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I made an appointment for state inspection at 8 am in weekdays (I have to go to my job!). I arrived at 7:50 am. An advisor said me that service will at 9:30 am!!! I cancelled the appointment. I was so frustrated!

Bronx Honda contacted us with a lease repurchase offer where they would pay the remaining six months of our lease. The letter stated we were pre-approved. We went in on January 28, 2012 and spoke with the salesman, Peter, who proceeded to call Nissan for the buyout amount on my Altima. Upon getting the amount, he did the paperwork to take over the Altima, took the registration and removed the plates. We then talked about buying a CRV from them. After the usual haggling over the price, we decided to purchase the CRV. We asked if we had to do anything further on the Altima and were told no.

In February, we received a bill from Nissan for $2,000 on the Altima lease. We ignored it because Honda had repurchased it. We then received a default letter on the lease from Nissan. Upon speaking with Peter **, Honda sales, he tells us that they did not in fact repurchase the Altima lease, that it was listed on our Bill of Sale as a no trade. He states that he told us as much during our negotiation. In fact, he never told us that Honda was not going to pay off the Nissan lease and never made reference to the Altima after we signed the car over. After reminding him that we went in not to trade in a car but on the promised pre-approved repurchasing program, he insisted that he informed us of the non-payment. When told that if he had informed us of this, we never would have let him have the Altima and paid for not using the vehicle. He insisted and refused to discuss the matter further. When my wife went in to the dealership to speak to the manager, she was rudely told that he did not have time to talk to her since she had barged into the dealership.

The salesman, Peter, out and out lied and the dealership manager then treated us with no respect and extreme rudeness. We are now left with no recourse but to pay the $2,000 to Nissan for a vehicle that Bronx Honda took four months early under the guise of repurchasing the lease. When in reality, they just took possession of the vehicle. They are now claiming that the words no trade on the bill of sale indicates that they did not re-purchase the car. However, a repurchase of a lease program is not a trade-In but we are at a loss nonetheless.

This has been going on since 12/03/2009. I went the Toyota Dealership in Bronx, NY on Boston Road. The manager, who sold me a Toyota Scion 2009, told me that I could trade into another vehicle in six months. The sales person name was Chris. They both ran out of Toyota and went to Bronx Honda Dealership. I was bamboozled by the Honda Dealership with a contract that I never received, only a copy. They have me paying on two vehicles, while they kept the Toyota and resold it to someone else and had me paying on it as well.

I want my contract resolved and I want them to know that these auto dealers' can't keep treating consumers like a target. They had me on an initial contract, which was never discussed, that I was going to let them keep a vehicle and have me paying on it, as well as paying a high interest rate and the car isn't worth what they have me paying on it. I would like to take them to court to see how it would turn out because I never went over a contract. I only received a copy was told to come back to them and receive it another day.

When I tried since 12/2009 to deal with these people, I got the run around and they didn't want to talk to me. They were laughing in the back ground and thought this was funny but, I am not laughing anymore. I contacted the Attorney General of NY and I also made several complaints and I felt that when I spoke to Honda Financial about the matter. I am being told to re-finance the vehicle and go through changes, when I could just come out of this car as being paid off, since it really is already. They are just getting over for money from me, as well as whomever they sold my first vehicle to. I believe this is just a loan sharking car dealership that preys on women and whoever they feel comfortable to trust them as dealers'.

I want to sue for mental anguish and stress. If they don't want to pay me then give me back one of my vehicles because I am paying on two cars not one. The interest rate is over the amount for what the car is worth and I see that they aren't trying to negotiate because they already got over. I want what is rightfully mine and nothing more ,and that is justice of service on trading in a vehicle for another to be told that I have no rights is something not right with this situation please investigate the matter.

I have a 2 year old (2006) Honda Civic which is still under full warranty. I dropped the car 9 days ago for various reoccurring problems. The dealership called me yesterday and told me that the car was ready. When I went to the dealer to pick up the car this morning, I was treated very badly and unfairly. The following is a few details of what took place. One of my complaints about the car was a noise coming from underneath the car for first 3-4 minutes each time I drive the car after not driving for a few days. The service advisor told me that the mechanic un-bent a metal within the break system and the cost of this was $100. I asked to see what the mechanic un-bent (I am a Mechanical Engineer with a M.S. degree. I am unconvinced that a bent metal will not cause a problem that I described above).

I explained that I felt uncomfortable paying $100 for un-bending a metal and I needed to see and understand what was done. They were very short with me and simply said no. Then, I asked if I could speak with the mechanic who allegedly un-bent this mysterious metal. I was told that it was not an option either. I was warned that I had to get my car out of their service center that day or I would be charged $35/day storage fee.

When I went to the dealership to pick up my car, the following is what I was told Because your car didnt have enough gas in the tank, we couldnt continue the test drive and we just didnt do the necessary repairs?. This explanation shows the lack of customer service at this dealership. In a matter of fact, the car had still plenty of gas when I picked up the car.

On September 3,2007, I put a $5.000.00 deposit on a 2007 Honda Civic which had 15.000 miles. On Tuesday September 4, 2007,I was notified that a relative was sick in the hospital in Massachusetts At the time I did not know that a relative of mine also died in the same state.

I contacted the sales lease consultant Mr. S and notified him about the illness and the need for the deal to be canceled. He informed me that the Manager will be back in the showroom on Friday and for a refund ,I must bring the original credit card receipt.

I went to the showroom as directed and I was informed that the policy is that they do not return deposits.

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I gave a $1,400.00 deposit on a 2007 Honda Accord SE with VIN# 1HGCM56347A08453A and stock# 504. I originally planned to finance the purchase and thus signed a credit application. After being told the price of the vehicle, I opted for a cash deal. I asked the Sales Representative, Peter Steiniger to return the credit application to me and was denied.

The following day I returned to the dealership having decided to shop around for a month before making a final decision. The sales representative refused to return my deposit after consulting with the General Manager, Carlo Fittanto. I was told that the entire deposit was non-refundable. On the third day I submitted a notarized letter both in person and by fax stating that I was no longer interested in purchasing the vehicle. I had hoped to reach a mutual resolution, but the General Manager refused to speak to me because he doesn't speak to customers that are not buying cars.

I was told by Mr. Steiniger that the notarized letter was placed in my file per the instructions of the General Manager. In an attempt to obtain the name of the General Manager, whom up to this point I had not met, I requested his business card. This was also denied me because he doesn't have one. I proceeded to the office of the General Manager and was able to retrieve one of many business cards from his desk while he was distracted by the telephone.

After leaving the dealership, I faxed my notarized letter because I had no trust in these dishonest individuals and it would be my only proof of having submitted it. After returning to the market, I learned that other dealership contracts state that if this contract is cancelled by me without your consent, I understand I shall be liable for liquidated damages. In my case there were no liquidated damages.

I am certain that the actions taken by Bronx Honda are both illegal and immoral. I can not help but believe that a male would not have been treated like this. The behavior of this dealership shows total disregard for women. This was a highly humiliating, demeaning, and cold hearted experience.

Yesterday I brought my 97 Honda accord to the service center because a light was illuminated on the dashboard. I also asked them to check out my AC since it wasn't working since the last time I had brought it in to them. The service attendant Ruben called later in the day to say that the light wasn't a problem but the rotors on my front brakes were not cut and that was a problem that needed to be addressed.

He went on to say it was dangerous and wanted to know who had done that work. I told him that his shop had at which point he started to tell me it was no big deal. I picked up the car at the end of the day and after driving it for a bit I noticed a rubbing sound. The next morning I was driviing to work and noticed the car was wobbling more and more.

About that time the front right tire started to come off. Luckily I was in heavy traffic and not going fast so I was able to pull over. I found that the lug nuts had not been tightened when the mechanic was done with his work.

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