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I purchased a used 2005 Nissan Frontier. Beautiful truck, high miles, 120,000. By the time I drove it home, approx 3.5 hours, I had a shimmy in the rear end. I took it to the Nissan dealer here in Austin. I was told that it had broken motor mounts and bad bearings on the front. Then I paid $561 to have the bearings replaced. They didn't have the motor mounts in stock.

The following week, upon acceleration, I had no power. Then I took it back to Nissan and was told the transmission was bad--$4100 worth of bad. I cannot afford that in any way. I paid cash for the vehicle. So far, I have called everyone I know to call at the original dealership and talked with people at the local dealership and have gotten nowhere. Now I have a truck that I cannot drive nor I can afford to have fixed. I have been told that Nissan has transmission problems, such as the one I have now. What can I do? I am desperate!

I purchased a used car with Bankston Nissan Of Irving 5-25-09. I was approved with a finance company. I used an air check voucher for the downpayment. On 5-27-09, the dealership contacted me and advised that they needed a number of the motor. My husband took the car and was advised that the number on the motor would not qualify for the air check and the dealership would find us another 300. On 6-1-09, our sales rep, John **, advised that he has me approved for a new Nissan. I advised I don't want a new car. I have the car I want. On 6-1-09, the finance manager contacted me advised that he pulled some strings to get us approved due to my credit and then threatened us to say that this deal is only for the Bankston. If we choose to go to another dealership, he would advise the finance company to not do the deal. I placed a call to the GM, Ray Harris, who said that he has us approved for a new car and we would need to bring the 300 in. On 6-2-09, I contacted the finance company who advised that I was approved and that the deal was sent back due to the dealership not following the contract terms. The finance company would not advise what those terms were. The finance company advised that I will have to deal with the liars who sold me the car if I want that car.

On 2/27/09 we were driving to work on loop 12 all of a sudden our car downshifted into secong gear and started going really slow. The day before our air conditioning started blowing hot air so we stopped by our local walmart to have them look at the vehicle. Back to the day of he incident so we drove the car to a safe spot of the freeway and called for a tow truck. Once the tow truck arrived we towed it to the nearest Nissan dealership to have the car looked at. They said it will be $90 to run a diagnostic on the car to see what is wrong with it. We agreed for them to do that.

Once that was done they told my husband that the car needs a thermostat and it isn't covered under warranty so we will have to pay them $400 for the repair. They said that should take care of the air. We waited and waited and they kept telling us that they were waiting for the part. Finally the part came and they started the work on the car. We sayed ok how long he said about a half hour more they have to flush the system and let it run a bit. They faild to drive the car to make sure the car was running properly or would not over heat. So they turned the cover over to us and we proceeded to drive home. We checked the air and it ws still running hot so I called Chris the service manager that was working with us. I said to him this car is still blowing hot air he said it wasn't when we tested it. Obviously they didn't run the car for very long or they would have noticed that it wasn't working properly. As we were getting closer to the house my husband stopped at a light and it sounded like all the fluid in the car was gushing down and out.

I looked over at that temp gauge and noticed that the car was on "H" and it was running hot so I called Chris back and said the car is running hot he said oh boy I was afraid of that... turn the heat on and that will cool down the engine. I said turn the heat on. He said yes so we turned the heat on and notice the needle was coming down. Chris said he will have his company come and get the car and bring it back to them. So he gave me the number to his wrecking company and I called them to arrange the pick up of our car. They came and picked up the car and returned it to Bankston Nissan. The next day (Saturday)my husband went to Bankston on his lunch break from work to pick up the car. When he arrived they told him that the engine was blown. My husband was in shock because they never ever mentioned to us when they ran the diagnostic that the engine was blown they said they ran all these pressure checks one the thermostat was in and that everything looked fine. So you mean to tell me that when you run the diagnostic test you couldn't tell the engine was blown? He said no and that we must have blown the engine the first time.

But on the heck where we able to drive the car home if the engine was blown? No what happens was they didn't repair the car properly and that caused the car to over heat and blow the engine. Now the Nissan dealership is wanting us to pay them $3000 to put in a new engine. They would not give us a refund for the thermostat. And they wont work with us to get this situation resolved. They want us to pay for their mistake and do not want to any ownership of faulty work.

Bought new Nissan Armada LE. Nissan advertises aluminum chrome clad wheels, but in reality there are cheap plastic wheel covers. Have contacted the dealership several times with no response.

I was charged an extra $700 for an air conditioning repair on my 2003 Nissan Frontier because, the dealer says, that the refrigerant that was in the a/c unit was "contaminated" with refrigerant that is normally used for household air conditioners and should not be in an automobile. They say the abatement machine they use to remove the refrigerant analyzes the gas, and if it not what is supposed to be in there, it will not suck it out, and instead they had to remove it via a "by hand" process which was very time consuming.

The problem is, my air conditioner has never been serviced - ever. It has worked fine until the compressor quit a couple of weeks ago. If the refrigerant was contaminated, I contend that it was done at the factory or by the dealership, as I bought the truck new at the above named dealership - OR, that the analyzing machine was wrong. Note that my truck has 135,00 miles on it, so no repairs are covered under any warranty. The other prblem is, I am told that different gases have different fittings on their tanks, so it would be impossible to charge my a/c system with this R-22 household a/c refrigerant they claim was in my truck's a/c. My husband works on abatement systems in a semiconductor factory. He sayd their analyzer/collector machines have frequent glitches and have to be repairs and adjusted constantly.

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I filed a previous complaint but have not received a response.

I purchased a Nissan 350Z and negotiated the price for a "Enthusiast" Model. There was absolutely no doubt that the negotiations pertained to this model. It was getting late 9:00 pm and we rushed through the paperwork and checkoff list before the car was cleaned and brought up for delivery. The salesman and I both signed off the checkoff list before we went outside to take delivery of the car. We did a rush through inspection of the outside to make sure there was not major damage and showed my wife the light controls, clutch, and shifter and she drove the car home. As a note, you cannot tell what Model the car is by looking at the car from the outside.

After a number of days after delivery, my son told me that the car did not have the right type of headlights. The car was supposed to have "HID" halogen bulbs in the headlights. I had to go out of town so did not think much about it. After returning home, my son told me that he didn't think the car had "Limited Slip Differential" transmission. I examined the "Users Manual" to look at the interior controls for this item and discovered that it did not have the controls located on the dash just left of the steering column. I was shocked and immediately thought that we were delivered the wrong model vehicle. I then looked for the "Cruise Control" controls on the steering wheel and they were not there. I then knew we were given the wrong car. The Enthusiast Model has Cruise Control, Limited Slip Differential, and Halogen Headlights, none of which were on the car we received. I immediately called the salesman, Josh Winter, and said to him, "Do you remember the Enthusiast I bought" and he said "yeah".

I stated "well it's not an Enthusiast, it's the Base Model". He said "no way" and I told him I would be right down. I drove to the dealership and he was as shocked as I was. He then asked "what do we need to do to make you satisfied?" I told him I needed to speak with my son and I would contact him tomorrow. My son and I decided that we could keep this car and get some options added to it or get the right car. When I went back, it was obvious that the salesman and sales manager had discussed the problem. They offered to let me trade the car in and get the Enthusiast that we wanted but wanted to give me the "trade-in value" and I would have to pay the difference. I said "Absolutely no way". I explained to them very diplomatically that I was willing to make this as easy as possible but it needed to be fair to both of us. We could not settle on what I thought was a fair deal so I went home and called the dealership and asked to speak to the General Manager. He was not in so I left him a voicemail explaining the situation.

Two days later, a man that works for the GM called me and was the most unprofessional person I have ever talked to about our problem. He would hardly let me speak and his position was that "hey sir, we have all the required paperwork and you signed them all so you have no legal rights and if you want to take it to court all you have is my salesman word against yours". He made no effort whatsoever to resolve the problem and could care less about me as a customer.

I know I signed all the documents and that was my mistake as well as theirs and legally I may not have a leg to stand on. However, if we had gone out to the car and gone through the checklist item by item and looked at all the options on this car, we would have immediately known that this car was not the model that we had negotiated.

What rights do I have, if any, and is it worth trying to pursue this? I am extremely upset about this and am amazed how I was treated by the dealership. No consumer should ever have to go through what I have over this problem and be treated the way I have, not to mention how upset my son is because this is the first car we got for him and it does not have the options that we had settled on before going to purchase the car. The three options mentioned above are the options that he insisted on having, whether it was a Nissan or some other brand.

Kenneth Moore

I negotiated the price of a 350Z Enthusiast Model and later discovered I got the less expensive Base Model. It was late at night and the salesman and I were tired so we rushed through the checkoff list in his office, otherwise we both would have caught the mistake.

I am willing to take a lie detector test about this issue. One problem is that I did not realize it was the Base Model for a week and a half after we took it home. And that's understandable because you cannot tell the difference between the two models by looking at the outside. Dealers have to look up the VIN to tell what Model they are. I did sign off on the paperwork but the salesman and I both understood from the beginning of the negotiation that the only Model that I was interested in was the Enthusiast.

When I discovered the error I called the salesman and told him what happened and he asked me to come down to the dealership and see what we needed to do to compensate for the mistake. I then called the dealership and asked to speak with the General Manager. I left a voicemail. A day later a guy (not the general manager) called me and was totally unwilling to discuss the problem and see what we could do to make it right. He said "hey bud, you signed all the legal paperwork, and we are not going to do anything". I was so upset that I contacted Customer Service in California. After two calls they told me that there is nothing they can do and that I would have to work it out with the GM of the dealership. All I have asked them to do is to keep the car I got but that they would have to put a few options on this car and I would be satisfied.

I need help and can't afford a lawyer.

Can you help me?

Thank you for your time.

ON October 7, 2003 I purchased an Xterra and traded in my pathfinder. Gus was my dealer. When the sale was finally over it was to late for me to thurolly, so when i got hame the next day i noticed that my driverside windo would not roll down. I called Bankston the next day and spoke to a Linda she appologized and said she would have someone come to my house with a rent-a-car and trade me cars while the worked on mine. at the end she said Gus would contact me he never did. Needless to say this went on for about two weeks. until Oct.30 i finally decited to drive over there eventhough it was an hour away from my home. Linda told me that it would be a 30min job. when i got there fred the maintnance mgr. told me they would have to order the part and I would have to be back the netx day to pick it up. I had to purchase a rent a car and come back the next day.

I have a 2000 Nissan Xterra that was purchased when they first came out in May 1999 from Bankston Nissan in Dallas. Overall it has been a good car till the past few months. It seems it hit 50k miles and it is falling apart. I thought I was lucky to have spent the $1200 for the extended warranty, not.

To begin with, there is a horrible sound coming from the front end if you stop to fast. It sounds as if the right front wheel is about to fall off. The inside of the back has came loose and will not stay attached, so every time you have the back hatch open it is half falling out. The drivers side electric window panel burned out (only thing Nissan has fixed). The AC/Heater control is damaged and you cannot change it from vent/floor/defrost.

I took it in a few weeks ago and they repaired the window. It works fine.

The AC/Heater is another story. They repaired the control arm but it did not repair the control. So they took half the dash apart and said that they can see a screw (a loose one that doesn't belong there) wedged down into the cable and the only way it could have gotten there was by someone putting it into the vent. However, they cannot get it out without tearing the entire dash out of the vehicle and charging me $800 (verbal quote) $650 quote in writing.

Warranty has refused to pay for it stating 2 different reasons. The first was, it was intentional and "someone" put the screw there. The second is that since it will not require an actual part replacement it would not be covered.

The service manager was of no help and told me more than once in the several conversations we had that he needed to go so he could help a customer who was there. The GM takes off at noon every Friday so he wasn't in. I was referred to the Consumer Complaint line for Nissan who flat told me "no" and "no there isn't anyone else you can speak with". I asked for a supervisor and was told one would contact me back within 48 hours, business of course, so this would make it next Tuesday or Wednesday I should hear from someone. I asked to speak with the warranty department and was told they do not speak with customers.

I asked for the name of the Service Zone Manager for Dallas and was told his name is "Dutch" but noone seems to know how to spell his last name. Even if they did, I am told he also does not speak with customers and there is no way they could give me his # or give him a message to contact me. I basically spent 5 hours on the phone and at the dealership to be sent in circles of noone who can seem to solve this problem or to speak with me about it. I was also told by Nissan Consumer 800 # that they are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

I asked for the GM to contact me on Saturday and was told he would call me between 10-11 on Saturday. So, I await the phone call and by 11:05 decided he was not going to call so I called. He said he had a call into Nissan. I responded with "I thought they told me last night they were closed on Saturday and Sunday" and he responded "Oh they are?". This is the GM of the dealership, should he not know this? Needless to say, he basically blew me off and said they were not going to repair the vehicle unless I paid for it or Nissan did and there was nothing he could do till he heard back from Nissan. Shock, no phone call for the rest of the day.

So, I am stuck with a car that I am still paying on. One in which I cannot shut the back door without the fear of the entire inside coming out, one that doesn't have vented AC/Heat since the knob can't be moved and extremely frustrated since Nissan doesn't seem to have anyone who works for them that deals with customers --- other than their sales people who are more than willing to take your money.

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