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I took my vehicle to Folsom Lake cdjr for a routine oil change 3 months ago and the techs gave me a clean bill of health, no further work needed. 3 weeks later my rear brakes are grinding. Take it back to find out the rear brakes needed to be change and now I need new rotors. They agree to pay for the rotors, I have to pay for the time and new brakes. OK fine. I'm really irritated they allowed me to leave with an unsafe vehicle. Now I currently have vibration when I apply the brakes. Got new tires giving them the benefit of the doubt and vibration is still there. Now I'm pissed. Took it to Midas and they find that the rotors are installed incorrectly. They let my family and me leave their shop twice with an unsafe vehicle. I will never purchase or give them any more of my money.

Satisfaction Rating

Had a recall to fix drivers side air bag in steering wheel. Ram 1500 worked PERFECT before I went in there for the recall. When I get truck back the next day air bag light came on and I have no power to windows radio or air blower. Bring back to have them look at it and they say it's the ignition switch and for me to pay 250.00 to fix it. After talking to them for 1/2 hour they say, "Oh well not our fault". They say they did not touch anything else but truck worked perfect before they tore apart steering wheel to replace air bag. SCAMMERS, RIPOFFS.

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My truck has been in their shop for three weeks. The transmission has been in and out at least three times of which they have advanced their tear down to more aggressive stages. As of now, I still haven't received my truck. The only answer I get from the service Dept. is late tonight or early tomorrow. That has happened three times. In the meantime, I'm unable to move my boat or camper. Tomorrow will start the fourth week with no end in sight.

Satisfaction Rating

We went to the dealer to take a look at an advertised special for a base model Jeep Compass, but when we asked the sales associate to show us the cars from the ad, we were led to all of the most fully loaded cars on the lot before finding out that the advertised cars were already sold. We were then directed to a used model that they said was what we were asking for and we were handed over to the manager, Joe. The used car that he showed us was more expensive than the identically optioned new cars we had been looking at, and when we asked Joe why the used car was more expensive than the new cars, he told us that it was just the way that KBB prices the cars so therefore he can sell it for that much. When I asked him to explain how it was worth more, he got aggressive and argumentative and stormed off, yelling at us. I have never experienced this level of angry disrespect from any car dealer ever and I would not recommend this dealership to anyone.

Satisfaction Rating

First of all, this loan was to be in my son's name Eric **, and Steve and/or. I was his co-signer. This is his first car in his name. This situation is very complex, and a big mess as far as the dealership goes.

We had an appointment with the above dealership on Thursday, 9/22/2011, at approximately 6:00 with a sales person named Parker. When we arrived, he was not there. That started the chain of events of negative customer service. We went there mainly to see a black 2000 Ford Explorer XLT. If there were any other cars priced in the same range, we would look at those, too. No one knew where Parker was and it seemed no one really cared.

At first, no one came to help us when we arrived. The only positive thing about this experience was the sales person Elisiah. He tried to help but he was also helping another couple. After about 20 minutes, he handed us off to a salesman named Eric **.

Now this guy is a piece of work, and I don't mean in a good way. After at least 3 1/2 hours of being given the runaround and being lied to about financing options, Mr. Eric ** finally said he would finance us with the 2000 Explorer. This is what we wanted in the first place, but he tried to sell us everything else first, wasting our time, knowing we did not have the funds for that. He gave us a document with the price and monthly amount my son would be paying which was appropriate for his budget, $249.60.

So we agreed to the deal, then we sat forever, it seemed. Then Stephen and Eric had to go in another room with a DMV/finance guy, and I was told I could not go because the room was too small. Actually they did not want me in there because I was the one doing the talking up to this point. When they came out, I found out the monthly amount is now more, $257.85, which I am told is because of the DMV fees. I am angry, and tell them to take some off their price not ours. They quoted us price and they need to keep their promise.

But no, they don't work that way I guess. By this time, my son really likes the car and they know this. How sneaky can you be? My son was the victim of a shooting three years ago, and almost died. This is his time to recover and his first car since. So anyway, I am angry at this point but I asked is the car ready to be sold, and of course I was told yes. Eric said, "All of our cars are given a 16-point inspection, and have a carfax with them."

So at this point I need to walk around since I am disabled and in a lot of pain. I go outside where the car is an find out they are trying to charge the battery because it is no good. I tell them, "Oh no you don't, there is no way that car will make it up to Tahoe with a charged battery! Put a new battery in it!" Mr. ** says, that is what I am trying to do by calling places to see where he can buy one. I tell him there is a parts department right there, why can't he get a battery on site. He says it is locked, and he does not have the key.

I can't believe this. So he tells me they will deliver the car to Tahoe tomorrow (Friday), detailed, new battery, all washed and everything will be just perfect. Well, Friday comes and goes, no car. I called a couple of times and got the runaround, I give them the benefit of the doubt, and I am told it will be right away Saturday. They are still doing the financing, which I can't understand since if I had been able to drive the car home on Thursday night, the financing would not of been an issue (lies again).

I get a call approximately 1 1/2 hours before the car is to leave Folsom on Saturday, saying now they have to do another contract, and for more money. Unbelievable! I already have a signed contract in my possession, although I do not have the car, no carfax. When the car is delivered on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 at approximately 3:30, it is dirty inside and out. There has been no 16-point inspection (it is quite evident). The oil is black, the winshield wipers are broken, and I can go on. No receipt for the battery, no Carfax, yet I am supposed to sign a new contract for more money. And the comment we get is, if you don't want the car, we can take it back.

Great customer service, especially for my son who is trying to get his life back together after almost dying. What can we do about this place? Can they just get away with treating people like this? I haven't told you a fraction of the things I was told because it would take you too long to read the lies, and the ** (sorry). People just get so tired of being taken by car dealers, they get promised stuff and then the promises at not kept. They know the little people like us don't have the funds, etc. do go after them; put myself I am not one to let this go.

I am also sending a letter to the CEO of California Superstore Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Roseville, which is where I am told their corporate office is.

I know buying a car can be a nightmare, but I had no idea it was a lying game, and you were dealing with schemers. No wonder the basic population thinks that car dealers are out to cheat you, because they really try to! If there is anything that you can do to help, that would be very appreciated.

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Satisfaction Rating

They said one price for parts and installation but when the vehicle was done, they gave me a different price with nothing extra being done. Plus, we were told that at the time of buying the service contract that we could take it to other dealerships; we cannot. We have to go back to Folsom Lake Dodge.


My husband and I purchased our vehicle in January 2009. We financed a 'maintenance plan' that paid for all of our oil changes and tire rotations as well as our 30k, 60k and 100k mile services. We were told by the financer that this plan was good at any dealership. We found out months later when we first took the car in for an oil change to Autowest Dodge that the warranty does not cover anywhere else but Folsom Lake, which is a 45 minute drive for us vs 20 minutes to Autowest. We have paid for several of our services but have been lucky enough to have had Folsom cover some of them but not without at least a dozen phone calls from me trying to get someone to fax the covered invoice to the other dealership. On one occasion, I waited at the dealership for over 5 hours, before they got the paid invoice sent over.

All the while I made at least 10-15 phone calls to get my car back. I have spoken with the current finance manager, Kevin, who told me that he could not make the Folsom Lake plan into a Chrysler plan. But I was assured by this very same person that it would not be a problem to get the invoice paid as long as I called Folsom Lake 2-3 days in advance to notify them that I was taking my car in for service elsewhere. Since that conversation, maybe 3-4 months ago, each time that I have called this person and left voice mails (which has been 5-6 times) I have never received a phone call back. In fact, in the past 5 months the only person at Folsom Lake that has been nice enough to call me back and has been helpful is someone in parts named Joey.

This is not even his dept yet no one else is helping me. All that I am asking for is a call back from someone so that we can get reimbursed for the money that we have paid out already, and to get a plan in place that will work so that I don't have to make 10 phone calls to get an invoice paid. Despite the fact that the finance person lied when he signed us up for this maintenance plan, I am still willing to work with them to get our services covered, but no one is returning my phone calls. They leave me no other choice than to take to complaining about this. In my dealings with the people at this dealership, they have been completely irresponsible liars.


I purchased a vehicle out of a lease. When this happened, I also purchased an extended warranty to cover the vehicle for an additional 60,000 miles. The gentleman who worked on the warranty with me assured me that the warranty would cover the vehicle for 60,000 miles from that day. The vehicle had a little over 30,000 miles on it. I made sure that the truck would be covered another 60,000 miles due to the fact that at 15,000 miles, the transmission had a catastrophic failure and I did not want to have any other issues.

I took the truck in this last week due to a leak that started, to find out not only did the warranty they sold me (which was "The Elite" to cover everything) not cover the problem, according to the papers that I had, gaskets, seals, etc., in the A/C were to be covered. Then I found out that the extended warranty that was purchased was only good until 60,000 miles which now the car was a little over that. I explained to the service writer that he was wrong and that they needed to correct the problem with the warranty company.

In Folsom's service dept, he showed me the computer where it showed the car covered to 90,000 miles. The warranty company said no. We then went to the office where the gentleman that sold us the warranty used to be. Of course, he no longer works there. The gentleman that was there looked up the deal and said you are right, they have it in their system wrong. It was supposed to be 60,000 from date of purchase. He had the service writer call the warranty company who said, "no, sorry."

At that point, the manager said that we misunderstood and that the warranty was only until 60,000. I told him no, I would not have spent that kind of money to only be covered for 24,000 miles. He basically told me too bad. This dealership has had numerous complaints about their shady business practices in the past and now I know that I was caught up in the middle of all that. So now I have a leaking truck and no warranty. Shame on Folsom Lake Dodge for lying to your customers and not standing behind your customer when 3 of your own employees even knew I was right. I highly encourage any and all people looking to spend their hard earned cash on a new or used car to avoid them at all costs. My truck will have to be repaired at my expense and a warranty that I should have for another 30,000 miles. It is now not there at a cost of $2400 to me.


I was told that my catalytic converter was damaged and they would not repair it. My vehicle was not driven off road, and was kept very clean without damage of any kind anywhere, and had low miles. If it was damaged, it was from poor design or the mechanic at the repair facility. A request was made to have a meeting with the factory rep and still have not been contacted.

This vehicle was purchased for business and kept in pristine condition. The purchase price included maintenance and never it missed scheduled appointments. The cost of this repair should not be mine.


My teenage daughter went to this dealer and bought a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. She paid $15,000 in cash. Shannon told her that by law, he had to disclose any accidents in which he said there had been none. Before she left the dealership, I told her to get a Carfax printed out regardless. When I read the Carfax, I found out my daughter was lied to. The car has been in an accident and was cosmetically covered up. A licensed mechanic lifted the car and showed me where parts had been replaced. He also said damage was done to the wheel and it was incorrectly repaired. I was advised to get it fix correctly ASAP. The repairs were all done poorly as if done in a hurry and I have it in writing. We have tried to resolve this matter with them, but Bill has resorted to yelling at my daughter and telling her it is her problem. I have since found out that this company has many complaints against them with the B.B.B.

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