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I purchased a used Jetta from Baron Auto Mall in 2013 and the finance manager Sue pushed hard so that I would buy an extended warranty from them for an additional $1,400. I had to get rid of the Jetta - it had two recalls in one year. So I called and cancelled my extended warranty, which was good for five years or 60,000 miles. Since these thresholds were not met, I was told by Sue that I was entitled to a refund in the amount of $886.00. It has now been four months and counting and still no payment. I have provided them with every piece of documentation requested yet Sue and the accounting manager Melissa keep telling me they do not have anyone to sign a check - and allegedly that is the delay! I am now in the process of reporting Baron Auto Outlet to the Attorney General of New York, the Better Business Bureau, and had to hire an attorney to take them to small claims court! STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!

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I had bought a used 2011 Hyundai Sonata which looked beautiful, drove great, only had 52,000 miles, great condition, warranty thank God and extended also. Since I have bought the car at the end of July 2015 I never received my keyless entry remote. The runaround the dealer gave me was horrendous. "Hyundai mailed it to you" which I never received. And at the time of purchase the one in his hand of course did not work so I said "Ok no biggie. I can wait a week still." Now October no remote. Now I sit at Hyundai dealer in Lynbrook as my airbag light just pops on clicking when I turn the car to the left. Mind you I had to put a new starter in, was covered under my warranty and my tow under my insurance company.

Now I found out 3 major safety recalls on car. So after all is fixed I will contact Baron Auto with my receipts, contact Chase bank where my loan is and my lawyer. I will never deal with Baron Auto again, not even for a free car. How they can actually sell cars knowing there is damage recall to anyone is beyond me. And these lemon laws, do they help the consumer, us who works hard, pays loans, tries? And these car dealers have the balls to sit there all comfy cozy in their offices. Will definitely be changing when I am done. This is ridiculous and completely unfair to all.

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I bought a 2010 Honda Civic in May 2012 and got a Carfax that said left side damage to fender from accident in Nov. 2011. This was the only accident report. In Sept .2012, I went to another Honda dealer to trade the car in and buy another and got another Carfax that said Nov. 2011 (Hit parked car left side damage and fire & explosion). Well, the Honda dealer said the book value on the car is $7,500 because of accident and I paid $15,000 only 5 months ago. Can something be done since I feel the Carfax was altered where I bought car?

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I traded in a Mazda 6. And they got me in a Murano 2009 Awd. I got it 10/17/2011, I am not pleased because it burns too much gas. And they will not take it back. I need help to get out of this SUV. And they over charged me. The car is only worth 18,000. And they are charging me thirty two thousand. All I need is a car that does not burn that much gas. I work in the bronx.


On May 22, 2010, my wife and I came into Baron Auto Maxx and spoke to Michelle to trade in my wife's 2002 Hyundai Sonata. When she spoke to us, she stated that the amount that was owed on the loan was too high compared to what they would give us for the trade. We also spoke to Joe, the general manager as to getting approved for the loan with no money down; he advised us that they were working on the loan. We said okay. After two hours of waiting, Michelle stated that they could get me approved for the 2008 Nissan Quest with Chase Auto Finance for $15, 775.00; I said okay.

After the contract was signed, Joe informed me that Chase will call to verify the information. Joe told me to "say yes" to the questions that the bank representative would ask because if I said no, then Joe informed me that the Bank would take repossession of the vehicle because the figures would not add up on the contract. If the Bank asked how much we put down to we were to say $1000 "Cash".

On Tuesday May 25, 2010, a representative from Chase did call me and asked about the options in the vehicle and how much I put down. I did say yes to the questions and also $1000 cash because of the fear of repossession on my credit report and still owing money to the bank after the sale if they repossessed the vehicle. I looked over the options that they said the vehicle had and it does not have some of what is listed on the advertisements. There is no remote keyless entry system, power third row vent windows, stereo mounted audio controls, luggage rack side rails. In addition, the finance charge is $14,995, price of vehicle $20,000 and $1000 cash which I did not put down; total $35,995 after all of the payments have been made.

My question is how would I get approved when I was currently 3 months behind on my auto loan with a balance of over $25,000 and also behind on my credit cards? On August 11, 2010, my wife had the phone on speaker and spoke to Michelle and explained that the price that she and Joe quoted was not listed anywhere on the contract which Joe and Michelle stated that it would be and also there is no remote keyless entry system, power third row vent windows, stereo mounted audio controls and luggage rack side rails.

When my wife was talking to Michelle, I heard the general manager, Joe, in the background and said not to talk to her and he grabbed the phone and was yelling at my wife and said that she was looking for loopholes in order to get out of the contract and informed us to have our attorney call him. All I wanted was to have the options that we paid for under the loan. The original call was to see where the title was because I still do not have it.

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I recently signed as the primary owner on a car loan. My co-signer unfortunately disappeared with the car, and refused to surrender the car to me, or pay the monthly fees. I later found out that the car was titled and registered in her name. I spoke to the manager of Baron Auto Mall, who basically brushed me off, and said there's nothing he could do about it, and good luck! He only gave me a copy the the bill of sale to top it, when I have no other documentation for this car. My credit will sooner or later be affected, for a car that I don't have in my possession, nor can I obtain, because the title never included my name.


At the time of purchasing (my 2nd Altima with Baron) the financial person, Valerie, sold very hard to get me to buy an extended warranty. She said the cars aren't like they used to be and that I was lucky that my last Altima didn't break down before 100K miles. I bought the warranty and the next day I called to rescind. She said you can't because the money is already in the bank. In the state of NY all purchases have a 3 day right to rescind.

Furthermore, I found out that I have 60 days to cancel with a full refund. I went there and put in the cancellation form. It still hasn't gone through. Now Heidi Frank from Nissan Acceptance is handling it and she hasn't called me back and it hasn't gone through. I would like this matter to be resolved and have someone call my cell (NOT MY HOME PHONE) and if I don't answer please leave a name, number, and extension where you can be reached. I want this matter resolved soon.


I went to buy a used car, put down $100. I have a receipt. I waited over a week to see the finance manager after I was told my monthly payment. I had to tell them so many times "no, I can’t do it, give me my deposit back." They said, “We have to send it to you.” It’s been over two weeks, and still no check.


I went on Saturday 2/14/2009 to finance a car at baron auto. As I went in with my fiancee, we were approached by Bobby one of the sales persons there. I explained to him that we wanted a Nissan Maxima 2005-06 and that we wanted to trade in our expedition and give money down. We couldn't at first get approved for a new car because the credit was low so my fiancee and I got his sister to be a cosigner. They finally said yes everything is good your ok the car is yours. Come to find out its not the car I wanted because the bank that according to them approved it would only allow a honda or an Acura TL.

So we decided to get the acura TL, They started getting all the paper work ready, they got the insurance on my car from statefarm which is the agency we use for my cars,we paid $486 to the insurance company over the phone in front of them,We put money down, everything was done except that my fiancee sister needed to sign a paper so instead of giving me state plates they gave me a dealers plate until they can go out to my fiancees sisters house to have her sign the paper. I got the keys to the car, signed for the plates and drove off with it for 3-4 days.

I got a call from MIKe another sales rep on 2/19/2009 asking if I can come in after work and I said yes but before I did I asked if anything was wrong and he said no, hesitating. So i walk in to the dealer Randy another sales rep comes to get the keys from me and tells me that the car needs to be inspected, I give him the keys, no problem. Now im thinking ok finally they got the signature from my fiancee's sister and everything has already been done, So as I am sitting there waiting, Bobby the sales rep that helped me the first day comes to ask me if my fiancee is picking me up and I'm like excuse me what do you mean whats wrong with the car,he tells me well its cause you haven't been approved yet,After he and everyone else said that I was approved the car is mine, not to worry.

So I start to ask him questions, what do you mean whats going on and most importantly how could you let me put insuance on my car, put insurance on the car, pay that much amount of money, walk out of here telling me everything is ok your approved the car is yours, without the bank even approving it. So he tells me to give him until tomorrow morning at 9am he would call me. So i decide to call in the morning because i left my sons sneakers in the car,they had the nerve to tell me that they took the sneakers out of the car and here's the good part, they sold the car to someone who came in last night right after I left who liked the car and bought it. Today I spoke to the general manager who was not at all any help and I told him i wanted all my money back by the end of the day and he stated that he could not do anything for me, and that all he could do was try his best.


i purchased a 2003 passat, i put 10,000 down and then i returned the car back and traded it for a 2003 audi. baron supposed to had turned the 10,000 over to the audi and they didnt. now when i call them the number is disconneted. my finance company told me to call them and ask them where my money went, but they dont have a listing. about a year ago they was on the news for ripping people off. what can i do to get my money back. please help.


i purchased a vehicle june 2007 and was promised a lower rate after a few months they ran my credit and disappeared they also applied a warranty to my loan which i never received and i am out alot of money and paying way over for a car that is not worth it!

i am not making ends meet i was promised a lower rate and never received any i am also paying a very high interest rate on my car and a warranty i never received.


Was cheated out of $13500 towards a purchase of a car. Sales person demanded cash payment toward him instead of Bank. Sales person promised to transfer money to bank but hasn't and the car dealership has since closed down. Refused to give receit for 3500. But have receits for rest of cash payment.


On 1/28/08, I went to Baron's Auto in search of a new used car. After recieving an approval for a car loan, I proceed to leave a deposit in the amount of $100 for Baron Auto to hold a car for me. I debitted the mentioned amount out of my personal account.. I called yesterday to confirm our arraignments, recieved no answer. I visit the current location on 02/05/08, this is where I found out that Baron's Auto Mall is no longer in business.


I went to Baron Auto mall to cosign for a friend in december 2007, I was told i had insufficent credit and couldn't do so through my bank so I said fine don't try and ut it through any place else my friend will get a different cosigner. Then about 2 weeks later my friend took his deposit back and decided he didn't want a car. Now in January they are trying to put loans through my name to about 10 different banks, running my credit like crazy and making my credit go down, they also were changing the spelling of my name and address.

Then when I went there to discuss the matter with them, the owner who said his name is Fredrick (I don't know if thats his real name) was so rude and nasty to me, telling me i signed stuff allowing it and I didn't sign anything and I wouldn't have signed anything like that and I asked to see the papers I signed and they had nothing.


My boyfriend purchased a car from Baron Auto Mall on Central Ave. in Yonkers, NY. The finance officer who sold us the car was not honest. He pretended that we were married and we have only been dating for 2 years. I cosigned, but the title ended up in my name. I only have a NY State Learner Permit. I feel that we were taken advantage of.

Also, we had the car inspected and all of the body damage was not properly repaired prior to purchase. This was not disclosed to us prior to purchase. We are unable to trade in the car at the moment. The general manager of Baron Auto Mall was unwilling to help us with our questions, and the person who sold us the car was not willing to asnwer our questions after the sale. Also --- David, tried to help us with refinancing.

We tried to transfer the title of the car into my boyfriend's name. David called his friend who is a lawyer and said that we had broken up and that I cosigned for the car and wanted to sell it to my boyfriend. All we wanted to do was transfer the title over. He kept the original title, which is illegal and is charing us $185 cash to do this transaction.


On March 25, 2006, I bought a vehicle, 2007 chrysler 300M at Baron Auto Mall in Brooklyn. I trade in 2003 Land Rover Range Rover. They gave me $33,000 for the range. I owed my Bank $34,200 on the Range Rover, so I had a negative balance of $1,200. The 2007 Chrysler cost $ 21,000. It was a used vehicle with 9,200 miles on it. I made $ 5000 cash deposit toward the purchase.

When I went to Financial officer to sign the contract, He told me thier system is down. I told him I have to come back tomorrow to sign the contract. He said the rate today is 9% by tomorrow it will go up. He told the amount being financed is $19,206. So he made me sign the blank. On the following day when I went to get the contract, they gave me chase bank contract, whiles the the loan is with Wells Fargo Bank.

They also couldn't explain to me where the extra $6,000 is coming from. I asked them to cancel the contract but they refused. They told me they added extra warranties and extra securtiy features to the vehicles which I am not aware. I asked them to remove this additional cost items but they refused, and told me the loan is already processed.

1. Additional costly items that made the finance amout $ 25, 505 instead of $19,206 2. They promised they will repair the dents on the vehicles, but whenever I call they give me stories. 3. I told them I don't want the contract anymore withing a week after i found out they ripped me off,but they refused to cancel it. 4. They also forged my signatures in a lot of contracts. Indicating that i signed for them. I told them is not my signatures.


I went to pick up my van last night from them but none of the repairs was complete and he told me that the vans was fix and that was not true and now I have drive a van with no heat and no door locks and the power doors are not working he said that he changed the brakes but they are making noise and feel like its no pads and he give me the paper work but its not what we agreed on the price was 9000 but on the paper work the van price is 11000 but he says that 3000is bank fee that is put on the price of the car but the bank is telling me that's not true and that baron auto mall is lying and the van is a 2001 dodge caravan with 63000 mile he is trying to get over I believe and this is the third time the repairs have not been complete and I just want my money back so I can get another van that works

I have to take cabs because I have avan that is not safe and now they won't give a loaner big enough for my family to fit in so please help me get my money back


I fianced a 2001 dodge minivan and the price was 9000 and when I signed the paper work it was blank and now the bank said that he charged me 12220 dollars and I put 3000 down payment and he won't give me the paper work so I can see the price he give the and the van has lots of electrical problems and that's dangerous for my family I just want to get my money back and give him his dangerous van back and he knows of all the problems with the car and the problems with him over charging me and saying its the bank fee but the bank said its not them that charging me an extra 3000 dollars this start on 1-17-07 so please try and help me and now I have a loaner car that my family can't fit in

I am having to pay extra money because he made me sign a blank contract and he lied about the 3000 dollar bank fee and the car is unsafe


On July 31, 2006 I bought a used Honda CR-V 2004 model and was told it would come out to be $16,000. I signed the papers as Edwin, the seller with whom I dealt with, instructed me. I was given one key and I left with the assumption that all was well with the car. When I went to have the oil changed in the car I was told that the car needed to be aligned, the cabin filter and air filters needed to be changed, the 4 wheel drive gear oils needed to be changed

At the time of signing the papers I was told the papers would be delivered to me in approx. 1 week. After a week and a half I called to see what was happening with the papers and was told that they were on their way. After noticing that the papers still were not there I called back and was told that Oliva no longer worked there, that he had been transferred.

I opted to call him on his cell phone, and he said to go pick up the copies at the auto mall where I had bought the car. His brother, who attended me, called Oliva from there and Oliva said to make copies for me. Almost an hour passed before the papers were handed to me, in a sealed envelope on 10/17/06. When I opened the envelope at home, the price I was told the car was sold for, which was $16,000, was no where to be found on the receipt.

The amount that was written on the slip was $21,820, which is the value of a brand new car with zero mileage the car when I bought it had a mileage of 33,378 thus it was not a new car. Oliva promised he would find the lowest interest rate but instead what he put was an interest rate of 11.19%. Oliva wrote that the trade in value for my old car, a Suzuki XL-7 2002 model, was $9,400, when they only paid $7,022 to JP Morgan Chase Bank. There is no trace of the extra money.

On the retail certificate of sale Oliva wrote the selling price of the Honda CR-V as $14,920. The transaction was made at 55-11 Northern Blvd. but the address that appears on all the papers is 185 Sunrise Hwy, and Olivas signature is no where to be found on any of the paperwork. At the time of signing, I also purchased an extended GE Auto warranty services contract valued at $2,500. When I called on 12/11/06 to verify what parts of the vehicle were covered, I was surprised to find out that the contract number was not in the system. Without the extended warranty that I purchased there was only a 90 day limited warranty.

I called Oliva to re-explain the prices to me, I asked him to meet me at the dealer where the transaction took place in Woodside NY, but he told me to go to where he now worked which was at Exit 64 on the Long Island Expressway. I went to him on 12/06/06 so that he could clarify for me the prices. As we spoke Oliva claimed not to be able to remember prices from a transaction that occurred so many months in the past.





I went to try to purchase a vehicle from this establishment. I was greeted by Mr. J who was very nice and tryed to help me as much as he could. I was very cautous and asked alot of questions Ive had some credit debt in the past so It was hard to find a vehicle to suit me. So I was going back and fourth with prices and my ensurance company. I was trying to make a good choice. I was taking up I guess to much of there time. they were trying to get me to sign some paper to give them my money but I didint want to sign it because the price of the vehicle wasent there and I didint know how much my note would be.

The manager at the time a I think Philipino gentilmen called him over. Yelling at him asking him what was taking him so long and what was my problem. I was apauled I walked over them and said I was sorry for wasting there time but yelling at him was not right its not his fault. He yelled at me saying that he was his employee and he could talk to him any way he wants. I asked for my keys and my liscence and proceeded to leave. The mngr called me a bitch as I was walking out I felt so bad I left out in tears. I was all by my self I felt like I was wrong for asking so many questions.

I will never buy a car from there. I felt so bad and ashamed that he talked to me like that.


I was induced and misled with their deceitful tactics, into purchasing a vehcile from their Dealership. Jerone the dealer told me that the MILEAGE on the car was 38,000, but really was 69,000. He also told me that the MONTHLY PAYMENTS would be around $300, but turned out to be $437. Then I spoke to John from the Finance Department, which NAME CHANGED to Geroge when I tried to return back to the dealership for the 2nd time. He told me that the price for the car was $19k but selling it to me for $15k (dictating information off of his computer screen), the actuall price is $16k plus taxes.

In his office I SIGNED BLANK DOCUMENTS, because his system was down and couldn't make copies or print anything. That same day I tried to return the car because of the contradiction and asked them to cancel everything, they all told me the car was mine, I signed documents. James, which is the Mananger, told me the INSURANCE would be under $200, because I was complianing about the Cars' monthly payments, but recieving my insurance statement it states, I pay $370 a month.

Called and told Jerone that the car has a dent on passenger right side rear, and dent on top of trunk, he told me Oh I don't know how that happened, it wasn't like that when the car was here, you must have done it. I also asked for the CAR HISTORY, AND CAR MANUAL, but haven't recieved them yet.

compansated for: mental distress, wages loss from work, other bills and student loan being sacrificed, affair of repossession credit is at risk, for their lies,schemes and being unprofessional. I'm seeking JUSTICE and HELP.


I was told I had to purchase a 2500.dollar extended warranty in order to purchase vehicle for my son. I found out the next day It wasn't company policy or law and tried to cancel immediately to no avail. I contacted the warranty company on 3 occasions which i was told it was cancelled only to be told the following week that it wasnt, these guys would laugh and make jokes as if they were a part of Baron auto mall and not associated with an outside agency for cancellations.

I finally got fed up with the lies and went to the dealer, spoke to him personally and was escorted to the finance agent where as the owner told him to cancel my extended warranty, at first he told me it would take a week and when I called back in two weeks he told me it would be 6 months and it would show up at the end of the warranty, all I have is a copy of the cancellation which was dated on 3/29/05 showing a cancellation with no actual progress.

I sent two leters to them receiving no progress, they finally sent me a cancellation blank form with no actual date of cancellation hoping i would sign which would entitle me to probably 100. dollars of the 2500. that I would be entitled to from the initial date of cancellation which was 3/29/05 three weeks after the initial purchase date which was3/04/05. I have been mislead and lied to from the beginning and really do not want to deal with these robbers. I saw a stack of cancellations maybe 8 inchs thick told to me by the finace agent so I can only presume their mostly getting the run around as well.

There is interest that has been building from the payments that have been made to their advantage, I personally have been going through emotional stress from their deceitful underhanded operation


I purchased a new 2005 Kia Rio on 11/6/05, on 11/7/05 the vehicle was taken in to repair because there was no heat. Repair told us that a new thermostat was needed on 11/11/05 I took the vehicle to have the thermostat installed and was told that there is a problem with the heating coil and the cylinder heads. I was told by the dealership on Tuesday, 11/15/05 that they would give me another vehicle.

I met with the manager (Wally, he wouldn't give his last name) On Thursday 11/17 I met with Wally and discussed the options that were available to me, one of which was to upgrade the vehicle (at my expense). I was willing to wait until January 2006 for the upgrade, but on 11/18/05 I was told that was no longer an option. I informed Wally that I wanted a full refund, and he informed me that they would not give me a refund and I would have to take them to court. They had give me a loaner that I had since 11/11, and Wally told me that I was to bring the loaner in immediately which I did.

Today is Monday, December 12, 2005. The vehicle is still in the repair shop with no expected date of repair. I have subsequently found out that Baron Auto Mall has an unsastifactory rating with the Better Business Bureau. I am now paying a car note and insurance, on a vehicle that I only had in my possession for a few days. All my attempts to resolve this matter have led me nowhere. I just want all my money back and and have no further dealings with this dealership.


I feel that fraududulent activities and contractual inaccuracies have taken place. A)The paper work is contradicting the amount that Mr S and i agreed on. All of the paper work has different amounts: 1)the contract has $12,759.19 Financed 2) Ge Warranty Services has $15,945 as purchase price 3) The certificate of sales has the selling price as $17,145 4) The amount that Mr S gave to including tax is $11,957

The contract was given to me with missing information. I was advised to sign contract and the other information will be filled in later. Later on i realized i did not have a copy of the contract and learned that i should have received a copy that same day. When i contacted baron auto outlet to inquire i was advised that since my credit was poor and i wasn't financed by a prime bank that he could not give me a copy of the contract. he told me that i had to wait until Americredit contacted me directly then i could request a copy from the bank.


purchased an extended warranty from barton auto mall. the warranty company went out of business. my car needs repairs and i cannot get it fix and baron auto mall is giving me the run around.


I bought a 2001 Dodge Durango priced at $15000.00 on 11/27/04. I traded in a 2001 Chevrolet Astro Mini Van plus gave them $3000.00. The dealer claims that they gave me $5000.00 for my van but came to realize later that I basically gave away my mini van for free. How is that possible you may ask? well, they claim the price of the Durango is $15000.00 WITH the trade in, so it means that the total price of the Durango comes out to be $20,000. I have checked the value of this SUV and visited other dealers after I bought it and it is no more than $16000.00. I feel that they stole my van and got nothing for it.

I bouth this minivan for $8000.00, so basically I gave my van away for free and now I'm stuck with no where to turn. I believe I got robbed and the dealer wants nothing to do with me now. My payments are high and interest is also high.


They showed me a 2001 Ford Focus which they said I would pay about seven thousand after trade-in. They said that would mean $80-$90 a month in finance charges. Pat got a quote from their broker Lang insurance. He told me that with a down payment of $550 and $102 a month for eight months a year that we would have full coverage. They rushed me through the paperwork saying that Lang was closing at 6 o'clock, and if I didn't get the paperwork filled out in two minutes I wouldn't get the rate that they told me.

So stupidly I trusted them and was excited about the low payments so I signed everything and went home happy thinking that I got a good deal. When I got home I realized that the paperwork said that the vehicle was a 2000. The window sticker said 2001, the inspection sticker said 2001, the keyring said 2001, but the owners manual in the glovebox said it was a 2000. I also realized that the monthly payment was $180 and change rather than the $80-$90 that I was promised.

I was understandbly furious about my findings and told the dealer. They said that it didn't matter what the year was and that it was still a good price. They also said they never told me $80-$90 a month. By this time I was seeing red. Not only did they rip me off but they were also calling me a liar. At this point I figured I might end up assaulting one of these people so I decided to get my father-in-law involved since he used his credit card for the insurance deposit.

He threatened to get the DA involved and that was all they needed to hear. They corrected the paperwork and supposedly knocked $1500 off the price. So now I got the car for the $7000 that they first told me when I thought it was a 2001 and still $180+ a month. My father-in-law was satisfied since he thought he saved us $1500 when in all actuality they just gave me the initial price that I had verbally agreed to when I thought it was a 2001.

A couple of days later I received a bill in the mail from Lang insurance. It said that my payments were going to be $180 and change a month for that. This came as a shock to me considering Pat told me that Lang goes by your credit rating and not your driving record so it will not go up ever. After being given the runaround I sat down with Mary at Lang and she told me that this was not the first time that this has happened with Baron.

In fact everyone in the office at the time knew I must have been dealing with Baron when I said I had a problem with the quote. They could not do anything about the quote they said it was always $180 and had no idea were $102 came from. Lang insurance is a smart choice for insurance being that their rates are amazing and their service is one of a kind. They advised me to contact news12.


I went to purchasea vehicle from Baron on a saturday, I was there for about 6hrs and still did not get to speak to the finance dept. I was told because of it being the weekend they were not able to print out the contracts. I was convinced to sign a blank contract and I coulld leave with the car and come back that monday to pick up my contract. Thecar I purchased was a 2001 Ford Focus for $6500.I put $1500.00 down on the car.

When I went to pick up my contract that monday I was given the run around. I did not receive my contract until 2wks later and the contract stated that I paid $7000.00 for the car plus $1500.00 for an auto trace theft registration, a $2000.00 warranty and it stated that I only put $1000.00 down on the car. I specifically informed the salesman Kye and the manager Desmond prior to buying the car that I did not want these items, however it was added onto my contract totally $11,632.19.

For another 2wks I have been trying to get these charges off and Baron keeps promising to take care of it, again giving me the run around.I can't return the car because you only have 3 days from date of purchase. My only option is to surrender the vehicle to Baron and they will re-sell the car and make even more money. I would owe the bank the balance left over and it will go on my credit as a repo. Now I have a car I can't afford and a bunch of promises and apologies from Baron Auto Mall.

I can't afford that amount of money and only wanted to finance $5700.00 which is what I would've borrowed had they not added those charges after I was fooled into signing blank forms. Baron states on weekends anyone who buys a car from them sign blank forms.


At Baron's Auto i was made a deal, that, if i purchased this vehicle she (christine) would throw-in some rims from her previously owned car, this deal was made because i really did'nt wanna have to buy a car and add things to it i wanted a fully loaded good looking car, however till this date she has not come through with her end of the deal and i feel that this dealership should be held liable for misrepresentation.

the economical damage is that i have a car i can't afford to dress-up the way i'd like it to be.

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