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Two weeks ago I went from Winslow all the way to Cottonwood to look for a vehicle... I was told by a salesman on the phone everything was ok after they took the application on the phone. Oxendale was running an ad that states $8.00 down and under $300 a month for payments and nothing mentioned OAC. They found a lender they said at under 9% interest, pay off my 2006 Nissan and we would be in a 2015 Jeep Patriot with warranties. So I signed the contract and I was told to bring my husband in to sign and we got the new Jeep (My husband is an over the road truck driver and is only home once every 2 months).

We took the Jeep home and went back 2 weeks later to sign. During this time, Oxendale made zero attempt to contact me, period. When my husband and I went to sign, we were told the bank had turned us down but they had another lender but was twice the interest and $45.00 more a month!! I told Oxendale today they had to honor the first contract or we wanted our pickup back and the $2000 cash down returned (they can't return our pickup because they sold it before my husband had even signed the release on it)!! I have not heard anything from Oxendale, they do not answer my calls nor do they answer my emails. I want them, as in Oxendale to honor the original contract!!!

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On April 01,2015 I went to Winslow to try and get vehicle. I went into Oxendale and talked to the sales person **, who is no longer working there since I got my vehicle. I was recently contacted by ** saying that the vehicle I had done all the paper work for the right way. Saying that there is no lean holder and was not approved. Which was the weirdest thing I heard of and now they want the vehicle back. But why should I take vehicle back when I put a down payment for truck and drove it off the lot. Just a big mess but I am a single mother who works very hard and I was taking advantage of. I pray they do the right thing and allow me to keep the vehicle and finish the paper work ** has done.

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My clutch in my 2013 KIA Soul went out at 34K miles April 2014. A little background on me 1st. I grew up on motorcycles, had one at the age of 7. I've had previous standard transmission vehicles, which I didn't have to replace clutches, one being a 1999 ZX2 Ford Escort, which I had until I traded in fall/winter of like 2004, & only cause I was in the NE & needed 4wd. So, I'm working in the middle of a Navajo Indian reservation where there are no resources, & this dealership is 2 1/2 hrs. drive away. The company I work for had to call them to have my car towed to the dealership. I had to get a ride from someone I work with to get there the following Monday. They still had not looked at it at this point, was towed there the Friday afternoon before, didn't know anything about my car until I told them what was going on.

I work 12 hr. night shifts & was sitting around there all day until the afternoon waiting for them to check out my car. Finally, the service manager had me follow him out to my car he had on the lift and showed me my clutch plate & everything in the floor. It was demolished in multiples of pieces. I was so exhausted, I didn't even think to take pictures of anything with my cell phone or to even ask for the original parts. He told me he couldn't find any factory defects, and that it wasn't installed wrong, & the only thing he could contribute it to was my driving habits??? I'm SO not new to the clutch. I told him that & that I had had previous standard transmission vehicles, and I've NEVER had any issues with clutches going out, & I grew up on motorcycles, had one at the age of 7. I told him that this shouldn't be happening to a clutch at 34K miles for any reason. I told him this needed to be fixed and asked if it was covered under warranty, and he said no, that it was a wear & tear item. I could understand that if I had driven 70-100K miles in the car.

After verbally fighting with the guy, I told him to just fix it, I need it ASAP. They didn't have any loaner cars & they didn't even cover my rental I had to go get for the week I was out a car. I had to pay out of pocket $973.81 to Oxendale Kia for the parts & labor of this clutch, & I had to pay Enterprise Car Rental $250.00 initially, and then they (Enterprise) refunded me $147.93 when I returned the rental car. I even called up the toll free # for KIA Customer Service and talked to them about the whole situation, as well as my background with standard transmission. They had me fax all my receipt paper work from Oxendale Kia, and said they would submit a report. When I followed up with the main customer service, they said that it was denied after whoever processed the paperwork talked to the service manager of Oxendale Kia. That's EXACTLY who I had the problems with that basically in so many words told me I didn't know how to drive the car.

My mom said I needed to report them to the Inspector General. A doctor I work with said I should sue them, get a permit to protest them & contact a news crew. I just want my money back. It's a bad product. I was already feeling a little negative about KIA cause the previous month, I didn't know the car didn't come with a spare tire until I had a flat in the middle of nowhere in the desert on the way to the airport in Phoenix. I missed that plane & had to buy a new ticket. Even after a few months of having the new clutch, it wasn't very smooth shifting anymore. Not good quality clutches.

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Two days before a cross country road trip from NC to AZ my 2011 Sedona's check engine light came on. I stopped at an Auto Zone for a general diagnostic and it came up with the code P0711, but the light went off the next morning. I brought it in to my local dealer to have it checked anyway and they could not find the root cause. The oil was changed, fluids and tires checked and I was assured it was road ready. It drove fine out there, but shortly after arriving the check engine light came back on. This time I researched the code a little bit and what I found was a malfunctioning fluid temp sensor. I did not want to risk driving the 2,200 miles back to NC with my 3 kids if there was something was wrong with the van.

I contacted Oxendale Kia and told them the issue and that I had the very same issue 8 days earlier and that it had been checked by another dealer. The service manager asked me about my mileage (appx. 59K) and he promptly told me that I needed a tranny fluid flush. I explained that I am familiar with routine maintenance, but since I had the fluid checked prior to the trip and it was fine that I wanted to wait to get that done until after I got home to NC, unless it was the reason for the check engine light. I made an appointment with their service dept and we drove the 2 hours to Flagstaff to get it checked out. The van drove fine, but had a little issue with going up steep hills and the cruise control did not work.

When we arrived the service manager continued to push a fluid flush, before they had even looked at the vehicle. I told him we needed to focus on the check engine light at this point and find out the issue before we worried about routine maintenance. When they finally got my van hooked up it had the same code again P0711 and the service manager came back and recommended the fluid flush again. He told me my tranny fluid was red with a "tint" of brown to it. I asked him if that was the reason for the check engine light and he seemed to think so, but could not give me a definite answer. The mechanics turned off the check engine light and drove the van around the block with no issue. The fluid flush was not covered under warranty and would cost me $125.

I asked why the light would have come on back in NC when the fluid was checked there and deemed fine and he shrugged his shoulders. The whole thing made me very uncomfortable and the lack of any real answers made me skeptical. The fact that he was recommending the flush before even looking at the vehicle indicated to me that he was focused more on the upsell than the actual problem. I looked the service manager right in the eye and asked him if it was his wife and 3 kids driving across country what would he suggest? He replied to get the fluid flush and see if that fixes the problem; otherwise, it's driving fine so I could just try it out and stop at another dealer on the way home if it starts giving me problems again.

I did not get the tranny flush there and instead called my brother who is mechanic. He researched it a bit and found a TSB (technical service bulletin) issued for the code P0711 by Kia. It took him 10 minutes to find that bulletin and he said there is no reason that Oxendale Kia should have missed that. The TSB stated that the sensor needed to be replaced (**). Furthermore, a fluid flush would not remedy the problem. I was LIVID with Oxendale Kia and contacted Kia directly to find another dealer if that light came back on, which it did 3 days later. The nearest dealer was 6 hours away from where we were staying in Albuquerque, NM. We drove out there and I explained the situation, showed them all of my paperwork from the two previous dealers and told them about the TSB. The mechanic there was familiar with the issue and seemed rather irritated that the repair was not taken care of by Oxendale Kia.

The New Mexico dealership replaced the sensor under warranty, checked everything else out and changed the transmission fluid, which by the way was part of the repair, because all the fluid has to be drained in order to replace the sensor. REALLY glad I didn't waste my money getting that flush in Flagstaff. Bottom-line, Oxendale Kia service department either did not know what they were doing or were too lazy to research a diagnostic code. I feel that they tried to rip me off and callously risked the safety of both my children and I. By the way Cottonwood Kia in New Mexico was EXCELLENT!

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We found a bunch of great deals, vehicles that weren't made by Kia but when we got there, there were few vehicles that weren't Kia and our salesman Jeremy was very condescending, rude, and impolite. At times, it felt as if his goal was to humiliate us about our credit score like saying things like "this is you on paper, all these collections......what are you doing with that, how'd you get that car loan? You know, you can't think about getting a truck with all these collections..."

We walked in specifically asking for a truck, and instead of saying "sorry, man we can't help you get into a truck here", or trying to show us a way, he automatically switch to trying to get us into a car which we specifically said we don't want. I will never return and suggest no one else ever visits.

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After seeing an ad on Craigslist for a used Subaru, I noticed the heading for the ad stated "2010", but the photo posted showed '09'. So, I called the contact listed, 'Nick **' in this case. When I pointed this out and told him I wanted to know what year it really was, he told me he would look into it when he got back to the store and call me. Well, he never did. My husband and I decided to drive by just to take a peek at the car. After not finding the car on the lot, my husband stopped to ask a salesperson if it was still available. He told my husband he didn't know where it was and that it might be at "their other store"? Anyway, the people there and vibe were just plain smarmy and I was glad that they didn't come through, as it looked like we wouldn't want to buy a car from them anyway based on the other reviews I read! Yikes!

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I bought a used car from the Kia lot in Flagstaff and knew something was wrong with it. It made funny noises when it ran and it smelled like burning oil after taking it on the interstate. The salesman and the mechanic insisted they had not noticed either the noises or the smell when it had gone through the shop, and the mechanic said he knew of absolutely no problems with the car. However, they ended up offering it to me for $500 less than I asked – on the condition that I buy it right then and there instead of waiting until my trusted mechanic's shop was open and he could take a look at it. So I bought it knowing it needed some repairs and knowing they were not trustworthy. However, when I took it in to my mechanic, he told me the head gaskets were leaking and it needed a new water pump. He also said that there was no way their mechanics hadn't noticed these things. The total for repairs was estimated to be around $2500.

My bank held off on paying them because I had to ask for another loan to fix the car, and the dealership called me up to tell me I had five hours to get them my pay stubs so the deal could go through. When I called my bank, they said not to give them my stubs because they just wanted to do the financing through another bank and end the deal. I called them back and talked about redoing the total of the loan based on what they would charge to fix my car, but after all the horrible reviews I've read online that totally capture my experience thus far with this company, I will never let them anywhere near my car. And I will make sure everyone I know and everyone they know hear about this.

The sad thing is, if they had been honest and told me what was wrong with the car and how much repairs would add to the cost, I still would have bought the car and they would have had a happy customer (provided their shop actually managed to fix it, which sounds like a dubious prospect per the reviews I've read). Instead, I am furious with how they handled this and disgusted to have come into contact with such character-less people. Don't buy a used car from them. I wouldn't even feel comfortable buying a new car.


I was working for Oxendale and decided to buy a car through them. I put my $1200 deposit down and put a new $800 stereo system with separate subwoofers in it as well. Well, less than a month later, I decided to quit knowing I'd forfeit my deposit which was okay. However, because the car was already in the shop, I wasn't able to get my personal belongings out of the car (CD's and my subwoofer at the very least). I waited until the car was off the rack and again was denied my personal belongings. Regardless if I worked there or not, once I decided to buy the car I became a consumer. This is bad business practice and if they are going to do this to me, what's stopping them from doing it to someone else.


We bought a used Kia Sportage from Oxendale Kia in Flagstaff on 4/7/10. It is the fourth Kia we have owned since 1995 and the last three were bought in Flagstaff. We were told that our Kia had had a safety check and that it had been serviced when we bought it. But the service sticker said the service was overdue. I called Oxendale Kia and asked the service department to look up the last service. "Not since 2009" was my answer and he told me to make an appointment. I waited a few weeks and made an appointment for service.

When our car was ready, the service manager told us that the master cylinder was leaking and that the rear brakes were worn down to 10% on the inside. He told us that he would order a master cylinder and not to worry since it was still under warranty. We did not receive a check list so I requested one. On it were checked air filter, brakes, rotate tires, tire repair, wheel alignment, transmission fluid change, coolant change, and fuel filter change.

Since my husband is retired mechanic and manager of auto repair shops, the information was suspected so we took it to our own mechanic. He pulled the wheels and said the brakes were good. There was no leaking noted on the master cylinder and all other repairs that we recommended were not needed. We returned to Oxendale Kia and asked to talk to the manager. I cannot tell you his name because he didn't tell us and there were no cards available on his desk. He told us that it did not need to be serviced as I had been told. It was done in 2009 and was sitting on the lot that long. Then, my question was why the sticker was not changed appropriately.

Then, he got the service manager and introduced Joshua. I do believe that he tried to help by asking us to bring the Kia back and they would check it out again. We declined to let him do it. The nameless general manager was out of the office as soon as Joshua appeared and was seen walking in the show room laughing and talking on the telephone. My husband took offense to this and called him on it. He told him that he didn't care or he would have stayed in the office with Joshua. This started a verbal exchange between them. And as my husband walked away, the manager called after him, "If you were decent people, then you wouldn't be talking to me like this." It is the last time we will trade at Oxendale Kia in Flagstaff.


I bought my car in 2003 off the show room floor. The back doors have always squeeked and the key fob has never worked well. I have tried for years to have it programmed to open properly. On March 3,2010, I took my car into the above dealer because my car had been dying. They replaced the radiator ($693.55) because they said the little part on top was plastic and it was leaking antifreeze onto the engine and that was what caused it to die.

I drove it for about a day, it died again. I took it back in and they had it off and on for 4 weeks. With 2 tanks of my gas and they still couldn't find anything. So on April 16, I left my car with my son-in-law. He drove it one block when it died. He immediately took it to Kia and told ** and the technician to get in. They hooked up the scope while driving and it died in 1 block.

I to it back to Kia an they had it until April 21 to find out that it was the Cam Sensor. So they replaced that, also time for timing belt, so replaced that too and 2 accessory hoses ($934.62).

So I came to pick up my car on 4/21/2010 and asked if any of this was under warranty, of course not, because I have 70,000 miles and it ended at 60,000. Gosh! I picked up the car and drove it to the curb and it died in Kia's driveway. I ran back in and got **. I waited for 1 hour until they could give me a ride home.

It's now Friday, April 23 and I haven't heard a thing from them. I'm always the one that has to call them. Due to these recent and past experiences, I'm very hesitant to ever buy another Kia. And you need to know that this has made me very upset.

s there anything you can do to help me. Thank you in advance for any effort on your part.


I had to have my remote to my Kia Sedona repaired three times, and on the 4th time it stopped working I went to Oxendale Kia and the service representative Christopher told me they couldn't fix it because it's broken,,he advised me someone will call me regarding getting it repaired. A full month past and I had contacted Kia and spoken to Christopher twice he told me I would recieve a return call.

Today I called him again and he said he talked with his boss and was advised they can't cant replace the remote because it is broken, I have two Kia's a 2006 Sedona and a 2007 Sportage. This is the worst customer service I have ever recieved. He was very rude, he was yelling at me as if I were a kid. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he refused to put him on the phone, I will not tolerate this kind of treatment from someone who is there to help and to service me. I want a new remote and I want Christopher reprimanded for his un-professional behavior.

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