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Seen a car on the internet that I was very interested so I emailed, and no response. I emailed again literally 4 more times and still no response, so I ended up going in. I test drove the car and tried to make a deal with them. First off I have A+ credit score 783, but they tried to give me some ridiculous interest rate of almost of 10% and would not drop the rate. It seemed like they were trying to make money on a kickback from the loan company for getting such a high interest rate. Plus they tried to add a $3000 warranty without even asking me first.

The sales guy had no personality and my wife and I felt awkward around him. The whole experience with Honda of Elk Grove was miserable and I'm not saying that because we couldn't make a deal. My wife and I did not receive a single smile from any of the employees that worked there. Now I am glad that we didn't buy from Honda of Elk Grove. I felt that they were all about the money. I bought a car from another dealer and got a 2.5% interest rate and am very very happy.

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Biggest crooked. FRAUUUDDD. Worst possible sales and service dealership. Do not deal with them at all. Mark (finance manager) will trap you in a bunch of crap and put you in the high interest rate loan. They always missell their auto loans. Mark will tell you if you buy gap insurance and 5-year maintenance and tire contract, the interest rate will be 2.99%. If you do not buy that crap, your rate will be 9.99%. If you get trapped in that 5-year maintenance and tire contract, they will rip you off. When I asked them to replace my Honda Accord tires under the contract, they right away refused it making a bunch of excuses. Now I have to run around to get my tires replaced and I have to go to court to get the contract enforced. They are a big SCAM. PLEASE BEWARE.

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We received great customer service! The sales staff were very professional, friendly and made our car purchasing experience very smooth.

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I got prior approval and financing from my bank before I went to purchase my niece a used Honda Civic. As previously read complaints stated on numerous occasion, the sales and finance team sucks. They have no morals or values and if undercutting, lying, etc., is what is needed to sell a car, then the doors of hell will definitely be full with them. Leading the pack would be the worthless, not taking care of business General Manager Maggie **. I had my check/financing in hand when purchasing the car; therefore, I had no need for my credit to be run or anything by Elk Grove Honda.

Needless to say, days and weeks later, I received a total of 9 denial notices for credit from companies I never requested or even heard of denying me for an auto loan. I contacted the dealership and Maggie, on numerous occasions regarding the aforementioned; however, several months have passed and nothing has yet to done about them illegally running my credit without authorization. Those inquires will be on my report for 2 years and are costing me at least 50 credit points. They secretly ran my credit to try to beat the offer given to me by my bank. I specifically told them not to do so as I know what too many hits on your credit can do.

Maggie claims that she has been working to get the inquiries off my credit report, but it has been 11 months and they're still there. They had the nerves to offer me a free car wash or a tank of gas, like I'm going to ride over 30 miles to get a tank of gas. That doesn't come close to the damage they have caused. I just tried to refinance my car and it came back with 15.49%. I currently have 6.85%. The bank said a big part of their decision was the too many inquires. I'm not done Maggie. I'm going to flood the internet with the illegal practices of Elk Grove Honda. I hope people do their research before buying from you guys, even if it means they have to go 2-3 hours away. In addition, I will be letting any authority that will listen know about this horrible ordeal. Thanks for nothing!


I would like to start off by saying that I have been a loyal Customer of Honda since I bought my car back in 1996. I have always taken my car to them for all service needs. Well on July 30th 2010, I took my car in for the normal oil change. After the work was done, they gave me my paper work and said that they checked all of my fluids, battery, tires etc. And said that everything checked out fine. And that I was due for my 150K Service. So I went on my way.

About a week or so later, I noticed my car was driving a little funny kinda hesitating when I pushed on the gas pedal. I also noticed lots of oil on my driveway and sidewalk in front of my house. But I didn't think it was coming from my car because I had just taken it in and was told that everything was fine. And I didn't have any leaks before that. So a day or so went by and I parked in my driveway, that was when I noticed something leaking from my car. So I told my husband and he looked under my hood and noticed that a pipe was bent and that's where the fluid was leaking from.

So I immediately called Honda and I spoke to Mike **. He was very rude and short with me. He immediately went on to tell me that they do millions of oil changes. He kept cutting me off and talking down to me as if I were a child. He was very rude to me. I was very upset with the way he was treating me and talking to me. He would hardly let me get a word in. So he said well bring it back in and we will take a look at it and go from there. He asked me what time I would be bringing it in, and I said 11 am.

So I called my Attorney John ** at Parker Stanbury at ** and was advised by him to have another shop take a look at my car. So I took it to Chan off of Power Inn and Butte Rd. And he looked at it and told me that it appears to him that when the mechanic went to reach down into my car to grab the dip stick he bent that pipe and just didn't say nothing. It was my transmission line that was bent and leaking.

So I had my car towed back to Honda the next day and when we walked in one of the employees went up to Mike and said, "Mrs. ** is here to see you." And once again he very rudely said I'm with a customer in a loud rude tone while I was standing there. "Not ok I will be right with you or nothing," just very rude and nasty. So at that point I just didn't even want to deal with him. So I asked to speak to his boss Maggie **. Well she was out of her office so another lady helped me. She listened to what my complaint was, and I told her everything, and I told her how upset I was about Mike ** treating me like crap. So she went on to tell me that I really needed to talk to Maggie **, his boss.

So I left the car and later that evening Maggie called me back. So I started telling her how upset I was with Mike ** and how hurt I felt because of how rude he was talking to me, and treating me. She apologized to me and said she would have a talk with him. She told me to let her check on my car and she would give me a call back. So she had Willie ** call me back to tell me that they didn't feel responsible for what had happened to my car. I told him to have Maggie call me back because I know that they are responsible.

He went on to tell me that a rock could have hit it. And they could fix it but it would cost me $250 and I said, "No way. There is no way a rock could have done that. Please have Maggie call me." So he said, "ok I will talk to Maggie." Well, Willie ** called me back and at this point, he went on to tell me that Maggie said because of how I was treated by Mike ** that they would go ahead and fix it and they would only charge me $95 because they don't feel completely at fault. I said, "Willie, I don't feel like I should pay anything for the damage that you guys did to my car." So I asked him to have Maggie call me again.

So she finally called me back. She started to tell me that she looked at my car herself and that they don't feel totally responsible for the damage. And I expressed to her how I felt like they were because I didn't have this problem until after Honda did my oil change. So she went on to apologize to me but she said she would have to charge me $95. So I said I'm really not happy about this at all. So she goes on to tell me that, "you know the car is older and I would love to help get you into something newer." I said, "I'm not trying to buy a new car I want my car fixed." So she said $95 is the best she could do for me. I said, ok but I'm very, very unhappy and I won't be doing anymore business with Honda. I asked her if she could bill me and she said, "we don't do that." I said well I don't have $95 to give you. She said, "ok when can you pay it." I said Sept 15th. She said ok.

So they fixed my car and I picked it up the next day. Well this time when they gave me my car they had a whole new list of things that were going to start happening to my car. How come everything was fine until they had to fix this part? Well a week later, I'm driving it and my brake light comes on. So my husband checked my brake fluid and it was really low. So he put some in. And I drove it for a couple of miles and the brake light came on again. And when I went to stop it was like I almost had no brakes.

So my husband checked it again and I had no fluid. So I called my attorney again just to let him know that I feel like Honda did something to my brakes because they were upset with me. And he once again advised me to take it back to another shop and have it checked out. And I took it back to Chan's shop Off Power Inn And Butte Rd. He said let me check it out. So he noticed that the brake fluid was coming out of two very tiny holes every time you step on the break pedal. I mean pouring out. So he told me that it looks like someone deliberately punched two holes in my break line with a needle or a pin. He told me that this situation was very dangerous and that I could have killed myself or someone else. That was very scary and upsetting to me. So he asked me if I wanted him to fix it for me. I had him fix it and that cost me $100. While he was fixing my car, he also noticed that their was a razor tear in one of my boots, and that the transmission screw was also loosened and the transmission fluid was leaking again. Now mind you they just fixed my transmission leak. He said himself that it appears that this stuff was done deliberately. I'm very very angry about this whole thing and I feel like they sabotaged my car. And to the point that it could have killed me my family or someone else.

So I called my attorney again and he told me to file a complaint and get you guys involved and we would take it from there. So that's why I'm filing this complaint. I am so scared of what else might be wrong with my car. I have never had any problems with my car. I always take it to get every service, oil change etc. With Honda, never again. It really sad that they just don't value loyal customers and all about the money. I'm really hurt and upset because over the years I have developed some very good relationships with the staff. They know me when I walk through the door. And for them to do this to me, how dare them. I'm truly upset and hurt. Please help me. This is just unacceptable.

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When buying my 2005 Honda Element, Elk Grove Honda sold me a 5 years or 100,000 miles money back warranty for $2,500. If I did not need to have my car repair then at the end of 5 years or 100,000 miles, I would get my money back. However, Elk Grove Honda did not tell me that I have to keep a coupon (a piece of paper) for 5 years. When I contacted the dealer with my contract number, they could have look up my service record to know whether I have any repair work done or not. But they refused to even look it up .Their stand was without that coupon, there is nothing that they will do or can do for me.

This is clearly a deceptive tactic from Elk Grove Honda to get more money selling a product that they have no intention of honoring. They do not even offer that kind of money back warranty anymore. $2,500 is a lot of money. Elk Grove Honda did not tell me that I have to keep a coupon (a piece of paper) for 5 years. They do not offer the money back warranty anymore because apparently people complaint about it.

Follow up comment on May 20th, 2010. Just so everyone know, after 15 days, Elk Grove Honda decided not to respond to this complaint. No one from the dealer contacted me or BBB. There can be only two reasons for this: 1) Elk Grove Honda knows that I have a legitimate claim and they don't want to pay me back my money. 2) Elk Grove Honda doesn't care about their BBB reputation and doesn't care about their customers. Either way, I would personally take my business else where. As far as other customers - you have a choice of other Honda dealership. I just hope you choose the one that respect your concern and treat you right. I lost $2,500 as part of a "money back guarantee" scam at Elk Grove Honda Dealer.

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