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The business sold me a defective and not safe car with transmission problem and others damages. I found out about the problem just after 4 days from buying the car. When I took the car to the Nissan dealer to do diagnostic, the service manager confirmed to me that the damage was way before I bought the car, and also the codes for the defects were registered in the car's computer. By knowing that the car was not safe, they make me and my family at risk, and they also in default of the contract and Lemon Law. I do have proofs about the facts that they knew about the defect and still sold car to the public. I temporary fixed the car, but the bill was for new transmission about 7000$. I ended up take my extended warranty deal and get it fixed for $1000 out of pocket, and still have the problem of transmission not shifting well, also the period of 2 months without car, and many days without work because of that.

I have never read or heard a positive review about this place. However, like so many was in need of a vehicle asap. I put $3k down on a 10k vehicle. Paid my payments on time for over a year. When I finally owed under $2k, I was 4 days late on a payment... repo guy showed up. I wasn't home, went in and paid asap then a few mos late missed a payment by 3 days, repo guy came again. I understand your bills due it's due but this was clearly an attempt to get the car back before I paid it off. Even banks with much larger loans out on cars don't come repo a car at 3 days late. This place is desperate and you will be able to tell if you have the misfortune of doing business with them.

On February 18th, I dropped off my car to have my front bumper and hood repainted. I came back on February 21st to pick it up when I noticed my iPod was missing. I advised Kevin, the owner, and he told me that he spoke with his employees and they told him they have not seen my iPod. I told him he would need to replace my iPod, and he said he would need to talk it over with his wife and call me back. I waited over the weekend and no calls back. I decided to call his wife, but she explained in a very rude way that they would not replace my iPod. That's when I knew I was dealing with a bunch of crooks. I will never do business with this company, and tell others to stay away.

Good customer service but lack of concern - A-1 Auto needs to get their act together. I had bought a vehicle there and it was supposedly inspected. Nope, problem after problem. It should have not been stickered. If the economy wasn't at its all time low, I probably would have made a complaint to the state.

I had my transmission repaired in my truck at A-1 Automotive in Lawrence, KS. When I got it back it was leaking fluids everywhere! I became very concerned so I asked the owner on what happened. He told me it was because the transfer case is not hooked up to it. I know enough about mechanics to know the transmission will not leak if the transfer case is not hooked up. I rebuilt the transfer case myself. Give me a break! Needless to say, we had a problem. He went on and on with unacceptable language and kicked me out of his shop.

I took the truck home and upon further inspections, I found loose and missing bolts underneath the transmission and this is where the fluids were leaking from. So my cousin tightened everything back up, added fluids and problem solved... so I thought. 6 months down the road, the transmission failed on my way to grandma's house. Upon further inspection, the transmission fluids seemed to be leaking out from the transmission because the rubber gasket that feeds the dip stick tube into the oil pan was missing! I didn't notice anything missing on the first inspection because the leak only occurred while driving over 45 m.p.h. naturally.

I immediately called the owner of A-1 Automotive again and he hung up on me! The transmission rebuild was fine, at first, then having them rebuild the rear end transmission was tampered with. How do I know? It's because the bolts were backed off, the rubber gasket was removed and transmission fluid was leaking out of it. That transmission was fine and dandy after I got it out of the shop and before I brought it into the shop for a rear end rebuild. After the rear end rebuild the transmission was tampered with.

In the midst of this, the warranty on the transmission was getting ready to expire, lifting any liabilities on their part. I argue that the warranty should be void due to the specifics of this case seeing that time is not really the question. The question is weather or not the transmission was tampered with while at A-1 Automotive. I have witnesses to testify to these unfortunate happenings.

I ended up having to pay for another transmission rebuild on the same transmission by Anderson Transmission Inc. in Grandview, MO. You did a great job on rebuilding my transmission using upgraded parts at a reasonable price, no less. Thank you for your business Anderson Transmission Inc.!

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This is not a complaint but rather a rebuttal. The person that filed a complaint against A-1 Auto Inc. was totally out of line in their statement. I will not get into details on this forum, but if anyone is interested in the truth, you may feel free to call my office and speak directly to me, Rich Hall (President) A-1 Auto Inc. 783-9715, thank you. P.S. The customer refused to pay for vehicle after warranty work was performed, they stripped the vehicle bare, told us to come get it, and then proceeded to go bankrupt to avoid paying restitution! Not nice people at all, now you have the other side of the story, thanks for reading. This website allowed someone to slander my business and does not provide a means of rebuttal, I'm sure you could start up a lawsuit over this but it is not my style, shame on you consumer affairs!

On Monday, Jan 11, 2010, my wife and I purchased a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee from A1 auto in Auburn ME. It seemed to be a nice vehicle with the exception that it felt like it was out of alignment. So I made an appointment with Jim's Alignment in Sanford, Me on Friday, Jan, 15th, at 8 am. After looking at the Jeep's front end for about 1 or 2 minutes, he asked me to come look at the problem and the reason why he wouldn't be able to align our jeep, the tie-rods and there was approx. .250 to .500 of an inch play where they should be snug and tight. He stated that it does not meet state standards. So after I left, I called A1 auto and they said they would be more than happy to help with the repairs on the exception I get the vehicle to them at my cost.

I do not feel safe driving this vehicle nor do I want my wife who is 25 weeks into her pregnancy driving this vehicle and the towing cost would come out of my pocket. I felt this was wrong seeing it was not something covered under warranty. It was a safety issue with the ability to maintain control of my vehicle. So I asked them if they would have a local mechanic from the York County area fix our new purchase and make things right. A1 auto refused. When I purchased the vehicle, ** stated that it was a one owner vehicle and a clean title. I just got a pit in my stomach about this place of business. When I was there purchasing the jeep, I asked for a carfax report and they refused it which should have been a red flag for me. However, my wife and I are in desperate need of a vehicle seeing she just had her car totaled by another motorist on Tuesday, Dec 2nd in Sanford, Maine.

To make a long story short, we are not having the best of luck with vehicles at the moment. So I needed to know more on this Jeep. When I did the car fax report, not only does it cost 35 dollars but it was worth knowing now that the vehicle had five previous owners. The 1st was a car rental place in Florida and in the carfax report, what caught my attention was the mileage difference. The odometer reads approx. 102260 for miles. However, carfax shows back in 12/29/2007, a service contract was issued for the Jeep in Thomaston, Maine at 110748 miles and back in 08/18/2008, there was a title/new owner/load or lien had reported 114083 miles on this jeep. This brings up a huge concern to me. When I had called and spoke with ** again and explained to her everything, she then denied telling my wife and I it only had one owner. I told her I had contacted the Maine DOT and waiting their phone call and Roger N, the vehicle investigator for Southern Maine. Then she had the owner, Rich ** call me back.

He was extremely rude to me, saying I had his whole company upset and that he should be the one calling the state police on me for harassment. He stated he doesn't care that we are in an unsafe vehicle nor about the mileage that he was going to give us a great deal and buy the Jeep back from me. Everything I said, he turned it around wanting to buy the vehicle back. He stated I was a horrible customer and he regrets doing business with my kind of people. I did not agree to return the vehicle because he again wanted to be responsible for the towing or drive an unsafe vehicle up there, then accused me that I might do damages to the vehicle. Thank you so much for your concern.

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