Warranty Administration Corp.

P.O. Box 140130, Denver CO 80214

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I've purchased a used Nissan Quest vehicle at Nissan Falore, Sunnyvale. The finance manager named Lionel Filsaime spend hours just to lure me to buy different programs for the car, like the anti-theft, lock-jack, cosmetic, and the pre-owned vehicle warranty service agreement. I fall for the warranty service agreement in the amount of $1,695 for three years in the thought that I would not pay for anything everytime the car will be submitted for a repair. I was never informed of any underlying fees that maybe involved like deductibles, co-pays, diagnostic fees, plus the fact that I have to pay the repairs myself each time and just wait for a reimbursement from the issuing insurance company "Warranty Administration Corp."

I only found out all the underlying hidden fees when I submitted the car on May 7th, 2001 for a possible repair, and had tried to contact the insurance company to refund my money back. But this insurance company would reimburse my full money's worth, and even said that I could only get like 86.4% of the amount I've paid and that it will take about 4-10 weeks before I could receive my money back from the dealer, and when I go to the dealer, Mr. Filsaime will tell me that I have to go to Warranty to get my money back, they're bouncing me like a ball.

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Warranty Administration Corp.