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Last updated: Oct. 26, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

My wife and I had our heart set on a Camaro so we started by buying a Chevy Cruze since we didn't qualify for a Camaro yet. A year later we came to trade in the Cruze in hopes to finally get our dream car. We were told we couldn't qualify yet but we can upgrade to the newer Cruze. We didn't want to but the salesman told us this particular Cruze would not lose its value and we would be able to get the Camaro next round. As it turns out the salesman lied to us because now the we are told the car isn't worth anything. Not only did they charge us 32k for this car but come to find out now we can't even get rid of this car. 12 trips and 2 cars later we still haven't gotten the car we really want and are stuck with a car they overcharged us for. The salesman at this store will lie right to your face to make a sale. We called them on it but were told now that the salesman is no longer there. (How convenient).

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

My car, a 1975 Corvette Convertible required Suspension repairs after having had a accident. On the advice of the Insurance Adjuster I took it to Midway Auto Collision Center on Bell Rd in North Phoenix. Trying to make a long story short here: Upon my very first meeting with them, and upon leaving the car with them, I asked, near begged that they keep the car indoors out of Our Sun and Heat.

When I picked the car up, my Dash-Cap is ruined for the HEAT, it looks like a washboard now! After so long with them, in the Body-Shop Environment, it's obvious they tried to clean "fall-out" off the hood with some/a very harsh chemical. The hood now has several major "splotches" on it that cannot be buffed out. Whatever they used was simply TOO STRONG! The hood, being fiberglass, and being removed in order to accomplish their assigned work, was obviously stored in a improper position and environment. It is now (remember, fiberglass) misshaped and no longer fits the car properly.

All of the above issues could have been totally avoided IF they'd have stored the car appropriately. This was particularly necessary due to them having in for a extended length of time, SIX MONTHS, and that it is a 40 year old Fiberglass Chevrolet Car. I brought all of these issues to Midway's attention at the time of pickup. They told me to go home, they'd take it up with their superiors. The final answer was/is, "we cannot control the weather".

Go away! To repair the hood "SPLOTCHES" properly is approximately $1000.00. A replacement Dash-Cap is $400.00. Labor at this point is unknown. The hood having re-shaped itself due to improper storage, is NOT repairable. Again, they refuse to take any responsibility for ANY of these issues. I can only give a absolute grade of F or FAIL for any/all Customer Service. They don't care about any of my issues or the Car's problems since being in their hands and under their control. I would advise anyone considering having work done at Midway Auto Collision Center, a subsidiary of Midway Chevrolet to steer clear of them!!!

Note: My insurance company says it's NOT their issue, that it is between Midway and me. I don't really have a problem with that. I am disappointed that they wouldn't take it upon themselves to put some pressure on Midway. This note to Consumer Affairs: I have insurance claim numbers, but not a "order number". Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. The attached photos depict the existing problems. I have BEFORE photos as well.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2017

I made an appointment to see a vehicle online. After haggling back and forth, the salesman says that due to the late evening, he would continue to work on financing and get back with me the next day. I received a callback and given the offer. After discussing with my husband we called and nicely thanked them but advised we agreed to pass on the vehicle.

Immediately we received a callback, asking why did we hang up on him? What? I apologized and said the call must have dropped and again said thanks but no thanks. He proceeded to get angry and insisted on why not, he worked hard, he notified several lenders on my behalf, why, why, why! Isn't that his job? I felt bullied and harassed. I advised him several times, that I just changed my mind. He did not need to know anything else. Again, he was pushy, loud, rude, condescending.

I in return pushed back and further explained even if I changed my mind, I would never deal with dealership that treats customers in this fashion. Overall bad experience, bad customer service, all the horror stories you hear about car salesman, boom! Midway Chevrolet has them. I would never buy a vehicle from them or recommend to anyone. Stay far away. On a good note, I went to a different dealer, got a better interest rate, car and service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2017

I have purchased many vehicles remotely for the company I work for and I have never been treated so poorly. I contacted Lou (used car manager) about a vehicle that they had listed on the internet. Lou told me that he would make me the best deal that he could and we made an agreement over the phone. I told him at that time I would put money down on the vehicle using my credit card and he stated that the finance department would call me and set this up. I had to call several times trying to get them to take my info and they finally faxed me a authorization form at 9:10 Arizona time 10:10 my time.

I sent it back and contacted them and was told that everything was fine and I told them I would be out of contact until the following Tuesday. I contacted them Tuesday and I asked for a buyer's order and that's when things started to fall apart. I could not get anything out of them and they would not return my phone calls. I called several times and would not get anywhere. Finally someone else called and said that the vehicle had been sold. Bottom line I think these guys are very dishonest and I will never do business with these guys again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2017

Went to MIDWAY CHEVROLET on Bell Rd Phoenix AZ for my son to purchase his first financed car. That was the worst mistake ever made. This is the worst place to ever purchase a car. Why? Because they will lie to you! At first they will treat you good, make you feel important. But should the car you purchase have any problems and you use the warranty that is given to you, consumers watch out. Here's my story:

I took my son to purchase his first car at Midway Chevrolet on Bell Road. My son purchased 2013 Impala for 15,000 plus change. Not even a month after buying it he started having problems no fault of ours. The last problem we had nobody kept us informed on what was going on? We had no idea what was going on? We had no idea how long they were keeping the car? We would call and get no return call back. We finally had enough and went to MIDWAY CHEVROLET on Bell rd to check on the car. This is when we were told they had to remove the motor to get to the transmission. Something was wrong with the transmission and they had to replace the gas tank plus a few other things. It's only been 3 weeks since we got from the shop and now check engine lights on.

So yesterday we brought it to Midway Chevrolet on Bell Road to have whatever is going on fixed. They kept it for one day and told me that a nail had fallen into the gas tank and punctured a hole in it and it was leaking. And because of the hole in the gas tank and now the gas tank is starting to touch the tailpipe. MIDWAY CHEVROLET on Bell Rd told my son that he caused the nail because he hooked up woofers to his stereo and since it was my son’s fault there is no warranty covering the car.

When my son picked up his car he was handed the keys and nobody said a word to him. They gave him no paperwork. They told him nothing. My son said he stood there going okay but nobody would talk to him. Everybody walked away. So he got in his car and left. So now I am going to MIDWAY CHEVROLET on Bell Rd myself and want proof of this nail. And asking how hooking up woofers has anything to do with the gas tank? Especially when the woofers are not mounted to anything. They just sit back there. And the amp is mounted to the woofers.

People heed my warning. Go anywhere, I mean anywhere besides MIDWAY CHEVROLET to buy a car. MIDWAY CHEVROLET does not care about you or about quality cars and they will tell you lies. Why would anybody want to be lied to? Oh and 1 last thing because the Impala had spent so much time in the shop Mr Brad ** promised my son 1 car payment refund. What a joke. It's been a month and no check in the mail like he promised. Another lie!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2017

The finance department failed to inform me of correct timelimes and all possible penalties, which lead me to have to pay hundreds more to resubmit my contract. After that they did not give me a updated temporary license plate, and I did not have one for a month and a half!! Would not recommend them to anyone!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

I purchase a 2015 Chevy Malibu brand new from Midway Chevy on June 7, 2015. I was so excited to have a brand new car for the first time in my life. I soon learned that the car I purchased would be a nightmare in the day time. On October 29th of 2015 I was on Ray Road the car would not stop, tapping the brakes, pushing hard on the brakes nothing would slow the car down. I coasted into Freeway Chevy and they repair the car stating they replace a brake booster sensor that was on recall. Okay, so in January 9, 2016 I was on the I10 highway near 7th street exit, a Lexus jumped in front of me. I slammed on the brake and the Malibu Lemon would not stop. I drove the car through the side of the freeway until it stopped. I took the car to Midway Chevy where I purchased it. They in return repair the car replacing the Brake Booster Sensor for a second time.

On January 16, 2016 at 19K miles on the car it again would not stop. The service manager Jan told me my rotors were warped if the car is shaking. At no time did I say the car was shaking. The car would not STOP. I asked the salesman and the service manager to replace the whole vehicle at which time they told me they could not do that because I had negative equity in the car. Who does not have negative equity 7 months after they buy a car. They refuse to buy the car back or replace it.

The car brakes were unpredictable, but Midway Chevy nor General Motors were concern with my safety. As I am a single, working poor I did not have the funds for a lawyer which I became aware would cost me 250.00 an hour. I put in a claim with General Motors when the car went in the fourth time. They assured me the car would work because the Techs who designed it were working on it. So on Sept 30 the car was repaired again for the same issue, but now it is at 39k miles pass the lemon law how convenient for Midway Chevy or General Motors. When I call General Motors back after the fifth time the BRAKES FAILING 3 days after it was returned to me and General Motors assured me the car was fixed again. The rep at General Motors exact words were, "I AM CONFIDENT YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE PROBLEM ANYMORE."

Well I call Mark back and let him know the car brakes had failed yet again for the 5th time since the purchase of this car. The case was escalated at that time to a Specialist in General Motors. At which time Midway tried to trade the car I owe 27K on now for a new car for 24K which would mean I need a new loan for 48K to cover getting me out of a car that is dangerous to drive. Bringing my payment up to 800.00 a month and extending it two more years. What the heck. The car is a lemon and I should have to pay more money to cover their lost for selling me a lemon. How is that fair?

Well the car being my only transportation I have to get to work. It is either lose my job of 16 years or take the car back for the fifth time. So on October 5 of 2016 I pick up the car. That was still not fixed, because when I was driving on Apache Blvd the car's BRAKES FAILED again, for the 6th time. I called GENERAL MOTORS and was informed THAT MY CAR (WHOM'S BRAKES FAILED 6 TIMES) IS WORKING EXACTLY AS GENERAL MOTORS DESIGNED IT TO DO! So I asked the Specialist "What is the Brake Pedal for then? A foot rest. Because you are telling me you designed the Chevy Malibu to not stop." No answer.

Again after letters received from the Attorney General of Arizona. Midway tries to give me, get this a extended warranty for my car, which I already have from the time I purchased it. Then Midway lies and tells the Attorney General of Arizona they offered me 2500.00 to pay for the negative equity in my car to get me in a new one, the negative equity is slightly under 4000.00 since I owe 27196.00 for this Malibu and the new one is 24000.00. But, why should I pay 48000.00 for a Chevy Malibu when I did not break the car. It was broken at 12k when the brakes failed the first time. The specialist at General Motors and Midway's sales and service manager have lies and cheated until the car no longer qualifies for the lemon law.

If you purchase a vehicle from Midway do not drive it over 24k. If something is wrong with it return it and do not take it back. They do not care about anything but their losses, not the lose of the life of a consumer. I feel that whoever is allowing them to represent breast cancer in October should not allow them to wear pink. I am a breast cancer survivor and I am insulted by their actions or in this case cheating action. They have lied and manipulated this situation to their advantage. And the BBB has allowed them too. The car was a lemon at 12, 16, 19 and still now at 46k I drive 86 miles to work and 86 miles home 5 days, sometimes 6 days on the highway. When I am able to buy a used car for cash, this car will not be driven anymore. At least not by me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2016

My husband and I are visiting here, and we're helping our daughter, who lives in Scottsdale, shop for a car while she was working. We saw an ad in the Sunday Arizona Republic hyping a new Chevy Spark for approximately $9550. My husband called to ask what the driveaway price for THAT car would be. Naturally, the young salesman, Mark **, wanted us to come in. We did not want to drive all the way to the dealership to even take a test drive without knowing the ultimate price for the car.

As everyone knows, car salesmen can't do anything without the approval of an array of managers. Mark took my husband's name and number, and after checking with his manager(s) eventually called back with a driveaway price of approximately $11,000 with all the taxes, fees, etc. We agreed to come out to have a look at the car. Mark met us as we drove in. We took a drive. We thought it worth our daughter coming back to check it out. But... suddenly another man shows up to ask questions about colors, options, etc., and we said we wanted the car we called about and drove.

Mark sits with us while #2 goes first to one office then to another, and eventually shows up with a printout showing my husband a final tally of approximately $15,000! "You didn't read the fine print," he tells my infuriated husband. "I certainly did," my husband responds. "Furthermore, I called about the advertised Chevy Spark and was given a driveaway price of $11,000." Mark confirms the $11,000 quote. #2 proceeds to go through the tally and comes to an additional $2000 "package" that had neither been advertised nor requested. "This is a bait and switch," my husband says, and we March out... absolutely shaking with fury at the incredible waste of time and outrageous treatment... NOT by Mark.

We were still exiting the parking lot looking at GPS to find our way back across town when the cell phone rings. Mr. Jason **, new car sales manager, is calling to tell us he understands we weren't happy with the quote. Would we be willing to pay $11,000 for the car? My husband gave him an earful about the experience and said we would think about it. But by this time, we were so appalled by the entire experience that we had decided we wouldn't even consider buying a car from Midway.

My daughter decided to purchase a used Nissan from an individual. My husband has since received two more calls from the dealership. Jason still wanted to sell the car for $11,000. Then poor Mark called. He apparently had been told to throw himself on his sword and say that it had all been HIS fault that he had thought the call had been about a USED car. This is so sad and so full of baloney that we are going into this great detail to CLEAR HIS NAME.

Mark ** took the call about an advertisement for a 2016 Spark. He had to go his manager(s) for a driveaway price that then enticed us to drive all the way to Bell Road for a test drive. He called up a new car for us to test drive NOT a used car. Mark's manager, presumably Jason **, has thrown Mark under the bus to cover for Midway's shoddy bait-and-switch tactic that caused us to waste an entire afternoon. We have subsequently heard from others that Midway has a poor reputation. Wish we had thought to do our research before wasting our time and energy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2016

We were interested in a 2016 Chevy Colorado certain color and specs. Found it at Midway Chevrolet. Sent interested in to internet sales, was told submit credit application online. Told them what we had for down payment and payments. Was told all looking good, come in and we could finalize the deal. Came in, nothing was even started. After submitting all information, was told not best but looking good, and take truck until final deal from Bank. Was never called or contacted, I did the contacting trying to find out what was going on with deal.

Finally contacting financing, was told come in, lowered payments. Went in, was told no go unless lost a vehicle. Only vehicle to get rid of was a vehicle wife co-signed for her son who lives in MI. Told them shut deal down and gave truck back, wife was very disappointed. Very unhappy with lack of professionalism and common courtesy. Seemed whatever it takes to close deal was the mentality. Do not like being lied to from beginning to end.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2016

ABSOLUTELY the worst car dealership I have EVER dealt with!! Was in to look at a used car March 18th. They looked at my trade which was like new and only had 11k on it. I didn't want a 40k car so I passed. The manager Scott contacted me on Mon. Wanting to know if I changed my mind I said no. Long story short we ended up on a VERY specific new cheaper new car, a Chevy Spark. We agreed on a price on my trade and cash to boot on the phone, told me to come in, we would get it done! Then the salesman Edwin TEXT (IN WRITING) a little later to set up a time to come get the car. I TEXT back confirming the car, model, color and package.

He text back, confirmed it was THERE getting detailed and inspected, and to be there at 10 am next day. I showed up early (CONVENIENTLY NEITHER the manager I dealt with or the salesperson EVER showed up for work). Again short story, I got the runaround on the price. NOBODY would do what I was told OR WHAT I had in writing, and the car NEVER EXISTED!!!! They NEVER even had the car!!! AT ALL!! I still can not BELIEVE a company would do this. I am dumbfounded.

I can see maybe pricing issues, but I DROVE 2 HOURS each way and wasted ANOTHER 2 HOURS while they tried to "figure this out " for my new LIME GREEN car and it didn't exist! WHAT A SCAM this place is. New Manager David was to try to find "my new car" and get to the bottom of this. Yep, guess what. NEVER EVEN CONTACTED ME!! Just a note as to BUYER BEWARE. Also on all their used cars the window sticker looks good but they tack on almost 3 grand to the price with dealer costs by the time they are done. WATCH OUT! !

Oh and by the way, I went 2 days later on a 5 hour drive to a different dealership and picked up a new car EXACTLY as I wanted for EXACTLY what I intended to pay. The DIFFERENCE IN DEALERSHIPS ARE DAY AND NIGHT. I am currently working with the Better Business Bureau, and the Chevrolet corporate office concerning this issue. I will make sure this doesn't happen to someone else. VERY SAD when companies think they can pull this crap!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2015

I had come to Midway Chevy on 8/30/15 to purchase a newer used vehicle. I was there negotiating for 8 hours because they could not give me the vehicle I wanted. Finally I was just gonna leave and an all of a sudden idea came up and they brought me 13 GMC Terrain that I like... mind you it was now dark outside and we couldn't see all the little things that were wrong. Next couple days had to keep bringing it back for repairs... Headlight was out, ground effect panels hanging off... Not washed or even detailed... Filthy dirty etc... Left it over night and still wasn't wash correctly.

Now two and a half months later brought in for an oil change and next couple days after the power steering light comes on and it stalls on me had to have it towed! Brought back in As soon as I could (2 days later) and they say needs a new battery... But want to charge me for it! Absolutely not they should be held accountable for this... I'm paying lots of money for a newer vehicle and still have to put money in to it 2 months later... Help someone!!! WILL NEVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE EVER!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2015

A sales person contacted my father, as they say they have someone interested in buying my car, a 2012 Chevy Malibu LS. My car is in my mother's name, hence contacting them. We decide to go down and see what they have to say. First of all, who would know about my car, it was just a ploy, but ok, I wanted to get something in my name to start repairing my credit. I looked at trucks and found one I liked, a 2012 Nissan Titan. I test drove it and liked it so it was all about getting a payment I could afford. The salesman asked all the questions about payoff on my car and everything else. Myself and my father both told him we did not know what the payoff was, the salesman even called the bank where my car was financed, but they were closed. So he says "I will call them tomorrow and get the official payoff." He comes back and says "Hey we got you into the truck. Congratulations." I am a happy camper, sign the papers and off we go.

A month later Midway calls and says they need to see me. Uh oh, I had a bad feeling, so I went down there and the sales manager proceeds to ask me where the $10,000 payoff came from on my purchase sheet. I tell him I have no idea, he basically called me and my father a liar, and wanted me to come up with the $10,000 difference from what I actually owed on my car. I don't have $10,000 just laying around. Apparently the original salesman took the payoff off my father's truck instead of my car. So they took my truck back and gave me my car back.

Well from all the bank's checking my credit, it killed my credit score, on top of put us a month behind on my car payment because it took them a month to figure this out. When I got my car back the power windows and locks did not work, and they cut off my aftermarket performance chip (which they did pay for). I called the finance company that approved me for the truck and after explaining to them what happened, they voided the loan. I was so angry, disappointed, this was going to get me back on track to get my credit back. Myself, my parents, and anyone I can tell will never do business with Midway again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2015

This is the worst service center on the face of the planet. I had brought my vehicle here due to a 'check engine' light being on and since it is a 2012 model figured it should be covered under the manufacturer powertrain or emission warranty. I left my car with service advisor ** and she informed me that if it is indeed a warranty-approved item that I wouldn't have to pay a diagnostic fee to find out what's wrong with my vehicle. So I received a call back from ** about 2 days later saying my vehicle is ready for pick up and the only thing I owed was 102.03 and that the only problem was that it was missing a fuse. I found that hard to believe but went ahead and proceeded to pick up my vehicle. After arriving there I paid the 102.03 and I mentioned to her that I don't think the problem is just a fuse and that it is probably the computer or an oxygen sensor because those were the codes for the engine readout I pulled at Autozone.

She denied it and proceeded to get my car from the back when the 'check engine' light came on again. In my head I was thinking "I knew it" but I was happy the light came on again before I left. So she asked if I could leave it for another day and I said "Yes that's fine". I received a phone call the next morning saying that the computer needed to be replaced and a thermostat both of which are under warranty and wouldn't cost anything. So I asked her "Since obviously the car wasn't fixed the first time will I be refunded the 102.03 with the exception of the fuse put in for my car since the warranty paid for diagnostic?" and she said "No". I said "Ok fine just fix my car please" even though they collected two diagnostic fees from me and the warranty.

So about four days later I have heard nothing from Midway Chevrolet regarding a status on my car so I decided to call and leave a message as my car has been in there almost a full week now. I got a callback from ** saying my car is done and ready for pick up. When I arrived there I was informed that my car didn't need a new computer module or a thermostat and that all it needed was a "reprogram". So basically it took them a full week to "reprogram" my car's computer module. So I took my keys and started to drive away. I then noticed a HUGE crack on my windshield that was not there when I dropped it off. I brought it back to ** and informed her and then she notified her manager **.

** came across as being very rude and defensive towards me. He didn't offer any apologies or offer to help fix the damage that had been done to my car. Instead we argued back and forth about it when I realized that this guy probably has more issues than my own vehicle. I politely asked for the corporate office phone number and left. He gave me his business card which isn't the corporate office phone number. So I drove my car home with the cracked windshield and all and parked the car in my driveway. I was then heading out to go to my local windshield glass company when my car would not start. Unbelievable! This is by far the worst experience I have had at any dealer service center and I have seen some bad ones. Believe me when I say these guys are the most dishonest, disrespectful people I have ever met. I will make sure that me and all my friends and family do not do business with these people. That is all.

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Original review: May 25, 2015

Terrible customer service at Midway Chevy. I recently purchased a vehicle at the pre-owned location and I'm now very dissatisfied first of all because they have done nothing but tell me and my husband lies ever since the first day. We were given the truck with the seats not even being screwed on them knowing there was a child. They said they were going to fix them and that they were going to detail it and replace the bumpers since them seemed like they had been crash before we even purchased the truck. Well the only thing that has be done are the seats after a week in half and that's because I kept going everyday insisting I needed them fix. The rest was never done - they just kept telling me they're going to call. Well until now a month and a half later almost going to 2nd month I haven't received a phone call from no one at the dealer.

I have gone several times to dealer to tried to talk to a manager. Well guess what until now I haven't been able to get a hold of one which is the obvious since we already bought a vehicle they don't want to help you anymore. So many complaints we have that are just too much to list, them not bringing us a translator when we asked for one, them giving us a final price then added $5,000 more to balance after we had agreed on one price, them telling us "If you keep warranties then we'll fix the replacements. If not we can't." after they had already promised to fix it either way. I'm just very disappointed and angry I wish I never purchased a vehicle there.

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Original review: May 17, 2015

We purchase a zl1 from Midway Chevrolet. Let me tell you they're one of the nicest people when they want your business but when you want something done they give you the runaround. When we got home after being at the dealership for almost 6 hours we realize the next morning we couldn't afford the car so we decided to take the car back. But they told us they're not going to take the car back & they'll have their law team contact me in a few days. My response was "What does that mean? You're going to sue me?" And the sales guy told us we have 3 days to return the car if we decided we didn't want it or for whatever reason but the sales guy totally denied ever saying that.

So they had ** the finance guy come out to talk to us to see what he could do for us. He came back saying he can lower our monthly payment by $12.00 & pay for two months of auto insurance. That's the best thing he would be able to do for us. We left to get a cashier's check for $10,000.00 for the down payment. Signed some more papers. They walked us out to the parking lot. I ask "what about the 2 months of auto insurance you said you're going to pay?" ** told the salesman ** that ** the manager will get back to us.

Well 3 days later ** called me saying the loan office doesn't show I have insurance on the zl1. I told him "yes it is insured." He ask me to email him my temporary insurance card & I told him I'll do it as soon as we hang up & I did. They didn't give me any paperwork so my husband had to go into the dealership to get a copy of the signed contract & other paperwork. He told them, "we lived up to the end of our bargain. So are you guys still going to pay for 2 months of auto insurance?" Well the manager ** told my husband for me to cancel the insurance I have on the zl1 and they'll buy insurance through their company for 2 months on the zl1.

They never once told me not to go through my insurance that I have other policy on my other cars. So to keep my husband mouth shut they gave him floor mats. REALLY. When the car we purchase was a $70,000 vehicle that's like a slap in the face. I will never step one foot in that dealership again & I will make sure to tell family, friends, co-workers, strangers never to do business with Midway Chevrolet because they're LIARS & don't back up their words!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2015

I was charged $2559 for the option package on the vehicle, but the price for the package based on the sticker was $1812. I didn't realize until I found the sticker in the car's trunk. My wife contacted the dealership on three occasions. She was told a supervisor would call her back on the issue, but it hasn't happened. I was overcharged $747. This really upsets me because they should be accountable for their mistakes.

Original review: Feb. 25, 2015

I made an appointment for a window tint, I arrived 1/2 hr. early to have my car there well before my appointed time. I was told the tint job would take 2 hrs. so since it was my day off I scheduled a procedure knowing that my car would be done in plenty of time to make my procedure on time. After waiting until 12:30 I had to call and cancel my procedure. 5.5 hours after dropping my car off, I called and to find out if my car was ready and they said it was. I was pick up by shuttle and brought to MC. Picked up my car and told them what a poor service department they had. I called and asked for a corporate phone number and was told they did not have it there so now I will research the internet and find it on my own. I hope all people who have problem w/ MC be it service or finance blog to where they can so other people know not to go to this dealership ever.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2014

Up to this point I am dissatisfied with the service I have paid for. I originally brought the car to Midway Chevrolet Service dept. to have the ignition R&R, and to have a new chipped key provided for my 1991 Pontiac Firebird. I returned the following day with the coil wire and to give the column ignition cam to Sam (which was under the front seat that I retrieved) as he told me the cam was missing and it was an expensive part that needed to be replaced. At this time I noticed a small dent on the front D.S. fender and scuff on the bumper. I was told by Samuel ** that "Midway stands behind all the work that is done", and the key and ignition and the column covers would be replaced. The estimate was $1000.00. This was authorized by me. Approx. 2 weeks later I was called and told the car was done. When I came in to pick up the car, I was told that the battery was dead, it would not take a charge and it would not start. We walked back to the car and Sam gave me the key and said "try it." It did not start. Samuel advised me to bring in a new battery to start the car, or the battery available from Midway was expensive and a 4 year free replacement battery.

I mentioned again that the dent was done since it was there. Sam again assured me that Midway stands behind their work. I was under the impression that this damage on the fender would be fixed, and I gave Sam back the key and said I will return with a battery to start the car. Now it is November 15 and I called yesterday since I received no call to inform me of any further progress in this matter and I talked to Todd, the Assistant Service Manager of Midway and was told he was not familiar with this car or service record, and he would call me back. When he went and looked at the car, he denied the fact that any damage occurred while the car was there for this key replacement and at this time he informed me that storage fees in excess of $3000.00 would be charged if I insist that the damage to the fender happened while in for this service. I informed him that I have never seen a bill or told the total for the completed services done to the ignition, column, and body electrical. He told me he would have Sam call me with this price. 45 min. passed and I called back only to an operator, so I then drove to Midway, paid the seen bill of $1012.54 and went to jump start the car with my truck.

I entered my vehicle to see a bottle of clear nail polish leaked out on the front seat and absorbed and hardened into the fabric of the front passenger seat (wonderful). It turned over but did not start then listened to the fuel pump pressurize the system I purged the fuel at the fuel injection valve tried to start again and still nothing. Then I had a Midway team member crank the ignition as I checked the coil for spark and this is the problem, "no spark from the coil to the distributor".

I called Sam this morning and he told me that I need to come into authorize another work order. I said, "SERIOUSLY"! I told Sam I do not want to listen to this stress, I just want my car back, fixed! I have withheld names to protect the people involved behind the scene of this crime. I do see the actual work that has been done looks good but I think more care to property of the customer must be given to assure acceptable business practice.

As this entire situation unfolds, it is apparent that the dealings of this dealership is purely superficial and all the things done to my vehicle, deliberate or accident, they expect for me to just pay because they smile and say thank you. I only wanted the car back running as expected from the beginning. I am sure to have more cost develop the longer I leave it in this dealerships possession. I don't feel I was treated with respect and I would not recommend this service department. I had a flat bed come that day to take my car away, now it sits not running and I'm out $1000.00.

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Original review: Nov. 13, 2014

I got a car, insured it and had an accident. I called my insurance to make a claim at the same time. The loan didn't go through. They got the vehicle back and it's been three months - my insurance has been asking for the sale agreement and hasn't gotten it from them. Finally today a worker from there told my insurance company that the vehicle was never fixed and it was sent to auction. So of course my insurance is not paying... Now they are wanting to keep $500 of my down payment for the deductible which the car was never fixed.... I have been trying to fix this problem for 3 months and they just keep passing me to different people... I finally told them today I was gonna talk to my bank to make a dispute so Jeff ** (the guy that took him 3 months to call me back) said he was gonna sue me for the entire damage of the vehicle when they didn't fix or gave my insurance the information they needed... This shows how they handle business. ..

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2014

My Husband and I went into the Dealership 09/26/2014 to purchase a vehicle. Credit was ran and my sales person was told by the sales manager to escort us to the used car lot across the street and our approved amount to stay under $18,000.00. We found a 2011 Kia Optima, sales manager met us at used car lot, and said the car USA doable. The car was listed at $17,000 (SM), stated the car was discounted to $13,000 which was even better. The sales manager who was assisting our sales person said the bank needs $500.00 from us to complete the deal as they want us to put something into the deal. (SM) said, "you can postdate a check if needed," we did so.

We were called back to (MC), to the finance dept. and met with (A&J), they stated the company that is used to pay the $500. Before the check matures denied our check, and asked for another source, we had arrived at (MC) 2pm at this time. It was 6pm so they asked for anyone's checking acct. We were there until 8:30pm, at this time (SM) said "give us $500 or the keys to the Kia." We were able to get (SM) private cell #, we called him and explained the situation to him, "that the deal was going to be lost over $500". He called us back and said, "you guys take the car and will deal with this tomorrow." We did so.

That night I became very ill over this ordeal and was taken to the hospital, so we were unable to return the next day. They were contacted with this info. We returned on 09/30/2014, my husband met me at (MC) at 2pm. We asked to speak to the (GM) and discussed with him what we'd been put through and asked if the $500 could be waived. He then went back to speak to finance and never returned to speak with us. The next person to talk with us was our (SM) who badgered us for hours, and finally said "look you either give us $500 to complete the deal, what the bank needs or give us the keys to the Kia now." My husband gave (SM) $500 in cash. (SM) hugged and shook our hands and said, "The car is yours finally."

On 10-20-2014 I received a call from finance requesting additional information that the bank is asking for. At this time I'm not feeling well. My Son and Granddaughter agreed to go to Dealership and sit down with finance dept to get a clear understanding of what the bank needs, "this conversation is recorded" with (MC) finance person Alex speaking with VP of loan organizations w/ AFI. We were to supply the bank with my most recent award letter, SSD, 3 stubs from my LTD from state of Michigan Schools, 3 months Bank statements showing my SSD deposits. This information was given via e-mail 3 times, 2 of which (MC) Manager Sean ** states not received when my Son called him. Sean ** never called to say it didn't come through.

The 3rd time Sean ** received it, and then said it's too late. The bank AFI said we've passed the deadline to get them the requested info. They already had my award letter 2012 and 3 LTD stubs, the bank just wanted the 2014 in addition 3 months Bank statements. Sean ** said "Bring the car back or we're calling the Police and report the car stolen, and we're canceling the temp tag" yelling at my Son on the phone.

My Son decided to call the Bank to see for himself what the status is with my deal, "That phone conversation was recorded as well." The Bank states that there was never a approval on deck, the Dealership submitted an application and never sent the contract to them, so they assumed the Dealership choose another lender. The Bank referred us back to the MC Dealership. 10/23/2014, I received a call from Sean ** giving me the final payment info. He stated the car at $14,200.00 60 Months @ $338.00per month and told me, "Don't deal with no one but him, and apologized for someone dropping the ball on our deal, and everything is in place.

On 11/04/2014 Office personnel called my husband into the office stated someone from Midway Chev came in w/ tow truck claiming "They're here to pick up a car that doesn't belong to him" (my husband) his Employer asked Midway Chevrolet to leave the property. There is much more information and evidence which we have to substantiate our position in this matter, in the form of audio. My husband doesn't drive that vehicle to work anyway. We have a car, contract, registration, insurance, awaiting our tags. I'm a 59yr old woman, disabled from Brain Surgery and this is not healthy for me at all.

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Original review: June 14, 2014

Where do I start...Sep. 2012 I purchased my 2008 base Corvette at Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix AZ. It was a certified used Corvette with approx. 31,000 miles. Almost immediately I noticed strong gasoline fumes in my garage after filling the Corvette with premium gasoline and parking it in my garage over-night. I was extremely concerned because I have a gas hot-water heater also in the garage. It was obvious that the fumes were coming from the area of the Corvette's left rear quarter panel near the gas filler door.

I returned the car to Midway Chevrolet where the service technician said that he was unable to replicate my concern and further there were no EVAP codes noted. I had a C5 ZO6 before this 2008 and never had a similar problem. Midway Chevrolet (Phoenix Az.) said they replaced the gas cap and sopped up spilled fuel inside of the inner fender but detected no EVA codes or other related issues. Amazing, ** (Midway Service Writer) could find no record of the gas cap replacement or spilled fuel inside of the rear quarter panel. On Thursday June 12, 2014, I took the Corvette to Sand's Chevrolet in Glendale, Az. and requested that Sand's Service Consultant, Chad ** check my Corvette for the long-term gasoline fume issue along with an alignment. Chad located the issue, it's a leaking 'cross-over tube' that links the two gasoline tanks together.

Unfortunately my after-market warranty company (Mercury) rejected the claim due to the cross-over pipe is considered a rubber hose even though it's enclosed in the metal pipe. Chad informs me that the cross-over pipe is 218.00 dollars but the labor is booked at 10.5 hours per side or 21 hours the estimated cost of the repair is in the area of 1600.00 plus the alignment. Good news, Chad was able to obtain a goodwill allowance from GM and my warranty company agreed to help, partially, because of a failure of a fuel sending unit. So, thanks to Sand's Chevrolet and Chad **, my damage is down to approx. $779.00 including the front-end alignment.

Chad is also performing some maintenance on my brakes and replacing a license plate light bulb gratis. Thank you Sand's Chevrolet. I've learned to purchase my Corvettes from Sand's for now on. I'm convinced that the cross-over pipe was leaking when I bought the Corvette and didn't smell it because the tank was empty when I test drove the car. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Corvette fan, just feel taken advantage by Midway Chevrolet. Mr. ** at Midway says that they can't help with the $779.00 because I should have been more persistent when they didn't resolve the issue in 2012. Still a GM fan.

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Original review: July 18, 2013

My daughter and her husband live in a rural area, so did all their research online and by email with Midway of Phoenix. They received a firm quote for a new Versa and were promised 0% financing for 72 months. When they arrived at the dealership, they were essentially held hostage for six hours while going through negotiations. They ended up being told the car they wanted and were told was available, was now not available and were pushed to buy a car $1600.00 more than quoted and promised. They also were told the interest rate was now 2.99%.

The salesman they were working with was very rude and hostile when they were upset about the changes from what was promised. On top of everything, they were not able to take the car as it has suddenly been recalled for repairs. They were given a loaner but this means an additional eight hour round trip for them to return the loaner and pick up their new car. I will tell everyone I know to avoid Midway motors due to their bait and switch sales tactics.

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Original review: June 24, 2013

2007 Tahoe approx. 36,000 miles - rear end went out. Metal shavings all throughout the system. All they did was replace a faulty bearing. It was still making a noise. It went out again!!! Replaced both bearings. Now it’s out again (56,000 miles). But now they say it is now out of warranty… I had to pay for the repair. They never fixed it right in the first place!!! DO NOT HAVE THIS PLACE WORK ON YOUR VEHICLE!!! Don't take my word for it - their 86% customer disapproval says it all!!!

Original review: April 20, 2013

I received good service from the salesperson, but that is where it ended. Every person and department I have attempted to work with from that point on has been unresponsive to requests for information and/or service. This includes Financing, Service, Registration/Title and Parts/Accessories. One person even left me a voice mail 5 weeks after my purchase, asking if I was still interested in buying a car! Voice mails do not get returned; offices are closed during posted business hours; individuals do not call with information they state they are going to provide. Big thumbs down! If I had known this is how customers are treated after contracts are signed, I never would have even stepped foot onto the car lot!

Original review: March 18, 2013

In February 2013 I took my GMC pickup into Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix, AZ for an oil leak and flushes and tune-up. They kept my truck the majority of the day and I picked it up and paid $757.07. I was informed that the service department could not ascertain the cause of the oil leak and that perhaps the oil had been pooling in the pan. A few days later my small oil leak turned into a gusher. Since Midway could not determine the cause, I took my truck elsewhere wherein I learned the gaskets need to be changed. I emailed Midway and they completely ignored it. Well that's not quite true. I did begin receiving spam from Midway about their specials.

The inept ability of their service department to solve this minor issue, along with their extremely poor customer service, has led me to rethink the purchase of a new GMC truck this year. If no one at this establishment has the ability to emit a semblance of accountability, then I'll take my money elsewhere.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2013

Avoid this dealership. Internet sales manager, David **, and his minions made lots of promises, but didn't keep any of them. They did not return phone calls, follow up on requests, etc. In the end, they wouldn't even pick up the phone unless I called from a different number. Then they hung up when they realized it was me! All for a $100 fix on the vehicle they sold me. So I went elsewhere and will not be back. Your ratings online already stink. I won't help you.

Original review: Aug. 4, 2012

My son got a truck from Midway. He had it for about three weeks. Supposedly, the loans were finished and all was complete. My son had installed custom rims, tires, lights, tent, about $6,000 worth of aftermarket parts. Almost a month later, they called him in to sign some papers. He arrived and they took the truck from him. Financing fell through. Heartbroken, he was dropped off at home, and we later called about the parts on the truck. We were told to come in with original parts and we could take them off. Three attempts to get them back. It took professional installers with us to remove the rims and lights to reinstall the original parts.

Every trip, the truck was not onsite. Then they sold it with his parts on it at that time. We called to get a refund for the items that they sold. Now almost three months later, they told us, “Sorry, we can't help you." Only to find out from a sales person, the tires and rims were removed from the truck, held onto, and eventually sold on another vehicle. I spent two days trying to reach the manager of the dealership only to be blown off and no assistance at all. All we got was a bad attitude from Chuck ** and completely blown off by all staff. Awful dealership. Never go there if you are looking for an honest deal with honest people.

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Original review: June 28, 2012

I took my Saturn in to have the air conditioning looked at. My appointment was at 8 am. Seven hours later, I had to call to check on the status and Hughes said, "We are looking at it now." Ten minutes later, Hughes called and said, "We will give you a truck to drive until Monday." Fifteen minutes later Hughes called back and said, "The car is ready," that all it needed was charging. It still doesn't work right but to get around the warranty, they charged it and charged me $198. I complained to Justin, the manager in Sales. He was very concerned and said he would call on Monday. Here it is Thursday, still no call. I will never deal with them or recommend Midway to anyone!

Original review: Aug. 31, 2011

My fuel gauge stopped working. They looked at my VIN number and said that it was the fuel level sensor and I needed to replace part # GM19168776. Their estimate was for $533.42. After getting other estimates for the replacement of this part, Bell Tire in Plainwell, MI replaced it for $369.44. The gas gauge still does not work! Now, they say that I need an instrument cluster for $451.39 including labor! This is for my 2004 Chevy Avalanche. Midway estimate number is **; Bell Tire estimates are ** and **.

I can't afford this expensive guessing game and I would like GM to compensate me as I feel that this should not have gone wrong in the first place. The total cost to me is $820.83 just to tell how much gas is in my tank! A written response can be mailed to: Susan ** at ** or call **.

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Original review: July 20, 2011

I have been taking my 2009 GMC Sierra for service for several months now. Midway Chevrolet worked on different issues. I have also taken the truck for the same problem more than three times. The problem should be covered by the LEMON LAW. I have been dealing with Jennifer at GM'S Corporate Office. She made appointments for me. I have also dealt directly with the service manager, Kurt but we still have not resolved the problem.

The truck makes a lot of noise from the rear and they told me that "dust" gets in the drums causing the noise. They took the rotors and turned them, still the same problem. The next trip to the service department was because of the noise the truck was making whenever I turned left or right. They told me the crankshaft was the problem and they replaced it. The noise and drag from the rear end was still an issue. A week ago, I was on the freeway when the truck lost all power, I could not accelerate at all and I had to drive at 20 miles per hour with the safety flashers on. I took it in again and they worked on the truck, but they were never able to solve the problems that keeps coming up.

I no longer trust the truck and I feel that this is GM'S responsibility because it seems like every day, there is a new issue and I am totally frustrated going back to the dealer all the time. On top of that,I took the truck in on July 14th and picked it up on July 16th. The service adviser told me that they did these things: 1) Throttle body service and charged me $75.54. 2) Top engine DEcarb for $73.23. 3) Brake system flush for $70.44. 4) Oil change and tire rotation for $70.05.

After I got my truck back, I saw that the same small screw that was in one of the tires(saw it before i took the truck in) was still in the same place. I called the service manager and he said they forgot to do the tire rotation and that if I bring it again they will rotate the tires and fill my tank with gas. How do I know they did any of the work they claim on the invoice, in which they charged me $300+ for the work.

I do not trust that dealership anymore and like I said, I do not trust the truck anymore. I do not let the kids ride with me anymore (I bought the extended cab so i can take them with me for a ride), but I will not take a chance and have something go wrong with the truck when they are with me. When it stalled with me on the freeway, I thought that someone who's not paying attention would bump me on the rear. Like I said, I have dealt with the corporate office, spoke to Jennifer (I cannot remember her last name) and nothing happened.

This is not fair. A truck with only 26,511 which I bought brand new in 2009, should not have all these problems. This truck is a lemon and I want GM to buy this truck back or replace it for me with a new truck. I had a Chevrolet Silverado for 5 years which I traded for this truck and I never had any serious issues.

Please help me to get out of this disgusting situation. I will do whatever I can to get this resolved because I traded my truck in after they gave me $4,000 for the trade. I have been making the $399 payment for over two years. The VIN of this is 1GTEC29J29Z162225 and the truck is a 2009 GMC Sierra Extended Cab. Thank you.

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