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I had a title loan on my 2008 For Focus. I made my payments for a year and then I filed bankruptcy (2010). In October of 2012, I got a surprise call from the main office in Tampa, Florida from an Inspector. He portrayed himself to be a police officer until I asked him, and he, by law, had to tell me that he was an inspector for this company. Somehow my title loan was not in the bankruptcy papers, and he had just been given the loan to make collections on. He stated to me and my fiance (who had nothing to do with my title loan and wasn't even dating me at the time I took it out) that I had the choice to turn over the car, make a $1500 payment to pay out loan or face legal action that could result in Smart Choice filing for a $20,000 compensation. He told us that I had until the end of October to make up my mind.

However, after a week, he started making calls to my fiance's daughter (who lives in Iowa). He got her work location from her Facebook page and called her there, again portraying to her that he was an officer of the law and that he needed to get in touch with her father, never mentioning that he worked for Smart Choice Title Loans. She gave him my fiance's work name, and the Inspector then called this office costing my fiance his job! We had just moved to Daytona Beach at the time, and the new job didn't want to hire someone who had "officers" calling for them before they could even start!

We then told him that we were out of state and away from the car and where he could pick it up. I then made the trip back to South Carolina to get my things out of the car and leave it in a neutral location. I didn't have enough room so I had to leave personal photos, a set of DirecTV receivers, a cake decorating airbrush worth $200, clothing and sentimental baby toys from my children, along with books and cake/cooking pans. The repossession man (Mike **) picked up my car before I could get back the next day. But when I called the number given to me by Smart Choice, he agreed to meet me at a McDonald's on #6 Hwy in Lexington, SC. He never got there.

For over 20 days, I had to play phone tag with his voice mail until I hid my number and blew up his cell. He then answered and agreed to take my possessions to my grandparents' home in Leesville, SC since I had moved to Florida. Again, he never made it! I finally called Consumer Affairs and was instructed to call the office of Smart Choice and tell them that I intended to file a complaint with the local police department against them all, and the lady then called him herself. He called me back and said that his employee had the things in the back of his personal truck and he had to meet this employee but would then (the next day) take my things to my grandparents' home.

When he dropped them off, the only things I received were books and pans. All clothing, DirecTV receivers, airbrush, even my daughter's graduation photos and baby toys were missing along with a tri-fold lawn chair and the license tag from my car! Then when I called Mike back, he laughed and said that what he returned was what he got from his employee and that must have been what was in the car and so he refuses to give me my things. I now have a tag floating out there somewhere and Smart Choice refuses to give me the location of Mike's office.


My husband, without consulting with me, took a title loan out with this company. I did not even know you could take a title loan out if both owners did not agree to it. (I am also listed on title and signed nor agreed to any loan.) Anyway, the loan was taken out in August. We made September's payment. When October came, my husband called and asked to make payment one week late. They said that that was fine but our $240ish payment would now be $337.29! We had to make payment even later because of this price hike.

We are now late on our November payment (just paid October's) and they are telling me that I now have to pay $410.89! We cannot afford this at all! I am going to lose my Blazer for a loan that I did not even take out. I have not been able to pay my rent because of this loan and may get evicted but I cannot lose my truck because my husband will not be able to get to work.

We have eight children including a 5-week old newborn that has to be able to get to the doctor. They made my husband have a co-signer because he had unemployment that was going to run out before the loan was paid. His co-signer is not going to make the payment for us and my husband still has not secured permanent employment. I cannot go to work and make money because my son is not six weeks old yet.

I am going to have to stop breastfeeding my son next week and give him formula instead so that I can get a job and work to pay for a loan that I did not agree to. Is this even legal? Not to mention my children will be going without Christmas presents this year. I am so stressed, angry and afraid of repossession that I can't concentrate on anything but my bill situation. We did not have the money to pay on time so they increase our payment? That doesn't make sense. I think the loan was made in hopes that they would get my vehicle.


I took out a title loan on my car, paid some of the $600 loan off, became unemployed. They of course, jacked up the interest on the loan. I was in an accident,not my fault. It destroyed my car; I went to the title loan office to pay off the $600 loan so the lien on the car would be released. They said it would be one thousand dollars, then they told the insurance company, no, now it's 4 thousand. The car was valued at $2,200, help!

That was my only means of transportation. I have been unemployed for 2 years now and was on my way to a job interview when I was hit and my car was destroyed. I was going to pay back the whole 600 dollars. Now I won't be able to get another car for work transportation! He made an agreement with me to settle on one thousand dollars. Now he is going back on his word and saying I owe four thousand dollars on a $600 loan!


This is very complicated to explain, but we have made two payments towards our loan and yet they say that because we paid the first payment two days early, we will have to pay $7 more and our first receipt doesn't match the second. So far, out of 2 months' payments of almost $600, only $18, according to the first receipt, was applied to principal (which is about right). But the second receipt now says that only $4 out of both months has been applied to the principal.

Both receipts say something different. We have tried to call the office only to be hung up on and nothing explained, as well as we have called their corporate office only to have to leave a message with my name and account number and have yet to receive a call back. Both the receipts show the same ending principal balance with 2 months' payments. How is that? We are losing money and may lose our vehicle that we just paid off in January 2010 for almost $16,000.00 due to a possible scam or mistake that they refuse to correct.


I purchased a 1998 Ford Explorer 4 DR wagon at Saturn of Schaumburg. I brought a Smart Choice warranty from them for $1495.00 on 07-02-2001. I traded this 1998 Ford Explorer on 02-04-2003 for a Saturn Ion 4 DR sedan. I never received the difference after trading the car in early before the contract was up. I should have been prorated for some of the money back. I have been looking for Smart Choice on the internet for a while to call them and let them know that I never received my money back. I finally found them on the internet. Sending money on a contract that filed chapter 11. Why was Saturn of Schaumburg selling Smart Choice warranties if they were having problems? I just want my money back that I should have not spent on this warranty. I have copies of my contracts to prove the purchase of the warranty. Please help me resolve this matter. Thanks.

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Let me get straight to the point. The finance company tried to repossess my truck stating that the payment was thirty days behind. Payment was not behind. Payments are made every two weeks. I was one payment late on 04-05-2010 of $265.00 to be exact. They sent a wrecker driver, a female with him to my mother's address to do the snatch and brag. We stopped them and call HPD before they could leave.


I'm writing this complaint on behalf of my mother just to research information. She feels her rights have been violated in this situation. Five years ago, she acquired a loan upon the title of her van for $3,000.00. Being naive to the fact that these types of companies prey upon the unknowing of the scam-like predicaments they put their clients into, she accepted the loan. She had hoped to pay it off immediately, but it didn't work out as such. She has been billed $500 per month since the date of the loan, totaling 24-30 thousand dollars on this loan.

Before Thanksgiving this year, she contacted Smart Choice and asked if they could work out some sort of deal. She was told that the manager of the office would call her to work out a deal, but they never did call. She has made these payments until recently and they attempted to repossess the vehicle this week. The van didn't even run. They had it in a shop being fixed. My main question is concerning any limitations or relief for this type of situation. If there is any suggestion or hope we can have to assuage this situation, we would greatly appreciate it.


Bought an 02 Buick Century on 12/13/02 from dealership called Cutting Motors in Ithaca NY 14850 Purchase this extended warranty. Up until today, 6/19/08, all claims I have had have been covered. When I took the vehicle in today for service I was told that that Smart Choice had filed Chapter 11 and my claim would not be covered. I was never informed that this had happened.I purchased this from the dealership in 02==why is it not covered now and what recourse do I have. I paid $2297 for this extended warranty! What do I do now?


I purchased an extended auto warranty from this company and every time that I call about any type of repair to my vehicle I am always told that it is not covered. I has had from the motor to the rear end worked on, therefore I am wondering what was covered


They charged me for insurance and they are no longer in business. They are still selling insurance.

Im out over two thousand dollars


I purchased an extended warranty 6/13/07 for 2 of my cars, and was told that a lot more would be covered. But upon receiving the warranty in the mail about 3 weeks later this was not so, therefore I cancelled the warranty per the policy by certified mail on 7/9/07, which warranty allows 60 days to cancel. I have attempted to contact the company to get the initial deposit in the amt of $390.00 refunded and all I get is a voice mail asking me to leave a msg. I have left a total of 6 messages to attempt to get the refund and have spoken with Larry twice and was advised that the refund would be take approximately 6 weeks from date of cancellation. Here it is Sept.5th, and I still have no refund. Also to add insult to injury the finance company is still taking installments out of my account. I have since cancelled the card and my financial institution is attempting to recoupe the unauthorized charges. I have also contacted the BBB in Missouri and they are attempting to research this on my behalf. I am currently awaiting a response. I would not advise anyone to ever do business with a company that describes customer service as take your money and never answer the phone again. But, they have not heard the last of me yet.

I have had overdraft fees associates with the continued installments coming out of my account. My husband is also on disabiility and we only have one source of income and this money that has not been refunded is greatly needed. The transaction took 2 days to come out of the account and would take 6 weeks to refund. There is no logic, when the cancellation procedure has been followed to the letter. I would like recourse on this matter.

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