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I requested my TransUnion credit report. DBA NRRM LLC had made 2 inquiries. I do not know this company, and have no idea why they would be inquiring about my credit status.

I purchased coverage from Stop Repair Bills back in 2010 or 2011, not sure of the exact year because the paper work is not in front of me. I am very disappointed with their service which was not satisfying because I would take my 2003 Lincoln LS to the dealer for every breakdown or repair and my vehicle being under warranty I thought I would be ok with the help of my warranty company but I wasn't. The mechanic could sometime not get in touch with the company or when he did reach them they would decline the repair bill leaving me responsible for the repair bill. I believe I spent a lot of money about almost $3,000 on a warranty that didn't cover anything. I feel as if I have gave all my hard earned money away and that I spent more because my car had to get fixed. I don't like scams and they really got me I thinking of really getting a lawyer involved because that wasn't fair of what they did to me and others. I think everyone should get their money back.

I feel so disgusted and betrayed by this company. I was at the dealer yesterday for regular maintenance on my 2003 covered vehicle. I purchased this extended warranty in 2010 after my dealer extended warranty expired. I thought I was doing myself a favor by getting more protection, but to my surprise,, the scam company, won't pay for my repairs. Hiding behind, they don't pay for that repair after 80,000 miles??!! Cars don't regress in miles, my car had 68,000 miles when I bought this contract. No one mentioned that when I was paying out $2500.00 for this contract. This is only the second claim in four years and they flat out won't pay for the repairs. What a scam!!

I am sickened by the continued scamming of people here in this country. It seems these companies know how to write these contracts to their favor. I'm stuck now with a repair bill, living on a fixed income. Can't even get a refund on the remainder of the contract. I have been transferred to at least five people. The phone number for doesn't work anymore and the website is gone??!! Anyone looking to buy from this company, please STOP and rethink your decision. They are crooks and scam artists at their best. I would never buy from this company. Thanks.

I bought this extended warranty on my 2002 Chevy Suburban because I travel for my job throughout many states and wanted to ensure that I would be covered if I needed repairs. I paid approx $2400 for this program and followed each and every request that was asked of me. Because I can not provide the oil change paperwork that was not filed on Carfax for 2 services they continue to decline any and all claims. A $3000 rear end in 2012 and now $1200 in electric motors for A/C and windows. This company is the biggest scam I have ever worked with and hope that your readers will see this and be aware. DO NOT BUY THIS SCAM WARRANTY!

I bought this extended 4+ years ago. Unfortunately, every time I go to use the warranty, they have some reason a part is not covered. One of the reasons I bought this warranty is to ensure I did not have to shell out ton of money whenever I needed a repair done. One of the most basic components of newer cars is the coils and just like any other component, they can go bad. I find it quite amazing that they cover motor mounts (which by the way can be totally bad but the car will continue to run), but they won't cover the coils (which if they are bad, the car will NOT run). It seems backwards to me. My advice to anyone who reads this is to not buy a warranty from this company.

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I brought the policy when I brought my used car with 130,000 miles on it at the time. I paid almost 2000.00 for the policy and they don't seem to cover anything. I needed a knock sensor not covered, water pump not covered, radiator not covered, and then I thought something was wrong with my engine and tell me if it's the fault of the customer they will not fix it. This company is a scam and they don't give a damn about their customers and all they want is your money. Please don't use them because they are a waste of good money.

I called 824 7059 3-4 months ago about coverage of an a/c blend door after talking to a dealer. They said yes it’s covered. A few months later I put my truck in the shop and ask them to check my transmission and front suspension along with the a/c door. Shop calls and says a/c door not covered part. Now I'm pissed! Transmission slipping, I needed a trans service recently - well I don’t have one...not covered. Then my suspension needs a couple of replacement parts, not covered since no receipt for transmission. I paid $2700 for the top coverage and this is the crap I get from these crooks. I called claims dept. mgr. Larry ** 1800 824 7059. Too chicken to call back. I'm disabled on a fixed income and had to take out a loan to get my a/c fixed. THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS!

The purchase date of the warranty was 6/09. I have never filed a claim until 1/13. The purchase price of the warranty was $3093.00. I called on 11/23/12 to file my complaint about my water pump going out; there was no answer. In fact, I called the whole thanksgiving weekend with no answer. Finally, the Monday after the holidays, I spoke with George, who instructed me to fax my entire history of oil changes and 60k mile services to him. This, I did. However, the repair shop where all of these services were done did not put the correct dates because their computer system only prints the actual date that you request the printout. Also, they had used the wrong odometer readings on them. I asked the Mgr of Stop Repair Bills if the Mgr. of tire works could write in the dates; I was told no. “Now, the hold contract is void because of this,” stated Mgr. Joe **. I believe the contract should be upheld and my money refunded on a prorated basis. I only have $90k of $164,252 left. Please help.

I purchased a 5 year 100,000 warranty from (Stop Repair Bills) in 2010 and the mileage on my vehicle was only 44,000 miles. The transmission went out in my 05' Chrysler 300 with only 58,000 miles on it. This company covered the repair, but with a transmission that had 100,000 miles on it. I was very disappointed with this situation and called to cancel my contract, although my contract was paid in full. Customer service advised me that I could not get any type of refund. However, this company advertises "New car warranties", but replacing with used car parts. Go figure. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy.

This so-called company is nothing but a scam. I was pressured into this policy in July 2011 by a sales agent. He would not take no for an answer. I have not received anything in writing to validate this policy after several calls. I called and spoke to four different people in hopes of cancelling it and no one would listen to me and everyone had the same rehearsed speech. I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau since I was unable to talk with anyone at this company that would help me. I have also contacted my bank and stopped the automatic withdrawals each month of $136.

Well I’m practically new with this company as of 5/2011. I have been making my payments over the phone with no problem up until this week. As of Tuesday 10/4/2011 I have been attempting to make my payment and have not been able to get through by the voice response. So, as I am trying to avoid a late fee, I am constantly calling all day, every day, to see if I can make the payment and no, I have not been able to.

Can someone please help me. Please call them for me and find out what the problem is. I’m just trying to make my payment. Thank you. Please call me and let me know if I can make my payment?

This business had originally offered me bumper to bumper warranty on my truck. Salesman had even mentioned to me the details of the turbo including price. He then suggested that with the price of the turbo on my truck, I would be able to pay the whole warranty in full, meaning turbo was included in the warranty, which I believe is true because it is power train. I tried to make a claim because my turbo is damaged, and I was denied warranty on it.

On 1/ 20/ 2011, I cancelled contract with It was processed on 1/ 27/ 2011 and I was to receive it on 3/ 11/ 2011 it did not come. I called back on 3/ 21/ 2011 to inquire about the refund. They said that I would have to wait until 4/ 11/ 2011 to be reissued another check. I called back on 4/ 11/ 2011 and a check was reissued and I should receive it in 7 to 14 business days by 4/ 25/ 2011 or 5/ 4/ 2011. I called back on 5/12/2011 and they said that the reissued check will go out on 5/20/2011. Now it is 6/2/2011 and still no check. What can I do to make them give me my money? I needed this money to fix my van. I used my bill money to fix the van. I was depending on this check to get me back on top of my bill now is $1000 in the rear this month will make it $1200. I need the money now. I need your help!

I purchased a vehicle warranty that I was told would cover repairs on my vehicle. After a year of paying $110.12 per month I had a break down and when I submitted the bill it was denied saying it only covered that repair until eighty thousand miles. The truck had over eighty thousand miles when I bought the policy and was promised it would be covered for 140,000 miles or 4 years whatever occurred first. Needless to say I cancelled the policy on 11/04/2010 and asked that I be refunded any money owed to me.

I was first told checks are mailed out every Friday, after a month I called and was told the check was mailed out. After 2 weeks I called and was told a check was not mailed yet that it takes 30 days, but that I would receive a check in January. I called the second week of January and was told the check would be mailed on the 14th, at the end of January I called again asking for a supervisor and I was told that Destiny would be handling the call and make sure I received my check. Today is 2/14/2011 and still no check I called again and now they claim they are going to make sure it was not cashed and then re-issue another check.

I have a very disturbing experience on the phone with their sales agent and Customer Service. I couldn’t believe what I had to go through and was harassed in a hostile conversation. I felt very uncomfortable and pressured. I called to cancel my business with this company and demanded a refund. After I’ve gotten it, I decided to cancel service. I just didn’t feel right from the beginning and the person was Troy or Chris and they explained to me that this was only good for today. I told him that I was nervous and confused, most of all pressured. He made it sound good, but I still was uncomfortable but he persuaded me that this would be could thing for me. I wasn’t thinking clearly and afraid of getting ripped off and not knowing what is about because I got it over the Internet.

So I called back and told them to please cancel my policy or whatever it was that I had gotten and please refund it back to my account. Then someone had transferred me to Customer Service so I can cancel my policy. Now remember, I’ve just gotten this policy about 20 minutes ago of the transaction and had just hung up with Christopher ** and I was just trying to retain the information that was informed to me. But I was still unsure and confused and that’s when I decided to cancel. So then I was put on hold for a very long time, about 20 minutes with no person. I was tired of waiting and was just trying to stop the transaction from hitting my account, but the damage was done. I wasn’t able to stop it.

Then I called them back and told the person that answered and told the gentlemen I was tired of waiting and I need to talk to someone right away about canceling my warranty with them. I had told him I want to speak to the supervisor about this situation, canceling my warranty. So the gentleman transferred me to the supervisor, Bill. I talked to Bill and I told him that I just purchased this warranty and decided I don’t want it and to please cancel like what you guys promised I can cancel at anytime; I have 30 days. Well, Bill didn’t like that. He was asking me why I want to cancel, and I explained to him why I don’t want it. I couldn’t believe what I was going through and I had to explain again why I want to cancel. I told him I don’t want it and I feel uncomfortable and to please give me my refund.

Then he went on and on why I shouldn't cancel. I told him that I’m going through a lot right now and dealing with my husband being away because he has been deployed and I needed to discuss or talk to him first before I purchase this warranty because I was uncomfortable about it. Then Bill was very persistent and still wanted me to explain why. So he told me that he would cancel it, and that was it, end of our conservation. Then I realized that he didn’t ask for my name or such information and that made me feel that he honored his word with no assurance or a piece of mind because he didn’t give like a number or something assuring that I will receive my refund and it will be canceled. And he told me that it will take about 3 to 5 working days.

Then I took it to the next level and contacting Christopher ** about my concerns and decided to make sure that this warranty was canceled. Again, I had explain to him I don’t want it and please refund the funds back to my account and I understand it takes about 3 to 5 days to see in my account. But Christopher ** wasn’t satisfied of the response that I gave him. I don’t want it. Please refund it back to my account. Still, he was persistent and now it has become a hostile conversation and very uncomfortable situation.

I was almost in tears and confused not knowing what to do in this case because they had my funds and I didn’t know for sure that they will return it and if the warranty was canceled. So I stood calm and didn’t argue with this person because he was already frustrated with me about canceling this warranty that he offered me so he kept on and on, asking me to give him a reason. I continued to be calm and said, “Please, cancel my warranty and refund it back to my account.” Then he eventually told me that I had to talk to Customer Service about canceling the warranty and getting the refund. So he transferred me to Customer Service.

I was on hold for a good 45 minutes with no live person. So then finally, a live person named Trika talked me and told me to hold on another good 10 minutes, waiting and frustrated and troubled. Then she came back on the phone, asked me for my information and the reason for my call. I told her I’m canceling this warranty and please refund it back to my account. She asked me why, was there something wrong. Then I told her I’m very uncomfortable and again same response I have been giving since I had contact with them. I told her I don’t want it and to please cancel it. She said hold on again. This was very disturbing. she came back playing the stalling game to keep me and offering something else. I told her I don’t want it and to please cancel and refund it to my account. She told me to hold again.

Then I called my bank to notify them what just happened and I had Bank of America Customer Service on three-way conservation.. I told Trika that I had Bank of America on three-way so she’s aware of this conversation, most of all a witness to this incident. I wanted Bank of America to know what I was going through for a good 1 hour or more of this ordeal. I explained it to Bank of America what just happened, what was being said, and Trika said, “I can’t say any more at this time because Bank of America is on the other line listening to what was going on.” Then Trika said to hold on and then came back and said, “Okay, we are going to refund you back and it will take about 3 to 5 days and it is canceled.” Thank you.

Stop Repair Bills has refused to pay for our air-conditioning repair by the Ford Dealer. Every time I call, they want something I've already faxed to be refaxed! This has been going on for 6 months! I'm calling to cancel my contract tomorrow morning! Do not get this "warranty". You will be sorry!

I got a quote from this company and they said I have 30 days to cancel and get refunded back my money. I got there info.and I read through it and I thought to myself, I do not keep good maintenance on the car so I will need to cancel because they will ask me proof and I will not have it. So, I cancel in 12 days and they said, they need me to write them a certified letter stating that and send to there customer service office which I did and it has been 3 months. They have not refunded me my $150.00. I hate this company they have no integrity about what their words on the contract.

I made a claim on my warranty and this company refuses to honor their product because I did not have my vehicle serviced at a maintenance facility to change the oil or flush the transmission fluid. The motor in the vehicle is damaged because a bearing was spun and blocked the passage of oil from the oil pump causing the engine to over pressurize and other problems.

I called the warranty personnel of Mepco warranty and stop repair bills to ask why is that. The only reason for them to deny my claim was that I had to have the vehicle serviced at a maintenance facility; I also told this company that I had other recorded maintenance done to the vehicle that I can show. I didn't have the vehicle serviced because I was not working and it is too costly to pay for those particular services with an automobile that has high mileage and over ten years old.

I did change the oil myself and have receipts for purchasing products from auto part stores. The company responded saying, "that is not enough" and it deemed me of breaching the contract. The consequence is that my vehicle can not be serviced and if I want to cancel the warranty I can, but cannot be refunded the unused portion of the warranty. Company Profile

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