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I went in search of a specific car part for my parents, both of whom are at death's door, due to cancer and heart trouble combined w/dementia, and are in need of help constantly. I told everyone I was willing to pay to get the part fast and needed it due to needing the car for lots of doctors' appointments. The BCP people said they could get the part shipped out the next day, and said they had over 4000 dealers nationwide, and they would choose the one closest to me and get it to me fast.

I paid with a card and waited all weekend and into this week. We finally called on Tuesday the 3rd of May. Of course they knew nothing and were all over it to find where the part was and such. I also had never received my tracking number as promised. So they were in search of the entire transaction and UPS number because when I was to get it, they said they would call me back in 30 minutes. Well, no such call. I called them and they said, they will locate and call me back with a number and get it to me overnight. We were reasonably okay with that, but not pleased with the bad attitude and lack of customer service we were getting. Don't even try to get a supervisor, as they turn on the old answering machine and ask you for the life history and you will get a call back. No you won't, I did it 4 times and have gotten nothing from Shawn **.

When I did get a manager, Stephanie, she was over the service department, and openly said she didn't think she could help but was willing to try. Well, we kept mysteriously getting cut off from each other and I kept having to call back long distance each time and go through the whole rigmarole over and over, as each time I kept getting a new person. I did get Amber a few times and she sounded desperate to get rid of me at all costs, and kept telling me to hold and she would get me a manager and get me the right person to help me, but of course that did not happen either. And the ever elusive and smooth talker Timmothy. Well he was always on another call and such, and then finally he had no idea what had happened and still no one could even give me a tracking number, for something that was supposed to have been shipped out on April 30.

They told me there was nothing nationwide with my name and/or address on it, anywhere in their system so I need to call the company back. Mysteriously, while back with the people, an email popped up with a number. So I got online with UPS and they said and the order had just that minute been placed and it was an order for a bill only, not a pick-up even. As for the place where the part is, no one knows, and the number for the place, after I insisted on having it, was a dud, a disconnected number, and no one could explain that either.

So after promising to call me back and have a manager call me and ship overnight and all such lies, I see through UPS that the part was processed late last night and was gotten ready for shipment today from Illinois, and is being sent to UPS ground, not overnight as was originally promised by Timmothy ** and his manager Shawn **. These have to be the worst bunch of people I have ever had. The misfortune to deal with, and they played the pass-the-person-around game, put-you-on-hold-forever game. I will never use them again and am reporting them to the State of Louisiana Business Commission and anyone else who will listen and will print out the other complaints and send them also. I am still waiting for the call back that will not come of course.


I ordered console for my 1994 Nissan. I mentioned to Nick that the company had poor reviews for service and return policies. But Nick said in his silver tongued Louisiana accent, "Just take a leap of faith, you know how folks are". The leap led to my falling on my face. They sent the wrong part from a junkyard in Iowa, and kept me on hold for over an hour trying to resolve the issue. The supplier denied responsibility and said they sent the part Basic ordered. Basic would not issue credit, and would not issue a return authorization. They would not answer phone calls. I had to have my credit card reverse charges. Anyone want a Center Console for a 4WD 1994 Nissan D21?


I ordered a seat for a 2006 Pontiac Vibe. I told Qumeisha that it was light grey in color and she said that she had one in stock and it was $435.00, but if I ordered it now I could have it for $375.00. I asked her if it was not the right one then could I return it, and she said that if it was not what I ordered I could ship it back at their expense. The seat was received on Jan 13 2011 and it was the wrong color. I called Qumeisha back on Jan 14 and told her it was wrong. She said that she would have it picked up and have the right one shipped to me.

I called her back on Jan 19 to let her know that no one had picked up the seat and I have not received the right one yet, she said that she would call the shipping company and get it picked up. It is now Jan 28 and I still have not received the right seat and the wrong one still has not been picked up. I have been calling her since Jan 25 and her mail box is full. I emailed her on the 26th and still have not heard from her. Also, I emailed the company on Jan 28 and I still have not heard from them.


I ordered parts from Rodney Friedman but I have not received my tracking number yet. And when I called, no one can find a tracking number.


I ordered a part for my car and it took 2 weeks to arrive, after I was told that it would take 3 or 4 days. I called them up and was told that the part was defected and they were ordering another one from Jeff Smid Auto. And I called them up and told them I was returning the part.

In the conversation when I bought the pump, I was never informed about the return policy. I was told to look it up on their website. Now I was told that it would be $25.00 for restocking and $20.00 for shipping charges. Out of $159.00, they are only refunding $104.25. Now they are telling me there is no Jeff Smid Auto. And every time I call for Shawn, he is very busy and will not answer my calls. I talked to Jeff and was told that the part was received. On Monday I called and was told the part was received on Oct. 30, 2010.

Now I'm getting the runaround, they say they don't know a Jeff Smid Auto, that they have to investigate. I was told by them that whatever says on the shipping label, to return it there and I did. I do not appreciate the runaround and they should return the full amount.

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On July 7, 2010, I ordered a right front fender for a 1984 Buick Lesabre from a salesman, Chester **, at He located me a fender from a wrecking yard for $300.00. I gave him my credit card number over the phone. I received the fender, but it was scratched up, worse than I was told and it was missing the chrome molding that he said would come with the fender. I called Chester ** and explained I was not happy. He gave me the choice of getting me a different fender or I could get a $50.00 credit back from basic car parts. I called him the next day and said I would take the credit. I never got the credit.

I kept calling Chester ** every few days but he told me that he forwarded the credit request twice and that there was nothing more he could do. After 30 days, I called again and told Chester that I was going to dispute the $300.00 charge and would only pay $250.00. I filed a dispute with my credit card company but they called me on 10-22-10 and said after investigating my claim. Basic car parts said that they did not owe me any $50.00 credit. They lied about it. So without any credit slip from Basic, I am out the $50.00 that they promised me.

on is the worst company on the face of the earth. Here is my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. After my 2004 Toyota 4Runner broke down, I was given a quote for a used engine with allegedly 6,000 miles on it with only a valve cover that needed replacement. After receiving the part, there were 2 other fixes not initially described by BasicCarParts to replace the main wiring harness and swapping of the oil pan. This left me with $600 labor cost beyond the $2100 for just the engine swap from my mechanic at AAMCO transmission. During the oil pan swap, water and sludge was found within the engine and the engine was noted to be nonfunctional. The mechanic also claimed that this engine could not possibly have 6,000 miles on it with this kind of wear and tear. He also said that the sludge indicated that someone was trying to hide the age of this engine and the condition it was in. I called B

asicCarParts immediately under the person who had sold me the engine, Nic **. It took him from that Thursday that my mechanic sent in the pictures to his email until 2 weeks after to return the dozens of phone calls I left. The manager, Shaun **, also did not respond to any of the emails or phone calls left to him or the company. I spoke with several representatives who said that Nic was sick for two weeks and that they were prevented from seeing the account because they were not the primary ones responsible for it. When Nic finally called, he said he never received any pictures and wanted to talk to my mechanic. It has been another week and I have not heard anything from Nic ** or BasicCarParts and I have been charged for $2300 + $100 for the engine and repair valve from BasicCarParts and $2700 from AAMCO for the attempted repair.

My order number through BasicCarParts is ** and the email address for Nic is I need the engine picked up from AAMCO to prevent any charges there and I want my $2300 + $100 back for the engine and valve that they can have back on their own dime. I also want $2700 from BasicCarParts for the unnecessary labor that was incurred because they sold me an engine that was not as advertised, age, mileage, damage. I also want my 2 months back that I've wasted waiting for my car.


I had a customer who wanted the engine in his VW Passat replaced due to old one threw a rod. It was a 1.8Turbo engine. I called and ordered an engine for the car and specifically asked several times if the engine came with the Turbo. I was told and I quote "yes" cost was $1300 and was told up front that timing cover was broken. I was never told it was a stripped down piece of $ & **. No Turbo, nor intake and exhaust manifolds. I contacted them as soon as I got it and talked to Manager Sean and was told not to send back will make it right. I got it home and on stand I found that the spark plugs were gone really making this engine very questionable! I contacted the Salesman again and was told he will send me one; a week later he was still trying to find one he said, but talking to guys at the shipping yard.

The notes on engine specified that it came without turbo, and manifolds, so it was known they were just trying to rip me off! Meanwhile my customer wants his car ASAP, I had to buy another engine and not from basic, and bought a new turbo and got the job done but had to eat a lot of labor due to it wasn't customers fault about 1st engine. I was told that they will pay to ship it back and split cost with me, quoted $100 to $125 for shipping. The engine was shipped and 3 weeks into it and 2-5 calls daily I got a email saying I will be refunded $975 stealing $325 from me. I agreed to split shipping at price quoted and was told that there will be neither restocking fees nor other charges. All lies. I have recordings of our conversations and am going the Legal Path and I am planning a vacation to Monroe LA because it's about the money and mostly about principle! You can't keep cheating people and stay in business!


I placed an order for a spare donut tire on June 25. I was told that the tire will be delivered in 5 to 6 business days. It is now July 27, more than 30 days after the order was placed, and after numerous phone calls and unanswered follow-up emails, I still don't have the tire. Worse, nobody from BasicCarParts can tell me if they even have the tire and when it will be shipped. Lots of time were wasted to follow up. I might loose money in the process. Stay clear of them. They are not worth the trouble.


I ordered a headlight assembly for my Sebring car on Thursday, 07/15/2010. The payment went through on the same day. Beverly assured me that I will receive the part either on Saturday or Monday, and she said that it will be a Class A part.

On Monday 07/19/2010, I sent Beverly an email based on the promises given by her and on a phone call I made on Monday noon to inquire on the tracking info for the shipment. Here is what I wrote to her: "I called in the morning to inquire on a purchase I made on Thursday. You told me that I will receive the part either Saturday or Monday. The funny thing is that you told me that the lady, wherever she could be, had to look in her papers and then she will get back to you, and in your turn you will get back to me. Wow! Well, that is beating around the bush, when we do not have a straight answer! I have an account with UPS. I called them, and they told me that there is no parcel, package whatsoever in my name. That means that the part has not been shipped yet! Would you mind telling me what is going on? Awaiting your response ASAP!"

Her reply to my email was as follows: "Sir, As I told you before, as soon as I know something, you will know something. I am sorry about the delay. I honestly don't know what the deal is. I have no reason to give you the runaround. I will send you an e-mail with the tracking number as soon as I have it."

Around 5 p.m., I called Beverly and I heard the same story playing on the tracks of lying on and on, so I asked her to pass me her supervisor who, in turn, tried to cover up her lies with a new lie that has to do with lady in charge of tracking info, claiming that she did not show up due to sickness. Not only he lied, he offended me by stating he can not understand what I'm saying because I have an accent. Moreover, he passed the phone to a third person who did not state his name. This person went on repeating what the previous supervisor was saying and then he asked me: "Are you making this whole fuss over $100 part?" I replied with a relevant question: "Do you drive your car at night without a headlight?" He said no. I thanked him for giving me a straight answer, but unfortunately, he hung up on me.

There is nothing on their website that leads anyone to believe that they act as middle man. They claim that they have excellent reputation and that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1983! Over 2.5 million parts in stock! Something that is not true as they said to me that they act as middle man, and Beverly wrote that she does not know what the deal is. Lies in handling and processing an order, false information just to ** the business to themselves, Class A offenders!

I live far from DC where at night one can not commute back home. The car needs a headlight. We had to take off on Monday because we were expecting the part to arrive as promised. Another day is wasted, not to mention the frustration and dealing with bunch of lies and offenses based on discriminatory language. Well I am a journalist, translator and interpreter, and my proficiency in English is excellent!


I ordered a used green fender for five times the cost of a new primed fender because I thought it was more convenient than spending $250 to have one painted. They took the order (with a verbal guarantee) knowing that they were shipping a different product than ordered, because once they get the credit card company’s money, they can hold onto it forever, or if too much fuss, give half of it back without penalty. They refuse to take phone calls and do not respond to voice mail messages or e-mails to the original salesman. Only weeks later, when the credit card company contacts them, do they even act like they are aware you exist. And then, they give half of your money back and absolutely refuse to give a refund. After finally crediting $199, they stole only $134 from me.


I ordered the part on January 15. Three weeks later, I am still waiting for the part, although they have already billed my credit card. It has shown up on my card, and I have paid it off! They don't follow through. I have been calling everyday, and still, they kept ** up. I was told I would get this part two weeks ago, and I still wait. Do not work with these people! Company Profile

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