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Phoenix, AZ

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If I could give zero stars I would. I walked in and was very straight forward about wanting a used car and it would be used for traveling. There were things wrong with it and the night manager that night said and I QUOTE, "It's a used car, what do you expect". I should have walked out right then and there but they continue to tell us that they would take care of the issue. My boyfriend went back east within 2 days to see his kids. Before he even got out of Arizona, the car was backfiring and a very bad smell of gas inside and outside of the car. We went back when he got home. They said "you put almost 4500 miles on the car, what do you want???" HELLO, DIDN'T SPEND $10,000 FOR NOTHING.

Here we are again and now the A/C is bad and the steering column is not good and making noises. We told them of things that we were for sure wrong and they supposedly did a 179 check on the car. Pontiac 2008 G6. We got it back for the 2nd time and they said it was done. But it was not. Here we are again today taking it back for a 3rd time. Don't forget it's a used car and they don't care about people getting a car for the purpose that was stated.

I would strongly recommend you go to Sanderson Form or Larry Miller Toyota. I know them and have purchased vehicles from them and was treated with respect and with smiles. WE HAVE NOT EVEN HAD THE CAR A MONTH YET AND IT DOESN'T WORK RIGHT. This is 3rd time taking in it. I don't want this car, it is a lemon!!! Good luck to you that use this company!!!

Traded in my car for a Mustang and was told I was financed with Ford. A week later I get a call from the financial person who did my papers that I need to come in again and resign paperwork because I have a "different deal". So on my day off, I come in and then guy was fired and no one knows where my documents are or why he called. They have me leave and come back (another day wasted) until someone comes in who knows something. I come back and apparently I was not financed so I signed all new documents again.

Then, another week later I get another call saying they forgot a paper. Then another 2 days, another paper (I can't make this up!). All the while I am not making a payment for the car I traded in, why would I? Its not my possession anymore!? So finally I think everything is taken care of until I hear from the finance company of my trade in and the payment is still not in! This is now a MONTH after I traded the car in and 3 weeks now I signed the second set of documents. Lo and behold, there were MORE documents that were forgotten. Thank God I CALLED THEM to see what was going on because who knows how long it was going to take for them to call me about it.

So OVER a month now and I think I have it settled but NO, my finance company of my trade in is still not paid! I'm getting harassing phone calls. I left messages for the General Manager which are getting filtered through a operator and he refuses to call me back or accept my calls. I am now 2 days away from having this on my credit report. Oh and to top it off, when I got a crack in my windshield from a rock that flew off the highway (my luck), one of the sales managers told me to commit insurance FRAUD to get it fixed (My insurance already had it covered so not an issue). You know whats a better idea than working with this dealership? Shooting yourself in the hand. Or drinking raw sewage water when thirsty.

I bought my car not even 6 months ago. Since I bought it I've been going in and out from the service dept. Now the latest issues is that I need to replace all 4 mounts and it's not covered which I wasn't told what was covered when I bought it. I ask to speak with the GM of the service dept he said he will call me and see if they will pay half of the total amount, it's been more than a month and nothing. Now I have a bad power steering pump and I don't know what to do. These people sold me a lemon. The car runs awful and I only use it to go to work. What can I do?

So many issues with this dealership. My daughter is now having panic attacks from not getting issues resolved. Please read reviews before stepping into this dealership. Do not trust one word.

In Feb 2015 I purchased a 2015 Ford explorer.. The next day I went back & purchased a 2013 Ford Taurus.. Almost 6 weeks went by & they still hasn't processed the loan & my trade in was almost 30 days delinquent. I had to go to the dealership to get a payment made. A week later I received call that they would like me to bring the Taurus back that there was an issue with the previous owner & they needed it back. I immediately went back. I was guaranteed that there wouldn't be any issue with paperwork. I choose a Lincoln MKS. Well the people at the Lincoln dealership were so rude. I spoke with a manager ** & advised I would not deal with them.. He assured me I wouldn't ever have to.. This DEALERSHIP SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS. I went another month & the paperwork was not completed. My trade was going to be late again...

Now mind you if I hadn't kept up with the trade my credit would have been affected negatively by 60 days. The finance department which is in the Lincoln build where extremely rude had lost my paperwork. One lady told me with a salesman standing next to me. That she didn't know why I was talking to her. It wasn't her problem.. I spent two days trying to get it straightened out. Multiple messages left with another manager ** for him to have ** call me which he never did. I went into the dealership and then was advised my bank denied my loan due to the activities (Taurus) on my credit. I spoke with the GM ** who assured me he would get it straightened out to bring the Lincoln in for the window tinting & the floor mats & final detailing.

Well when I returned to pick up my car GM ** told me he worked with my bank & he took $3,400 off the back end of the deal.. And the payoff check has been sitting on someone's desk & would be sent out that day. Yep you guessed it wasn't & finally 4 days later after my bank called me for the payment did it arrive.. Then the temp tag expired. I called in to finance department spoke with ** who by the way admired to me she hasn't processed my paperwork & didn't know where it was that she was late with the filing. Well I went in the next week to get another temp tag..

We spoke with a finance man ** now is blaming my bank. No one at this dealership has taken any ownership. ** calls ** & puts her on speaker - the women was so rude she didn't know she was on speaker. All I wanted was a temp tag until my plates showed up she acted like I was asking for something unreasonable. Calling me her & not using my name.. Mind you I've been nice through all of this. I even wrote a great review prior to all of this. Well a few weeks back I called my bank and was advised no such conversation took place with the GM ** and there was never any money let alone $3,400 taken off the back end.. My bank said I would have had to redo my paperwork.. Still not getting upset. I've been contemplating how to handle this..

Well on Tuesday June 2 2015 4pm I called manager ** & let him know his BOSS ** is A LIAR and I will be posting review.. He asked me not to that he would check into what we agreed to. I said I didn't agree that ** said this is what he did for all their mistakes. It wasn't my fault.. I told ** I would give him 48 hours to reply with an answer. Well I gave him 75 hours & still no response.. PLEASE DON'T Trust this dealership. I've bought many cars in my life and never once was my credit in jeopardy. Not once but Twice.. Oh yeah & the final detailing never got done. I had to remove the sticky stuff from the windows & plastic off the floors and nope didn't get my floor mats or the key chain ** promised..

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I purchased a car in April. Traded in a beautiful sports car for something more practical, it 2015 SUV. Our scores started out as a 630 we were told, "No problem. You're approved, enjoy the beautiful vehicle. Have a nice day." About a week later we were called back because I was like "oh well this was easy so therefore maybe we can get another car because our credit was so good enter income is so high," so I went for a 2015 Mustang. Was told again, "No problem. Enjoy the vehicle, we got you done. Thanks for coming back for a second car." Now it all starts within 3 weeks of owning both vehicles. Neither one of the payoffs were submitted for prior loans so by the fourth week of the first car our loan when 30 days late, so now we have a 30 day late on a credit report, 1 brand new vehicle and guess what, the second vehicle had to be brought back because they were never able to fund the loan because of this.

We were told that the finance department screwed up and that everybody was fired that did this by submitting our information wrong the first time. We apologize but we took care of it. When we brought the 2nd deal go back as we were told to after owning it almost a month and changing insurance plans and so on everybody still work there. They are a bunch of liars!

Do not deal with this company! Also they shopped our credit around with 40 plus inquiries. Are you kidding me? How am I going to get this off my credit report now when our scores started out as a 630 and now they're down to a 53? When our scores started out as a 630 and now they're down to a 564 and dropping? I need help with this. They don't care about customer service. The finance department is so disorganized it's unbelievable. Then they had the audacity to call me and say, "Please don't give us a bad review. It's not everybody's fault." It all started with the salesman who since then has now been promoted. Really ridiculous.

Very bad service! Yesterday I called Camelback Ford looking for a used car they had in their Auto Trader ad. The person I talked to was one of their managers Dennis **. Mr. ** lied to me by telling me the car was still in inventory when it was sold two days before. He invited me to come down and see the car, knowing all along the car was sold.

I would have thought the days of having to lie to customers to get them to come to the car lot were over. But not at Camelback Ford and not with Dennis **. When car guys lie to customers in order to get them to come to the lot, it only makes the client mad. The chance of their LAME salespeople selling you the car you don't want are slim.


On Sept. 16th, I purchased a pre-owned '09 Dodge Caliber. Before I purchased the car, I asked the salesman Danny, "why should I buy an 'as is' vehicle from your dealership, as opposed to any other?" I was told, not only by the salesman, but also the G.S.M., Dustin **, "We are backed by Berkshire Hathaway! We have many financial institutions, which allows us to get you financed and at a lower rate, than others! And more importantly, we do not just turn around and put a used car on our lot, until it's been through a 162 pt. inspection and brought to near new status. We stand behind our cars! You don't need to worry!" I specifically asked the salesman, Danny and the sales mgr., "when was the last time this car had a tune up?" I was told, "it was recent because we do a thorough inspection."

Nothing could be further from the truth! The day after I took ownership of the Dodge Caliber, I called Jeff **, the Sales Mgr., who sold me the car and told him there was a clicking when I turned left and when I turned right that wasn't there when I test drove the car. There was a brief pause, then Jeff ** said, "Well we're not going to pay for anything!" At that point I didn't ask for anything. I just wanted to let Jeff know there seemed to be a potential problem and I planned to bring the car back to the dealership to be looked at then Jeff proceeds to tell me, "you bought an 'as is' vehicle and sometimes things happen which are beyond our control. We can't fix every little thing! I sold you the car at 'near cost' and we gave you a great deal!" We argued and I remind him of Camelback Ford's so-called commitment and then told him he's a scammer and a fraud!

I drove the car back to L.A. because I had a job and I'd already missed a job waiting for this car. On the drive, I noticed I was getting maybe 20 miles to the gallon, give or take a couple miles. This is a 4 cylinder and should be getting 28-32 mph on the highway. The 4th day after I purchased the car, the battery died. I called Jeff, the used car Sales Mgr., and left a message detailing the problems w/ this car. I requested he call me back. He did not call me back nor did anyone! After my car died two more times w/in two weeks, I took it to 3 mechanics. Fortunately, the last one was familiar w/ the Dodge Caliber because that is where it died.

The mechanic looked through the whole vehicle, which I should've done from the start but I didn't know AZ and I foolishly trusted the fact that Camelback Ford is a large dealership, w/ big backing and both the Sales Mgr. and the salesman, told me the dealership's commitment and would stand behind their vehicle, I was willing to take the chance. The mechanic called me later in the day and asked me to come to his shop so he could show me each issue. Over 15 different issues; rusted spark plugs, broken radiator cap, cracked oil line (which didn't show any leaking oil, on the ground because it was covered by a deeply dented oil pan), broken alternator, dirty oil, radiator and power steering needs to be flushed, needs a complete tune up, as nothing had been done, on this vehicle and several other issues, totaling $1350.

When I called to tell Jeff ** about these problems and their 'commitment' to great service and making sure the 'as is' vehicle is 'up to near new status,' he usher me over to Ken **, Cameback Ford's Marketing Mgr. He called me once and then I called him and though he continually told me he'd call me back, six times, he never did! When I told him I want Camelback Ford to unwind the deal or pay for the vehicle to be fixed to the 'near new status' they promised, which is $1350, they offered $300. I even offered to let them pay a thousand of the $1350.

They have continually played games and pushed my complaints down the road to avoid living up to their word! I have called, faxed and emailed my request to fix this car since the second day after I purchased it or unwind and the deal and Camelback Ford has done everything to avoid really helping me! Buyer Beware! Buyer Beware! Do not believe anything, which these charlatans tell you! Camelback Ford does not live up to their word and they will cheat you and lie to you, if you give them the chance! My suggestion is... Don't do business w/ Camelback Ford/Lincoln!

Camelback Ford Lincoln has worked with me to resolve this matter fairly. The staff has been helpful and friendly during this process. Thank you for listening and resolving this matter in a timely and fair manner.

Original Review

I bought a used 1986 Jeep CJ7 from Camelback Ford Lincoln that was listed on Auto Trader. I drove from Tucson to look at the vehicle. The condition of the body was good. Some items needed attention, but for a 28 year old vehicle, I was satisfied. I did notice the catalytic converter was not on the vehicle. I asked the manager if the price could be reduced so I could fix the problem. He refused to budge on the price, and said he could sell the Jeep at auction for the price they were asking. I figured it was a small problem to correct and bought the vehicle. Here is where I got bent over.

When I brought the Jeep to an emissions specialist, he informed me that it was not only missing the Catalytic converter, but was missing the entire emission system and part of the wiring harness for the emissions. He had also found the rear brakes to be defective and an anti sway bar and downlinks were missing from the vehicle. He said it was "a deathtrap waiting to happen." The emission Specialist informed me that it was illegal by state and federal law for a dealership to sell a vehicle that could not pass an emissions inspection or sell a vehicle that did not have the emissions components, not to mention that it was unsafe to drive.

Camelback Ford Lincoln actually called me and said that they had not performed an emission inspection on the vehicle and were willing to come to Tucson to run it through emissions. I explained to the lady, who was very nice, that the vehicle would not pass because it was sold without the emission system on the vehicle and that it was illegal for Camelback Ford Lincoln to even sell the vehicle in that condition. She said she would check with her controller and get right back with me... A week passed, no calls. After several days of leaving messages, I was able to talk to the General manager's assistant. She said she was aware of the situation, and asked how the problem could be resolved.

I stated I would like a partial reimbursement to pay for the installation and labor of the emission system. She said Camelback Ford Lincoln was not willing to do that, but was willing to take the vehicle back for the purchase price. By this time, I had already installed new seats, brakes, missing suspension parts, and shocks. My counter was for Camelback Ford Lincoln to pick up the vehicle, install an emissions system, pass the emissions and send the vehicle back. That offer was refused...

It's funny I signed a IM-147 disclosure that stated: "This vehicle has undergone a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified automotive technician and complies with all emissions requirements for motor vehicle dealers." All Camelback Ford Lincoln saw were dollar signs and not the safety of the customer they were serving... I would like the emissions to pass and enjoy the vehicle I bought... Up to you Camelback Ford Lincoln...

On August 28th, I agreed to purchase a vehicle from Camelback Ford after a couple of hours of negotiation and getting up to leave several times. I explained to them I had no need to purchase the car that night, was happy to wait until they had a deal that worked for both of us. They insisted the deal be done that night and came back with a deal I was willing to agree to that night. Three weeks later Finance Manager, June, contacted me to tell me his employee made a mistake and the financing did not work out and I needed to come back and redo the paperwork. When I told him I was not interested and would be by later in the day to pick up my car, he agreed and we set a time to meet after work. I called later in the day to confirm that June understood I was not going to negotiate and I expected my car to be in the front of the lot and ready to go. I said I would sign an agreement that I returned the new vehicle and took back my car and that the down payment that was deposited one week early would be refunded to me.

I confirmed there would be no out of pocket costs to myself and I just wanted to pull in and exchange keys and leave in my old car. He agreed. Less than an hour later he called me back to tell me that we had a problem and my car had been sold. He told me to not return the new car as he was going to try and get my car back. I then called my finance company on my old car and was told that it had not been paid off nor had they received a payoff request from the dealership. I was also advised that I need to make my payment that is due in six days to protect my perfect payment record. By selling my car prior to my new loan funding the dealership acted in bad faith and went against A.R.S. 28-4301. I am very dissatisfied since there is nothing new in my credit situation and if there was any doubts about the deal they should have waited prior to letting me take the car and in fact pushing for me to take the car. The "Yes you can Financing" program is a scam. Buyer beware.

Very rude customer service. The only person that was nice and did his best to help was ** in finance. Other than that everyone was rude, mean, unorganized, and just plain didn't care. Our paperwork got lost, the loan agreement kept changing, and then they turned around and blamed me and my husband for them losing the paperwork and not filing it correctly. Don't buy a vehicle from camelback ford unless you want to go through a two month process of rude phone calls and driving back and forth to the dealership to fix their problems. The worst people to deal with is ** and **. ** will leave rude uncalled messages on your phone demanding things that is out of your control which will end up being his fault anyway. And ** just doesn't care about his customers. He will hide in his office and ignore the problem at hand. ** being the supervisor this seems very childish and uncalled for.

I want to add an update to my previous review. Camelback Ford contacted me back and asked me to stop by their location to review my claim. After further review of my claim, they agreed not only to reduce the $1700 I was claiming, but also they made me a new loan agreement where I am paying $50 less per month.

I really feel happy about their reaction and the fact that they acknowledge that my claim was a true valid claim.

I think I will do business with them again, because it is human to make mistakes, but it takes a lot of professionalism and customer service to acknowledge and fix the mistake, and Camelback Ford showed me a lot of professionalism and customer service by fixing my claim.

I will give them 5 stars, not because of my issue resolution, but because I really like people that shows honesty, professionalism and customer service.

Yes, I will do business with them again.

Original Review

I just bought a 2014 Ford Explorer Car from CAMELBACK FORD. Everything seems to be good until I decided to take a second look at the contract and how much I am paying. I found out that there was ~$1700 in the total car cost that was not explained on any of the documents I signed. I went back to CAMELBACK FORD dealer to ask where the $1700 was coming from. After several tries from the salesperson and the finance person trying to explain the $1700 incremental, they showed me a paper from another car (not mine) saying that the $1700 is because of the CAMELBACK PROTECTION PLAN, and in the plan they listed several items that MY CAR DOESN'T HAVE.

I am paying for a mechanical protection plan that costed me $1645 for 36 months, and on top of that they are charging me this extra $1700 due to a PROTECTION PLAN that I don't know what it is and for some accessories that my car doesn't even have. When I ask the dealer person to go check my car outside to confirmed what I was saying, he said NO, because he knew I was telling the true. My advice, stay away from them. This smells very fishy and not transparent.

They don't give you what you want and they lie because of them my credit going to get hard hit...

Scott called me an hour after I left the dealership to ask me out. It pretty much almost lost him the deal. I went after work to pick up my car and something wasn't right. Scott swore this was the only car we others..ANYWHERE. I called back with the right car listing info. and insisted on dealing with anyone other than Scott **. He wrote to profusely apologize a few weeks later and I did accept his apology and we started to communicate via email and texts. The content of the emails was escalating on his part. Sometime in June of last year, wrote me that his mother had passed away and would I be able to help him fly his mother's body back to Michigan and for the kindness, he would throw in $300 extra for me helping him. I found out he was married, he did NOT pay me back my money, as agreed. We had a hearing and Scott was ordered to pay me $1800 plus interest. He lied under oath that I agreed to give him a year to pay the money back.

We were planning on going to the Nissan dealership next door, but popped in because of a huge window advertisement at Camelback Ford. '$12,995 Ford Focus ask us how'. Yes ...Good luck with that question! Our salesman Jay was nice and showed us plenty of other vehicles, none anywhere near that price point, more like 6-10k more than that. We explained we were interested only in the vehicle that was advertised. We meandered around the back lots, round and round and surprise, nobody seemed to know where they kept those vehicles.

Seems as though Camelback Ford has not been introduced to any computer programs that may help them track their inventory! After an hour, Jay was able to get the keys to the mystery vehicle and just needed to find it on the lot. After more time had passed, he was able to let us know that it was at a storage lot of the property and that they had sent a couple guys to go and get it for us. Progress!

We were told they would be back in 10-15 and to have a seat and they'd bring it around. After about 45 minutes we asked our sales person to check how much longer it would be...A manager, Ben came over and told us 2 minutes....After 5 minutes, we told Jay to call us when it was there, we were going to grab a bite and come back. As we walked out, we were asked to speak to another manager, Chris.

We told Chris to call us when the car was ready, he agreed and shook our hands. We drove around for awhile looking for a place to eat some 20 miles away. Over an hour after leaving, Jay called to let us know the car was there! Yeah, again we felt we were getting closer. We confirmed with Jay that was indeed the advertised vehicle, he said it was, but not feeling we could trust this place. We asked him to confirm this with a manager before we drove the 20 miles back.

We walked around the Bass Pro shop for 30-45 minutes to kill some time and finally a manager called and told us they had the vehicle except it was $1000 more than the one on the ad- they didn't have one of those! We arrived at 1:30 and this call was made to us after 6 pm! Almost 5 hours of run around! They told us they did not know know when or if they would be getting another one of 'those' vehicles. How about being honest when the customer comes in - just say we don't have any cars at that price. Simple bait & switch followed by hours of games! SAVE YOUR TIME AND FRUSTRATION!

Bought a used Lincoln navigator from the dealership. Told them I wanted a Carfax. They said no problem but car had been serviced and was clean. One thing lead to another and the deal went forward. Last month, I went to trade my Navigator in at a different non-Ford dealership. The salesperson came out and said, "Sorry, we can't trade your car in because it was stolen and wrecked." Camelback never disclosed that to us and told us the Carfax was clean. I went back to Camelback and told them. They weren't even shocked, said they fired everyone about 8 months ago.

Let me just say that this is the most dishonest bunch of people I have ever done business with. I will never do business with them nor will I refer anyone to them. My wife and I have been Ford people for 30 years and have owned many. They had a Ford Fiesta my wife was interested in that we found online. Bottom line is they lied to us and told us it was a clean Carfax. It wasn't. The car had been in an accident, and the insurance company paid out over $10,000 on it. Why it was not totaled, I’m not sure. We are in the process of fighting with them now. Stay away from this company. We are pursuing legal action. Plus, they charged us over $1,700 for a so-called certification. They would not be able to get that on a wrecked car. Stay clear.

I went into the Camelback Ford dealership to make a purchase based on my previous buying experience. I had purchased my vehicle in Spencer, Iowa at a Ford dealership in August 2007 and I had the best experience ever. It was easy and I loved Ford as my lender. That is why back in the middle of April 14th, 2012, I traded in my 2007 Ford Taurus with about 82,000 miles for a 2008 Chrysler 300 with 52,000 miles at Camelback Ford. Financing had a hiccup. They did not want to do lending with the vehicle having higher than 50,000 miles, so I had to go in and re-sign my contract. But when I went to sign my contract, it showed that there were 48,000 miles. They stated that this was so I would be able to get the loan. After research, I stated I did not feel comfortable with that. I called the lender and explained what was going on.

This was a back and forth process and I then spoke with the General Manager Brent. I took my friend so that I had someone with me. He stated that he was not going to give me my car back - they had already sold it. This made no sense since my Taurus, still in the month of May, had not been paid for. The General Manager Brett stated that if I even wanted my car back, they would then charge me for mileage on the 300. This was after he knew that the contract information needed to be corrected and I felt uncomfortable with the deal. He then stated that he was personally going to take care of the paperwork and everything was going to be right. The paperwork was corrected so that it showed the correct mileage and then I was now going through GM for my loan.

Next problem at hand was that my tags had expired and they were not going to give me another paper tag because now it showed that I owned the vehicle. I had lost time at work by this point, as well as traveling to get everything resolved. They told me that I would not get pulled over and they were overnighting a plate. Eventually by June, my car was paid off. I had the correct plates and I was on my way through all of the headaches (legal documentation is also attached). I have not been late for payments and everything was great. Everything was finalized after 2 months. November 11, 2012 I got a call from Matt **, a car salesman. He stated that since I had my vehicle for 6 months or more, I was eligible for a refinance to help me with my payments being lowered. So I stated to Matt that I would be in.

We went through and they stated (of course) that I was eligible for a trade up. I was actually pretty happy, but I made sure the salesman knew my headache I had also previously had. We found the Mazda CX-9. The perfect vehicle for me and my four children. I needed third row seating, having four children. When we were driving the vehicle, it had a light on which was the airbag light. Matt stated that was something that would have to be fixed. He stated that we needed to have it looked at but at that time, it was not a big deal. It could be a fuse. Going in to do the paperwork that evening, my payments were to be a certain way due to my credit score going up due to my Ford previously being paid off. However, when we got into the office, the financial manager was stating that my payments would go up $100. “Yup, not okay. Give me my Chrysler back and we are just going to wait.” They said, “No, no, no we can work something out. Give us a few days and we will have this figured out.”

I walked out and Matt was waiting and he could see that I was upset. I let him know what happened and he said, "Take the car home. Get a feel for it and they are going to work on the paperwork. Then we are getting that vehicle into service." I was so frazzled I never thought anything of it. I stayed in contact regularly, but then went on vacation. When I was on vacation, General Motors called me to let me now that they were doing the loan and to let me know when my first payment would be. Yay, so I thought. When I got back, I spoke to Matt and I was to come in after work on Saturday and get everything fixed on the vehicle combined with a detailing and some gas. I was to call him when I was on my way. I called with no answer and when we were five minutes from the dealership, he called to let me know service is closed and they cannot fix the vehicle. However, we can get the detail and gas so that our trip was not for nothing.

I thought that I had more paperwork since the last time, I did it three times. But he stated everything was completed and then he asked if we had written down the problem with the lights. He said he wanted that done as soon as possible and that he was backdating it. However, I've never seen a copy. We were waiting patiently and Jordan (supposedly a manager - come to find out he was not, but an acting one) came over and chatted that we made out awesome with the vehicle because no one made money on it because to get me at what I wanted, they had to shave $2,000 off the vehicle to make it work. They had lost big and they no longer are doing deals like that. During the time that detailing of the car was getting done, Matt said worst case scenario: if they do not fix the vehicle, they are going to want to try and get me out of the vehicle. Red flag. We were told to take the vehicle to Camelback Mazda on Monday, December 10th.

The dealership took the car to Camelback Mazda (see attached) on Monday, December 10, 2012. They informed me that there were several safety issues with the airbag system and would cost roughly $7,000 in repairs. During this time, Camelback Ford put me into a borrowed car until they could figure what to do. They wanted to trade me into something else and stated that they were not going to fix these issues. It was brought to my attention that it is illegal for a dealership to sell a car that won't pass basic safety inspections and this vehicle with these problems would not. I asked the dealership to simply unwind the deal, send me home in my Chrysler 300 and be done dealing with them. During this time, I was notified that the lender had finalized the deal and I assumed that my old car would be paid off. Camelback Ford has already detailed the car and had it up for sale on their lot, but still to this day they have not completed their obligations to send the final payment for the trade-in and the Mazda has not been repaired.

They left me with a dealer plate on CX 9 for almost a month. When I asked why I could not use the plates from my Chrysler 300 yet or get a temporary plate, they told me that because I now own the CX9 and they could not put temp plates on, they had to print a 90-day. After this it was a process of getting the vehicle fixed. No one would contact me back on what was going to happen with fixing my vehicle. December 8, 2012 I called at 1:16PM. I was transferred and put on hold and left there; thus, not answering my questions so I called again at 3:13PM to try and get answers again in which I talked to the manager who said that he would check into it and call me back. I then again called on December 12, 2012 at 11:19AM. I left a message for Jason **.

Again I called at 12:33 to find out who was going to fix my vehicle. Finally I was told that someone was going to pick my car keys since initially I was told to keep them. The keys were picked up at 1:45PM and the request was made by Jason. I called on Saturday, December 15th to see when the vehicle was going to be completed because the Ford Fusion was not working for my family. I was told that the vehicle was being fixed at Camelback Mazda; another stated that it was being fixed there at Ford, but no one would tell us when the vehicle would be completed. I was told by Jordan that he was going to find out and call me back. I did not hear back from him so I called again and he promised that he was going to call back and yet again, there was no call back.

I then called the GM. He stated that he had no clue what was going on and he was personally going to find out what the problem was. As of December 19th, there has been no returned communication from the general manager. I spoke with the car salesman Matt and he stated he felt that the vehicle was not going to be fixed. They are waiting for another vehicle to come in for me to be traded into. He heard several times that the vehicle is going to cost too much to be fixed. At this point, my hands are tied and I am now in the process of turning this information over to the attorney general as well as several media sources.

I found a vehicle on their website, filled out the application. I talked on the phone with Finance before driving four hours to be told different terms. Finance guy denied his own text stating the terms we had agreed upon. I signed the papers and drove home. Three weeks later, I received a call from Finance that "there are a couple of pages to be signed." I explained that I don't want to drive down again without more information. They wouldn't disclose any information and the Finance manager hung up. My whole car buying experience was so frustrating and by far, my worst one yet. I would not refer anyone to Camelback Ford.

I was in the market for a truck and was contacted by Camelback Ford regarding their current models. I politely declined the assistance and asked to be removed from their call list 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have received 2-3 calls per day from them and each time I requested to be put on a do not call list. When the manager called me this last Sunday (yes, on a weekend during supper time), I expressed my anger and he promptly placed me on the list, removing me from the others. Apparently, the other employees hadn't actually done so. Yesterday, I received 6 back to back phone calls from different employees and finally lost my temper.

Within an hour, I received 11 phone calls from Camelback Ford, either giggling or introducing themselves then hanging up. Employees using a customer's personal information for prank phone calls. My husband submitted a police report for harassment last night and I will be paying out of pocket to change my phone number. At 33 weeks pregnant, I have no need for any undue stress. I wouldn't do business with this company even if they offered me a free vehicle.

I contacted Camelback Ford and inquired about a Chevy 2500 Duramax. The person on the other end of the line said they still had the truck and we could come look at it. We drove up from Tucson and after the salesman took down all my contact information and photocopied my driver's license (just in case I wanted to test drive the truck), he told us they sold the truck the night prior. He proceeded to ask if I wanted to look at any other trucks they had. I did not and we left. 4 days later, I again looked on the internet and noticed the same truck was still listed for sale. I contacted the dealership via email and they responded the truck was still available. I emailed them back asking for additional information.

After not receiving any contact back, I called the dealership and spoke to an individual who stated the truck was available. When I told him I was told the truck was sold, he stated he would have to get back with me once he puts eyes on it. 3 days later, still no phone call and the truck is still on their website. I guess they make so much money they don't need mine or they're doing something illegal.

On Saturday, 08/18/12, my wife and I went to the dealership drawn by the dealer's web advertisement for a 2005 Lexus RX330 for $15,972. I called to confirm the vehicle was still there and to confirm the website advertised price. Mathew, the website manager, confirmed both questions, so the wife and I made the trip to Camelback Ford. There was a slightly damaged front fender on the vehicle that the salesman quickly said, "We will take care of that."

After the test drive, we sat down to do the paperwork. The salesman ran a sale recap sheet and there was a section stating "Dealer Added Accessories" with a mysterious $1,792.00 fee added. When I questioned the salesman as to what the $1,792 fee was, he stated it's the average cost to repair used cars for what the dealership finds after they make their 169-point inspection of all used vehicles and this is the amount they charge for every used vehicle. I told him that if that is the case, they should include that amount in the advertised prices, not attach it when the deal is ready to close. The salesman had no response. I asked him if I would get a copy of this 169-point inspection and he said, "Yes, we'll get you a copy of your vehicle's inspection after we close the deal." So we closed and they were to have our vehicle ready for us the next Monday.

After numerous attempts through the salesman, the used car sales manager and the general manager, I have yet to obtain this inspection report for our vehicle. I got the runaround for a few weeks and now none of the managers return my calls. I don't believe an inspection report was ever done on this vehicle. Since it was a Lexus, I feel they just charged us for a certified inspection. The bait and switch advertising they do is in violation of Consumer Protection Laws, so we will be contacting our attorney and will take this to arbitration and file a formal complaint with the AZ AGs Office. This fraud needs to be investigated. Watch out for Camelback Ford's bait and switch tactics.

A follow-up to my husband's complaint: After waiting for 3 weeks for this company to fulfill the promises they had made, we are back at square one. Three days after getting the car delivered, the car alerted us that it needed brake pads. The day we picked up the car, we were told that the brake pads had been changed as promised. They also told us that the rear door had been repaired as promised and was now closing properly. It is not closing properly and has not been repaired. It appeared to be, but the next day, it's back to not closing completely. My husband called to inform them of this and was told to bring the car in today at 9am to have these issues addressed by their service department.

We were met by a salesman named Demitry, who went into another room to talk to someone about this appointment. He returned to us and stated that they would take a look at the door. My husband said, "What about the brakes?" Demitry did not know, and my husband asked how long this will take and if he can get a loaner car so that he could go to work while they work on the car. Demitry stated, "I don't know, and what do you want me to do, lie to you? You haven't been coming at me right. I can't tell you how long it will take." As this is occurring, my husband's salesman walked in and inquired about what is going on as things had become heated. My husband told him why he was back there and how unhappy he was that after waiting 3 weeks and being lied to and given the runaround, he is now back still needing the same work to be completed. Demitry handed the keys to our salesman and walked away calling my husband "crazy".

The salesman became frustrated instantly and told my husband, "My job is to take you out to test-drive the vehicle you're interested in purchasing and see if they can make the deal. That is it. It's up to you if you buy the car. I took that car myself to Camelback BMW for the work to be done, and we paid a lot of money for that." Then a third young man approached and asked us if we can bring the car back tomorrow, because they are overbooked. We walked out and will likely be making the repairs elsewhere. The staff appeared to be run down, and I believe their morale is low. I witnessed another gentleman the night we picked up the car complaining about things similar to what we were experiencing. Looking at the staff, I saw them wearing un-ironed clothing, too short slacks, slacks with stains, and worn-over shoes. This is a sure sign of bad business. To basically tell a customer that "After you decide to buy the car, I am done" is another sign of poor customer service.

Customer service does not end after the deal is complete; it should extend to every time a customer walks through your door and/or until a resolution is met. Unfortunately, the staff went into defense mode immediately, because as human beings, it's hard to be confronted time and again when the company you work for cannot deliver on the promises made to its customers. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. This whole experience has been horrible, and I have a feeling it is not over yet, as we do not know who our finance company is. After making some calls, we have discovered it's not who they said it was. Beware.

My daughter lives in Gilbert and she was trying to buy her first car. She understands that her credit's not great, higher APR, etc., so she went to Camelback Ford. She said her experience was great until she started talking to a manager named Jordan. It finally got down to approximately $40 difference between what she wanted. She wanted to call me to ask advice (I would have said go for it!). Then, Jordan became very condescending, asking her, "What don't you understand?" and generally making her feel less than a customer. I told her I would talk with the salesman (Brandon, who she said was great), but she said she'll never go back. After reading more reviews, I don't blame her. It was a very bad experience.

Wow. Very bad salesman and customer service sucks. I traded in a Mercedes s430 for a 745li BMW on August 3, 2012. The car was at the back area of their shop, not a bad looking car from the outside. I had some 22' rims on it, but the stereo was not working. Also, the back door was not closing right. My salesman said they will fix these problems. "Let's test drive and see if you will like it," so I did. Now for the bad news. I just got my car on August 22, 3 weeks later. I have to call every day to see when I can pick up my car. This is crazy. My back door was also not done at all. I will never buy a car from them again. Don't waste your time with them, you will pay for it. A very unhappy customer.

Back in May, I heard such great things of Camelback Ford on the radio so the ad drew me to investigate this great dealership. I traded in my '97 Subaru, they gave me $1,600 toward the trade-in value. I saw a 2010 F-150. My fiancee and I grew to like it, after some persuasion. Typical sales scam and I fell for it. Note that this is my first time buying a new or pre-owned vehicle from a lot. What a great experience when 2 weeks after we rolled off the lot with this truck temp tags and all and they need us to come back to refill out the paperwork. 2 weeks after that, we're back again filling out paperwork. 3 weeks after that, guess what? This continued on until I needed to be reissued new temp tags.

They refused to reissue me new tags because it wasn't in the system. Hmm.. Now here we sit with no truck. They asked us to fill out the paperwork once again. My '97 Subaru, which I'd rather be driving at this point, has been sold to someone else and I'm stuck losing my job because I no longer have a means of transportation. Thank you sons of **. Oh and because I put miles on it, they're charging me. I'm sorry, I thought I was supposed to drive a vehicle or was it meant to sit and be looked at?

I must say that my experience with this dealership has been a horrendous experience for me. I should have never walked into that dealership door. The car I called in about was available and they asked me to come in and see it. When I arrived, I learned that the car hadn't even gone through the shop yet. The car had a flat tire when they pulled up for me to test drive it. That should have been the sign there. It also had paint issues and some mechanical issues, but the salesman, John-John, had reassured me that they would fix all the problems with it before I could take it home. I test drove it and stated I am fine with moving forward under the condition that the problems get fixed. Since the car was in fairly good condition and the price they had listed was reasonable, I moved forward with the sale.

I had informed them that I was approved already for a certain amount of money through my credit union, and that I just needed them to fax over a PO. But they continued to tell me they could beat the rate. Considering my credit score wasn't the greatest, they found it hard to believe that the rate my credit union would even come close to what they can get since they deal with over 40 banks nationwide. So under the agreement that if they could beat the rate, fine. But if not, the financing will be through my credit union. They called to inform me they couldn't beat the rate. They faxed over a PO with the wrong amount on it to the credit union, so it wasn't approved to be financed. Then, my credit loan officer at the credit union told me the finance manager that had called on my loan was a complete ** and didn't even understand the terms that I was set up for and under frustration hung up on her.

The sage continues. Each day, I call to check status on the car and I'm being told it's in the shop being fixed. First detailed, then it needed a part from a Nissan Dealer and they were waiting on that, then the next day. Now, it's at a Nissan dealer getting warranty repair. Every day a different story. On day 7, car is still not ready. Then, I hear that the financing is the issue, after being told that it was repair issues. I wasn't getting the entire truth and the staff's attitudes were starting to really upset me. Some of the sales staff I dealt with were Matt, Dimitri, Jordan, and John-John. They seemed very insincere and just about said anything to get me off the phone. They were so quick to get off the phone. I had to ask them before they hung up if they had my phone # to call me back; each time, no. They didn't even bother to ask for it to call me back. So, I ended up having to give it to them each time. Then the funny thing is they never call back. I always had to call back.

I finally had to vent with Dimitri, the ASM (asst manager), who actually was getting attitude back with me after I had informed him how stressful this whole car buying experience had been. He actually said, "I can't do anything for you and why are you getting mad at me I didn't do anything to you?" I told him, "Aren't you the assistant manager and isn't it your job to hear the complaints of customers and come to some kind of compromise to appease the customer?" "Nothing said" from Dimitri. He wanted nothing to do with this clearly. Each staff person I spoke to sounded extremely inconvenienced with my call. The level of service at this place is a joke. Very shady staff and I felt like I was getting the runaround. I had to make all the follow up calls. No one called me to update me on the status of the car or my loan. I had to push and push to get the truth. Finally, I said I'm done, no car after 7 days, no financing secure, so I have nothing to tie me to this place. I'm gone. They seemed the least bit concerned, and washed their hands of it.

I am so disgusted by this dealership. It's upsetting to me to see how many others had the same or similar experience when I came to this website and to think that these types of businesses can operate this way and impact people’s lives financially with no remorse. They inconvenienced me for an entire week and wasted my time. I recommend to anyone I know never to buy at this dealership or any sister company tied to it. Very unprofessional and extremely not customer service oriented.

I came across a used 2000 Lexus RX 300 that was on three different used car web postings. I was solicited by this dealer after I emailed information indicating my interest. The "internet sales manager" advised me that the SUV in question was in fact in stock, and she had the Carfax for me when I arrived. Upon arriving, after driving 30 minutes to get there, a 2005 Lexus RX 330 was placed out front and I was advised to test drive it. I told the Sales manager on duty, Drew, that I wanted to see the 2000 model. He said it was not on the lot, that it was gone. I asked to speak to the internet sales manager to see where the disconnect occurred. Drew said he would get her, and then skipped. I mean he never came back, and neither did Jessica, the "internet sales manager". It was a standard bait and switch. When I brought this to the attention of the general manager of the entire dealership, he chuckled when I told him what happened, and joked that that is odd, all his sales people were hiding from me when normally they are more aggressive. It seems the culture runs from the top down over there. I promise anyone out there, if you deal with Camelback Ford, you will regret it!

I purchased a Lincoln from Camelback Ford Phoenix. I will not go back and suggest you do not purchase from them. On the day of purchase, I did tell them A/C only blows on high only. They assured me not to worry, they will be sure to repair. I happily drove off. They never repaired and refuse to sign off on work order. Even General Manager ** who promised my A/C repair will not call me back or sign off on work order. I will not purchase from them again.

Like many of you, I recently had a bad experience at Camelback Ford. Once I read your comments, I became really, really concerned. I traded in my car for a new one a few weeks ago. I drove off the lot in the new car and returned to the dealer about a week later for some service work. While there, I was told that my deal had not been approved and that I would need new financing. I signed the new revised documents and then was harassed for my A-plans social to obtain my discount. After speaking directly with Ford's A-plan authorization center, I was told that no part of the Social Security number is required by the dealer.

This is a tactic to commit fraud and obtain additional A-plan discounts. I contacted the state attorney general's office and Ford Motor Dealer Relations, after no resolution from Camelback. I had the runaround the same as many of you. No returned phone calls or people unavailable. What a horrible way to operate a business. I encourage all of you to let Ford dealer relations know what is going on and to contact the state attorney general's office - both can be done online. Ford's email address is: ** or the website: Don't accept this abuse, take it to the media and an attorney if you have to.

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