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When you spend over 40k on a Chevy Tahoe and the ac stops working... how are you going to charge $100 just to look at it? No lights are on dash board. I told them I didn't need diagnostic ran and they STILL wanted $100 to look at it. Money hungry crooks... horrible service dept!

I bought a 2005 Chevy Malibu in 2005 from Bill Heard Chevy. The car was new, with only between 600-900 miles on the car. I have been fixing this car ever since I have had it, from the steering column to the electric items, the alternator; and now, the car needs a fuel pump on it. I have been having problems with my light system for about 2 years. I am unsatisfied with the car. I have had this car for 6 years. I should not have to have all these items fixed within 6 years of buying this car.

In January 2005, my husband and I traded in our Honda Accord and purchased a 2004 Chevy Venture Minivan. We were given a 72-month loan. We had it financed through CitiFinancial. A few months ago the loan was given to Santander who reported that we still owe $4000. They are insisting that we pay the balance in full or re-modify the loan, which ultimately means we'll get stuck with a new loan with a big interest rate. We have paid for the van and the amount that we were upside down on the Honda Accord. We are being taken advantage of, practically being forced into another loan.

I'll keep this short. Shopping at Bill Heard Chevrolet is the worst experience I've ever had. I bought a 2 year old 2006 Aveo with 66,000 miles. It has no electric frills at all. It was a very simple, cheap car. I was buying this for my wife, who wasn't with me. I brought it home. She didn't like it. They wouldn't take it back and I got stuck paying $14000 for it. I am so stupid.

Bill Heard Chevrolet stole my car that was paid for. In February 2008, I traded in my car that was paid for in order to purchase a 2004 Jaguar from Bill Heard Chevrolet. The next day, I saw that the Jaguar was leaking oil. I took the Jaguar back to Bill Heard Chevrolet and was told that I would receive the Jaguar back within four days and was given a loaner car to drive. Four days later, I was told that the Jaguar was broken beyond repair and that I had to purchase the loaner car a 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Bill Heard Chevrolet would not give me back my original car a Chevrolet Cobalt that was paid for. The dealerships have since gone out of business. What can I do to get remedied?

I have had some emotional discomfort and economic unease that resulted from being tricked, lied to, and stolen from by Bill Heard Chevrolet.

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I went to them to look at a car. I had just filed chapter 13. They pressured me into buying a car that day and stated that they would work with me. They started threatening me at work and home, and said that they would come to my job. They repossessed the car after two late payments. I feel that I was used! A company started calling two years ago and then stopped. Now I'm getting calls from another company asking for their money every day. My bankruptcy was over in 2005. I bought the car in 2000 and lost it in 2003. It was a used 1999 Cutlass Supreme. Do I have to pay them? What are my rights? It's on my credit report. I need to buy a car but with no success. Can you help me? Do I need a lawyer?

I purchased the extended warranty (Wynn's Extended Care) on 9/11/08. I have the original signed contract. I paid with Bank of America Mastercard. Bill Heard went bankrupt sometime in late 2008. I did not need to use warranty on Chevy truck until Nov. 09. I took the truck in to get fixed, another Chevy dealership stated the warranty was invalid as they stated Bill Heard never sent in the payment. Bank of America who paid Bill Heard on 9/12/08 (have credit card statement) stated it was too long to dispute. Any recourse?

I purchased a new 2008 Chevy Aveo and paid cash in April 2008. I was promised the tires would be swapped out but they never were. Then, I returned the vehicle soon after purchase due to misalignment. I was asked to bring the vehicle back a few weeks later. Of course, that is when the dealership closed down. I had to replace two tires by 10,000 miles. I have since suffered chipped paint and have had an alignment. All things should have been corrected prior to my purchasing of a new vehicle.

Honestly, I am feeling pretty lucky after having read all of the other complaints about Bill Heard. We were living in Florida when I purchased my Chevy Equinox from Bill Heard in Columbus, GA. We worked out our deal with the salesperson and signed the paperwork, which included sales tax for Florida. I went to my local courthouse to get my tag, and they informed me that the sales tax was never paid for my vehicle. We got in touch with the salesperson, and he agreed that he had upped the price by 7% to cover paying the sales tax. It was in his notes.

We were then connected to the finance guy, who basically said, "Oh well, too bad, so sad." He said he couldn't sell us a car for the price in which we had agreed to purchase the vehicle. We later found out that they weren't allowed to collect sales tax for another state. In looking over our documents, they had added the amount of our sales tax onto our purchase price but did not itemize it. We had to come out of pocket for the $1500.00. After the call, the salesperson agreed to talk with us to make sure this was made right; but of course, he would no longer take our phone calls. I hope they all go to jail.

My husband and I purchased a used 2008 Chevy Uplander in June of 2008. It only had 3,000 miles on it and was in very good condition. After only having the vehicle for 10 months, we had to have the rear tires replaced because the tire was worn down to the metal. I went to a local tire shop where they told me the alignment was off. When I took the van in to have the alignment fixed, the auto shop informed me the rear axle was bent from an accident. The van had been in. The service guy showed me where the rear door had been repainted.

The van was in an accident prior to my purchase. I was never informed about the accident. Now, the dealer has closed and GM will not fix it because it is not a factory defect! Not only did I have to pay $300 for new tires after 10 months, but I have to come up with $1500 to fix the rear axle! I've had to miss work to get new tires. I've had to be without my van, so a dealer could inspect it, just to tell me they couldn't fix it. And because I declined them to fix the problem, I could lose my factory warranty.

This was my first time to buy a new vehicle. I brought in my 1996 Lexus ES 300 to trade in. Since I worked at DISH Network, they told me I could get a brand new truck (the total payoff for the truck was $16,500). When they traded in my car, they told me that they would give me $4,000 for my car, but with my credit, I needed to put another $3,000 as a down payment - a total of $7,000.00 on this truck. Since I never got a vehicle before this, I did.

The contract I signed said that I had a monthly payment of $126.00. I was pretty happy with it so I left with the truck and came home to Alvin, TX where I live. Weeks later, they called me and said that I missed signing some papers in my contract, so I came back up there and resigned them. But when I got there, they had a new contract and a different payment of $450.00 a month. I asked why the increase and they told me the bank wouldn't cover me because of my credit. Like an idiot, I signed the paper and left.

A week later, I got a contract in the mail from Mint Leasing and my payment went up to $545.00 a month, a 5-year lease. By the end of it, I would have paid $65,000.00 for this truck. I was so mad I called to get out of the contract. They told me I couldn't do so unless I pay $5,000.00 and lose my truck. I also discovered that I lost my warranty of 5 years, that never got transferred, and my car was never put on this contract. I bought this truck with 5 miles on it in September 2007 and now that we are in April 2009, I have paid a total of $22,800 for this truck.

I then decided to quit paying it and they have taken out of my account more money monthly than the truck payment itself - along with taking money off a credit card which they had no permission. Please help me with my problem as I don’t know what to do. I'm being threatened that they will repossess my truck after all the money and payment they have collected from me. I do know that the multiple contracts are illegal and I never once signed a lease agreement with Mint Leasing for this truck.

On 08/31/08 I purchased a 2008 Chev. malibu. One of the incentives I was promised was a year of free gas. (one fill-up per month). Well, as most people know, they went bankrupt. 09/24/08. I only used 2 fill-ups, they charged me one when I purchased the car and I brought the car back for a fill-up in Sept., luckily before they closed down. I still had 10 fill-ups left. my fill-ups run about $50 each, so I feel like they cheated me out of $500.

Right after the bankruptcy, I called the dealership with no response. I then called Chevrolet headquarters, and logged my complaint. I dealt with a gentlemen their for about 2 weeks. It turns out he was trying to see if another dealership in Las Vegas would honor the free gas. Of course no one would. I explained to him that I felt Chevrolet should because they were reaping the benefit of my purchase, not the other local dealers. They wanted no part of that. When I took my car in for it;s first oil change, my mechanic mentioned a class action suit. This is why I am writing. Thanks for any help

I have been cheated out of approximately $500 worth of gas.

We traded in a truck at Bill Heard and signed our papers the day before they closed. We were given a check for the trade in and two months later the check was returned to my bank due to a closed account. I want my money back.

December 2006, I leased a 2007 Chevy Suburban and a 2007 Chevy Silverado under the GM unlimited mileage lease program.I also referred 2 customers for this great program. I am an educated man, I had never leased anything. I spent 2 hours trying to find holes in this prgram. The reason explained for this lease program was to keep their new bodystyle vehicles on the road to produce more sales. We were told tht we were not expected to keep th vehicle the full term of the lease. At the mid-point, you can chane it out without penalty. I ask about the mileag at the mid-point, was ld it was no issue. If we kept the vehicles for the complete lease, there as a buyout of $10K on the Suburban and $6K on the truck which would be negotiable at that time.

Bill Heard filed bankruptcy and closed his doors to the dealership. Rumors were flying about is business indescretions. I called GM, to find out what my situation was with these 2 vehicles. GM exlained that there were no such progam. They had no idea what I had been sold by Bill Heard's dealership.

I lost $10,000.00 to get out of the Suburban and $6000.00 to get out of the Truck. Both ofwhich would not have been purchased if we had not been lied to. There are alot more people in the ame situation. I know of 2 that I referred. The majority probably doesn't know they are gong o be impacted by the milege.

I purchased a 2008 Nissan Titan in July. I received coupons for free oil changes for one year. Bill Heard is now closed and my Vehicle needs service. I never received my Duplicate title nor any statement indicating my payment plan or APR financing. Where do I go from here?

My husband and I went in August to BillHeard to trade in my Dodge Magnum on a Chevrolet Dually for him. We were able to do the trade and got the dually for a very good deal. About a month later, I received a notice in the mail from the bank that the Magnum was financed through stating they have not received my monthly payment for the car. At the same time, our city was informed that Bill Heard is filing bankruptcy.

Now, it is 3 months later and each month I am getting notices on the car requesting payment-but, I do not have the car and it is just sitting on the old Bill Heard lot! I have spoken with the bank that the car was financed through and they have no idea what to tell me or what to do for me-other than demolishing my credit! Currently, there is a man who is in the process of buying the Bill Heard dealership here. I have spoken with lawyers here who also don't know what to do with my situation. This has gone on my credit now and I have no idea what to do next.

I purchased a 2004 chevrolet Tahoe with a Southern Comfort Ultima Package new in 2004. Included in the sales contract at that time was two free sets of replacement for that vehicle at 30,000 miles and 60,000 miles. Presently, I have approximately 31,000 miles on this vehicle and I have not received one set of tires and with this dealership out of business it appears I have no hope of receiving them. This was an expensive purchase and the tire deal was an enticing part of the deal. How can I make Bill Heard Honor his end of the deal in this contractual agreement. I am still making on time payments to GMAC for their product.

One set of tires for this vehicle can be very costly. A good estimate would be about $1000 to $1200 a set.

we bought a car 2006 trailblazer, i was told it would and was certified used car. three days later i was called and told to return the car there was a problem with financing i return the car that morning by early aftrernoon i was told i needed to come back to there was a problem, after arriving at the dealership i was hammered by the business manager telling me that there where going to have me arrested they wanted the 4000 dollar down payment i told them no. no car no money. after several hours of going back and forth with the dealership i agreed to take another car to keep me from going to jail.

we found a 2008 dodge durango with a big yellow tag hanging around the mirror, then sign said 16999.00 i put 4000 down. when i signed the contract asher said it ripped in the machine and i needed to sign again another contract aser then cahnged the price of the car on the contract to 22999. and he added a warranty which i specifically stated i do not need the car us under warranty. the changed the price and added warrnaty that goes over 10,000 and they comitted fraud. i have the original sale tag that has the contract number and the stock number on it I have that in my posession and it clearly states 16999.00

they jacked the price up over 10,000 and added a warranty for an additional 2 thousand they up the paymnet to 494 from 350.00 it has caused problems that will lead to bankrupcy. i refuse to pay the extra money

My Husband traded in a 2006 Nissan Frontier for a 2007 Chevy Silverado. After, discussing payment plans for quite some time, we decided to go with 700. a month for 6 months and then we could refinance the truck for a lower payment. We took the truck home and drove it for two weeks until we went to the local tag office to get a tag and we were told that the truck wasn't registered and we needed to speak with the dealer.

So after calling numerous times we were finally told that we were not approved and we were to bring the truck back. By this time they told us the other truck had been sold and the finance company for the Nissan had been paid off. We later found out this was not true and the we now owed over three payments for the Nissan which we could not make all at one time so the truck went onto our credit s being repoed and we lost both trucks, due to the negligence of Bill Heard.

We are still trying to fix the credit issue but at the time no success with that. We were highly embarrassed, bad credit now,and had to spend more money on anther truck for my husband to drive so that he could get back and fourth to work.

I purchased a Chevy Malibu at the dealership and the trade in vehicle has never been paid off. The trade vehicle was financed with Fifth Third Bank who is harassing us for the money. Bill Heard finished the financing enough to send me a bill and get their money. I have no idea where the trade vehicle is and the payoff has not been sent to the bank. What can I do? The financing bank of the trade vehicle is trying to collect the money from us. Bill Heard has the vehicle or has sold it. The new vehicle has been financed and we owe for that also.

I bought a new tahoe and traded a tahoe in on the new one. I tried to get a tag for the new tahoe, the tag office said the new vehicle was not in the system yet. I contacted the dealership for 2 weeks...The problem was they did not completely pay off the trade. So now I will need to finish paying off the trade. I will have a title...but no vehicle...They have a vehicle without a title...

I contacted gm, they were not helpful..said each dealership was a franchise. What should all of us customers do...such crappy situations they have put us in and to no fault of ours...Anybody please call **.

I went to Bill Heard in April of 2006. I was approved to get a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. I had to put 1200 dollars down and after my financing, I owe more than what the car is worth. When I went after a year to trade in the car, I was told that I am 3000 dollars in negative equity. So I still owe $10,000 on my car and I've been paying for it for 2 1/2 years at 300 dollars a month. I definitely would like to participate in a class action suit if there is one filed because I know that I got scammed and they should pay.

Bought Silverado fm B. Heard Las Vegas. Found out they closed on news. Then they went bankrupt. We were contacted and told we needed to return the vehicle because our financing which was approved couldn't be finalized due to b. heard going BK and GMAC and its lenders would not honor any deals. We had to return the truck and were told that our downpayment was going to be returned in 3 days after the BK judge released funds of all the consumers owed downpayments. That was 2 weeks ago and as of today we were told they were closing permanently and that the dealership was up for sale and after it is sold, there would be money given back. This is obviously a bunch of **.

My husband and I went to Bill Heard in Union City in November 2007. We purchased a 2007 Trailblazer that one of the managers had been driving. We don't have good credit so the payments were really high $789.00. So we told the finance manager that this was really high for us. He said no problem. All we had to do was make these payments on time for 6 months and it will show good standing on our credit and then we could refinance. So we signed paperwork and left. They called us back the next week and said they could not get us financed for that amount but for $100.00 more. We were blown away because we knew that was too high. So he said again make these payments for just 6 months and you come back in and we can refinance this contract. So we did.

In 6 months we tried to re finance and no one would re-finance this truck. So we said we would trade it in because the payment is too high. Well now no one will take it because the negative equity is too much. So we have a truck that is only worth $7,000.00 but we owe over $25,000.00 on it. We don't know what to do. The payment is too high so we are in jeopardy of losing it and we can't trade it. Now we don't have a warranty and any GAP Insurance because Bill Heard has gone bankrupt.

I traded in my 2006 Pontiac G6 in Aug 2007 for a new Chevy Trailblazer (2007)... Wow, an experience like no other. After dealing with quite a few gentlemen in the dealership, they finally got me approved. I took the Trailblazer off the lot to later receive calls from my previous loan company Citifinancial... My trade had not been paid off. Several calls were placed to Bill, heard by myself only for them to tell me, "Oh we sent the paperwork out on that vehicle already." Maybe two weeks have gone by and now the finance department is telling me I need to come back in to re-sign another contract (that I still have copies of both) because they were having trouble with the approval. I told them to just give me back my Pontiac... "Oh no, Ms. **, that car has been sold already." Now I am behind on the payment for the Pontiac because of procrastination... and my car was sold so I was forced to re-sign this new contract for a higher payment that I knew I probably could not afford - $767.00... Wow!

I purchased a 2008 Chevy Equinox and as well as purchased extra protection plan to cover tires for life, any windshield damage, and scratches or dings. Now that the dealership has gone belly up, what happens to these extra protection plans I had purchased? This is very unfair to the consumers and a class action lawsuit should be filed for consumers as myself for the loss of $$ for the extra protection plans offered by Bill Heard Chevrolet.

I purchased a vehicle from Bill Heard in 2005 in which I traded in a 2000 Chrysler Concorde. My payments are 460 a month in which i believe is too high. it seems as though the car i traded in was added to the purchase of my impala. i would like for someone to take a look at this.

it has become hard for me to keep bills paid and on top of that keep my car payment current. i get calls from the finacing company even if i am a week behind.

In June 2007 I applied for credit online with Bill Heard. My husband and I had our heart set on a 2007 Chevy Silverado. The truck was our first new vehicle for both, so we were very excited. We had a trade in, my old Suburban- and we were up-side-down on the payments. So we decided to take the plunge and purchase this brabd new, very expensive truck woth the agreement that my husband and I would get an extra job to help with the payment. I was told that I was approved and so we went into the dealership.

I was greeted by the new trucks internet sales manager. We test drove 3 trucks and finally decided on a black truck. We were told that they would give me 12K for my trade in, and that I would put 500 down, and pay $800.00 a month.I was actually very excited because I knew that my credit was not all that great. We completed the transaction, with the exception that I would get a call from the approving bank on monday.

I gave them the keys to my old truck, and we were on our way when we noticed that my new truck had a crack on the passenger side mirror. the manager said that it was not a problem, He asked for me to bring the truck in the following week to get it replaced. I did that.... then he told me that he would have to place an order for the mirror and that it would take about 3-4 days. I thought ok.. we will wait. Well, we waited patiently, and on day 5.. we went back to the dealership. That was pointless.

Well, on week 2 with my new truck, I get a call from the finance manager stating that he had been very busy abd that my contract was incomplete. We said to him How can it be incomplete? We signed the contract, we gave you our check for the $500, you told us that the bank approved out deal. He stated that he needed for us to come in for a new copy of the new contract, because our payment had gone up by $54. We went back, signed the new contract, we asked about the replacement mirror wich was not ready. So we left... I kept calling with regards to my mirror, and failed to get anyone to help me out.

Then, over a month later, I get a call from the finace department stating that mydeal had not gone through and that the bank did not approve me. I was told that I needed to bring the truck back and that I could get in to a Chevy Aveo for $600 a month!!! After discussions with my husband, we returned the truck and they told me that my trade in was still on the lot. So I told then that I wanted my old truck back, my check for the $500 down. I was told ok, let us locate your keys. Well.... they could not find where they keys to my truck had been placed.At this point we had lost all patience. Thye could not find the keys, so it takes them 1hr and 20 minutes to have one made...

I finally get in my old truck and fing that it has no stereo. I am very angry and I ask the mamager Where is the stereo that was in my truck? He tries to give me this bull story -it was stolen FROM THE DEALERSHIP??? FROM THIS LOT??? I don't think so.... I demanded that they give me my truck in the conditions that I had delivered it to them. I wanted my stereo, my keyless remote, and gas in the tank (the tank was empty).So the manager gives me a work order for they keys and remote and to get a new stereo and send me to the parts department. I was told that they did not have the stereo in stock and for me to go to FRY's and pick a model and brabd and bring the info back so they could place the order. So, we did that.

3 days later I was told that the stereo had arrived and I went back, again, and had the stereo put in, they keys w/remote programmed..... I was so angry and fustrated that I sent an email to the general manager of GM, Bill Heard Manager,Finance Dpet., Chevrolet, and personnell of Bill Heard. It was a long and nasty email.... and I recieved a phone call to meet with the customer service manager of Bill Heard. He gave me a check in the amount of $450, the original purchase value of the stolen stereo, and I signed a letter stating that I would not sue them... I told him that my intention was NEVER to sue anybody, I just wanted what was rightfully mine and what was due to me. I took the check, and never went back!!!!!!

I was put behind 1 month's payment with Citi Financial and I had to make arrangements after I spoke with the company and sent them a copy of my complaint e-mail that I had sent to Bill Heard. More that any physical or economical damage, this experience has left us emotionally damaged. We had our hopes and our hearts set on this truck and we put all our faith on these people at the dealership. We wanted this truck so bad that we made changes aroud our household to make it possible. We put our trust and faith in Bill Heard, and we were let down. We don't even want to try to purchase a new vehicle.... EVER AGAIN

I went in to Bill Heard of Union city on Aug. 4,2008, After doing a application online. Garth Cooper called and said we have you i went into the dealership. I told them what i wanted my payments at what or about what i paid for the KiA. We proceeded outside to look at vehicle. I only TEST DROVE one TRUCK. 1500 Ram pickup. When I drove the car the mileage 73,+ miles. 1day later the odometer said 75+ miles. I immediately call them and ask what is the problem. They assured me I looked at it wrong.

HOW can I look at it wrong when I only one test drove one car and the 1st thing i told them was i wanted a car with not that many miles..I felt that 73 was kinda of ok. Well when i went back in the next day they gave me a new mileage sheet but i kept the old sheet to.

2nd problem It has been 24days since i've had the truck. Wells Fargo my old finance company for my trade in called me on Tues. that they have not received my payment for this month.I told her i traded that truck in on Aug 4. She looked at my account and say they called called several times for a payoff but has not paid off anything. since i read all the emails and heard the news report about pay offs. I called and said You all have called wells fargo 3x's to get a pay off and have not sent one payment to them.

So i went ahead and made the payment on the KIA that I DON'T HAVE so that my credit won't get ruined. Annette proceeded to tell me that the car can't get PAID OFF BECAUSE THEY DON'T PAY OFF CARS THAT HAVE MORE THAN 75K ON IT. NOW WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THAT. AND I AM DUE TO GET MY TAG ON SEPT 4. I WILL BE RETURNING THE TRUCK FOR MY KIA. I MAY SUE THEM THAT IS SO FRAUDULENT.

February16,2008 My sister-in law and I went to Bill Heard and were met by Javier Romero we told him right from the start that I had no credit and have been turned down by several other dealerships he said no problem he would see what he could do. I said I would put 2000 down. I test drove a 2008 Chevy Aveo with 3689 miles on it and we went inside to discuss details. I was told if i put 1000 more down I could drive the car home that day so i did.

Well 6 weeks went by and I had not recieved my license plates or any bill. So went to look over my contract and it was not in my envelope with the mileage information and a few other papers i had to sign. So I began calling Javier and emailed him also never got a reply so I drove to the dealership and was told there that they were unable to finance me with the bank that they were trying to work with. So on that day spoke with Jackie Morales which is a finance Manager and she thought it was my first visit there and had no clue i had already had the car for 6 weeks already so I had to sign contract papers and everything all over again on that day which was April 7 2008 and was told I needed to put another 432.00 dollars down payment added to the 3,000.00 I had already given them. So i returned on Monday to write a check and was told i needed a cashiers check.

So i got one and drove all the way back same day to give it to them. It is now May 30 2008 and I recieved a call that I need someone to sign contract with me and for me to call Javier with the persons information so I called him today and my sister gave all her information to him. So I am still waiting to find out if i will be able to keep the car or not

I do have questions on what i should do I still have the car in my possesion and want to know if i should return it or what. I was told they would be able to finance me but yet i keep getting the run around. And am told I need this and that all the while I think it has been more than enough time to have gotten me financed. I just dont want to be left without a vehicle and lose the 3,500.00 dollars I have given as a down payment.

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