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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Arctic Cat?
    • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed June 29, 2024

    Am suing Artic Cat for selling an atv, where the 4x4 drive does not work. I have been waiting over a year for parts. They said they were working on a new design. I have not been able to use my quad as intended. I have not been able to use the $4000 tracks that I bought from them for the quad. I have asked them to replace my quad with a new one or take the quad back and return my money. They have told me this is not an option. My attorney is wanting to know any other people that this problem has affected. We are looking to file a class action law suit against Arctic Cat. Please let me know if you are effected by this engineering problem and if you are interested in participating.



    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 1, 2024

    If you are in the market for a side by side or UTV look past Arctic Cat. I purchased a 2021, 500 Prowler because I'm a disabled veteran but still love to hunt but can't walk very far anymore and getting on an ATV is sometimes difficult. I got it with a roof and a windshield to help keep rain off of the instrument panel. First time in the seat it wouldn't move so I called the dealer and they told me to bring it back. I wanted a different one and was told they would fix it. Why would you have to fix a brand new vehicle.

    I was told a gasket was put in wrong and that because of all the rain we had been having the case where the belt is was full of water. I was told it was fixed. Now 2023 I ride up to my deer blind and almost didn't make it out. It looks to be the same problem. I was told Arctic Cat doesn't replace the garbage they sell. Only fix it. Not much I can do about making sure it doesn't get wet. That happens when I use it. Will be the last Arctic Cat of any kind of machine I will own.

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      Reviewed Aug. 19, 2023

      I recently purchased a new quad and last winter in about a foot of snow went out to feed some deer. When I left my corn pile the accelerator stuck wide open and I had to jump off the back. It proceeded to continue up a hill on my property till it hit a tree, bounced back then climbed the tree into a standing vertical position. All the while the throttle is wide open. I was terrified and got to the machine and turned it off. I called Artic Cat and the dealer I purchased it from and they asked me to bring it in. Long story short neither Babbitts nor ArticCat would stand behind their products and told me it would be 5 K to fix and that's giving me a discount. Needless to say, I picked up my quad and took it to a local body shop who fixed it for 600 dollars. I don't recommend doing business with either company, I'm 64 years old and don't hot rod around my property. Thanks for posting this in the hope they will look into this and correct the problem.

      Reviewed Dec. 26, 2020

      I have a 2001 Arctic Cat 500 Green Auto 4WD Model #A2001ATM4BUSG. I have had to have it service frequently due a variety of issues, mostly with the carburation. My latest issue is not being able to secure a specific part for my ATV. I need the AIRBOOT part #0470-382. Based upon the latest data from Arctic Cat this part is unavailable. The likelihood of it being available is slim-to-none! I realize it's 20 years old, but it runs very well and I like the experience I have had with the vehicle.

      I have begged and pleaded with TEXTRON and Arctic Cat for this part. I have even called dealers as far away as Anchorage, AK, and Ontario, CAN searching for a replacement. I even tried an AIR BOOT for the 2002 model which they produce. It isn't long enough. If they can make a part for a 2002 model why can't they produce the part for a 2001 model. I have a product I cannot even trade in for another vehicle. TEXTRON and Arctic Cat are a poor excuse for a corporation. Very disappointed in the lack of support.

      Reviewed March 10, 2020

      Bought an Arctic Cat 700 HDX 2017 as a used demo. Have had it 16 months, 2 months after purchase the crank seal went out and the belt went out. 6 months later it did it again. 2 months after that clutch broke when the unit wasn't even moving and the clutch and belt have to be replaced again. All this unit is used for is to drive the farm check fences and take out a couple square bales to my animals. This unit has been a giant disappointment And now that this is the 3rd time it's broke I have to pay for yet another repair. I will not keep this unit. It is junk and the dealer offers no options for the continuous breakdowns.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 5, 2020

      Purchased New 2017 Wildcat Sport 2 Crankshaft Bearing Failures. I purchased a new Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport 700 LTD for 22,830.52$ on May 2nd 2018 from Rockland Wheels in Rockland, Ontario, Canada. This machine had a 10 hour service completed at Snowmobiles Unlimited in Varney, Ontario Canada at 375 KM. At 1064 KM the engine seized which was caused by a failed crankshaft bearing, I took it back to Rockland Wheels. Rockland Wheels put a new engine and primary clutch in this machine on November 28th 2018. I was informed that the cause of failure was the wrong engine oil being used in the machine. I find this very peculiar as I have the receipts for the oil change and it was done at an Arctic Cat Dealer. I find it difficult to conclude that wrong engine oil was the cause. On July 25th 2019 I purchased 6 qts of oil and two oil filters from Snowmobiles Unlimited in Varney, Ontario, Canada and changed the oil myself at 1515 KMS.

      On December 29th 2019, I started the machine. Let it warm up and proceeded to take it for a ride. Approximately 1 KM from my house it developed a very prominent engine knock. I immediately took it home and shut it off. I took it to Barrie Powersports in Barrie, Ontario, Canada the first week of January, after not hearing anything for a month they called me and said they had found the problem and it was the primary clutch making the noise. So I told them to go ahead and order another clutch for it. On February 12th they called me and said they had put the new clutch on it and the knocking sound was still there. They have since informed me that the crankshaft is hopping due to a failed crankshaft bearing AGAIN!!!

      The current status is, the machine has 1879 KMS and it needs roughly 8 000$ in repairs just to be rideable again. Between the obvious mechanical issues with the machine and complete lack of explanation as to what had caused the failure with it the first time I have lost all faith in Arctic Cat/Textron products and support. I have made several attempts to gain some sort of compensation from Arctic Cat/ Textron and the dealer they have both made it very apparent that they are unwilling to work with me on this issue. Would hate to see anyone else scammed out of 33 000 Canadian $.

      Customer ServiceCoverageReliability

      Reviewed Feb. 24, 2020

      Have 2013 Prowler HDX 700 with only 764 miles. Wet clutch failed by coming apart. New part has a weld at the weak point. Either defective part in original or redesigned after problems. Called corporate Arctic Cat, would not assist. Said must go through dealer. Provided pictures to dealer and they tried. Denied because not in warranty. Only asked for part to be covered. Very poor customer response. I will not buy another Arctic Cat.

      PricePunctuality & SpeedStaffEase of Use

      Reviewed Dec. 11, 2019

      I bought a brand new Textron/AC Prowler 500 side by side this past spring. I put a little over 800 hard kilometres on it. Used it for work, light trail riding and heavy/aggressive trail, bog, swamp, mud trails etc. Towed with it as well (approx 900lbs. Keeping in mind it is a 443cc Engine made by a very reputable company named junco, this little guy is a beast. No, it is not glaring acceleration, rather it is quick for it Engine size. Up to 50 km/hr, acceleration is solid and consistent. 50-74km/hr, she takes her time to get there but will do top end of 74km/hr. More than fair for this unit. Suspension is not fancy, amazing or anything of the sort but it is smooth, predictable and even through the roughest trails with the hammer completely down, she hangs on quite well. She isn’t tippy but that is based on being honest about your environment, ride hard but not dumb.

      It is a quiet machine. Very low on vibrations and starts like a gem. Shifter is well designed, a little fussy when new but after my 800kms, cleaned right up and shifts from P to R to D to L with ease. Excellent storage, decent seats comfort wise. Sitting position is high, stable and good for short and long hauls. The tilt steering is absolutely perfectly designed. Bench seat is awesome, great for adding a lap belt in the middle for those slow rides with the young kids to make their day. We are in a very sandy area. In 2wd, she struggles to get any serious speed, so 40km/hr is about it. In 4wd, open front diff, she takes off and can do all speeds. Mud, bog etc is a must in low range, don’t bother with high range. Excellent 4wd system with front locker, easy to use and works perfectly.

      Wiring harness, electrical is all well sealed from factory though a bit exposed in the front end, very easy to add a small guard inside the passenger front fender (behind glove box) to protect the weakest point. There are three separate fused power ports to add your electronics etc, I added light bars, winch and USB ports. Easy to work on, good access to engine, diffs etc. Skid plates tear easily from mounting bolts. Add washers before going for serious riding. Towing is fine in low range, but stiffen up spring rate first. Barely 10” ground clearance in real life applications (weighed down by mud and passenger). Bang for your buck is really one of the best if not the best out there for major brands.

      I wanted a Honda, was ready to settle on a Ranger 500 and discovered the Prowler for 2k$ less than those options and no regrets except for having a CVT which I simply despise. This CVT is really good though and Engine braking is solid, can easily drive without brakes. Roll cage is a bit big and footwell on driver side for the left foot is a bit tight for a size 10 shoe. Seatbelts, door mesh, headlights, dash, digital odo, tach, hour, engine temp, coolant temp display are all at par or better than competition. Box tilts and system is simple and effective. Tailgate latches are simple, not the best but they work and haven’t failed me.

      Again, worth the money if this is your first and or your only price range you can or will ever be able to afford. Price of an ATV, gets you a side by side that is nearly as capable. Nice ride for tight and narrow trails, haven’t found one I couldn’t navigate. Steering radius is the weakest point, not as tight as I would like but steering weight is light for no power steering, no fatigue in driving this unit. Buy it!! Gave it a 4/5 stars as it is after all an AC, CVT, and 443cc. None of which are technically negatives but when faced against its class, that is why people don’t buy them. I bet it is faster than a Ranger 500 and Honda p500 as well though. Go figure!

      CoveragePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 30, 2019

      I was looking for a nice trail riding fourwheeler for a nice price and decided I would head down to a local dealership that sold Arctic Cat fourwheelers a couple kilometres away from me. When I got there I was greeted by who I thought were friendly staff. I was honest. I said I was looking for a nice trail riding bike that could withstand most anything I took it through. The man said that the 2018 alterra 500 was the perfect bike for me and being only about 5,500 dollars it was an offer I couldn’t pass up. Within a few days they had delivered the bike and I broke it in for well over 50 km within the quarter to half throttle range. I know people who have taken their bike straight off the lot and just started riding right then in there so in my opinion I think I gave it a fair chance to prepare for the rides ahead.

      Eventually I started to go more on the throttle and made it to far as it could go and this thing had power and speed. After at lease a week and a half I had noticed a slight decrease in top end as before I had gotten the bike to 90km/h but now the bike was topping out at around 76km/h a dramatic decrease in speed. I took it into the shop for an oil change and to see if there was anything wrong. They said that nothing seemed out of the ordinary and I was on my way. I assumed that maybe I had just built up speed on a flat straight and that it was just by conditions I happened to break 90km/h. Another couple days later after some nice trail riding I notice to hear a slight rattling noise while accelerating. I took it to the shop and they said that they could fix it. Within about a weeks time I had my bike back and everything’s was covered under warranty and I noticed it had the top end back.

      I was enjoying the bike for quite sometime when going down a dirt road when my bike started to make loud mechanical crashing sounds and slowed to a dead stop in the middle of the road, I had no idea what it was because I was unfamiliar with how the arctic cats engine works and I was only going about 60 well below the speed limitations of the vehicle and had only been riding for half an hour or so. It turns out that the clutch belt blew and that’s it would have to be replaced. They covered it under warranty but warned me that belts were user error and the next time would not be covered under warranty. This was puzzling because as far as I knew I was operating the bike well within its operational limitations.

      I took the bike out for a couple more rides and not 3 days later the belt blew again. They must’ve put a cheaply made belt in this time because the one before shredded like a normal belt would shred where as this one completely exploded leaving my entire clutch tangled in burnt rubber and fabric ropes. I decided that I would replace the belt myself seeing as they would already charge me hundreds of dollars for something that happened through no fault of mine. I spent days cleaning and getting out shredded belt pieces to the point where it was beyond my capabilities I took the bike to them and they said that it was the way I was driving it and I quote “Well you’ve been driving through the mud and dirt” as if I didn’t pay for an All Terrain Vehicle.

      I decided that I would take it to a shop in town rather than take it to them and have them just destroy it some more. 3 and a half months later and my fourwheeler still remains at a shop attempting to be fixed. I don’t know if I was sold a lemon or if the legends of Arctic Cats terrible craftsmanship have been proven, but one things for sure I will never buy another product from Arctic Cat so help me god.

      Customer ServiceCoverage

      Reviewed Aug. 12, 2019

      I purchased the 2019 4 wheeler new for my kids approximately 6 months ago. It has 262 miles on it. It has been down for almost 2 months sitting at the dealership. 2 gears in the transmission stripped and Arctic Cat refused to honor their warranty and cover the repairs. They said I am lying about how it happened and that it looked as though the 4 wheeler was airborne over a jump and the throttle held open causing the gears to strip when the back tires came back down. The fact is my 18 yo was simply going uphill on a power line trail. We ride this trail all the time and I've never had an issue with any other 4 wheeler. The whole reason I bought new was I figured I'm gonna have a payment but at least I have the peace of mind of a warranty. I will never purchase another Arctic Cat. Very poor customer service.

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      Arctic Cat author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

      Since 1960, Arctic Cat has been designing snowmobiles and ATVs based around performance. Its new line of ATVs cover all classes of all-terrain vehicles including recreation, competition, utility, sport and side-by-sides. Each class can come with one of 15 ride packages, each containing different specs and accessories. Consumers can check online for a full list of ride packages and what is included in each one.

      • TRV series: The TRV series is Arctic Cat’s 2-up (two seater) ATV series. This series has three models and each model can come with the TRV XT or the TRV ride package. Engine sizes range from 433-951cc and all have a rear seat, electric locking two-wheel and four-wheel drive and liquid cooling systems with fans. Prices start at $8,499-$12,999.

      • Competition series: Arctic Cat has two models in its competition series: the MudPro 700 and MudPro 1000. Each model comes with the Limited ride package, which includes front and rear bumpers and speed racks, a 3,000-pound winch, 28-inch tires with aluminum wheels and snorkel air intake. Competition models are priced at $10,499 for the 700 model and $11,999 for the 1000 model.

      • Full-size series: The full-size series from Arctic Cat has three models with three ride package options: The 500, Alterra and Alterra XT. Engine sizes range from 449-695cc with towing capacities at 1,050 pounds for all three. The Alterra XT comes with electronic power steering and aluminum wheels. Prices start at $5,999 for the 500 and go up to $9,999 for the Alterra XT.

      • Sport series: Arctic Cat has one model in their sport series: the XC 450. While it can haul utility or boat trailers, it is built for speed and performance. The XC 450 has a 443cc, liquid- and fan-cooled, four-stroke engine. Riders can switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive with the flick of a switch and check operation information on the digital gauge. The XC 450 starts at $7,699.

      • Utility series: The TBX 700 EPS is Arctic Cat’s utility ATV. It has a 695cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with a towing capacity of 1,050 pounds. It is built for hauling and towing with its rear, two-inch receiver hitch and a 300-pound-capacity, tilting cargo box for quick loading and unloading. The TBX 700 EPS starts at $9,999.

      • Side-by-sides: Arctic Cat has an extensive lineup of side-by-side ATVs that can come with one of 12 ride packages. Made for the traversing rough terrain on the trail or hauling multiple people and heavy payloads, consumers can choose from five series of side-by-sides: the HDX, Prowler, Wildcat, Wildcat Sport and Wildcat Trail. Prices range from $9,499-$19,499.

      The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services.

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