbag contain the exact explosive compound, ammonium nitrate, while I still live in a humid and hot location has me very angry. Also a quick Google check showed there are many reasons Airbag replacement may affect ability to start. I equate that to lying to my face. I've owned a few new Accords, but after this experience no more.

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I wanted to cancel Honda Care Extended Service Contract. Within the 60 days to cancel rule. And they are giving me a hard time, telling me they have to do a new contract and that they might not be able to do it. I have called the Honda Care 800 number and they say there is no reason why they can't do this. I believe they are trying to make me keep the contract. I have called ** the finance manager and Sales team manager and they do no return my emails or calls. I will now go to the dealer with the vehicle and see how that goes.

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WARNING: DO NOT BUY USED CARS HERE!!! I came here in October '14 because I was looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle. I heard too many horror stories about dealerships selling lemons, so I did my research and found a 2008 Accord coupe that I liked. I met with a salesman, ** and told him about the car I saw on the website, listed under the pre-owned certified section. I asked him MULTIPLE times if the car was certified. He said yes, and even proceeded to show me a pamphlet of the 150+ point inspection that comes with each certified vehicle. When he brought the car around, it was making noises. I asked him about it, but he gave me a confused look saying, "What noise?" I figured it wasn't a big deal because the car was certified. It was from 2008 so I thought the parts may be old but still good, since it MUST have passed the certification process.

I took his word for it and went for a test drive. Then the negotiations followed and I drove away with my "new" car after 5 grueling hours at the dealership. Fast forward 4 months, my car's engine light comes on. It's time for the oil change, but the car starts making strange noises. I take it to the dealership and ask them to check out the noise. Surprise! It's a power steering pump issue and it will cost me $2,000+ to fix it. What a fool I've been. Still, the car is certified and I was confident they would take care of it, because they never should have sold that vehicle if it didn't pass the certification process. WRONG. The guy who hands me the bill looks at me and tells me my car is NOT certified.

I walk over to **and ask him why my car is not certified. He doesn't know and says it should be, if that's what he had told me couple months back. He tells me to "check the paperwork because it should all be in the papers." I drive home and scramble through all the papers, and that's when it hits me. They never gave me any certification papers. I ask him why he had lied about the car being certified. He says he doesn't know and doesn't remember. So, this is my naivety. I should have had my guards up, regardless of how nice ** was toward the end of the night. I was more worried about financing and negotiating prices that I had took ** at his word, instead of asking for the proof. Maybe he decided to leave out the certification and they changed it after I left. Or maybe the car was never certified and ** had just lied about it to sell the car.

After waiting a week for a response, I informed ** at Honda of DTLA that if she doesn't respond before 5pm today, I would follow up with my own course of actions. So I will break it down for you. First, I'm going to leave bad reviews on ALL the internet dealership reviews. Second, I will fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey and leave the proper reviews. Third, I will file a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Fourth, I will follow up with a complaint to the State Attorney General. And LASTLY, I will contact every single Yelper on this page that has left a negative review. I will look into their situation and if it seems like they were screwed over just like I was (and was never compensated), I will ask them to repeat steps 1-4 with me, and make sure the State Attorney General hears about this dealership.

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I bought a used car last July of 2010, and up to today (yes, one year today) I still have not received my registration papers and registration plate. It turned out that they sold a car that they didn't own. They took my money; did not pay the bank, and now the bank that owns the car refuses to release the title. If anybody knows what I need to do to get this resolved, please message me. Bad news Honda! Stay away!


I recently purchased a new Honda Crosstour from the Honda of Downtown LA. I signed a contract with the company and traded in my other car as well. I also returned the next 2 nights and gave them extra money for my down payment. I spoke with Nick, who seemed very nice and very competent. We signed the contract and I was informed that the Honda dealership would cut the payoff check to the bank in 7-10 days. This happened on November 23, 2010. Today is December 17, 2010 and the bank has not received the payoff check yet! The bank has been calling me almost every day to find out when a payment has been received. I keep telling them that I do not know, and that I no longer own the vehicle.

Now, true, even though the Honda dealership has ownership of the car, the bank can still hold you, the purchaser, liable for the payments until the payoff check has been received from the dealership. Since it has been several weeks, and a payoff check has not been received, the bank continues to call me, and rightfully so! Legally, they cannot contact the dealership, because the contract is between myself and the bank, and not a third party. But, nevertheless, the Honda dealership was, and still is responsible for sending the payoff check to the bank within the 7-10 day time period. Since this has not been done, and, I have spoken with Nick several times, as well as the manager, AJ, and the bank ( and sometimes all at the same time on a 3-way phone! ), I have been reported to the credit agency and now have a bad rating on my credit score due to the incompetency and the "don't care" attitude of this particular dealership!

This is unfair! I have paid the Honda the money that is owed! I have been very fair with them! So why can they not be fair with me? How do I correct my credit score and get this removed? I think that I am going to need some legal help. And fast! My advice, don't ever buy from this dealership! Go elsewhere, even if you have to go far! The manager, AJ, only stalls and does not return your calls, neither does Nick. I even had the bank on the other end of the line so that they could hear what was going on! They agreed that these folks are incompetent! I can now see why business was so slow! I am very unhappy ( to say the least) and will do all possible to clean up this problem, and to let others know how bad and dishonest these folks are! And yes, the Honda dealership did admit that the payoff check has not been sent out, but, they keep asking themselves " Gee, I wonder why? " Duh!

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I purchased a used Acura from this dealership in April, paying cash for my vehicle. However, the sales manager who sold me the car kept my money and never registered the sale! He gave me phony paperwork, pocketed the cash, and was subsequently fired from the dealership. The dealership REFUSES to acknowledge any responsibility on their part, despite the fact that their sales manager, Curtis represented their dealership at the time of the sale. It's tough luck for me, they say if I was fooled.

Consequently, I still have my vehicle with no registration because Honda of Downtown LA refuses to relinquish the title to me. Can you believe this story? How a dealership of such a reputable automotive company can so blatantly take advantage of a woman is disgusting. Are we in America?

I am out all of my cash and I have a vehicle I cannot legally drive.


On June 5, 2008 I took my 2000 Honda Civic in to Honda of Downtown LA for an oil service and tire rotation. My advisor was Eugene Lee who then recommended I get additional services; power steering maintenence and general transmission service. I agreed to this service. I picked up my car in the afternoon and proceeded on the freeway. After approx 30 miles of driving the car, the air conditioner went out and the red engine light on the dashboard lit up.

Immediately, I called Eugene Lee at Honda and asked him what the problem was. Mr. Lee directed me to turn around and bring the car back. I said that I was on the freeway almost in Orange County approx. 30 miles away from their shop. He said his guess was the alternator and that I should find the nearest Honda Dealer Service Department.

I expressed my concern and stated that my car was in perfect condition up to this morning which was evidenced by the inspection Honda conducted earlier in the day. I simply took the car in for an oil change! Mr. Lee assured me that if the problem was tied to service performed; then they would repair the car.

I arrived to Power Honda Costa Mesa where the service advisor, John Nguyen, checked the car. He noticed the crank shaft bolt snapped off, found the bolt on the splash shield, and found the pully NOT fully hanging, noticed the Alternator belt NOT on and the power steering belt loose. I asked him to document his inspection. John Nguyen futher inspected the car and perfermote a batery test and brake inspection. Mr. Nguyen suggested I leave the car at their shop and he would have the technicians further inspect the car next business day.

On Friday, June 6, 2008 Honda Costa Mesa quoted me $6310 to repair the damage! I called Honda of Downtown LA to reconcile the situation and repair the vehicle. Mr. Hacinto (Service Manager) and Mr. Lee (service advisor) refused to deal with the issue. Manager asked for ticket order and I gave a specific explanation of what happened. He said that the damage was not related to the work his shop had performed and that they would not accept any responsibility. He said I could get the car towed to them and they would take a look and try to offer a similar repair quote as Honda Costa Mesa.

Honda of Downtown LA is refusing to take responsibility for the damages to my car. They say there is nothing they can do because the damage is not related to their services, which, coincidently was provided the same day my car broke down. Prior to this experience, my car had recieved regular check-ups and was serviced by certified Honday dealers. No major servicing or engine problems had been recommended.

Today, the repair is quoted at $6,310 which is more than the value of the car! Honda of Downtown LA refuses to reimburse me for services on 6/5/08 whic includes: a) Oil change special = $ 16.74 plus tax. b) Power steering service =$121.41 plus tax. c) Transmission service =$ 38.55 plus tax. They also refuse to take responsibility for this damage!



I would like to share the horrible experience I had at the Honda dealer in Downtown Los Angeles.

A friend of mine wanted to buy a Honda Accord and we finalized the deal on Thursday and gave a 1000$ deposit saying that we would come and make the remaining payment on Saturday (explicitly mentioning that we would come early saturday morning). This was a sales guy called Ryan.

When we turned up on saturday morning at 11:00AM Ryan was not present.

We waited for an hour during which another sales guy frank asked us what deal Ryan had given us..again took all our details for the credit application. Upon asking Ryan we were informed by Frank that he called him and that he would be there within 15 minutes. Ryan showed up at 12:30. We told him that Fran helped us and he showed us the car from inside and that it had 108 miles on it alread!! He said he was suppose to do the deal and not Frank and started to complain to us that we should not have gone to Frank and that we were suppose to come at noon (HE HAD NEVER TOLD US ANYTHING ABT WHAT TIME HE WANTS TO COME IN)

So we talked with the manager who was very very rude and instead of telling his sales guy to sort it among them tole us that we had UPSET RYAN! and that if we claimed that he was lieing about him not calling Ryan at all he could have us thrown out of the buidling!!

They didnt compensate for the 108 miles at all! MOST HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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