Scott of Media, PA, writes:
Changing my tire with the tire iron I had three lug nuts break off. The metal was weak. I weigh only 135 lbs. I should not be able to break them off. When I took the car in, another lug nut broke. I was charged $219.14 to fix and replace the four lug nuts.

Automan replies:
Breaking off lug nuts can be a common problem if proper care is not exercised. If you stand on the end of a tire iron or breaker bar without proper support on the end of the tool you can shear off the nuts of they are frozen. Wheel lugs must be torqued and a little bit of grease goes a long way in preventing future problems. If a wheel lug is rusted solid on a stud, then with a little bit of force you can shear it off with steady pressure. Air tools, heating torches and other means may be necessary to save a frozen nut.

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