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Fueled by customers' frustration with the auto transport industry and their desire to provide the best experience possible -- Bargain Auto Transport was created to revolutionize the process. The team of seasoned transport professionals provides vehicle shipping and car moves at the lowest cost possible. At Bargain, you make the decisions. The entire experience, whether that be a price change or accepting a carrier's offer, will need your approval before any action is taken. No matter the vehicle type, the process remains the same to get you the lowest price. Call to get your free quote now!


Bargain Auto Transport’s experts analyze prices and trends to find you the best routes. If you need your vehicle picked up within 48 hours, Bargain isn’t the best choice. Bargain’s representatives consider your shipment preferences to develop a customized transport plan.


  • Set-your-price quotes
  • Offers open and enclosed transport
  • Door-to-door shipping on all transports
  • Delivers to all 48 continental states


  • Doesn't ship motorcycles or boats
  • No terminal-to-terminal shipping

About Bargain Auto Transport

Bargain Auto Transport is an auto transport broker company that connects consumers with the most reliable carriers across the country. Their representatives help customers find a price that works for them. Some auto transporters offer a fixed price as a take-it-or-leave-it option. The representatives at Bargain Auto Transport work with you to determine the optimal amount to offer to carriers, and continue to advise and work on your behalf until a highly qualified carrier accepts an agreed upon amount. This is an effective way of shipping a car at an affordable rate.

Bargain Auto Transport’s team of data scientists monitor routes, track price fluctuations and analyze market data in order to find the best route for you. Bargain Auto Transport is a bonded, licensed and insured auto transport company that delivers to all 48 contiguous states. If you’re looking to ship within a budget, Bargain Auto Transport is a solid choice.

Bargain Auto Transport cost

The price to ship a car with Bargain Auto Transport varies greatly, so it’s best to call and ask about pricing. The average cost to transport an average-sized sedan a moderate distance within the U.S. with most auto transport companies ranges from $750 to $1,200. To keep costs down, plan your move as far in advance as possible to allow more time to get the best price. It also helps if you are flexible about when your car is picked up and dropped off.

Other factors that affect how much it costs to ship a car with Bargain Auto Transport include type of car, pick up and delivery locations, timing of the transport and the type of trailer requested. To request a quote to relocate your vehicle, you can call a Bargain Auto Transport representative at (833) 373-2737 or fill out a request form on their website.

Bargain Auto Transport shipping options

Every vehicle shipped by Bargain Auto Transport is shipped door to door. Terminal-to-terminal shipping, where cars are picked up and dropped off at a nearby terminal, is not offered. When planning, keep in mind that carriers will offer a time window between two and four hours for pickup or dropoff. Different consumers want different levels of protection for their car, so Bargain Auto Transport offers both open and enclosed shipping options.

Open shippingEnclosed shipping
Most affordableMore expensive
Vehicle is exposed to the elementsVehicle is covered and protected
Ships 6–10 cars per carrierShips 1–5 cars per carrier
Best for everyday vehiclesBest for exotic, antique or expensive vehicles

Do we recommend Bargain Auto Transport?

We recommend Bargain Auto Transport for their willingness to work with consumers to find the right price for them. Their door-to-door shipping is a convenient way for consumers to ship their cars with as little hassle as possible. Especially for budgeters and people with a flexible shipping schedule, Bargain Auto Transport is a great option.

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