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Once again we spent an entire afternoon trying to resolve the rather gigantic mistake of purchasing our Dodge Journey from your company. I would like to say that I appreciate your person efforts towards acknowledging our concerns. However, this situation and the poor customer service of the other departments and personnel was and has been absolutely unacceptable, frustrating and extremely inconvenient. This matter has caused serious unnecessary problems in our lives and extreme emotional distress. We are infuriated at the constant problems which have been presented since we purchased the vehicle.

It is absolutely ridiculous to spend seven months asking for the repair of our car, aside the fact of the unprofessional sale done by AutoNation Ford Used Cars when we were given a car which already had serious issues. We have been trying to avoid any negative publicity and taking legal action, instead we chose to take the cordial approach of trying to solve this matter amicably. We have sent numerous e-mails hoping somebody on your end (AutoNation Ford Used Cars) to act professionally and provide us the customer satisfaction we deserve.

Satisfaction Rating

I took my low-mileage (2003 with 48,000 miles at the time) vehicle in for an oil change at the Ford dealership last year, 2013, and the following month squealing could be heard from under the hood and I therefore took my vehicle in again and was told the V-belt needed replacing. A few days after having that done the air conditioning was not working properly in that strange noises can be heard each time it is in use and disappear when it is turned off. I returned to the dealership, again with my complaint and was told.... now it needs a new compressor. I refused to let them convince me that I needed a new compressor when there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the air conditioning prior to the oil change and V-belt change. Following that a burned oil smell was evident each time I exited the vehicle.

I took it to Goodyear to ask if they would check it out to see if they could determine what was causing the smell. The manager informed me that whomever changed the oil on the vehicle had left a double gasket on and therefore the filter was not properly sealed causing oil to leak out. I returned to the Ford dealership with the vehicle so that they could correct their sloppy work and was told "we cleaned up the oil as best as we could".... I took that to mean it was not 100% cleaned up but cleaned up to the point I should not have any problem. The burned oil smell was not totally eliminated but it was improved. I had to pay someone to cleanup what the dealership left behind. A few months later I started noticing the car seemingly not wanting to start on occasion. I stopped at O'Reilly and asked for a free battery check even though the battery was not that old and it checked out fine. I was told "don't worry it won't quit on you".

Three weeks later it would not crank and had to be towed to Firestone where I was told the starter had to be replaced because it was full of OIL. The shotty oil change caused the starter to go out and I therefore returned to the dealership for the $400.00 reimbursement that came out of my pocket due to their shotty work. Because I was constantly receiving offers from the dealership to purchase my vehicle I do believe there was an attempt to sabotage the vehicle or rip me off. I am still unable to use the air conditioning with confidence while driving out of fear of causing further damage and being stranded. Firestone gave me an estimate of 1700.00 to replace the air conditioning (that supposedly will give me a "perfect system" without any "contaminated" parts). Needless to say I am TOTALLY disgusted over this situation and will never ever take my vehicle to this dealership for service again. In all actuality I am reluctant to take it anywhere for service anymore. I had a vehicle working just fine prior to a shotty oil change at the dealership.


On 16 Nov 09, I brought my 2002 Ford Explorer in to check a small oil leak and a clear fluid leak ($1,177.89). I received the vehicle back on 18 Nov 09 showing the work along with an oil change on the invoice. On 23 Nov 09, the vehicle had to be towed back to Maroone. The service advisor stated that the vehicle had thrown a rod and gone through the engine block causing the failure. He said my options were a used replacement motor or a re-manufactured motor from Ford.

On 3 Dec 09, I asked to speak with the service manager; however, he was out so I sat down with the asst. service manager named Mike **. I explained that I was happy with my treatment at this Service Center until now. I explained that I just had my car there a few days earlier and now, five days later, the motor incurred a catastrophic failure. I printed some information I downloaded from my computer showing that failures like this could be a result of lack of lubrication. I told him I thought perhaps the technician that had serviced the vehicle may have forgotten to put oil in or perhaps he did not fix the leak that I brought the car in for originally.

Mr. ** said that he would look into it and get back with me. Mr. ** called me back the next day stating that a bolt holding on the cap had sheared off. He stated that he personally inspected the rod and it did not show evidence of lack of lubrication. He said the failure was no fault of the technician or mine (I have the oil changed regularly) and said that these things happen. He then said that Ford would not do anything for me and that the only thing that could be done was that he would provide the cost of a used motor or a re-manufactured motor - $3,000 and $5,000 respectively. I told him to pursue the re-manufactured motor.


I am writing to notify you of the continuing problems I have had with my 2007, Ford, Mustang, and VIN#1zvft80n975277879. I purchased my car from Miami Ford on Approximately October, 2007and since purchasing the car within the first month I had a transmission fluid leaking from my car, which caused it to stall on the Sawgrass Expressway. Sawgrass Ford which was the dealership right down the street refused to take care of my car because they did not want to give me a rental . So I called Roadside Assistance to have the car towed to Maroone Ford in Copans Road. They fixed the car and informed me that the car had a loose transmission line.

Then I few weeks later the car stalled again on the highway and safely pulled over to the side and tried starting the car again, after several attempts by the attempts of strangers the car finally started again and at this time I called the dealership in Copans and spoke with Jan who advised me to drive the car to the dealership. The car stayed with them for a few days and after running several diagnostics Lenny I believe who's the service manager informed me that they were unable to find anything visibly wrong with the vehicle. So I took my car back disappointed that nothing was found wrong with the car.

However, I spoke to Lenny the following day and expressed my concern for my safety and my newborns safety and how the car automatically stalls as I'm driving on the highway so he willingly had an engineer install a machine in my car to monitor the car to record the next time the car stalled again which it did twice again. Since then the machine has been returned to the dealership and the Ford Engineer has not given me an update as to what was reported on the computer. Why not?

On 08-04-08 after picking up my child from the child minder the car stalled on University Drive and again all the lights on the dashboard started flashing on and off for a few seconds and a very strange smell came through the vent so I pulled over and grabbed my daughter out of her car seat and waited to see if something was going to happen to the car. It was 6:38pm and I kept getting voicemail from the Copan service department at Maroone Ford. So I had my husband pick up the car and he saw that the battery light and engine light were still on but were flashing intermittingly.

The following day I contacted roadside assistance to have the car towed to Maroone Ford in Copans since no one had returned my call at the dealer from the night before. The car was delivered to the dealership on time by 12:30pm and Mike Howell, the person handling my car had told me that my car was not delivered to the dealership until 3:00pm which is a lie! Roadside Assistance kept me informed w hen and what time my car was picked up and dropped off at the dealership. When I asked why he was making excuses he stated that he was NOT MAKING EXCUSES AND THAT HE WAS NOT APOLOGIZING FOR NOT WORKING ON MY CAR BECAUSE HE WAS TOO BUSY. Sorry, But that's no excuse--that's sheer rudeness!

I'm sorry that I don't expect everyone to jump to fix my car when it's delivered to the dealership but when a vehicle has been sitting on your lot for half a day I think that's adequate time for someone to give me a courteous call and inform me that they were unable to look at the car today and provide me with a rental! Instead of leaving me high and dry without a car and missing another days worth of pay. What I'm moreconcerned about is that NO ONE from Ford has contacted me in regards to the number of complaints that I've left regarding the issues about my car.

As of today dealership has still unable corrected the problem with my car, please contact Maroone Ford in Copans for the copies of my records as the number of attempts they've made to repair this vehicle. As a consumer I've been very patient as to the way Ford as been dealing with my issue but for your mechanics to explain that I may or may not be having an electrical problem and not being able to fix my problem--that is pure negligence.

This is my final correspondence to you and under the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act and under the Florida lemon law, Federal and State laws, my final alternative will be to seek legal counsel if my car issues are not resolved within 14 days of your receipt of this letter. You are endangering our lives with a vehicle that obviously has an electrical problem.


On 10/9/07 while driving my Mustang Convertable to Maroone Ford of Margate for repairs, the odometer turned over to 10000 miles. When I picked-up my car on 10/17/07 at 7:00pm, the odometer read 10825. The paperwork identifed mileage in at 10020 and out at 10025. The Service Department had closed, so when I arrived home, I called the Maroone Ford of Margate main number, spoke to a receptionist about someone driving my car approximately 800 miles; and I also called the cell phone number/spoke to Lenny Bashford, Service Manager at 8:30pm about this situation. In addition there was a dent below the trunk and scratches on the passenger side of the car. I continue to be very upset about this misuse of my car - truly a violation and travesty!

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On Feburary 2, 2007, I went to Maroone Ford; regarding a vehicle in particular. I had recieved the an internet quote for 2007 Ford Fusion. So the following Saturday I went to down the dealership and met with the salesman that provided me the internet quote (Stan Jones). I test drove the 07' Fusion and I love it, he asked if I had a downpayment, I told him "yes"...$1500.00". We went inside and drew up the paperwork, after waiting for about an hour or two, Mr. Jones came back explaining to me that my credit wasn't that good. So, he'd asked if I had a co-signer, I asked my mother would she co-signed (she did).

Another two hours sitting and waiting no word, no response, the salesguy was running around, not letting us know whats going on. Until after 3hrs later, I come to find out that I still wasnt qualified for the car, so he decided to put in 2007 Ford Focus (as my first car) for those whose credit isn't up to up standard, he mention their facilities has a great first-time buyer program and he put me in that in order to qualified for the car. Plus,the 07' Focus was on sale for $13,000 instead of $19,000. Afterwards, I met with the financial manager, went over the contract, the car note amount, condition of sale form, etc....Now with the condition sale states that the dealership is allowed to let the buyer to have car off the lot while they locate bank financed the buyer. During that evening after the downpayment was recieved and all the paperwork was signed off along with paper tag. I went to go and speak with insurance lady cause i didnt have any insurance at the moment, cause it was my first car.

The type of insurances she had to offer were ridiculous for a person with no prior auto insurance, brand new car and under the age of 25 years. So that night I didnt leave the lot with my car (cause of no insurance). My mother told them that in the morning we will comeback and pick up the car because she added onto her insurance.


Back on march of this year, I purchased a 2006 ford mustang from Maroone Ford in Margate. The vehicle was plagued with problems from the beginning and was in the shop for multiple issues at multiple Ford dealerships. Because I was so frustrated, I traded the vehicle in on July 1, 2006 for a demo 2006 ford mustang at the same dealership. After signing all the paperwork and inspecting the vehicle in the sunlight, It was determined that there was a scratch on the hood, a dent in the front fender and spider webs in the paint on the entire vehicle. The salesman Roger immediately assured me this would be taken care of by their body shop and issued me a we owe? for the defects. I then had the vehicle for a week before bringing it to maroone collision for the body work to be performed.

The vehicle was there 3 weeks without any follow up from the dealership. After going to inspect the vehicle and having to bring the vehicle back for a total of EIGHT different times, the work was still not completed correctly.
Upon the NINTH time of bringing the vehicle, the autobody technician sanded to far into the clear coat on the drivers side front fender. He then said they would need to re paint the front fender with clear coat.

About another 2 weeks went by and I got another call stating the vehicle was ready. When I went to pick up the vehicle there was clear coat overspray on the entire vehicle including all the windows and side view mirror. The technician went inside and got a razor blade and steel wool to remove the overspray from the rear window. While attempting to remove the overspray with the razor blade he scratched the back window up so bad that they had to replace it. My vehicle to this day still has overspray on the drivers side sideview mirror and multiple locations in the paint.

I had escalated to every manager at maroone ford including the general manager. The general manager said they have done all they are going to and I had no choice but to take the car.

I took the car to an acura dealership with hopes of getting out of a vehicle that is not what I paid for. When they appraised it they took notes of the poor paint job and overspray and took $3,500.00 off the price of the vehicle.


I purchased a brand-new 2006 Ford Mustang on March 13, 2006. On April 14, 2006, I took the car to the service dept because I noticed that the rear window had "large bubbles" in it (between the two pieces of glass and defroster). The car was reviewed by the service manager and a new glass was ordered. The new glass was installed on April 24, 2006. Their technician did a lowsy job installing the FIRST glass, failed to center the glass on the opening and didn't trim the sealant as he should of. I refused to accept the car and got the director Scott Kendig involved. He was VERY APOLOGETIC, ordered another piece of glass. It appeared two days later. They touched up the paint and reinstalled the glass correctly. I picked it up on April 29. On April 30 @ 7:30 pm. I went out to the car and noticed that this new piece of glass, instead of having bubbles in it now has large, vertical streaks or lines (throughout the ENTIRE window).

I took 14 digital pictures of this last night and emailed them to Scott Kendig. He contacted the Ford rep, who seems to think that these window defects are "inherent" of this vehicle. He also mentioned that Cadillac is having similar problems. My question is, my car is 45 days old now, it's defective, and I was NEVER advised of the defect. I can email you the pictures if you want. The window defects are only visible at certain times of the day. 1) sundown around 6:30-8:00 pm DAILY; 2) when it is overcast-prior to rain 3) when it is raining- this is clearly visible from my rear-view mirror. The Ford rep will be at Maroone Ford this Wednesday. Apparently Scott will consult with her at that time about my vehicle and show her the pictures I took.

I am just looking for ADVICE at this point. Filing a formal complaint prior to them giving me an answer on Wednesday could prove to be counterproductive. What legal recourse do I have? Am I entitled to replace my vehicle with another, considering it's 45 days old? Presuming that this problem is "inherent" of Mustangs, what do you recommend that I do?



i went to maroone ford to have body work done that state farm oked...i have a 1999 toyota camry after 3 weeks the body work was finalld done and they were going to paint it. they said the car didnt start , they replaced the battery, my alarm kept going off so i brought them the clicker to **** it off the next day the told me that the engine was locked up and that that engine was recalled...I called toyota , gave them the vin number . Toyota looked it up and said there is no recall or nothing wrong with that engine..the finally finished the body work the car still wont start they droped the oil pan and told me the engine blew..

I drove the car in . it was in perfect condition now the wont pay to fix my engine they said it was toyotas fault and they wont fix it...they want me to sign off on the body work but i wont untill they fix my car..and have it the way it was when i left it with them.. the g.m. wont call me back and the body shop manager said he cant help me...can you help me plaese. I havent had a car in 6 weeks.


Several occassions I have taken my car for repairs sometimes, for the same repair that Maroone Ford (Car Dealership Repair Services), claim they have fixed. The last repairs were made were on March 1, 2005 by Ford with a total price of $1,554.98. The complaint I made to Ford was my Island was to high, Door lock was broken and the Rear of my car was to low. I spoke with Carlos Carulla (Ford Service Advisor), and requested that all problems with the car be repaired. However, I was charged for the repaired mentioned but, still encountered the same problems. I and my brother-in-law contacted Mr. Eleazar Russo (Director, Ford Repair Service) and Mr. Carulla earlier this week with no return call. On May 6, 2005, myself and my aunt contacted Mr. Russo and Mr. Carulla about the problems with my car.

We both were told that now they are going to charge us additional $1,700.00 for the same repairs (I have a receipt showing charges for these services). I and my aunt stated to Mr. Russo,(and my aunt went to see Mr. Russo on evening after work May 6, 2005)in reference to them charging me for service several times for amounts over $1,000 (constantly) and continuing to charge me for the same problems.(All charges were put on my credit card if you need prove). My aunt asked for everything to be put in writing what they were requesting. Mr. Russo stated, he thought that she was using her Government Position to get what we wanted (because, she works for the county here in miami and stated that we were going to file a formal complaint against the company. He also stated, that this is a treat because, she stated we will file a complaint with Consumer Services.

Mr. Carulla stated, he new what the problem was with the rear of the car sitting low. Mr. Russo (Director), felt it necessary to make different quotes but, all over $1,500; however, he refused to put anything in writing and give us a copy when my aunt was present at the Ford. (Once, my aunt asked for the list of all the problems going on with the car now and the amount that Mr. Russo says it would cost to fix he made the statments about my aunt being a government worker and her being black.) Now, I am being told that my rear Air Bags are bad by my Carlos Carulla and Mr. Eleazar Russo when they made other repairs to the bad instead of fixing the actual problem.


I bought my new Ford Focus on January 20.2001. Eight months later as I was driving my daughter home the car stopped running. I called Ford, they replaced my fuel pump, fuel tank. The very next day ... it happened again and they replaced the pump AGAIN and the FUEL TANK. The front wheel bearings are gone and they need to be replaced. I've been to ford on many many occasions for recall/defective parts. The members of management at the dealership are rude. When I called the Ford Customer hotline they didn't help...if anything they infuriated me even more!


I purchased my new 2000 Ford F-150 Lariat in January of 2000. In December of 2000 I noticed that the piece of metal that is the bottom of the truck bed had severe rust on the lip that hangs over the rear of the bed. This was on a Sunday, so on Monday morning I took it to the dealership I had purchased the vehicle at. The Sales manager informed me that the rust could have been caused by chemicals so Ford was not responsible. I informed him that I don't carry any chemicals in the truck, I use it solely for transportation and I do not use it as a work vehicle.

After arguing with him for two hours he agreed to have the body shop repair the rust and they would give me a rental car. I tried to explain to them that repairing the rust was not a good solution because if one little spot was missed the rust would spread like crazy again. But after arguing for 2 hours I knew they weren't going to fix it right so I gave in. So Teusday morning I took the truck into the body shop. Monday afternoon I also called the customer service at the ford motor company and filed a complaint. On thursday the body shop called my wife and informed her that the rust was not repairable and the entire bed had to be replaced. They then informed her that the Ford rep for south florida had came to look at the truck and that she had said Ford would not cover it because it could have been caused by chemicals. The manager then asked my wife if she was sure we didn't have a pool business and we were carrying chlorine in the bed of the truck. My wife informed him that we do not have any such business and no we do not carry chemicals.

After my wife called me I called the ford motor company back and they informed that if the field rep says it isn't covered their is nothing they can do about it. When asked who else I could talk to they say there was noone else I could talk to and that I should try to get hold of the field rep. So I called the dealership back and left a message about how I can get in touch with the field rep. The dealership then called me back and told me that the field rep would be getting in touch with me either that or tonight or the tomorrow morning. Right now I am waiting for that call, so we will see how that goes.

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