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    Buena Park Nissan

    Buena Park, CA

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    28 Buena Park Nissan Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

    Nervous to purchase a car after some financial hardship. I was hesitant make a big investment. Joseph ** and David made the experience quick and painless. I received stellar service above and beyond what I could've imagined. Thanks for helping me get back on my feet.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

    We had an appointment at Buena Park Nissan for 3:30 but we had to come around 1:00 instead and despite us being 2 hours early from our original appointment Mariah has our car ready for a test drive as soon as we arrived. The Costco plan was very helpful all around. It was super easy to use and get put into effect. Her team was very supportive of her and they found a car within our budget. When Mariah realized we weren't going to be happy with the truck model we had originally thought we wanted to take home we left with a beautiful Jeep SUV instead of leaving disappointed! We are sooo happy with our pre-owned purchase and the extra customer service Mariah provided. Ask for Mariah if you want to experience a no pressure, friendly, efficient experience!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

    I bought a used Chevy from Buena Park Nissan in February. I bought the Extended Service Warranty from them because they mentioned I could get a full refund if I cancelled it within 60 days, except for a cancellation fee. I filed a cancellation with Buena Park Nissan 19 days later. They said to wait 4-8 weeks for a refund check. I waited 2 1/2 months (giving them the benefit of the doubt) until my wife tried to contact them for an update. We were not able to contact Karla (the person who sold us the warranty) over the phone, therefore my wife had to take time off from work to go talk to her in person. Once there, it was discovered that the person who files the cancellations, never filed it. It had now been about 3 months since we purchased the vehicle. They told my wife that they would expedite the cancellation and to wait another 4 weeks for the refund check. When we finally received the check, it was for the wrong amount.

    After trying to get help from their finance department, and getting nowhere, I decided to contact Nissan corporate, who were then able to get me in contact with someone in finance to finally figure out what happened. Turns out that because they filed the cancellation so late, I received a pro-rated refund, instead of the full refund. I am now out close to $400, and have not been able to get any resolution from their finance department. I even took time from my Labor Day holiday to go in person to try and get this resolved. I spoke to Joaquin (a manager in finance), and he said he couldn't help me, but would get Karla to contact my wife and I. It's been over a week, and I still have not heard back from them. The sad part is that I was actually going to buy my next car from them because we had a good experience with their sales team. Now, I will not even consider buying a Nissan vehicle.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 4, 2017

    3/14/2017 11:00 am. I was looking into financing a 2017 Nissan Rogue from Buena Park Nissan. During the process I asked if it would be a (problem) to install these 18inch Nissan Aluminum Rims that my old 2009 Rogue had. On the new 2017 Nissan Rogue I was trying to finance. By the way I was trading in the old 2009 Rogue. The sales guy Chris **, said we would have to ask his Assistant Manager (David **) if It was possible. David walks over and introduces himself as, Brooklyn. Ok so Chris explained to him that I wanted my old Rims on the new car. Brooklyn said "let's go outside and take a look at these Rims from your old car".

    After inspecting the rims thoroughly. Chris was present so I asked again, would it be a problem to install my old rims on the new car? Brooklyn made it a point that he is the "Assistant Manager" & that it wasn't a problem. I Sat down with Brooklyn & Chris to break down the final amount and the monthly payments. Then we shook hands and they escorted me to the financing office to sign all the paper work with Sandra **, financing manager. My wife was also part of the contract but had to wait for her to get off of work. I had to set up an appointment Friday March 17 to install the rims on the new car. 3:45 pm I drove the 2017 Nissan Rogue car out of the lot.

    3/17/2017 12:30 pm. Friday comes around and I can't wait to see the new car with actual rims instead of the Hubcaps. The 2 days I got to drive the car around I checked to see if everything was working properly. I love the dashboard and all the setting. It really does a great job up-dating you with the maintenance of the car. Anyways everything worked as it should. So I waited almost 2 1/2hrs for them to install the rims & tires. Honestly I thought I would've been out of there quicker than that. After speaking to the Service Rep (Silma) it seemed like there were no issues at all. She gave me my keys & I was relieved that everything went well.

    Seconds After turning the car on I noticed the (LowTirePressure) light turned on. I figured drive around a little and after a few minutes the tires would settle in and the light would turn off right. I had a list of errands I had to take care of. The (LowTirePressure) light was still on. Then I went into the dashboard settings to see if I can manually program it or reset it. After a while of constant trying. I noticed that it wasn't just the (LowTire) light. None of the tires were displaying their pressure on the dashboard. So now I'm thinking, "Great, it's a computer issue." By now It was after work hours & I had a long day at work Saturday.

    (3/19/2017 2:45pm) Sunday slept in & called Nissan to set up an appointment. My next available day off was Saturday the 25th. At this point I was praying that nothing was seriously wrong with the car. A manufacturing defect, a repair, a recall, something. My wife didn't feeI safe while I operated the vehicle. She was concern that I wouldn't be able to tell if I had a flat tire. Or for instance a low tire. Sometimes she tends to worry about minor things. She also has a (Pacemaker) so of course I do my best not to worry her.

    Saturday Appointment March 27th 10:30 am. Julio **, service Rep at Nissan Buena Park greeted me. I told him about the low tire light being on. He looked at me smiled & said "That's it!?" My car was literally parked In front of the service room. So he asked me for my keys, walked outside jumped in my car & started messing with the settings. I stood there looking at him thinking I'm going to feel stupid if he manages to reset the system. I was almost 100% sure I tried everything. After a few minutes he walks back in & says they're going to take a look at the car. I asked him, Ok about an hour or so. Sarcastically he responded "I will do my best". So I waited.

    Here we go... At around noon Chris ** the sales man who demonstrated the car to me. Called me saying that Brooklyn was looking for me over by the service department. Brooklyn sees me walking over and introduces me to Stephen **, Service Manager. Stephen says that they're not able to program my low tire light because the (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors) are not functioning. I said I don't understand. He explained that the car was not reading the sensors in the wheels. Still I was a bit confused. He finally said by installing those rims on the car. The (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors) in the wheel is not compatible with the car. So I looked at Brooklyn and said "why didn't you say anything to me about the sensors. You said this was Not Going To Be A Problem". Brooklyn responded by saying he didn't know.

    I spoke to him in a calm voice and said "you're the sales guy. Shouldn't you have knowledge of the product you sell". Stephen said that he would have to look and see if there were after market sensors that are compatible. I looked at Brooklyn and said I'm not paying for this. Then I told Stephen with a smile, "look order the sensors, install them, & reset the system". Then I walked away back to the waiting area.

    At this point I'm thinking of my wife. She would be so upset if she found out that Nissan didn't feel the need to inform me of the situation they were putting us in. This was a serious matter & I had to confront the assistant manager, Brooklyn. I walked around to the sales department looking for Brooklyn. When I found him I asked him if we can sit down and talk.

    I told him "do you understand the situation that you have put me and my family in. You allowed me to drive out of this lot with a car that the (TPMS) system was not operational". He said again "I Didn't Know!" "Ok Brooklyn let's just say I believe you. The day that they installed the Rims. Your service department didn't feel it was necessary to inform me that the sensors no longer work in the car. No one thought it was important to mention that?" (Mr. ** your wheels are set to go, by the why your (TPMS) system no longer works.) All Brooklyn could say was "look here's my business card. Call me Monday morning, I need approval from my boss". I told him "I'm not driving this car out of here. This needs to get fixed". I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "So Fix It." I stood up and walked back into the waiting lounge.

    I called my wife who was at a family gathering which I missed to explain to her calmly in detail the situation. By now it was 2:15 pm. I've been waiting for a total of 4hrs. I decide to walk into the service office and ask Julio the Rep if he can give me an update on my Nissan Rogue. He was looking for my paper work. Then walked across to the Service Manager Stephen's Office. They both walked out into the lot around the corner to the mechanic shop. I thought, "What the hell is going on?"

    After five minutes Julio comes back and says "Sir we have to order the sensors for your car". I thought to myself didn't I ask the service manager 2hrs ago to order the pieces! With a straight face I looked at Julio and asked to speak with Brooklyn. They contacted Brooklyn 3 times. I waited 30minutes in the service room and no sign of Brooklyn. While I waited I called my wife to come get me. Finally I walk out through the waiting lounge straight into the sales department and caught Brooklyn outside in the parking lot speaking with someone. My wife was pulling up and parked. I didn't want her to get involved. She got out of the car, saw Brooklyn & said "you put our families safety at risk". She jumped back in her car. I told Brooklyn "sir this is a breach of contract. This might possibly be illegal". He kept saying "call me Monday morning. This whole thing will get fixed".

    Monday 3/27/2017. I had to figure out a way to get to work. No one at the dealership offered me a rental or any type of vehicle. 9:45 am (1st) attempt to call Brooklyn. It goes straight to voicemail. I leave a message. 10:05 am (2nd) attempt to communicate with Brooklyn regarding the car. I leave another voice message. 12:12 pm (3rd) attempt to touch base with Brooklyn & get an update on my car. It went to voice mail I hung up right away. 12:12 pm - I call Buena Park Nissan. Ask the secretary to speak with a General Manager. I waited for about 5 min.

    Finally A Loyalty Manager Silvia from customer service picks up the phone. I told her I needed an update on my car. Brooklyn said to call him in the morning. I said I called him 3 times and left voice messages. I was obviously upset. She asked for my information. Then she started saying that I signed a form that stated how I was told about the sensor not working from the beginning and that I agreed to the sensors not working. I told her "you're accusing me of signing a piece of paper I never signed"! She kept arguing with me by saying "Yes Sir you were told what the problem was from the beginning". I told her "I'm not driving that car until you guys fix the problem". Then she said "you can't leave the car here". I was done arguing with her. So I told her "you are forcing me to take further actions. I will be picking up my car tonight".

    That night around 6:30ish I got dropped off at Nissan Buena Park. When I got to the secretary I asked for my car. Then she presented all of these papers she wanted me to sign. I told her "I'm Not Signing Anything". She said "sir you can't drive the car out of the lot without signing". Again I told her I'm not signing anything. Then she said "I need Manager approval". She got on the phone spoke to someone. Then she gave me the keys. Of course when I turn on the car the Low Tire light was still on. I was exhausted and a bit concern because I was thinking what Silvia said about me signing a form. I called my boss that night and asked for the following day off. I needed to read Word per Word all the documents.

    Tuesday 3/28/2017. After thoroughly reviewing all documents I was relieved to find out that Silvia was lying. I created an account and started writing to complain. I told my wife the night before that they were accusing me of signing a form that I agreed to all this. She was anxious to get home and read the forms. Once she realized Then she called Nissan to ask who Silvia was. Also to ask who was the GM. Then Brooklyn gets on the phone and my wife asked him who Silvia was. The phone got cut off, my wife called back and told Brooklyn she was going down there. When she gets there she asked him to show her where is the form that we signed? Brooklyn said (There Is No Form.) My wife told him "you will give me a form that says you guys will fix the problem". She asked for Brooklyn to sign it. She left the 2017 Nissan Rogue and was given a 2009 Nissan Murano in the meantime.

    Wednesday March 29, 2017 12:48. Stephen, Service Manager from Buena Park calls me. He asked me what I want to do with my car. "I'm sorry what do you mean" I said? Then Stephen tells me "the sensors on your wheels are not functioning". Something about having to replace the wheels. Then I asked him "didn't Brooklyn speak to you? We have a signed piece of paper stating that this matter is going to be resolved". Then Stephen gives me a little attitude and says "Sir I'm not the Sales department!" "Then why don't you find out what's going on first before Calling me?" I hung up.

    1:31 pm. I was at my office and stepped out to call Brooklyn directly at his cell. I asked him why haven't they resolved the issue yet. He sounded annoyed and started saying "I already spoke to your wife about this, What you guys don't talk?!" I asked him why is the service manager calling me. Asking me how do I want to resolve this issue. Brooklyn started saying "Jesus what are they doing". I also felt annoyed, confused, and upset. I reminded him "last night you agreed to fixing the problem and it's on paper with your signature". Now he made it obvious that he was done. He started saying that this is no longer his problem! Ok fine! "Give me your GM's number & we're done talking". Brooklyn just kept yelling.

    I did everything I had to do! I asked him for GM's number again. This is completely out of my hands, it's my day off! Ok then "just give me your GM's number?!" Then he exploded "I'M DRIVING RIGHT NOW, WHEN I STOP AT A LIGHT, I'LL TEXT YOU THE ** NUMBER!" He Immediately hung up... Our conversation was so quick I could not believe what was happening. So far (We have been lied to, our safety was put at Risk, our time and energy has been exhaustively wasted, and I have a manager going off on me. I asked myself where did I go wrong. What have we done wrong?

    At 1:37 pm Brooklyn texts me a phone number that ended in 1674. I looked at the number. He texted me my wife's work number? I call my wife and tell her not to contact Brooklyn anymore. We need to go directly to the GM & find out who he or she is. I called during the day to ask to be transferred to the GM. My wife also called, at least she got his name (Tam **) & email. No one could get a hold of the GM. It was all so frustrating. We both left voicemails no response. That night my wife was complaining about migraines & chest pain. I decided to stay calm and tomorrow Thursday make a final decision regarding the car.

    Thursday 3/30/2017. All morning not a single phone call, No update on the car, No GM, & pretty much no one cared. I was at the office. My wife was at her office. We spoke & I told her I was done with Buena Park Nissan dealer. I no longer wanted their services. I no longer wanted the car. I wanted my old 2009 Nissan Rogue. My wife was tired & she was completely done. So my wife emails (Tam) around 2:22 pm... (Tam) responded in 8 minutes... "I have not received any messages from you. I although have spoken to my service manager about your resolution. It comes down to wheels. I will check with him when I get back and see what resolution we can do to make you happy. Thank you." When my wife forward this to me. It was unbelievable the lack of communication, the lack of customer service this Nissan dealer has. I was blown away with his email.

    6 days have gone by... (Once again an assistant manager who doesn't know his product. We have been lied to. A feature that was not operational in the vehicle. Our family's Safety at Risk. A breach of contract. Accused of signing a form that doesn't exist. An assistant manager going off on the customer. A huge lack of communication! A GM who clearly does not care. My wife's health has been affected.) What else? What else?! It took an email that said "At this point my Husband & I are asking for our old vehicle back." For the GM to finally start looking into the matter. We are exhausted and emotionally affected by all this. To think that if we did decide to keep the 2017 Nissan Rogue. We would be servicing our vehicle at Buena Park Nissan.

    My wife and I decide after work to drive down to Nissan and get our old car back. 5:14 pm - A service manager by the name of JIM, calls me to tell me that my vehicle Sensors have been fixed. I asked him let me speak with (Tam). He said Tam is not available. I told him I no longer want that car. I'm coming by tonight to pick up my old 2009 Nissan Rogue. Jim said that car has been auctioned. Again I told him "get me your GM on the phone". Not cooperating at all I hang up on him.

    I called my wife & told her About Jim. Then she called Brooklyn. To let him know that we were on our way to the dealership to pick up our old car or have a check for the trade in value. She emailed Tam one last time. "We are on our way to drop off your loaner vehicle. As I told Brooklyn on the phone this evening, we are on our way to pick up a check for our old vehicle. Have all paperwork ready as we have an appointment with Cerritos Nissan, the original dealership I have done great business with in the past. If you are not there, please inform the manager on duty. Also, Cerritos Nissan agreed that filing a claim with the Better Business bureau is exactly the steps we need to take. Thank you." Tam emailed her back pretty much saying that we were not getting a refund. That Jose ** & Ray ** will be expecting you & will show the new vehicle.

    7 pm we get to Nissan Buena Park. When we get there Ray greets us & asked us how can you help us. I ask to speak to Tam, nothing. Ray took us over to (Jose **) assistant manager. None of these gentlemen knew we were coming. They had no idea of our situation. At this point I had it. I had to express my frustration to this man. I continued to say that I no longer wish to do business with Buena Park Nissan! I was forced to explain my entire story to this man. He sent someone back to get my old car. The rep comes back saying that car is no longer on the lot. I told Jose "Get Tam On The Phone"! My wife had lots to say also. One point she addressed. She said all we're asking for is a check for the trade in value. Then you can turn around and sell the 2017 car for THOUSAND $.

    My wife decided she would go and sit down in here car. She was having headaches. I told Jose I was not leaving with the new car. I wanted him to get (Tam) on the phone. I waited an hour in the lobby. It was near closing time. They brought the new car around. I was checking on my wife every 5-10minutes. I confronted Jose one last time. No Tam. Again an entire waste of time.

    Jose listened to the entire story. You know what he said? Why did Brooklyn agree to add those old rims on the new car. He said those Sensors were never going to work, he should of known that. I said he did, but he acted like a typical sales guy. Trying to close a deal no matter what it takes. Then I said please click on the alarm to unlock the new 2017 car. I walked outside grabbed everything that belonged to me. Transferred it over to my wife's car & left Buena Park Nissan... Monday April 3 11:30 pm. It's been 4 days now. Not a single phone call or email. I started this letter almost a week ago. I should have Emailed it earlier.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 13, 2016

    I received a letter from Nissan stating that my vehicle has an open recall. At first I was upset since my Nissan has less than a year old. I called service department and a young lady Elizabeth set me up with an appointment. I brought my Nissan in and unfortunately the part needed was on back order. Again a bit disappointed, but Elizabeth mentioned as soon as the part arrived she will give me a call. In which she did, she had my Repair Order number on hand and also follow up with me the entire time. I just want to say thank you to the staff and service department for great work.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 28, 2016

    After many times to request to help me with my brakes cause when I drive they not hold the vehicle properly and at all times a laugh song come and make me afraid for my life!! At this point and after many times of take the vehicle for services I have not see any improvement so I will make Nissan of Buena Park responsible for my life and any of my passengers!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 26, 2016

    Came in to purchase my second Nissan and Rick - my experience a breeze, such a gentleman and was very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend Rick ** if you're looking for a easy car buying experience.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 25, 2016

    I walked in not knowing too much on what I was looking for. Rick made me comfortable as soon as a walked in and led me to purchase a car that has been very reliable for me and my family. Rick didn't push any overpriced car on me, and he made me feel no regret on the purchase that I made.

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    Original review: July 25, 2016

    I dealt with Rick **, and I was amazed at how great the customer service was. He was able to help me get the right fit for me. Buena Park Nissan was not like any other car dealership that I had been to and I would definitely recommend.

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    Original review: June 18, 2016

    Stay away! They are all liars... from Ray, to Manny, Shelton, & Castro all liars. The deal went south and it took longer then I was told to get my money returned to me. Also there is no customer service at all. Even the receptionist had a condescending tone with me and she's a simple phone greeter! All were rude. Stay away. All car sales people are liars and I accept that but this was an all time high for me!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 10, 2016

    On June 1st, I called Nissan to set an appointment for my oil change the young lady that answered the phone was very nice and pleasant she set my appointment even though I know I called last minute. When I came in they gave me a free multi-point inspection and my service advisor told me that my brakes needed to be replaced. I was shocked since I had had my brake service done about 3 months ago at a shop near my home. I told my advisor and he assured me that the brakes needed to be replaced and asked me if I wanted to see the brake pads for myself and I told him that I did. He asked the technician to bring the brake pads out to show me and when he did I was stunned that my brakes looked very VERY worn and old. I do not drive much so I immediately realized that the other shop near my home had lied to me and not completed the service I had paid for a few months back.

    I asked the advisor at Nissan to go ahead and change my brakes and when I went home I called the shop and they did not believe me. I could not believe the lack of customer service at that shop in comparison with Buena Park Nissan. I learned my lesson and will never go anywhere else. There is obviously a reason that people always say its best to go to a dealership. Thank you Nissan.

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    Original review: April 6, 2016

    I bought my daughter a new Sentra last week and had a great experience. We traded in our older family car and everything went very smoothly. We felt like family while visiting the dealership and everyone was very friendly. I'm very happy we found this dealership.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 10, 2015

    They gave me an appointment this afternoon. When I show up nobody was responding. Manager Edwin asked me to come and make a deal. Sales rep Greg confirmed appointment. When I inquire about both of them, nobody was in. I don't know why they gave appointment if they knew that they are not going to be there. No one else in that showroom was helpful. Waited almost an hour and left. Worst place I have seen so far for car dealerships.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 11, 2015

    I acquired about a Costco discount just to get a price. After seven hours of dealership sales tactics I got to the finance office asking them why my apr was high they said the bank.. I called the bank they lied.. August 15 I didn't take the vehicle. I felt cheated. They basically kicked me out the next day threatening to call the authorities and to repo the vehicles. I found out they tuck on extra expenses after reviewing the contract. So I told them I don't want anything to do with the dealership at that point. After speaking to the sales manager we sat down and he was trying to work things out but I was done. One of the assistant salesmen speaking to me rude and disrespectful in my face with his fist clenched saying I'm the one who clears the floor and get rid of the trouble. After that I had enough of their lying and brutal sales tactics. So I had gone up there four times spending already 7 hours every time and finally had got to speak to the GSM Jason.

    We sat down in explaining to him I was cheated on the apr and also the added on expense and I was fed up with the dealership. I told him even if he sold me the car for half off I didn't want it. Then he said "Well let's work some out. Maybe get a new car because I'm not giving you your trade-in back nor unwinding the deal". I agreed so I looked at a new vehicle and worked the numbers out and he wanted me to purchase the maintenance package. He asked me at least 10 times for over 30 min explaining me how great it was. I ignored him and said no I didn't want nothing extra from them. The price was 39,830 and I said okay because I wanted the price under 40,000. I walked in the finance office and he offered me the maintenance package also he tried to compare the cost and I told them no.

    Oh yeah by the way my apr was 3.5 with the maintenance plan and he said "Well if you don't want the plan I'm going to raise your apr to 4.99." Was pest but I basically said I don't want the maintenance plan. Okay the finance guy was good to go I sign the release of liability form and he brought out the contract and I pulled out a express check and he said "No". I said "Why not" he then called the GSM in and he walked back In and said "Mike I knew you were going to do that" and tapped me on my shoulder and said "You can do that because you will not get the manufacturer rebate -1500" so then the GSM left and gone home. I sat there for a minute and said I'll come out the pocket 1200 and some dollars to pay the difference. They said no. He called the GSM and he said no. I left without the vehicle and I was passed. I left the vehicle there.

    The last time was there I told him "Are you going to take the check?" He said no. Three hours later I leave and he calls me three times and says "Okay I'll take the check you was so passed" I said "No. All I want is my trade in. That's all I want". It's been over twenty days I don't have my trade in lease 2013 Pathfinder. I'm paying on it and I left the other vehicle at the dealer. Every time I called in they say come and pick the vehicle up. The new car was not financed and I'm waiting. I know because I spoke to the bank. They sent me the email saying they could terminate the loan..but I see they want to play games telling me "You're not going to win this one". My family is stressed out. I'm kissed and I'm paying on a vehicle I don't have. I would never recommend Buena Park Nissan to anyone. It's more to the story. This is definitely the short version.

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    Original review: July 23, 2015

    I went to this dealer with an Ad from Raceway Nissan for a Nissan Versa 2015 for $9398 automatic. When I ask if they match that price they say "hell yes". After back in for the sales manager push me with the techniques they have to agree to buy a car and now I realize my bill is almost $19,000.00. I check with Raceway Nissan and they say I get screw in this dealer. Please be aware and stay away from Buena Park Nissan.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 19, 2015

    Buena Park Nissan driver wrecked the front of my brand new car and then threatened me that I could not buy another car and then they did not report the accident to the DMV per the state Laws or to carfax. When I sell this car or give back the car that means the next innocent person might have an accident and Nissan will never care. Oh by the way this info is for everybody but especially seniors. I found out that they are adding an extra $2000.00 for a Multi Shield Protection but then when your sign the finance payments the guy will put his hand over a small section pretending he is helping you another 600.00 for multi shield protection is again added. This money is all to the dealership. Thank you Nissan for teaching your employees to lie, cheat, threaten, and do whatever that have to do to sell that car.

    Me, I getting even with putting in complaints to the Federal Trade Commissioner, Attorney Generals Office, the BBB, local Chamber of Commerce, local newspaper, BBB of Nissan, AARP (being a older woman), and putting a sign in my car that will not say anything nice about this dealership. Final comment... ** (general Manager) was going to put me in a new car to keep my mouth shut. He offer a 2008-2012 junk cars first then if I pay 47.00 more a month I could buy my same car with a $1000.00 down. Was told that his VP will be calling me shortly...still waiting!!

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    Original review: July 25, 2014

    I purchase a 2014 Nissan Sentra. Later had issues such as safety recalls, engine shaking, lost parts on 2014 vehicle - Oh wow. I call dealer Buena Park. They will not help you at all. Don't go and purchase a vehicle there. You will regret it later. I have BBB involve now. I'm getting a lawyer for a lemon law so this will not happen to other people. Beware of what you sign and what they offer you... If you already have a problem with BUENA PARK NISSAN, report them to the BBB today online. They will help you.

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    Original review: March 12, 2014

    I received an advertisement in the mail that nissan wanted me to trade in my 2012 nissan for a new car. I went in on Saturday and spent 5 hours and did leave with a new car but no trade in. I was also told I could default on my 2012 so I would only have one car payment. The next two days I thought about it and nissan called me on Monday and I voiced my concern that I was worried about getting my wages garnished which they told me, "don't worry." A manager called me and said they would take my 2012 as a trade so I went back on Tuesday. Well, they tried to sell me a different car and wanted a down payment which I could not do. Needless to say that didn't work out either. I went home 4 hours later leaving the new car and taking my 2012 back. This is also the second time I had a problem with nissan. Guess I don't learn Nissan buena park is all about the money. They are not truthful and advised me of doing something not to my best interest. BEWARE!!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 9, 2014

    On February 2, 2014, I corresponded with Richard **, Internet Sales Manager for Buena Park Nissan via email and phone. This contact with Richard took place all day into the evening when I received an email and call confirming my quote on a 2014 Nissan Sentra. I informed Richard that I had my own financing, which he stated would not be an issue. I also informed him that I would visit Buena Park Nissan the next day to purchase the car related to the confirmed quote. Buena Park Nissan is about 25 miles from my home but I selected that dealership because they offered the car and price I wanted.

    When I arrived to the dealership, after leaving work four hours early, I test drove the car. After the test drive, the sales person took some personal status information about me stating that it was required for a car purchase even though I already had my own financing. The paperwork was taken to the Finance Dept. Soon after, Anthony, the Finance Manager, approached us and informed me that he could not honor the confirmed quote I received from Richard ** because I was not financing with Nissan. He also said that if I purchase a maintenance package for well over $2K, he would give me a price close to what was confirmed.

    I refused and he again stated that I could not get the confirmed quote unless I financed through Nissan. I spent a lot time and effort on the confirmed quote and I feel like I was discriminated against because I decided to finance with my credit union. This practice seems very unethical. I believe Buena Park Nissan should be fined for this behavior. I wish that I can assign less than one star.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 28, 2013

    I would have given five stars had it been the option. I spoke to Johnathan ** on phone and he offered me the car for X price and gave me an OTD price (X+10%). I went to the dealership from San Diego (90+ miles) and after the test drive, I again confirmed the price before the finance approval. After the financing, he came back with some manager who said that he had no authority to quote that price. He keep giving me other price and asked me to pay $2k for some additional package which I do not need (quoted price + 3k) :( Finally a third manager came (who was a nice guy), but could not give the quoted price by Johnathan as it was too low. (Sucks)

    We head back to SD after wasting our 6 hrs on Friday, I am so disappointed. Needless to say, it was a horrible experience. I would avoid this dealership and would not recommend them to my enemies. Just to let everyone know, always asked for OTD price in email before stepping in this dealership and beware about the $2k protection package which is good for nothing. Guys, don't get trapped by false promises of the internet sales team. Better talk to someone who has authority over the pricing and better have everything in written.

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    Original review: May 23, 2013

    I went to look at cars as I was looking to get into something inexpensive as I am only receiving UIB. They were extremely quick to tell me I qualified for a 2013 Nissan Sentra. I told very specifically that I could afford $400 or less payment with no more than $500 down. They came back with $469 and $1800 down. Stupid me agreed to take the deal. A week later, I found out I couldn't stay in the car because the sale of my home fell through so now I had to come up with a lot of money to save my home. I called them to tell them I couldn't afford to keep the car as I would not be able to come up with the rest of the down nor will I be able to make the monthly payments for months to come. They absolutely do not care!

    I got a letter in the mail a week later stating that I was not qualified for a loan so I went back to take the car back and they told me that I have to keep the car because they would find a way for me to keep it! I can't afford the car! What don't they get? Almost 3 weeks later, they're still trying to figure out how to keep me in the car after numerous calls to their Finance dept. to tell them to unwind the contract and they refuse. Unfortunately, I will have a repossession as I will not be able to make the payments. Why won't they take the car back before it funds? They want to rewrite the contract and I just want to give the car back!

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    Original review: March 15, 2010

    I should have just walked away when Tony showed me the 2010 Nissan Versa with 1600 miles on it. He claimed that this is the advertised car for $11,295.00! As I was walking away, he said there are more cars at the back and that he can find one for me at the same price. So we found a brand new 2010 White Nissan Versa. I told him if he can expedite the process because I am in a hurry and paying cash for "one at this price" ad so there will be no stress in getting a car. He said no problem but then the problems started.

    He got all my detail info and came back saying I would have to pay $500 more because I do not have proof of graduation, so I said fine. Then he came back again and said I do not qualify for that price because I am not driving a Toyota and have to add another $1,000.00. I said "no and I want all the paperwork that I filled out returned to me". He said okay, then someone else came to our desk and said I can have the Nissan Versa for $22,000.00! I almost fell out of my chair laughing! $22k for a bare-boned base car! I said, "just give me my paperworks and I will be on my merry way". Instead, another sales manager came over and was going to the same routine and insulting me.

    This time, I got up and went straight to their office and demanded the paperworks. They wouldn't give it to me. So I started raising my voice and made a scene. Now, I am surrounded by sales managers and salesmen but still no paperworks. Finally, one of the guys threw a sheet of my credit application on the floor and that's when I left. I was so upset with the experience and called the Buena Park police. Three patrol cars showed up and said the crooks have the right to keep the paperworks for their file even though no transaction was consummated. What a nightmare. It was horrible going in to a bunch of vultures ready to insult and humiliate you.

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    Original review: March 21, 2009 My wife and I went to to Buena ParkFeb 21,2009 nissan to trade our 2007 nissan altima. We came upon a deal with sales manager at the time and Edwin (sales rep.) The deal was we had to give a down payment of a $1000 dollars (in increments of $400 to be taken out 3-04-09 and $600 two weeks later) Two weeks past and we received a phone call from Hiro that we are not able to finance both of you for the nissan quest. We said ok that's fine. They wanted the van back the next day, we said we couldn't go but will go either Sunday of Monday. Well we were able to make it that Sunday and turned the van in as they requested of us, well on March 6, 2009, they took the money for $400 the down payment. On the phone call with Mr. nguyen another finance mgr. there he said bring the car in and with a copy on a bank statement stating they withdrawn the money from our account. Well we counldn't do it cause the banks were closed that day. So we went and signed the paperwork change the liablity of the van and the car back that was Sunday March 8, 2009, Nguyen said we can't issue you a check till you give us that statement. We went back there the following day Monday 3-09-09 with edwin legaspi letting us use their computer at the dealership was able to obtain a copy of our bank statement as well as a copy of the check they have cashed in. They made us wait for about 45 minutes. L. nguyen stated that if you get aggressive with me I I will stretched this out the full 10 days, then he left, manny came and out and spoke to us about 30 minutes more and told us that they can not issue us a check till we get a bank statement from the bank and signed by the branch manager of the bank. Well by that time it was 6:00 in the evening already. We said l. nguyen just told us all we need is the statement to get OUR MONEY back, manny replied I don't know why he said that he also said that they have 10 days before they see the money in there account, we printed a bank statemnet out from their own computer to show them they did and even called our bank to verify that they did. We got upset raised our voice , then manny stated now your not getting your money back asked us to leave or they will call the police on us. manny also stated that you will not get your money back take to small claims. I asked them to show me there policy on all that he mentioned to me he stated wait just right here and ignored just till we jsut left at 7:30 p.m. It has know been over 10 days as well as over 10 business days we still not received OUR MONEY (3-21-09).
    6 people found this review helpful
    Original review: March 10, 2009 We seeked to purchased a Nissan Quest to them last February 21, 2009 and agreed to pay a down payment of $1,000.00 for the purchased. The first down was taken out of our account in the amount of $400.00, the second one is scheduled on March 21, 2009 at the amount of $600.00 but they couldnt find any bank to loan us the vehicle. We returned the vehicle promptly last March 8, 2009 and was instructed to bring our bank statement that states that they have widthdrawn the $400.00 and would give us back the check. March 9, 2009 we went there with the copy of the widthrawn check and the bank statement and they wont release us our money. We even talked to our Bank and asked them of if it is possible for them to have the money at that time and they said that it is iin their account already. They gave us the ring around and threatened not to give us back our $400.00.
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    Original review: Feb. 14, 2009 On December 20, 2008, my wife and I tried to purchase a 2009 Nissan Altima Coupe. We put $2,000 down and traded in a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. We took the new car home, got auto insurance. Two weeks later we received a phone call that we need to return to the dealership and sign more papers. Since we were very clear before we even purchased the car on how much we can afford to put down, credit history, and all the necessary information, we told the sales person that we were not going to put any more money on that car. We went to the finance department and that's where they realized that for some reason they did the paperwork on the wrong trade-in. Instead of doing the trasaction on the car we gave them (the Pathfinder), they did it on my Nissan Titan which by the way was never even mentioned during our fist visit to the dealership. They called in the supervisor and he tried to convince me to take back the Pathfinder and trade in the Titan but we explained that the only reason why we wanted to change the Pathfinder was because my wife wanted a smaller car. Since the Pathfinder is more expensive the dealership didn't want to pay what was owed on the loan and we were told that they made a mistake and that we're not going to make the deal; and that we were going to get the Pathfinder back. So now we had to call back the auto insurance and make the change back, we had to buy new wheel cover, floor mats, etc. Two days later my wife got a very rude phone call from Ms. Patricia Ramirez and she was told that we have to pay for the services that were done on the Pathfinder. Aparently they did some oil change and other services on the car that total $909.06. My wife told Ms. Ramirez that we are not going to pay for services that were never approved by us in the fist place. She also explained that since the deal was not even finalized that should've waited before they decided to touch the car and perform any services. At this point Ms. Ramirez raised her voice several times at my wife and after my wife asked not to be rude and threaten her, she told her that we are going to pay for the services and that's a promise; and then she hung up the phone. Ms. Ramirez, after she realized that she can't get any money from my wife, she called my supervisor and left a very similar message on her voice mail. On February 12, she sent us a letter that included a copy of the repairs and items replaced on our vehicle for which we need to pay. Since we were very clear from the begining with the dealership, and since even before we went them we sent an e-mail explaining what we were looking for, it is not our fault that they made a mistake therefore I don't believe we should be billed for services we never authorized to begin with.
    9 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Dec. 2, 2008 was lied to, asked many questions with don't worry about it attitude. trust me, car that stickered at 18000 i was sold products i didn't want up to 32000, i was on medician and ask to leave many time cause im diabediC, THEY KEEP TELLING ME 5 MORE MINS, i was taking pain medicien for my back that i had surgey on , and just wanted to get out of there.. witout a car they pressused me, Im 76 years old and move at a lot slowner rate. I was taken huge advantage of and want out.
    5 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Aug. 7, 2008

    I went in to see their Nissan Altima Hybrid. I send an e-mail to their sales departmen asking how much it will be for a Nissan Altima Hybrid 2008 with the tech package. I receive an e-mail with how much the car will be with the package so I asked if he had a silver one available. The answer was yes. The e-mail note indicated The Hybrid with Tech retails for $32,540. Your internet price is only $$29,587. Sales tax, license, and destination fees are extra. Plus you will also receive an additional Federal Tax Credit up to $2,350.

    I was excited so they told me to go see the car. I got their and their price was $36,400 because it was fully loaded. They were attempting to give me for my 2003 Hyudai Santa Fe $4000.00 which made laugh. I attempted to leave and they came back and made another offer that still meant I had to pay $36,400 no matter what with my trade in. I was angry and told them to give me car keys.

    I was out the door and here comes another sales manager. He said What can we do to get you in the car we have here for you? All I said Give me the car I wanted at the prize I was quoted over the internet and you said you have here. He asked me to show him the e-mail I was send. Luckily I did print the e-mail and showed it to him. He says how much do you think you should be wanting the car for? I said With my trade that is in great condition with low miles, I was expecting to pay no more than $25,000 out the door. Your internet prize is $29,587 and that is what I want.

    He says How about if I get the car between $26,000 and $28,000 out the door? Is that okay? He says. I waited to see what he said and he comes back with an offer of $27,900. I was laughing then atleast he stated that it included taxes and licence fees. I laughed. If the car they sold me for $36,400 was the one I wanted for $$29,587, I would of been a happy camper.

    The car is nice and is fully loaded with features I do not use and it does not even come with fog lights. The expensive GPS system is not worth the prize they sell it for. The GPS CD that it came with was an older CD. I asked them if they could update the CD and they said No, we can order it for you but that is all. You will pay for the charge. All this is a joke.

    The Expensive CD just gets me lost and needs to be update or replaced.

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    Original review: Aug. 4, 2008

    On 7/12/08 I went to Buena Park Nissan to see if I could buy a car. I had a recent BK on my record so I knew it would be challanging. They asked at the time if I had my BK court paperwork. I said no. They went ahead and made a deal. I put $2500 down with an extra $500 cash back so $3000 down. They gave me 11% financing - High but I'm rebuilding.

    I went home with the car. About a week later, they called and said that I needed to send in the BK paperwork or they could not fund the loan. I said I didn't have it. They said they could not fund it. They called me at lest 10 times between the time I bought the car and 8/1 when my paperwork came in the mail. I don't know why they kept annoying me. Calling me. They knew I didn't have the papers when they gave me the car.

    They started having the sales guy, Furnelly call me and leave messages for me to call Keith in Finance. I could only call and say I didn't have them yet. On Friday 8/1 they came. I faxed them in . On Sun 8/3 I got another call and message from Fernelly telling me to call Keith. I called, they said they had been able to lower my payments considerably, they needed me to come back to Bunea Park Nissan to sign a new contract. I asked Fernelly what the deal was, he said he didn't know.

    I went to Buena Park Nissan. I sat down with Keith to said that he could get me a better deal, lower payments but my APR would go to 13% I got up and walked out. I was not even on the freeway when my significant other called and told me to go back to the dealer ship. I said no I was not going to sign for a 13% APR. When I got home that evening. More messages from Fernelly to call Keith and Eric in Finance. They said they wanted me to come back to the dealership so the new terms could be discussed.

    I said no. I said I had signed one contract and three weeks ago and it was good enough. They said I had to sign becasue they could not finance me that much money. I said no. I got another call from Eric this time saying he called in some favers and my 11%APR would stay the same, the lenght of terms would be the same but I had to sign the new papers or they needed the car. I said I was not coming back in. They said that Fernelly could come to my house. I said fine, but that was the LAST TIME I wanted to get a call from anyone from Buena Park Nissan. It was becoming harassment.

    The phone rang right after. I didn't answer it. Fernelly showed up at my door with the new contract in less then an hour. It was less all around and my APR was the same. I signed it and thought that would be it. BUT I came back to night and ANOTHER Message on my machine, this time asking for a utility bill to prove that I live where I live. I don't have such a bill. It's all in my significant other's name. They did not need proof with the first contract. Now I sign a new one and they want this extra stuff. I want to turn the car back in. I've been called and annoyed and harassed with calls. They knew I didn't have the BK papers and they let me drive off the lot in the car.

    They then called me numerous times threatoning to the loan funding if I didn't provide them. I WANT them to take the car back. This is to MUCH!! I will NEVER refer a friend or relitive to them. They just keep calling. I've already signed the contract... TWICE!! and still they call and leave messages. I want this charge to go primarlly against Keith in Finance and also Eric who picks up where Keith leave off and they get Fernelly to call because they know I will still talk to him. But I've had enough. They can have their car back. I Don't want them calling me any more. They can put things in Writting or they can come get the car.

    They have had me sign TWO contacts for the car. They tried to get me to sign for an APR at 13%. When I refused, the said they really could get it for 11%. They aked for the BK papers. I gave them, I signed new contracts and still they keep calling. They didn't need such papers with the orignal contract. I feel harassed. I have asked they not call and still they keep callling.

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