BMW Transmission Problems

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Transmission malfunction light came on, took it to an independent BMW shop, and was told it was leaking fluid. Replaced adapter seal, pan gasket, pan drain plug, sealing sleeve, and fluid. The car was driven into the shop, and now will not move at all from the shop. In looking up reviews and speaking with other owners, I am told this is a recurring problem. The car is a 2007 650i convertible. The transmission fluid is supposed to be "lifetime", according to BMW. These seal leaks make repairs very costly, and is sub par to expected BMW reliability.

Please listen. BMW lover and owner. 650 I convertible owners. The dealership say no service for lifetime of your BMW, no fluid change. What they don't tell you is that the if you don't pay the 1k to maintain its pan gasket and fluid it cost 8k to replace it. Lifetime could be 100k expectations, not lifetime of car. So trust be safe, pay 1k to service it because BMW will (1) sell more cars (2) costly repairs. BMW are 77k investment. Life expectancy is longer to owners than the dealerships maintenance people. Love your BMW, your BMW will love you.

2016 435i Convertible xDrive went into neutral and rolled away after car was parked and turned off. I have a witness that saw the lights flash and horn honk before the car came out of park and rolled away. BMW looked at the car and stated that the car didn't malfunction. I know that's not the case. The car was in park and running. Then I reached inside and hit the power button once and turned the motor off and walked away. Minutes later the rolled, honked and flashed it lights as an error signal or something and rolled away. There was a recall for the exact same sequence of events in 2012 for 2008 7 series.

I bought an OVERPRICED "Certified Preowned" 135i convertible about a year and a half ago. Now the entire transmission needs to be replaced, and they say they won't cover the clutch!! That is going to cost over $2000 to replace! You can't get the part anywhere else, so you have to go to them, and they already have it apart, so they got you! At 30k miles, that transmission OR clutch should be "shot"!!! How can they build such ** cars and then expect us to pay soooo much money?? I am filing a complaint about the dealership and BMW in general.

My 2006 BMW 750Li makes jerks when going from stop to drive. This normally happens while on traffic. At times it feels as if the car had been hit from behind. Hope it's not the transmission.

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At only 187 miles on a brand new 2016 BMW X3 and the vehicle will not go into reverse. Only my third trip! It took 5 hours for the tow truck to show up, no replacement vehicle was offered, and the BMW road assistant couldn't even find me in the database! The repair manager tried to tell me he had never heard of this problem before, and when I go online, I find HUNDREDS of BMW owners with the identical issue! Just thankful (now that I look back) it happened to me while under warranty.

I am TOTALLY DISSATISFIED and SHOCKED by the occurrence of a major issue at 187 miles, and TOTALLY DISSATISFIED with the service and treatment of Yark BMW in Toledo, Ohio. I seriously had thoughts of not receiving the car after the repair was done. This is the most grievous consumer experience I have ever had. NO ONE from the dealership contact me except the sales person and the repair shop manager. You'd think someone would find the need to apologize!

2007 BMW Sport Coupe 328 Xi with ~81,000 miles. Experienced automatic transmission failure in which car won't go beyond 2nd gear. Pulled into a parking lot to read the manual because I hadn't seen that particular warning come on before and didn't know what it was (the gear shaped light, in yellow). Manual said continue but have car serviced soon. Went to back out of spot and the car wouldn't go into reverse. Dealer says it needs an entirely new transmission at a replacement cost of $9,000. They then offered me $2,000 cash for it. The sticker on this car was around $45,000. I bought it CPO for $30,000. The manufacturer was unhelpful in applying pressure to the dealer to do better.

This problem occurred after other significant repairs in the past years related to the stresses on the transmission, including having the AWD power distribution module fail, and having the engine mounting bolts sheer off, putting stress on the belts as well as the transmission. Power distribution module failure cost me a new set of tires, by the way. Loved driving this car---but have come away from this feeling ripped off, and as though the BMW brand is inferior. If they can't manufacture a car that can go beyond 81,000 without a catastrophic failure like this then it is undeserving of a reputation for quality or reliability. Considering this is a CPO from their lot, the dealer needed to step up and take more responsibility for the defect. It's clear from the comments here that the BMW transmission is a serious issue, and the company and its dealers should be doing more to rectify the problem.

The car I traded in was a '98 Ford Escort with about 120,000 that never gave me a serious problem. I ended up getting $750 for it. So, at the end of the day, a premium 2007 BMW ends up being a car worth only a bit less than 3x the value of a then 13 year old Escort. The BMW was a rip off by any standard you'd want to use. Not reliable. Not durable. And it ended up being a money pit where I threw in about $40,000 when you add the cost of the car to the amount I spent on maintenance and repair---and what they think I should walk away with is $2,000. That won't even cover the amount I've spent on repairs in the last year.

I'm disappointed beyond belief---to a point where when I've got nothing else to do on a Saturday I might want to walk around their lot mingling with other prospective buyers and whisper to them what a complete rip off the car is until I know I've cost them at least a few sales. There is a German word for that--Schadenfreude. I was looking forward to my next BMW somewhere in the future... but never again. I've got estimates from local transmission shops for a rebuild around $3,000.

When they're done with it I'm taking it directly to CarMax or another dealer to sell. BMW as a manufacturer builds an overrated, under-performing product in terms of reliability and durability. Neither the company nor its dealers seem to stand behind it. Speaking with the service manager, he told me "All cars represent some risk." Yes, that's true, but with BMW you pay a lot of money in the expectation of reducing that risk. Now it seems like you just pay a lot of money for the expectation to continue to pay more and more until it leaves you with nothing. No option other than to walk away and wonder what happened.

So I been saving up to my first car. So working in the export business I use a car auction website to find a perfect vehicle that is within my price range. The auction told me that the car is a clean run and drive vehicle with no mechanical problems. So trusting the auctions work I started bidding for my dream car. I won the car and had a transporter deliver it my house. I look underneath the car and see that the trans box and the drive shift where missing. Have some spare money for the paperwork for the car, I buy the parts needed took it to a so-called German car expert. We charged me 375 just to inspect the vehicle for anything wrong with and did a full diagnoses on it. After 10 days I get a call from the mechanic to pick up my car, I start it and it sounds perfect so I payed him and drove off into the sunset which was only 2 miles away until everything went wrong.

First error that came up was the AWD maintenance need, then the transmission malfunction came up on the screen. I was stuck in the street. The car won't even move anymore. I locked it up and started walking back to the mechanic. He had this surprised but laughing look in his face when I started to explain to him what the problem was. He told me, "well it's not my fault, all I did was install the transfer box and the drive shift like you asked. I did nothing to the transmission." He called his tow truck driver to bring it back so he can look it over again (with a fee nevertheless) and said well you need to take it to the official BMW dealer because I have no idea what's wrong. This all happened on 11/10/2015 and now I'm going to take my car to the dealer to see to see how much it will cost to just check out the problem on 12/3/2015 and if it cost to much to fix I might just sell it to the dealership.

I bought a 2011 BMW 535i certified pre-owned with 29000 miles on it in 2013. Ever since my car was more at shop than with me, center console problem, RFID problem, engine gasket problems, the list will go on and on. Now the transmission started slipping. Took it to the dealer and they said I need to replace transmission, and car is sitting at 64,000 miles as manufacturer warranty expired. BMW is my dream car. Ever since child I always wanted to have one and when I bought this expensive car I thought my dream come true, but never know that my dream would be this expensive. My question is why BMW is making cars like this, and what happened to worlds one of the best car maker. I don't know I am frustrated and sad.

Had my car not even a month, bought it from Basil Toyota in Lockport, NY and the reverse just stopped working. I contacted the dealer, they said sorry couldn't help me 'cause they don't know anything about BMWs. Of course I called almost every day and their mngr. would text me instead of call me back. It got to the point were he said if I contacted him again he would call the police - all in text messages in which I saved every one. All I wanted is my 07 328xi only a month old to be fixed under their warranty. Ridiculous. BMW never calls me back after numerous messages! Now what? I'm just screwed.

The transmission in my BMW x5 jerks in between changing into 6th gear between 35 and 40 mph. The vehicle only has 82000 miles on it, a $60000 vehicle's transmission shouldn't be giving me problems before the closed transmission oil change is due.

I purchased my brand new 1998 328i at Beverly Hills BMW. At 40,000 miles the transmission needed to be replaced. I was told by BMW that the transmission was not covered by warranty because the transmission was found to be "FAULTY", not defective. They blamed Los Angeles stop-and-go driving conditions. It's the Ultimate Driving Machine, except in Los Angeles! Now at 75,000 miles the second transmission is acting up, it's leaking.

I have bought my new BMW 420 before 8 months ago, 2015 model, and since I received the car from dealer I was having a voice in the steering and they told me that "It's easy thing and when you bring the car for the first service, we will repair it." So when I bring the car for the service they keep the car with them for two days because they was saying that they are working on my problem. And when I took my car it was still on the same problem, without any changes. And then also I asked about the problem. They say, "Yes, because we order some part for the steering from Germany and it will need some time." So I told, "It's ok."

And now we are in the second month and still the parts are not came from Germany, as they say. And the problem are getting more in my car steering and am getting message on the car screen, saying that there are a problem in cruise control, and now the control buttons in the steering are stop working because of that problem which I have it in the steering, as they say. And still, up to now, there is no any action or any responsibility about the case. So I don't know who's having a brand new car by 2015 model and having this problem with a bad dealer for a brand like BMW name. So I don't know really who is responsible if I get the problem more and more!

I have a 2011 BMW x5 with 38k miles. On 1-10-15 had the front drive shaft replaced. 8-5-15, the transfer case just went out. This has got to be the worst car I've ever owned. From what I understand drive shaft and transfer case issues are common. The BMW dealership which is BMW of Peoria has been awful to work with. If you are thinking of buying a x series BMW stay clear.

Bought my brand new BMW X3, in summer 2010 in Toronto. The very first winter realized that heating does not work so great and takes time. Contacted the dealers. Nothing much done. Got regular checkups done by the book but realized many a times if I don't drive it for a week brake seizes. Complained nothing done. My brake disc had to be replaced twice in a couple of years. The engine makes weird vibrations. Sometimes complained nothing diagnosed. They want me to bring it in when it's happening. On the other hand I have Toyota Sienna. No complaints at all If I don't drive it for a fort night. No issues. Runs smooth gives all the comfort my family needs So please BMW X3 A BIG NO NO...

I had to wait 3 weeks for a new transmission to be sent from Germany. None in US. On Tues Aug 4 my new transmission was installed. 3 days later I am having first went bad. 650 miles when brand new transmission has shown problems. BMW claims the 7 series is the flagship of their company. I am one transmission of following under the criteria of the lemon law.

Bought a used 08' 535xi from a dealership in 2010 with 42k miles. All I have been dealing with since, is repair after repair. Seems like every month something is breaking. Must have spent well over 10k in repairs by now. I found out most BMW drivers don't buy but lease because of known BMW's mechanical issues. Wish I knew that before I bought it! I've heard Mercedes are the same and Audi's and Land Rovers are worse. Why the heck are they praised by Motor Trend and Car and Driver? This was my first attempt at owning a German Vehicle and this will definitely be my last. I previously owned a G35 and in 7 years I've only paid 1k in repairs for an air sensor before I sold it at 135k miles. This Beamer is now at 120k miles and I've put in a good 10k in repairs. Should have bought Japanese. I think my next car will be a Toyota hybrid. Not gonna fall for this gas price down and up up up game any longer.

Electronics module failed at 80K on my 2006 750. New module and rebuild... 8500 bucks. Better now than when new. Ridiculous, considering the low miles. Car value only 13K...

Just had trans rebuild @thsnds 525i mec said @ 68000 quoted $3400. It's at 115,00 risked lives. It jerked several times at a stop & driving like being bumped then slows. They're banking off the hardworking people. Only read about mini coopers class action???

A week ago I bought a 2006 BMW 530 Xi wagon with 92,000 miles on it. On the way home from the used car lot, the transmission fault warning light came on and the car went into safe-mode drive. I was familiar with the problem since my other 2005 X3 and 2006 3 Series BMW have exactly same issues. Once you turn off and on the car the problem goes away until the next episode. It does it two or three times a week. BMW won't do anything except offer to replace the transmission at a hefty cost to the owner. They also act as if they have never heard of this problem; just check the BMW chat lines and you'll see how bad this is. The conclusion among some BMW owners is that this is a computer module problem and not a transmission problem. So far no corrective actions from BMW. The ultimate driving machine is fun when it runs!!

I bought the car with 74k miles less than a year ago, looked great and drove nice, a few months after the transfer case broke; a fix of 2.5k then had to change the breaks. "ok" it's a used car, 1.6k. And recently getting home from a night out, I was 10 blocks from home and the D and R stopped working, luckily I had AAA and they towed it to my house. I have to replace the transmission 5.5k not including labor. What happen to the Ultimate Machine, I'm sure it is for them, making them so much money on repairs. I don't recommend buying it. I have a 2007 X3... You cannot trust Bmw reliability. It is like most of its parts.

I bought my car last year, did a lot of maintenance work to make it drive-able and within 10 months the transmission went. Driving to work one day the transmission light came on, I finished the trip to work and parked. After finishing work I come out to leave and the car wouldn't accelerate out of the parking spot; I had to have it towed home. It sat for about 5 months and now it won't start either. I just had it towed to AAMCO transmissions for diagnostic. Hoping it is a cheap component that needs replacing and not the transmission entirely! Does this experience sound familiar to anyone? Most of the posts I have seen were about the car not reversing.

I own a BMW 745i 2004 and I must say, the worst car I have ever had. NO more BMW for me. The transmission goes on failsafe at least twice a week and now does not even go on reverse. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED.

My BMW Transmission quit on me a few months ago. It cost me 7200 dollars to repair. It is a 2007 328xi with 92450 miles. It had probably about 1000 less miles on it when the transmission went out.

I had 84,400 miles on a BMW 2007 328xi. I was parked in a parking lot when I engage the transmission into reverse, no reverse. I could put it into drive but no reverse! So I did some research on this web page and other web pages! What I found out was first you need to know what kind of transmission you have, I have a GM, other BMW's have a ZF. My problem is relative fixable without an enormous cost compare to the ZF. Here is what I found out, the gear select rod valve needs to be replace, and other sleeves and transmission filter, gasket, transmission oil pan plug, came to $260.00 without the transmission oil! I did some bargain with the BMW parts dealer and got a bit of a discount. So I took these parts to a BMW independent shop where I take my BMW for service and repairs. Very reasonable cost to repair this BMW compare to a dealer. As all of you folks know.

So here is the total cost from the shop, $811.00 to fix this problem. Now I know that the water pump in these cars also go out early, they are electrical. Why I don't know this is one reason they break down early. BMW just got a bit too cute making this part electrical so I asks the mechanic, the owner of the shop who use to work and was in charge at one time for BMW dealer, all mechanics at the BMW shop. Now he has his own shop. So l asked ** how much would it cost me to replace a water pump for this BMW. Now remember this is not the dealer. He said $1,000.00 to $1,100.00. Ok, for you folks that own or are buying a BMW this is what is coming ahead.

Also at 79,994 miles I had to replace a Engine Valve Cover Gasket Set, the cost was $529.97 and I am told this is common so if you smell oil burning you need to replace valve cover gasket set, and one more cost that I had was a fuel pump went out on me about 70,000 miles. I can't find the paperwork on it but it was in the hundreds. You get the idea for a that cost me $43,000 and with a balance of $11,900.00, still making payments and having these very expensive repairs was just not acceptable to me. So before another breakdown was coming my way I know that would be the water pump and who knows what was going to follow the water pump, perhaps the starter, alternator who knows? So last week I went to a Toyota Dealer and traded in my BMW 328xi for a Toyota Camry 2015 on a lease for three years, and I will see what happens at that time!

I took a loss on the Kelley Blue Book, the book said $9,000.00 with 84,800.00 miles but we bargain and they paid off my loan, so basically I am starting over with for full maintenance coverage but they know that most cars have no problems for three years except oil changes, and brakes, and normal wear and tear! But I know Toyotas are better than overpriced BMW's. Never again will I buy or recommend BMW's, I am done with these overpriced cars! I hope this information helps all of you of what these cars (BMW's) will cost you to keep in decent running order! Don't wait for cost to keep accumulating, the repair cost are don't going down, and they will break down often as all of you know! BMW's could be the best cars but the design of these engines parts like the water pump, the need for the engine valve cover gasket set to be replace on low mileage and the fuel pump!

For what we pay for a BMW one should not have these problems with low mileage. BMW can learn a little from Toyota, Honda, all Japanese cars. Stop being so cute and clever with these overpriced parts and this car doesn't deliver what it claims! This brand BMW's has being damage. I'm so relieved now that I don't have to wonder when the next breakdown is going to happen and how much it's going to cost me! Good luck to all.

I just bought a 99 BMW 323i. When it get hot I stop at a red light. Hit the gas, my car taking a long time to change gear. The car only 98,122 miles. I change the PCV hose, crankcase. All of the air hoses are change. I still have air leak somewhere. My just turn over a 100,000 miles. We all need to do something about this issue with BMW. Those cars costs so much money. It cost so much for a part and maintenance. I will never, ever in my life buy a BMW. You fix one thing, it's another problem. Take my advice -- don't buy a BMW car.

I bought my son a 2001 BMW 330i with 97000 miles on it. He drove it for a week and went to put it into reverse and it made a clunking sound and now won't go into reverse. Drives fine forward. After reading these blogs, I see this is a common problem for BMW 3 series, so I guess I'm screwed and I don't know what the cost will be but I will find out soon enough.

I bought a used 2007 BMW X3 w/ 93,000 miles about a year and a half ago. I drove it. It was very sluggish when starting to drive it hesitated. I then noticed it shuttered like the transmission was going out. I took it back to the BMW dealer and they said the tires had no tread and this was causing the problem so I put all new tires on it and there was no change. Well last night I was driving home from the store and the transmission just stopped working. I stopped turned the car off and restarted it and have no gears P, R, D. It does nothing when these gears are selected.

We bought a extended warranty with the vehicle and will be taking the car in to the BMW dealer this Monday. Hopefully they will replace the transmission with no cost to us. I would be very upset if I purchased this vehicle brand new for $50,000+ and the transmission does not last more that 100,000 miles. You would think that BMW would want to make a good product to keep its customers happy rather than selling POS's. I am very upset and hopefully the dealer will come thru and replace the tranny under the warranty. If not we will scrap the vehicle and go buy another vehicle.

My BMW 2006 325i had transmission problems with a hard shift the repairs, with oil leaks, with valve cover, 'an oil filter bracket' transmission, valve body computer chip. Repair 4000 cost. The car has 100.000 miles on it. I think that this recall on BMW should happen and they should be forced to pay for all cost on all transmission repairs due to the fact that they knew that the electronics in the transmission would hold up for the car owners!

Purchased 2011 BMW 750i with 51000 miles. Quickly started feeling random suspension troubles. Driving the same freeway daily the vehicle would randomly drive smooth then drive stiff and bounce all over the highway. Crevier BMW can't confirm the problem. 2+2=5. Vehicle transmission vibration slipping skipping in 2 and 3rd gear. Crevier BMW could not confirm the problem. 2+2=5. Drivers door will not open from inside after parking. Crevier BMW could not find the problem. 2+2=5. Radio blasting and can't turn it down. Crevier could not find the problem. 2+2=5. Blown turbos. Crevier BMW randomly blames blown turbos on customer for Car over heating when that never happened. 2+2=5.

I been driving my 2011 BMW 750 around like this for over 75k miles. Crevier BMW could never find all vehicle troubles mentioned about all Crevier BMW techs and service advisors are good at is draining bank accounts and telling customers 2+2=5 the ski is green and grass is blue. (: My 2011 BMW 750 is the biggest pile of garbage I ever owned. I will NEVER buy another BMW ever again and for all you who take your vehicle to Crevier... Have a nice time and good luck (;