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I would like to let everyone know, that I have been, bringing my 2012 Highlander, to this location for service for two years. Within this time, I have never had a negative experience or witnessed one. They are very thorough with their inspections. They will tell you everything; I have tested them. They will speak with you, with what was discovered, out of order or wrong. You will make the decision on what is repaired.

They have always been very friendly and courteous. They always open the door for the ladies and for our seasoned citizens. My wife has been to this location, looking for a new vehicle; she wants to buy from a place, where she feels safe and confident, that she won't be talked into a vehicle that is not for her. She'll choose a vehicle soon. My daughter has been saving for a car. She wants to buy one from here. Right Toyota has been treating my family, very well, without even knowing it. They will continue to have our business. Be well, everyone.

I recently traded in my car and bought a brand new 2016 Tacoma from Right Toyota Scottsdale. I sought out this vehicle for its great durability and safety. Three weeks after this purchase (while on a cross country road trip) the transmission completely broke with 1,672 on the odometer! The transmission was replaced after continuing my trip in a rental vehicle, however I made it clear to every Toyota employee that I spoke with (from Corporate to store level) that I expected a new truck that hasn't had these CATASTROPHIC mechanical failures before I even made my first car payment!! The salesman that sold me this vehicle just so happened to call me just minutes after I had to pull over due to the transmission failing.

He told me "that sucks, I'd be pissed if I were you." Obviously I didn't need a Toyota representative to tell me that... I had to explain the entire situation to the acting GM at Right Toyota (GM of Sales), because the salesman did not even tell his manager about the predicament I had been in for 3 business days at that point. After speaking with the GM of Sales, we BOTH verbally agreed that instead of me finding legal counsel, he was going to get me into a new vehicle that hasn't had its safety compromised. I was told by this person to keep him updated and to call once I was back in Scottsdale to help me.

Once I returned and called the GM of Sales, he told me that there was nothing that he could do to help me. He told me that I should call corporate if I wanted a new truck... He then told me that the resale value is really good on these vehicles and if I wanted I could trade it in and he could "get me in a new truck." So instead of helping me as he had previously verbally agreed to, he offered that trade in my new 2016 Tacoma (that I don't want because it broke on me and the resale value went down before making a payment on the truck!), and purchase another 2016 Tacoma.

With how I have been treated up until this point I can only assume that another purchase was suggested to make another commission that is not good enough, nor what was agreed on. I have been calling frequently to reach the real General Manager in hopes to get this resolved. However, the GM has been/is still out of town for over six weeks. For some reason all employees that I have talked to still has no idea when he is returning....

This is the first Toyota that I have ever bought, making me a very new Toyota customer. I have always loved these vehicles. My mother has 295,000 miles on her 2001 Four-Runner with the stock transmission. I thought that I purchased a brand new, more efficient, and much more expensive version. I wanted the first new vehicle that I bought, to be reliable and safe for my family for years to come. The fact is, is that the transmission broke COMPLETELY and needed to be REPLACED. As soon as that happened, the integrity of this purchase was completely compromised.

I do not feel safe in this truck, there is absolutely NO telling what else was improperly installed on this particular vehicle. Consistently, I was told from ALL Toyota employees (GM of Sales at Right Toyota included), that this has NEVER happened to 2016 Tacoma with the incredibly low miles that were on it when this took place. Toyota is a multi-billion dollar corporation. If this has never happened and it is such a "one-in-a-million chance", I am having a hard time trying to figure out why I am not being treated as such. I am tired of being avoided and ignored.

All I want is to own a reliable vehicle that while traveling won't leave me stuck on the side of the road for three hours waiting for a tow truck. I was confident that that was exactly what I had found, obviously I was mistaken! I traded in my vehicle that works just fine, Toyota could not even reciprocate that! Whether they are from Right Toyota or Toyota Corporate, somebody needs to help achieve what I was promised. Toyota Corporate and Right Toyota Scottsdale still have an opportunity to fix this and I truly hope that they do.

I went to buy a car that I love and left hating the brand. I recently bought a Highlander from this dealership that was sold to me as a AWD and actually was a FWD. They have rejected to address the issue and further resolve the complaint and were dishonest about the stock of cars.

It's been almost 2 months, and I have not gotten my trade in back after I canceled the sale. Going to report it to the attorney general. This is not a joke - don't do a "spot" financing deal with them. You may not get your car back if the financing falls through. They have finally given my car back after 2 months - they had sold it to someone else - my car came back with almost 2500 additional miles on it. We are suing and have gotten with the attorney general.

I went in for routine maintenance on my 2014 Rav4. When I took it in, I advised the service department of a noise coming from the front left wheel area. Long story short, the tech said this noise was due to a faulty strut and strut mount. I took the car back in three days later and was told I "we will make sure we get you to work on time after you drop the car off." This was most definitely not the case. When I dropped the car off, I was told I could either pay for a rental car or wait over an hour for the shuttle. The service associate was very rude and not understanding at all. I was told this job will take 2 hours... I got a call 5 hours later stating they replaced the strut and strut mount and the car was still making a metal on metal noise and I would be getting a call back within an hour.

I again, got a call two hours later stating "we have took the new parts back out, and put them back in. The car is no longer making the noise. We have been driving it around for about 35 minutes." All in all, due to the dealership driving my car around between the two different days they had it, over a half tank of gas was used. Again, the dealership was not understanding about my concern regarding the excessive gas usage. I will NEVER go back to this dealership and I highly suggest the same to anyone. All these people care about is their commission.

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My 25 year old son brought his 2003 Avalon in for a safety recall. The service advisor then told him that while looking at the car they discovered a multitude of issues that needed to be immediately addressed for about $1900. He called me in a panic. I told him to just have the safety recall done and then bring the car to the independent mechanic we've been using for years. That mechanic inspected and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the vehicle and nothing requiring immediate attention. Service advisors at dealerships work on commission - the more they find "wrong" the more they earn. DO NOT use Right Toyota for servicing your vehicle unless it is a warranty repair.

Bought a Toyota Avalon from Right Toyota. The sales person there ** used confusing language to inflate the final numbers for my lease. I ended up signing a lease that I will be under $10,000 till the end of lease period. I was conned into signing a 60 mo lease, by telling me that I can bring the car back in two years. They knew I was hooked and they can keep rolling my negative equity into a new car and get me more negative. SHAME ON YOU. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO BUSINESS WITH RIGHT TOYOTA AND **.

I had my 2007 Prius routinely serviced the 1st of October 2013. About 10 days later my AC suddenly stopped working on an intermittent basis. I took it in to Right, and was told if no dashboard lights came on then they could not do anything about it. I have not put many miles on it since purchasing it new, so I waited for it to not work again and with the onset of cooler weather seemed work ok. On February 17, 2014 I drove from Phoenix to Los Angeles. About 60 miles into the trip, the dashboard lit up and I pulled over. Everything seemed okay, and since I was in the middle of the desert, I continued on at a slower speed. I eventually got to Indio, CA (about 200+ miles further) and I-10 Toyota.

2 1/2 hours later I was told my Prius was ready and there was no charge. I had been quoted $105 to analyze the problem. I asked what was the problem and was told that when I last serviced the vehicle a clamp was left on the inverter hose. They removed the clamp and the car is fine. And it was since I had no further problems. When I returned to Scottsdale, I went over to complain to Right Toyota and spoke to Tim **, asst. service manager. He said he would have the Service Manager, Frank **, call me. He has not, nor has anyone else contacted me from Right Toyota. I did not suffer a financial loss, but I lost time and was considerably stressed crossing a desolate area in a vehicle which could have broken down at any time. I would also like to add that I-10 Toyota provided great service and I was well treated by their Assistant Service Manager, Chuck **, who made sure we were made comfortable during our stay there.

I went to Right Toyota, Scottsdale on 4/21/12 to trade-in two cars (BMW-528 2010 and Nissan Pathfinder 2011) and replaced them with Sequoia. Right Toyota did not pay trade-in loan to BMW and Nissan until after a month and because of that situation, my credit went down more than a hundred points. Right Toyota failed to inform me about the situation of not paying the loan. Right Toyota didn't have Sequoia loan in place until after a month but they completed the entire transaction on papers. Right Toyota called my home after a month, asked me to come in their office and sign the loan documents again. I was concerned and annoyed so I asked them why I should sign it again. Right Toyota said that they made the loan better and that my monthly installment is now $12 less per month.

Anyway, I went and signed the documents again. Right Toyota had all the documents ready for me. The loan documents were back dated on 04/21/12. Right Toyota also inserted notes on their records that they tried calling me for a month to come in to sign the loan documents. That is simply inaccurate. In fact, Right Toyota didn't have the loan in place until after a month. The fact remains that Right Toyota failed to pay my loan on time. As a result, my credit score was severely impacted negatively. I was relying on my credit score to secure a mortgage on a new home. However, Right Toyota's negligence prevented me from doing so.

I had a very good experience buying out my lease at Right Toyota and was very pleased as my payment was $15 less than I expected. I also have used the Service Department with no complaints for over 4 years now.

Right Toyota located in Scottsdale, Arizona had a salesman, Troy **, who used devious and high pressure tactics to basically coerce me, Ronald **, a senior citizen, to agree to a three year lease on a new 2012 Toyota Avalon. In fact, the salesman lied on several items about the lease. I made a big mistake by signing the agreement, but under the unusual stress of the moment, I did so. Besides, in hindsight, since the title to the 2008 Toyota Avalon trade-in was in both Ronald's name and his wife's name, Wanda ** (and she would never have agreed to such an arrangement), the transaction should have been null and void.

Within one hour after leaving Right Toyota following a conversation with Wanda, I called Right Toyota and asked to have the transaction cancelled. I was told that they couldn't do that because the trade-in 2008 Toyota Avalon had already been picked up by a wholesaler and was gone. Also, I was told that once the lease paperwork was submitted, it couldn't be retrieved/cancelled (both lies). On Tuesday, 6/19/2012, I went out to Right Toyota again to try to have the lease cancelled. They told me that was impossible. I would have to pay off the lease and then trade the new car back in. But again, the 2008 Toyota Avalon was already picked up by a wholesaler and was gone (both lies).

I went back again to talk to the General Sales Manager. The manager that was sent to talk to me was not the General Sales Manager, but pretended to be so (name unknown). When asked if the transaction could be reversed, he said he didn't know and sent another person to check on the 2008 Toyota Avalon. Again, I was told it was gone, a wholesaler had it. Then I was told by Troy **, who was asked to join the conversation, that if I wanted to buy the new 2012 car, they would require me to pay off the three year lease and then pay the remaining portion. This was a lie. I insisted that it could be done, all they would have to do is cancel the lease and sell the car to me. The acting General Sales Manager said they could possibly do that. So the earlier statements about not being able to cancel the lease arrangement were lies.

They had me see the Finance Manager, Chris **, to work out the details. Chris told me what the cost would be, which was almost full price for the vehicle. Right Toyota allowed $17,000 trade-in for the 2008 Toyota Avalon under the lease plan, but Chris was only allowing $13,000. Also, he was using the list price plus sales tax on that figure as the beginning cost. I rebelled, but Chris said he was not a salesman so he couldn't change that. I insisted he see the General Sales Manager about this. The real General Sales Manager, William **, came into the office. He said they would cancel the lease and sell the car outright to me. We negotiated the purchase figure and a loan percentage. Chris **, Finance Manager, completed the financial paperwork to have the total amount be a loan for 66 months processed by Toyota Financial.

Chris was told immediately by me that I would not be using the loan, but I and Wanda would be paying cash for the car. We would be there Wednesday to finalize the purchase agreement and pay for the vehicle. Chris asked me to sign the financial document and Chris said he would hold the agreement until Wednesday, when we come to pay for the car. After reconsidering the matter overnight, on Wednesday, 6/20/12, I called William **, General Sales Manager, asking for Right Toyota to contact the wholesaler to get the 2008 Toyota Avalon back. I would rather pay a penalty, but have that vehicle. William told me that the 2008 Toyota Avalon was probably on their lot. They wouldn't get rid of a car like that to a wholesaler. Hence, a whole series of lies.

I asked if the whole process could be reversed and I could simply get the 2008 Toyota Avalon back and I would pay for the inconvenience. William informed me that the process couldn't be reversed because I had already purchased the 2012 Toyota Avalon. I said I had not paid anything yet because I and Wanda were coming out today, Wednesday, to pay cash for the car so the purchase was not finalized. I told William that Chris **, Finance Manager, said he would hold the paperwork since we would be paying cash for the vehicle. William said the car was already purchased since I had signed the agreement on Tuesday and the paperwork was already submitted to Toyota Financial and the whole agreed to price was processed as a loan. Hence, another lie.

William told me if I still wanted to pay cash for the vehicle, I could bring a check to him and he would submit it for us to Toyota Financial or we could simply wait until next month when the first payment is due and pay the car off then. I asked what it would cost me to turn in the new car and simply purchase the 2008 Toyota since it was still on their lot. William quoted a $16,000 amount with lots of reasons. He would not budge off of that figure. He said I was the official owner of the 2012 Toyota and to trade it in on the 2008 Toyota the equity would not be much since it would be a used car. I said the whole transaction should have not happened because Wanda's name was on the original title and she would not agree to the lease. William said in the state of Arizona, that didn't matter. If one of the owners makes a transaction, that makes it legal.

I am submitting this not to change what has happened to me, but to help prevent this from happening to others. I was lied to on various matters from the beginning and feel Right Toyota in Scottsdale, Arizona will take advantage of anyone and say whatever they want be it truth or lies. Beware!

I received a recall notice from Toyota for the floor mat accelerator issue. I was waiting and the service person came to me with the list of items they thought needed to be done. Well, the one that caught my attention was the Iridium Spark Plugs. Denso, the manufacturer, recommends 90K to 110K replacement. I told the guy that this was all a scam. Sun Devil Auto in retrospect review of tickets replaced them at 90,179, that was okay. They then replaced them at 126,179, not okay and now, Toyota wants to do them at 130K.

I walked away telling them that their service is a scam. They did nothing and billed Toyota a couple hundred to clear the recall. I then called Sun Devil mad as hell and they issued a credit for the plugs and labor on the 126 since that was not near 100K recommended by Denso. Watch Right Toyota and Sun Devil in Scottsdale. They will scam you every chance they get. By the way, I was focused on the spark plugs that they recommended, which I just replaced with a brand new myself, and the brake pads were also replaced by me on the rear. Beware.

While my car was under warranty, I complained on three occasions (not including regular maintenance - I asked about it then as well) about a noise coming from the steering area.They assured me there was nothing wrong and did not look to see if there was anything wrong with my car. This is not the first time they have done this. On another occasion, I brought my car in for a recalled part. The staff would not even look at my car and insisted the part did not apply to my car. Later, I brought it in and it turns out that my car did need the part. On another occasion, I brought in my car because oil was dripping. I was told it was the rack and pinion, I took my car somewhere else and it was due to a damaged oil pan (Toyota had just changed my oil and never mentioned it to me and after they changed my oil, my automatic locks do not work now on the driver's side door).

I am very upset that they ignored me on those three visits, told me I was hearing things and now, it is too late and it is not covered under my warranty. The service department has never listened to any of my complaints unless my car just stopped running. Only then would they even look at my car and they never addressed any issues I brought up during regular maintenance of my vehicle. I was often given the excuse that they didn't have enough time. It was around October of last year that I last brought it in and was told the noise coming from my steering was the rack and pinion (the same time they did the oil change and didn't tell me my oil pan was badly damaged). Now they want $1600 to fix it and my warranty just expired a couple months before. I am still, a year later, ticked off that all of a sudden, now that my warranty is expired, they discovered the problem!

I keep getting telephone calls from them and each time I have instructed them to take me off their call list yet they still keep calling me. Bother us when don't want their calls as will NEVER do business with them again. We told them that yet we still get the calls.

I bought a toyota camry hybrid and was told (I still have the sticker)that it would get up to 42 mpg in the city. When I brought it in for its first check-up, I mentioned to the service staff person that I was not getting anything near 40 mpg. He smiled and told me exactly what I had been getting--28 mpg.

I calculated the extra expense for this car based on the better mileage. I've lost about five thousand dollars.

I purchased a Mercedez, the deel was a lemmon they ripped me off deal # 915998 they wont help me out
they told me for my trade I would get 10,000 they gave me 6,000.
they don't return my calls,they told me that it would be a 60 month loan it turned out to be a 72 month loan
Brakes don't work ,tires where to be replaced 1 wheel as well,lighter is broke paint is chipped.

Wheel barrings are bad ,they did't give me 2 keys ,they where supposed to give a gift and enter me in a drawing to win 10,000 they didn't give. I payed for my extra warranty I didn't recieve it and the list goes on

2/20/03 my son leased a 2003 Toyota Tacoma. The sticker on the vehicle of window listed the price of the vehicle at $21,292. My son traded in his 2001 Ford Focus for $6,000. Right Toyota paid off the $4,525 still owing on the Focus. Right Toyota then added the equity of $1,475 they gave him on the Focus and the rebate they told him they were giving him of $750 to the purchase price of the car without explaining this to him. He was told that the $23,596.34 agreed upon value of the vehicle was the sticker price plus all of the other costs related to the sale.

Right Toyota said there is nothing that can be done now that he signed the contract and that if we want the price of the car fixed, we will have to go through Toyota Financial Services, and they won't refund the money.

What can he do now?

He is planning to get his own financing to buy out the lease.

My girlfriend traded in her 97 ford taurus for a newer Toyota camry. They insisted she right a check post dated in order to seal the deal and assured her that the financing was in order and she could take the car home. A week passed and they attempted to cash her check before the agreed time, resulting in it bouncing. They were unable to secure financing for the agreed upon amount so she returned the car.

When she picked up her Taurus we discovered that they had removed her ford factory installed alarm system and refused to do anything about it, saying that we were not customers and "they didn't have to do anything for us." My question is this: how could they remove or tamper with a vehicle they didn't legally own? Each time our complaint was addressed they claimed the people in charge "had an emergency" and couldn't meet with us. We intend to file a report with the attorney general office and BBB.

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